SCWL Post-Season Cast Assessment Entry #5

ENTRY #5: Kristen – FireWire – (5-self vote-self vote) – July 20 2009 – SCWL: The Prequel
Records: First of the original ten to be voted out
– First second-round draft pick to be eliminated.
– First person to be voted out over a ‘partner’ or ORG mystery player
– First person to be voted out over someone who voted in three consecutive rounds

Kristen was one of the original ten people that signed up for this game back in May of 2009. Lisa is friends with Kristen, and Cindy happens to be Kristen’s mother. Kristen was already known as a big Survivor fan, hence why she signed up.

If she could have been a bit more active, we would have had an interesting Tribal Council on our hands. Why? Because Brett made one of the most controversial moves in the game.

As I stated before, one player from each tribe would be sent to Exile Carnival and would skip Tribal Council if their tribe lost the immunity challenge.It was the captain’s choice to decide who would be sent each round. Adam, Natasha, and Simone all told Brett to send Penner because Penner STILL hand’t joined the tribe’s Facebook page. Over a week had passed and no word from Penner.Him and Loren were the only two 100% inactive players left in the game.
But Brett sent Penner anyway. Gayle from the other tribe joined him on Exile.


Each person in the game was given a series of items. They must find the lowest price for each item. The tribe with the total lowest score wins immunity. I know, not a very original challenge. Just like tribe flags and the seating arrangement challenge.

For some reason I cannot find the exact thread where I posted the announcement/results/items, but I know each person was instructed to send me answers for three items. After digging through each individual message thread I discovered that Loren, Brett, and Simone participated. Alisha, Kristen, and shockingly Adam and Natasha sent me nothing. Loren’s first challenge where he participated and suddenly three of the biggest contributors on FireWire weren’t around.

Meanwhile everybody on Inukshuk sent me their answers. It was one of the biggest blowouts I had ever seen in a challenge.

There was also another twist–the final hidden immunity idol of the game. It was called the Sitting Out Idol. If a player announced they were going to sit out of a challenge, they would receive a clue to an easy-to-find idol. As you may have figured out, only one person took advantage of this in the next several rounds because your decision to sit out would be made PUBLIC. Yeah. Nobody was willing to commit suicide in terms of their strategic and social game. The idol had to be claimed at some point, and thus I luckily had a back-up plan in place. I will discuss that later.

And yes, that twist means this is the only season where more than three hidden immunity idols were in circulation throughout the season. Thankfully I never re-hide any of the hidden immunity idols to bring a level of sanity to this prequel season.

So let’s get to FireWire’s dynamics. The tribe rarely spoke to one another. Even Brett and Adam did not communicate often. Simone would talk to those two. Natasha occasionally spoke. I can assure you nobody on this tribe formed an alliance yet. Sure, there were minimal relationships for challenges, but that was it.

Plus this tribe was all over the place too at this point.

Penner never showed up to a challenge, TC, or camp.
Kristen posted her Seating Arrangements information and that was it.
Brett participated in every challenge thus far and every TC. He missed the live Tribal Council discussion this round.
Natasha missed this challenge, but voted and went to the TC discussion.
Loren missed the first two rounds of this game, but did this challenge, voted, and showed up to the TC discussion.
Simone partcipated in every challenge, but failed to vote this round nor attended TC discussion.
Adam participated in the past two challenges and did 90% of the work to win it for his tribe. However, he did not play this challenge. He managed to vote and attend the discussion though.
Alisha participated in the past two challenges, but did not participate in this challenge. She attended the TC discussion but did not vote.

Yep. She showed up to a Tribal Council but failed to vote. I have always wondered what the heck she was thinking as TC was going on as I was reading the votes, and more specifically, why her name popped up as a “self-vote”. How did she think people were being voted out?

This tribe could not have been more dysfunctional seeing how everyone’s participation ranged from about 0 to 90 percent active. And most of them being around 20-40 percent. Brett was the frontrunner and Penner was in dead last. FireWire has by far the quietest camp in SCWL history.

Surprisingly, Natasha was a target this round by Brett because she did not participate. Really, everyone was a target except for Brett, Adam, and Simone. Loren’s sudden surge in participation made him an asset out of nowhere. I should mention two people voted for Penner until I told them those votes were illegal because Penner was at Exile. Everyone proceeded to yell at Brett right after they found out Penner was immune.

Oh right. Kristen. She was a huge Survivor fan. She applied as one of the originals. She would have been allied with Lisa 150 to 200 percent. But thanks to Brett’s move to draft her and have her at his mercy, and Cindy gone, she had no one actively protecting her. So why the heck was she the second most inactive?

Kristen messaged me almost daily in this game between 730am and 800am. It seemed I was sent a message each time I woke up. Turns out she managed a sauna, and because she did not have a computer at home, her only Internet access was prior to her shift. So that 30-45 minute window each day was all she had.

I don’t know if you’ve played an ORG where your only Internet access was between 730-800am, but your ability to integrate yourself into the game is dang near impossible. Probably tougher than dial up. No one else will be online that early to speak to about the challenge, and even if you did you’d only have ten minutes to work on the challenge, and figuring out strategy in terms of who to vote for would be impossible because there would be nobody to strategize with nor would you hear your name on the block.

