SCWL Post-Season Cast Assessment Entry #2

ENTRY #2: Wendy S.D. – 19th Place – OkaYakaCalga – (3-2)  – July 11 2009 – SCWL: The Prequel
Records: First player to NEVER self-vote. This record would not be significant now that 84 of the 92 people to play in seasons one to four of SCWL also have accomplished this feat.
Only person to be voted out in a 5-person Tribal Council while somebody else self-voted.
Never won a challenge
First person to never achieve a successful elimination vote
First ‘partner’ voted out of the game. Gayle brought her into the game.

One down, nineteen to go. I suppose these first twenty entries are acting as an unofficial season blog for the prequel. The only details that have been revealed before are anecdotes and facts about this season.

I should note that I found all of the groups from this season. Yes, even Transcend’s camp.

So let’s get to Wendy. Her impact on this series is pretty dang significant.

Wendy recently came off an unexpected runner-up finish in what is now the last outdoor/real life Mole game that I hosted. It was unexpected because she was surprisingly competitive and participated frequently.

Much like Scott, she was a last-round draft pick. I should note the captains made EVERY pick in the tribal pick em. Fast forward to seasons 1-4 where the player who is picked in the first round makes the pick in the second round and so on.

I suppose I should post the tribe configurations for the first round to make these entries clearer:

OkaYakaCalga (Gayle – captain w/ hidden immunity idol, Lisa, Lyndsay, Kai, Wendy) vs. Inukshuk (Dianne – chose to be opposed and has necklace, Kyle, Warren, Serene, ????). InukShuk won. Dianne sent Kyle to Exile Carnival as reward. Gave up search after receiving two clues.

FireWire (Brett – captain w/ hidden immunity idol, Adam, Kristen, Cindy, Simone) vs. Transcend (Natasha – chose to be opposed and has necklace, Alisha, Loren, Dan, Scott). FireWire won. Brett sent Adam to Exile Carnival as reward. He found the idol within three hours.

Another reason why we have never had more than two tribes is because of this setup. Transcend was such a weak tribe that we almost had a randomized Tribal Council while OkaYakaCalga was such an active tribe that seeing them lose the first challenge was an uber bummer.

I should add that Inukshuk was the most active tribe besides OkaYakaCalga. So this was a bummer to say the least. I originally expected OkaYakaCalga to be the Final Five.

“Why was it named OkaYakaCalga?”

Because two of the players are from the okanagan, one was rom Yakima, and the other two are from Calgary. And here’s their flag:

oyc tribe

An adorable and odd flag.

Anyways, OkaYakaCalga was the other tribe to lose the tribal flag challenge. Wendy and Gayle seemed like a solid pair in this game. Lisa was aligned with Lyndsay, Kai, Gayle, and Wendy. Kai was aligned with Lyndsay. Lyndsay had a good relationship with everyone as well.

In other words, Kai or Wendy would be voted out. Kai barely knew Lyndsay and was close to Kyle in the cast. Everyone else was an unknown. I figured he would be booted for being odd man out, and Wendy would be used as the ideal person to take to the endgame.

But a huge shocker came. Lisa, Gayle, and Lyndsay all felt bad that Kai would not be given a chance to prove himself, and because Wendy was viewed as someone who would never be too enthusiastic in the game or seen as a legitimate contender due to the game of Survivor being over her head, she was voted out.

The funniest part about the whole thing is that she cast a vote much to the surprise of everyone else, and even more surprising is that Kai ended up self-voting. Their whole vote reasoning was aimed at the wrong person. Wendy goes home while a bunch of the inactive players were protected by immunity on FireWire and Inukshuk. Or boot an additional person from Transcend.

So that’s why I hate the four-tribe format even more. Rather than two tribes where the action is bound to be balanced at both camps, four tribes can make for some really lopsided affairs or potentially send the best five candidates to TC prematurely. Not to mention that the four-tribe format can never sustain itself for more than a couple rounds due to the sheer lack of numbers. Why have four tribes if you have to cut down to two tribes after a couple rounds? Never made sense to me.



“Brett and adam did have a good flag.So I guess we did desreve to lose.

I vote for ( Kai ) no reason really ,just because I don’t know him”


“hello Jeff;)

I feel i have some alliances possibly but im keeping that tight until i know forsure:) its ok about loosing ill know we shall kick some but real soon:):)


Because I know deep down inside, she doesn’t want to be here..bye wendy, it was great playing with you while it lasted;)”

Not much else to say about Wendy other than she is the most active participant I will be talking about for several rounds. I predicted she would be either first one out or be carried to the end because she would have been a consistent reliable vote for the whole game. And probably solidified why the 4-tribe format has never occurred again.

P.S. Each Tribal Council had a Live Tribal Council discussion. After everyone sent in their votes, I would hold a Tribal Council Discussion + Vote Reveal at 8pm. I wanted to use it as a way to copy the show by having a real time chat to talk to the players before I revealed whose fate was already sealed. This is the biggest failure of an idea I think I ever had.

a) Nobody showed up on Transcend for their Live Tribal Council discussion. I sat around for ten minutes before posting the results in their camp.
b) 4/5 players showed up for OkaYakaCalga’s chat. Truly impressive.

Preview for Entry #3: Another dumb twist but a 2-tribe system appears to work much much better. And Exile Carnival will be explained a bit more.

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