SCWL Post-Season Cast Assessment Entry #6

ENTRY #6: Penner – Transcend -> FireWire – (4-self vote-self vote) – July 24 2009 – SCWL: The Prequel
Records: Only person in SCWL history to never participate in any portion  of the game. Never checked on a challenge, voted (legally), talked to anybody on any of his tribes, etc.
– The only person who tried to get away with using his three year old son for the ‘partner’ twist
– Only person to be spared from elimination solely because of the Exile Carnival twist
– Greatest ratio ever of Trash-talking: Participation in series history.
– Second of the ten ‘originals’ to be eliminated.

Oh. Penner. I have posted about this before, but Penner has the record for being so active on his account but yet never participated once in the game. He never even joined any of his tribe’s camps despite three weeks passing by in the game! A truly remarkable feat.

But his luck ran out this round. Everybody forbid Brett from sending him to Exile Carnival. Therefore Loren was given the bye and was saved to give himself a break from dial up.


This challenge was relatively simple. Everyone was given various numbers of a Sudoku square. Individually they were given portions of the entire puzzle and were instructed to fill in all of the blank spots. Inukshuk had 100% participation and therefore secured the puzzle pretty quickly. FireWire waited until the last minute to receive everyone’s puzzles except for Penner and Loren’s. Miraculously, they managed to deduce the remaining numbers based on Adam and Brett’s logic skills, and guessed for a couple of numbers.

That’s right. Inukshuk lost despite three out of seven FireWire members being nowhere to be found. Adam, Brett, Natasha, Alisha, and Simone worked well together on this puzzle. However, Inukshuk won the tiebreaker, thus sending FireWire to their third TC in a row.

But to say FireWire was disappointed to lose would be a lie. I should note that everyone on FireWire, and yes, everyone on Inukshuk, were frustrated and angry that Penner was still in the game.

The frustration was a combination of Penner’s trash talking for much of the game combined with his constant activity online but also because it seemed like he was going out of his way to ignore anything to do with this game.

I should note Penner did try to participate at one point–he tried to cast a vote for Lisa in the first round. Yep. Lisa. Somebody who was on the opposite tribe. I told him to re-vote but never heard back. Other than that I received two really random messages from him as you will see at the bottom of this post.

Outside of the first two rounds, Penner’s storyline was the most memorable thing to occur pre-merge. I suppose if I am writing about you more than other people who participated, I suppose you did something right.

What made Penner’s lack of participation even more surprising is that he frequently messaged me about the game before it started, and was even the first to apply. In an experimental season where I thought nobody would top Lyndsay for baffling moves in this game, I think Penner may have topped it.

Another Penner story is the initial partner twist (the worst twist in series history). He tried to use his three/four year old son as a partner. When I told him it wouldn’t work I received a less-than-impressed message from him. We were both annoyed then, but I found it hilarious now.

As you may observe from Penner’s illegal vote for Lisa in round one, Penner and Lisa do not exactly get along. In fact, the person who is most responsible for Penner’s exit from this game was. . .Lisa.

In round one, Natasha had her choice between Alisha, Loren, Penner, and Scott. Lisa told Natasha to vote out Penner, but Natasha decided to eliminate Scott because Penner’s trash talking had exceeded the absence of Scott up to that point.

In round two, Lisa told Natasha to vote out Penner instead of sacrificing one of her dear friends in either Cindy or Kristen. Natasha decided to go against this and thought Penner’s potential exceeded the known factor of Cindy’s inability to be of any help in challenges.

In round three, I believe Lisa messaged everyone on FireWire and demanded that Penner be gone. This annoyed feeling spread throughout the game as everyone was worn out by Penner’s antics up to this point. If FireWire lost, Penner would be gone in .2 seconds. However everyone forgot Brett sent Penner to Exile Carnival to be safe. Everyone was furious about this except Brett because Kristen, somebody who was truly participating within her 30 minutes of Internet per day was sent home over somebody with permanent access to the Internet. It just didn’t seem right to the players.

In round four, FireWire would have won the challenge if Penner didn’t keep the tribe waiting around until the last minute before they decided to guesstimate their way to near victory. I remember this round well because it was right around the time I stopped learning how to drive as I received lessons from my dad. Since my dad was not in the game he was the only person who knew some of the dynamics that was going on. I gave him limited knowledge to ensure he wouldn’t spill to anyone else (yes, even in the prequel I was as careful revealing any info to outsiders as I do now. Even to my own dad). I told him how amazed I was that Penner survived three immunity losses and managed to piss off his tribe more and more as the game went on. I was curious to see if he could get all the way to the merge. It was certainly possible because as soon as he showed up it would mean Loren or Alisha would go home.

But that scenario was thought out because Loren was at Exile, and Alisha participated in another challenge. She had the most posts of anyone at camp during this challenge, believe it or not.

And yes, Alisha casts her fourth self-vote of the game following this loss.

Out of all the pre-merge Tribal Council chats this is the one I remember the most vividly. I don’t know why, but it was the only re-read of a Tribal Council where I had forgotten nothing. I guess Simone and Brett are memorable people to chat with online.

FireWire had the most inconsistent trend of attendance at Tribal Council Live Discussion. Perhaps this is why I never hosted live discussions ever again lol.

ROUND TWO: No one shows up.
ROUND THREE: Adam, Natasha, Loren, and Alisha show up.
ROUND FOUR: Brett and Simone show up.

The best part about the game now is that all six remaining FireWire members have all bothered to show up for a TC live discussion, and participate in at least one challenge actively.

