SCWL Post-Season Cast Assessment Entry #3

ENTRY #3: Serene – 18th place – Inukshuk – (7-1) – July 16 2009 – SCWL: The Prequel
Records:  One of eight people ever to be brought into the series as a ‘partner’. Brought in as Loren’s partner.
Only person to finish 18th but won two tribal immunity challenges
One of only two people to simultaneously win immunity and go to Tribal Council
First person to be eliminated before a last-round draft pick.


The OkaYakaCalga tribe merged into the Inukshuk tribe and the Transcend tribe merged into the FireWire tribe. Yep. The twist resulted in the two weakest tribes combining to face the two strongest tribes.

Inukshuk (Dianne, Kyle, Warren, Serene, ?????/ Gayle – captain’s idol, Lisa, Lyndsay, Kai) vs. FireWire (Brett – captain’s idol, Adam – Exile Idol, Cindy, Kristen, Simone/ Natasha, Alisha, Loren, Dan)

So here we go. Serene. Another person brought into the game as a ‘partner’ and of course had not seen Survivor. I should note that Serene was at risk because this was the round of the game where paranoia ruled the vote.

Why was there a ton of paranoia in the prequel where people were too inactive to feel paranoia?

Well, there were three factions heading into this game.

Loren’s clan. Kyle and Serene are Loren’s children. Lyndsay is married to Kyle. Simone is a friend of Lyndsay’s. Kai is a friend of Kyle’s. An alliance of six right there. Four of them were on Inukshuk.

Lisa’s clan. Dianne is her mother. Kristen and Cindy are Lisa’s close friends. An automatic group of four. Gayle is Lisa’s aunt, and Natasha is Gayle’s daughter. Jerry was Dianne’s partner and decided to stay allied with her in the game. They came together as a tight alliance of seven.

Brett and Adam knew that Lisa’s group and Lyndsay’s respective groups would want to keep their respective members in the game. So that’s why they picked up Kristen and Cindy in the initial tribal pick em as a way to limit Lisa’s empire. It was the opening strategic move of the game.

Alisha, Penner, and the mystery ORG player were never considered part of any alliance. You’ll see why with Alisha and Penner.

So let’s talk about Exile Carnival. It was my first time coming up with an encryption. I gave everyone one piece of the encryption before the start of the game.

~! @#$ %^&* *(- (~++-& ~&+~{~+$^} ~::$&~*@ ~+#} ^* -|~}- <^\&~{^} >~:`}@ >-&+ “ ~ %~>( *# #=*^~& *(- ~+#} ” *# @#$\ %#&+-\!$} (#>* ^&+ !\~-&+}@ &-~/(=#$\(##+ }#/^& >^$&+-\>

Clue#1: Secret code: = represents B
Clue #2: Use the code Luke, use the secret code.
Clue#3: The quotes are simply quotes.

Kyle and Adam had only these clues in the first round. Adam solved it within three hours, and created a fake idol in the process.

In this round, Lisa and Natasha went to Exile Carnival. They would be immune if their tribe went to Tribal Council. Lisa asked for Dianne’s, Gayle’s, Natasha’s, and Lyndsay’s secret code to obtain the fake hidden immunity idol that Adam left behind.

Trash talk quickly ensued between the two newly combined tribes, and somebody actually sent in a confessional.

PENNER: I cannot wait to win! We should just end the game now and declare myself the winner…..just a thought.
KAI: Oh Dan. keep the Dream alive. But remember it’s just a dream. One day; you’ll have to wake up!


I really enjoyed the first challenge. I also liked the flag one, I wish I would of gone with my thought of maybe a shorter name. I got to say Brett team flag was awesome. Diannes flag name was better then ours.
As for the idol I think as of today I am going to try and keep it awhile and not tell anyone yet not even on my team that I have one. I hope to make some good alliances that I can trust or hopefully trust.


Yep. Two immunity challenges going on simultaneously. This was my way to fix the common Survivor twist at the time where both tribes were forced to go to Tribal Council regardless of who won the reward challenge. My version of the twist was to have two immunity challenges play out simultaneously.

So what was Seating Assignment? Everyone was given a position at their tribe’s table. They had to figure out where everyone was sitting at the table. The first table was easier to figure out where everyone was sitting while the second table was much tougher.

e.g. “The person sitting to your left is a Sagittarius. The person sitting to your right has tattoos. The person sitting across from you listed nachos as their favourite food.”

Inukshuk assumed the table was circular despite being told they were sitting across from another player. FireWire hadn’t heard from three of their members which made the challenge much tougher. They gave Inukshuk information that the table is rectangular in exchange for information from Lisa about Kristen and Cindy to fill in the missing spots at their table. It worked out to where each tribe won one immunity apiece.

So both tribes went to Tribal Council this round. Sadly the simultaneous immunity twist is probably the best twist I had come up with all season. Again, this series improved 100000 times over by the time SCWL 1 rolled around in 2011.

Inukshuk’s Tribal Council was first. There was a ton of paranoia because Lyndsay unintentionally sabotaged the first table because she gave three pieces of false info for her and Kyle. Everyone assumed this was an intentional sabotage to overthrow Lisa’s crew. So everyone was paranoid about a tie at Tribal Council due to Lisa being at Exile Carnival.