I felt bad because she would message ME each morning, but never bothered to message the other players. That was probably one of the more frustrating things with the players eliminated early on–they would make the effort to talk to me but never to the other people who are actually playing the game! So Kristen sent me about ten messages but Adam, Brett, Simone, and Natasha all told me that Kristen never spoke to them all game.

So Transcend has a 4-3 majority on FireWire. That would be the headline in any of my other season blogs. But because Transcend consists of Natasha, Loren, Alisha, and Penner, that pretty much means nothing because the four of them have cast a total of three real votes and eight self-votes while Brett, Adam, and Simone (original FireWire) have cast five real votes and one self-vote.

I must admit I was shocked. I never expected seven of the eight most active players on Inukshuk while six of the seven most inactive players are on FireWire. Inukshuk had roughly 20 wall posts to each FireWire wall post. Would things change though? Loren is suddenly alive. Alisha is sent a tutorial about the purpose of Tribal Council. And everyone else minus Penner has fared reasonably well. I held out hope that the game would be improving now that four isolated inactive players had been booted, and thus end the ‘coast by voting out the most inactive player’ contest.

Below is the TC Discussion/Vote Reveal, and the voting confessionals for this round. The personalities become pretty distinct here. For those of you tallying self-votes at home, yes, somebody has racked up three self-votes after the end of round three.

And yes, Penner has survived not only five eliminations, but three immunity losses despite never joining a tribe’s camp to date.


ADAM: I forgot my torch

ME: Alrighty, so who’s all here for tonight?
ADAM: Jemaine, present
bret, present
murray, present

NATASHA: i am here

ME: We have one other person who is trying to get here but is experiencing technical difficulties.

LOREN: puter let me come

ADAM: a lot better turn out then last time

ME: Alrighty. Welcome to the fifth Tribal Council of this game.

Here’s an interesting stat I found:

The Inukshuk members have been combined for nine out of fourteen for vote reveal attendance.

Going into tonight, this tribe was 9/13, and is now 3/20.

Adam, could inactivity single-handedly destroy this tribe?

ADAM: I think it will multi-handedly destroy the tribe

ME:  Natasha, Adam just pointed out that it will multi-handedly destroy the tribe. Okay, you’ve identified it as a problem, but what do you do to change that?

NATASHA: I think we need to start attending and doing challenges.

ME: lol, not getting much from you guys so far.

Loren, you’ve gone from being the most inactive person on this tribe to being one of the most active. Do you think everyone else on your tribe has recognized that?

ME: And Loren’s computer has put him offline lol.

Adam, how do you get people to start attending and doing challenges?

ADAM: If I knew how to do that I don’t think we’d be in this position… apart from hounding people there’s not much you can do. The more inactive people that get voted out the better our tribe should get.

NATASHA: nodding

ADAM: It’s tough to get every challenge in on time

ME: Not much else to really talk about with this tribe. It’s time for me to tally the votes.

ADAM: Tally them up

ADAM: Once you read these is the decision final?

ALISHA: im here now
sorry i have jad a sick lil girl

ME: Alright. Once the votes are read, the decision is indeed final and the person voted out will be removed from the group immediately.

I’ll read the votes.

ME: Er, hold that thought. Did you want a question, Alisha?

ALISHA: um, if i need one

ME: Alisha, do you think this tribe can come back and beat Inukshuk?

LOREN: help puter crasp

ALISHA: of course i think it can!!!!

ME: Clearly the best attitude I’ve seen on this tribe yet.

NOW it’s time for me to read the votes. Once the votes are read, the decision is final and the person voted out will be removed from the group immediately.

I’ll read the votes.

ME: We’ll start out with the self-votes for this round. . .

First vote: (Kristen)
Second vote: (Alisha)
Third vote: (Simone)
Fourth vote: (Kristen)
Fifth vote: (Kristen)

Three votes Kristen, one vote Alisha, one vote Simone.

ME: Sixth vote…and the fifth person voted out of this game.

Less self-votes cast in this round. You also have another active teammate to join the mix. This could be a good sign for things to come in the FireWire tribe.

Grab your torches and head back to camp. Good night.

ADAM: Good night Jeff
ALISHA: night night
NATASHA: thanks jeff



He has yet to join the tribe!!

ME: Dan can’t be voted for.


Seems the least active after Dan



It was toss up between kristen and tash and I dont think ive seen much from either so i tossed a coin

As for how Im feeling about this group? Not too well right now especially with this turnout so far. At least hopefully ill make it to the next round but unfortunately probably with very little fellow team members


1. kristen
2. don’t know her that well, maybe evil
3.Confessional,, wrote it out 5 times already only to lose it incyber spaceto late to do it again


I vote (Dan) to be out since he hasn’t joined our group

my confessional:
i feel like i am letting my tribe down and i need to step it up if i want to stay in the game.

ME: Dan can’t be voted for.

okay, i vote for (Kristen)

Preview for Entry #6: Brett considers sending Penner to Exile Carnival to increase the chances of FireWire’s immunity win this round, but weighs the cons if they lose and are forced to keep Penner safe once again. Brett’s decision changes the course of the game because Inukshuk is 100% active in the following challenge.

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