SCWL Post-Season Cast Assessment Entry #4

ENTRY #4: CINDY – 17th Place – FireWire – (4-self vote-self vote-self vote-self vote) – July 16 2009 – SCWL: The Prequel
Records: – Third ‘partner’ to be eliminated. Lisa’s partner. Yep. The partner twist was awful.
– Did not join her tribe’s Facebook group until the last two hours of the simultaneous immunity challenge
– First person to be immune from three Tribal Councils without voting or not participating in 97.5% of the game.
– Voted out in the Tribal Council with a record number of past votes
– Oldest female to ever play in this series. Yes, even older than KJ. Oh c’mon. You know I love you, KJ.

If you looked at the records, you can see I will have virtually nothing to say abbout Cindy. She is not great with computers and had never played an online game. Combine the two and you have a steep and intimidating learning curve. Add in my first hosting job and you have a mission that is doomed to fail.

Furthermore, Adam and Brett agreed to draft her as a way to limit Lisa’s power in the game. I know Cindy made the effort to integrate herself into the game, but as I said before, it was just too much.


As I said before, FireWire lost the second part to the two-part immunity challenge. Therefore after this round Inukshuk and FireWire would be even at 8-8.

And thank god because if you thought Transcend’s 2-self vote-self vote-self vote Tribal Council was an awful way to start, well, FireWire may have topped that.

Granted when I say that we must note that after the first round of play everybody on Transcend (Natasha, Alisha, Loren, and Penner) were merged into FireWire (Brett, Adam, Kristen, Cindy, Simone).

Natasha was sent to Exile Carnival along with Lisa from Inukshuk. Therefore Natasha was ineligible to vote or be voted for. In other words, the only person who cast a vote on Transcend was sent away from Tribal Council.

Loren’s dial up issues which I will discuss later, Penner STILL not joining a group, and Alisha playing in challenges but not understanding the concept of Tribal Council yet locked in their three self-votes once again.

I should note that for every season since then that two self-votes sends you home. All 72 players in our four seasons have had no problem with this rule. If we had this rule in the prequel, Alisha, Penner, and Loren would all be eliminated after only their second Tribal Council. Yikes.

What is there to say about the vote? Natasha may have been at Exile Carnival but demanded Adam and Brett to vote out Penner because he has not participated in the game one bit except for the three times that he publicly trash-talked the other tribes. The only vote he cast was a vote for somebody on an opposing tribe. Meanwhile Cindy was at least trying to make an effort.

However, knowing Lisa’s extended alliance was posing a huge threat down the road, and because Cindy was never going to be a strong player in challenges, Adam, Brett, and surprisingly Simone came together and eliminated Cindy from the game.

That’s right. 3/8 players at Tribal Council cast a vote. Alisha, Penner, Loren, Cindy, and Kristen were all self-votes. Given that it was only the second round I thought there was time for the inactive players for FireWire to start voting. I figured people like Alisha and Penner weren’t voting because they felt safe.

But that wasn’t the worst part. What was worse than 5/8 people not voting? You know those live Tribal Council discussion and vote reveals that occurred only in this season? Well, ALL EIGHT PLAYERS DID NOT SHOW.

Kristen looked like she would step it up in the game because she was messaging me more frequently. I thought Penner would be a major character once he joined his tribe. Loren could rise if he could solve his dial up issues. Alisha was a major force in each of the major challenges thus far which made her inactive only in terms of casting a vote. Natasha, Simone, Adam, and Brett were guaranteed to be active.

Meanwhile on Inukshuk everyone had either cast two votes at TC or be active in every challenge. Kai cast a vote to rebound from a self-vote, and Kyle is a volunteer firefighter so that self-vote along with Serene this round seemed to be a rare occurrance.

The game finally looked like it was about to be in full swing. With Simone aligning with Adama and Brett, we may see Loren’s faction merging in with Adam and Brett who had yet to commit to a side. And what the heck were Lyndsay’s intentions? It seemed like the stage was set for a 14-round battle. But boy was I wrong


**Lisa’s Exile Carnival Confessional**

Well the most strategic thing I have done so far is hook Kristen up with Tasha as a friend. I think helping Kristen out will benefit me in the end. Shs is a really compeptiite person and I think she will go far in this game. I think getting on her good side early will prove to be a good move on my part overall .

Tell me again. At what time will Tash and I be pulled of exile and back into our tribe? It is today, right? 🙂



I don’t think any big alliances have formed yet so I think the votes are gonna be spread out and pretty much everybody is vulnerable, except natasha
Preview for Entry #5: Amazingly, there is only one more pre-merge twist I introduce into the game. And the most inactive player in the game is saved.



Im just worried that cindy and kristen are already an alliance

Im thinking that i may regret not using my immunity idol for tonights tribal and thinking that i should. also I really need to get some alliances going cause i know thats gonna be key to longevity in this game. Well Hoping to hear from you sunday night jeff


(Cindy McFarland)
because she didnt help with the challenge very much

well this was a fun challenge and i could of helped more than i did
Im kinda sad that i cant be at the live tribal council cuz its at 7:30 and i have jiu jitsu from 6-8 but maybe next time


As with tradition, I must first ask the following question:

ME: Is anyone here? (Knowing most of the circumstances with different people, I’d be very surprised if more than zero people are present at this time)


Yep, nobody magically appeared so I’ll just get straight to posting the votes lol.

First vote: (Cindy)
Second vote: (Kristen)
Third vote: (Dan)
Fourth vote: (Loren)
Fifth vote: (Alisha)

Phew, all of the self-votes are now done with. It’s time to get to the real votes.

Sixth vote: (Cindy)
Seventh vote, and first person voted out of the FireWire tribe…

Cindy, the tribe has spoken.

Well, you were just fourteen minutes away from a much-needed two person advantage. You’ll fight Inukshuk with even numbers again next round, and with five self-votes cast this round, you have a very obvious case of inactivity. The question is how do you get everyone to actively participate? It’ll be interesting to see how this tribe performs in the future.

Grab your torches and head back to camp. Good night.

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