Lisa’s crew targeted Serene because she was the most inactive player of Lyndsay’s alliance. Everyone, including myself, assumed Dianne or Gayle would be the target as she would attempt a coup that needed to happen. Amazingly enough, Lyndsay had zero intention and apparently lied about the information for no particular reason because she and Kai agreed to eliminate Serene by a near-unanimous vote.

So Serene’s impact on the series? She was eliminated because of paranoia. Lisa’s crew had the early upperhand.


vote off – serene.
unless I missed something I didn’t see any contribution.

Confessional – winning/losing usually depends on factors out of my control, all I focus on is giving myself the best chance. If I win or lose isn’t the measure. ( it’s a strategy that results in a lot of winning and little remorse).
Alliances – will avoid, too many eggs in one basket.
looking ahead – I don’t follow survivor, so will adjust as the game moves on.



Im still keeping my alliances tight with myself, until true colors comes out:):) the game is getting better;)


I am voting for serene because I dont even think she has logged into the site, i dont think shes really into it very much;)

see you tonight;)



2. I am happy we won at least one of the challenges! We probably could of won another if lyndsay would of told us she was the one born in alberta. Also they neglected to tell us that Kyle wasn’t the size 14. I don’t understand why they didn’t want to say, especially this early on in the game. I don’t know if they have an alliance with some others on the other team and are hoping to vote off one of us on our own team! So I am nervous and scared that I could be going tonight. I am going to chance it and Not use my immunity Idol .If I go so be it, it will be what ever it will be.As far as I know I still have my alliance of four..myself with dianne lisa and tasha, hopefully they won’t put a knife in my back. It would be nice if we could keep our alliance until final four.


all right; gotta vote for (Serene)…no input at all on the last challenge
confessional; not actively trying to pursue any alliances yet….waiting to see who the active/good players are; will see how the group responds to my minimal involvement for now; but will be there to help in challenges if I see they’re struggling and I have an answer;especially as deadlines approach. We’ll see where the bread is buttered before I throw myself in with anyone…..I have commitment issues!!!!!lol

**?????’S VOTE**

my vote is for (serene)


My vote is for (Serene).
She is the obvious vote this time, she didn’t do anything.

I have an secret alliance with Lisa, Gayle, and Tasha for after the merge.
So we all have to really try to stay alive. I tried to get Jerry in but he seems hesitant. I am hoping that Gayle and Tasha don’t have a “Secret Saunders” alliance with Brett and Adam. But no way to find that out until after the merge.


ME: Captain, where do you think this tribe is weak?
LYNDSAY: i am here:):)
KAI: agreed with dianne
LYNDSAY: yes!!!!
ME: So the Inukshuk meaning of “communicate & survive” really comes into play. Kai, what’s difficult about getting nine people to communicate at a tribe camp?

KAI: getting eveyone here at the same time; for one…..and for two; I found it was difficult through purely physical reasons — sorting through so many posts on the board to get relevant info
KAI: really needed that pen and paper; and human error comes into play — like missing lindsays posts about being born in alberta and Kyle’s freakishly small feet…..

ME: Lyndsay, Kai makes a good point. Yes, you have everyone active, but if everyone keeps posting useless info on the wall, could that be the difference between being a strong tribe and a weak tribe?
KAI: totally — we need to perhaps keep discussions about stew; etc; on a seperate thread…though while fun; and definately a great part of the game; not too integral to challenges

ME: Thanks Kai lol. ?????, you’re the only one on this tribe with real ORG experience. What’s your take of this tribe compared to other tribes?
KAI: I know you were talking to lyndsay…but I don’t think she did…..

ME: And ????? just happens to go offline at this time lol. This round we combined the rival tribes, For the OkaYakaCalga captain, do you think there’s any sort of tribal division in this tribe?
LYNDSAY: yeah lets get to the voting:):):)
?????: well, i havent been able to get everyone on this tribe. In fact, i dont think i know anyone, but would like to. I think we have a good strong tribe seeing as how everyone seems to participate in challenge and what not. I think if we can work out the kinks, we got a really good tribe.
GAYLE: I would hope not. I truely hope we all work together to beat the other tribe.
LYNDSAY: yeah good thoughts ?????! we are a strong tribe, we do just need to communicate more

ME: Okay. Once the votes are read, the decision is final and the person voted out will be kicked out of the group immediately. I’ll read the votes.
LYNDSAY: woowoo;)
ME: Let’s get the self-votes out of the way first.

First vote: (Serene)

Second vote: (Kyle)

Third vote: (serene)

Two votes Serene, one vote Kyle.

Fourth vote: (Serene)

Fifth vote: (serene)

Four votes Serene, one vote Kyle.

ME: Sixth vote…..
Fourth person voted out of this game…(serene)

Serene, the tribe has spoken.

Well, after four Tribal Councils, one person from each of the original tribes has been voted out.

This is definitely an active tribe, and if you do communicate without the chaos, you will indeed survive in this game. If not, FireWire will continue to walk all over you in challenges.

Grab your torches and head back to camp. Good night.

KAI: is there still some of that stew left?? hahahahaha
LYNDSAY: hahahah good one kai, if theres some leftovers count me in…

Don’t get too excited if you think there will be a ton of material for each SCWL Prequel entry to make up for its absence of a season blog. You will have to suffer through two more inactive player entries where it will be more interesting to talk about the challenges and the two remaining pre-merge twists. There were more pre-merge twists in the Prequel than there were in the entirety of SCWL 1-4 combined.

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