Penner’s dismissal from the game was the least surprising thing of the round. However, the most surprising thing was Adam’s self-vote. Natasha and Brett were now the only two players on FireWire to never cast a self-vote after only three trips to Tribal Council.

As a viewer you are now familiar with all remaining members of FireWire, and thanks to everyone on Inukshuk having participated for a huge chunk of the game thus far, you should be familiar with all fourteen (except for the other mystery ORG player).

On Exile Carnival this is the round where Lisa finds the fake hidden immunity idol. Note that Adam found it with one clue in a matter of three hours. The next couple of people on Inukshuk to go to Exile Carnival struggled despite receiving more clues. As I mentioned earlier, Lisa had Cindy’s, Kristen’s, Natasha’s, Gayle’s, and Dianne’s piece of the secret code as well as seven clues before deciphering it. Everyone was absolutely convinced nobody could have found the idol before Lisa did. I should note that Lisa told Gayle, Natasha, and Dianne that she had claimed the -fake- hidden immunity idol.

~! @#$ %^&* *(- (~++-& ~&+~{~+$^} ~::$&~*@ ~+#} ^* -|~}- <^\&~{^} >~:`}@ >-&+ “ ~ %~>( *# #=*^~& *(- ~+#} ” *# @#$\ %#&+-\!$} (#>* ^&+ !\~-&+}@ &-~/(=#$\(##+ }#/^& >^$&+-\>

Clue #1: Use the code Luke, use the secret code.
Clue#2: The quotes are simply quotes.
Clue#3: The two slashes sound like what a tough animal would say.
Clue#4: If you know what you seek, and where you are, you should know what words you are looking for.
Clue#5: Use the secret code that came along with your questionnaire at the beginning of the game.
(The clues now loop back to making clues 2-5 very clear.)
Clue #6: The quotes do not represent a letter, unlike all of the other symbols. The quotes are quotes.

If anyone is curious about the state of hidden immunity idols:

Brett and Gayle each have a captain’s idol
Adam has the Exile Carnival idol
Lisa has the fake idol
The final idol (Sitting Out Idol) has yet to be claimed

ME: So, who is here for tonight’s Tribal Council?
ME: Coo. 🙂
SIMONE: haha i guess so 😛
ME: Brett is on his way, I believe.
BRETT: here
ME: Alrighty, I believe this is everyone for tonight lol.
SIMONE: whooo! lol
ME: Simone, do you think there will be any surprise to who will be voted out this round?
SIMONE: ummm i have no idea!
ME: Brett, do you think there will be any surprise to who will be voted out this round?
BRETT: I cant see it as the person everyone suggested to be voted out they have never participated so they’re only hurting the team. It would be a bombshell if it was someone else and itd be like someone threw a grenade at my head. My mind would be blown!!
ME: Indeed. Simone, do you think all of the people who haven’t been voting will find their self-votes be the reason for their demise down the road, or is it just a harmless self-vote here and there?
SIMONE: their self votes will probably bring them down
ME: Brett, same question lol.
BRETT: I think there will be a tie for sure down the road and it could easily be them. So theres a very good chance that it could come around to bite them in the torch
SIMONE: haha bite them in the torch! that is great
ME: And Brett wins the FireWire Best Elaborate Answers award. Only two topics I wanted to discuss tonight, and there’s not much of a point to keep you two waiting. It is time for me to go tally the votes.
ME: Once the votes are read the decision is final and the person voted out will be removed from the group immediately. I’ll read the votes.
ME: (Unless they’re not in the group to begin with, in which case, nothing will be done.)
SIMONE: ok go for it
BRETT: read self votes first please
ME: Alright, time to cover the self votes for this round:

First vote: (Penner)
Second vote: (Alisha)
Third vote: (Adam)

A self-vote for Dan Penner, Alisha Dunville, and Adam Saunders.

Three votes left.

ME: Fourth vote: (dan)

ME: Fifth vote. . . .
And the sixth person voted out of this game: (penner)

Dan, the tribe has spoken.

Good news: You’ve eliminated somebody who has done NOTHING for this tribe since day one.

Bad news: You had another set of three self-votes this round.

More good news: Your tribe seems to have a fighting chance now that Inukshuk has to sit out two people this round.

Grab your torches and head back to camp. Good night.

SIMONE: ok good night

BRETT: good night jeff, I’ll miss you


my vote is (dan)


hes supposed to be in our group right
anyways he didnt do anything


i vote for (Dan)



PENNER: I feel crappy about losing and vote to have Lisa banished!
ME: Lisa isn’t on your tribe.


PENNER: Am I winning?
ME: Yes and no.

You lost the first table challenge but you won the second table challenge. Thus, only one Tribal Council for you this round.
PENNER: Awesome! I love kicking ass!


ME: Disregard the invitation to Exile Carnival because your allotted time there is already up, but please accept the invitation to join your own tribe group as they’re depending on the information you have lol.


PENNER: Logan,

Am I winning???


ME: Nope. You were eliminated about a week ago.

PENNER: Logan,

I think you are incorrect. Why would someone vote me off? That would be crazy. My team needs me!


For Entry #7: We should have fourteen (at least somewhat) active players who will fight it out to the end. Or will Inukshuk switch places with FireWire and find themselves with their own batch of inactives? Stay tuned as these early character entries discuss a game that was played four years ago.

P.S. I sent everyone on both tribes how many past votes they have received up to this point. This was mainly for everyone to be aware of the self-votes they have incurred thus far in the game.

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