SCWL Post-Season Cast Assessment Entry #1

It’s finally time to get my player bios project underway.By the end of SCWL 5 we will have reached the two year anniversary of the main series. I must say the time hosting this series has gone by fast.

So what is the purpose of this project? Well, I consider it to be a post-season cast assessment. As you may know I do a pre-season cast assessment for every season, but outside of the episode blogs I really never go back and analyze each player’s impact on the history. This project essentially recognizes the most forgotten of players.

Therefore, we will be traveling in order of elimination for players in this series. I will try desperately to see this project through to its end.

ENTRY #1: Scott LePage – 20th place – SCWL: The Prequel

Yep. We go back to our prequel season that was hosted between May of 2009 and December of 2009. Over two full years before SCWL 1 began and was my first hosting gig.

For veterans of the ORG universe, you are probably thinking “Scott LePage played?! He played this series over two years before anyone else did? How come he hasn’t said a word about it?!”

I must confess that the casting process for SCWL: The Prequel (at the time it was called “Saunders Survivor: The Great Twists”) was a complete disaster. Why? Because I was trying to cast ten well-known ORGers to face off against ten of my brothers/sister/mother/cousins. Yep. The twist was supposed to be “Veterans vs. Family”. A unique twist that had never before been attempted in ORGs, but upon reflection four years later, simply was not feasible.

When casting for the game I promoted it as “Survivor twists you have never seen before”. I was telling the truth, but seriously, how many teenaged first-time ORG hosts have advertised that when asking people to sign up for their game? Yeah. You’d want them to get off the stage immediately. I must also note I advertised this game in every ORG group I knew without asking for admin permission. It was in Park’s groups, some of Warren Adams’ games that took place six seasons earlier, Jo Ann and Stacy’s Survivor Fans Podcast groups that have about five posts per month, and about ten other places. You don’t know Jo Ann and Stacy? Ask Brandon Bryce. He is the only person from the Previously on. . .Survivor Facebook group who posts there.

In short, veterans were turned off by this first-time host/spammer who showed all of the signs for a bad game. I had applications open for a month and guess how many ORGers applied? Two. Trust me, nobody was going to budge. The funny thing is that Scott LePage openly mocked my “twists you’ve never seen before” tagline but applied anyway lol.

SCOTT: I’m sure all of the twists you’re going to use have been used before, but I’m going to apply.

To this day I believe Scott signed up for this game to see how much of a trainwreck it was going to be. I bet if you messaged Scott LePage about this game, he would either forget his participation in it or said it was the worst piece of crap he had ever seen. His jaw would hit the floor if he found out that the game was played through to completion and had at least fifty percent of the cast be active.

Why would Scott think it was the biggest piece of crap ever for reasons further than what I already listed? Well, the cast was supposed to be Veterans vs. Family. Ten versus ten. I found ten family members no problem, but I could not find any more than two veterans. Clearly I would need to revise my theme and find a way to get more players. I have never shared this twist before or even spoken about what occurred on the game’s first day because it is the worst idea I have ever had and SHOULD NEVER EVER EVER BE ATTEMPTED BY ANYBODY ON EARTH EVER AGAIN.

So what did I do to try to raise the cast from twelve to twenty?
You ready?
Are you sure you’re ready?
Challenge #1: Find a Partner. Everybody was instructed to find a partner to bring into this game. They would become full-fledged contestants. The advantage of a partner is that they were guaranteed to have your back. If you didn’t have a partner it was your loss.

Yeah. So there was no way to know if one player would find a partner or if all twelve would to boost the cast to a size of 24 players.

Worst idea or worst idea ever?

So the answer to “why did the season end up with twenty players?” is “because exactly eight of the twelve players found a partner to bring into this game”.

Scott Grensted is probably on the floor laughing thinking this is the worst piece of crap he has ever heard in this life. How I made the transition from the worst ORG host ever to one that is always in the running as the best ORG host in existence must be baffling to not only myself but to you the reader.

Needless to say I learned a lot from hosting my first ORG, but more on that later.

Why do I bring this twist up? Because Scott messaged me and quoted Luke Skywalker saying I was asking for the impossible. I bet Scott refused to ask anyone to sign up for my game and saw through my intentions as well as his desire to sabotage this game as much as possible. He probably caught on that the odds of this game being canceled was roughly ninety percent at the time. The other veteran who signed up for this game wondered how an ORG could play with only two people. This was because I never told the veterans or family what the twist was yet. Veterans didn’t know family members of mine were playing and family did not know two veterans were playing.

The only benefit to this twist is that I have an ePen Pal who I met because of that twist and have kept in touch with her for the past four years. More on that later when I get to her in this countdown.

Dang, this section is long.

Initially everyone thought ‘Find a Partner’ would be ‘Find a Partner’ in this game. And as I said before, Scott was the only one to figure out the true purpose. Suddenly it was eighteen family and two veterans. My theme needed a drastic face lift.

I held the Opening Day challenge with the eighteen family members. The veterans were excluded from this challenge. Two of the contestants drove seven hours to my house to understand what exactly was going on and to celebrate Opening Day. This is perhaps the only tradition to last through to subsequent seasons. That day was so fun for me and the twelve players showed up that it is a tradition I refuse to change.

For those curious the opening day challenge was to post the initials of every winner in Survivor history or every runner-up in Survivor history. If you chose to gather the initials of every winner, you must use those letters to post the name of a tribe. The first person to do so was a captain. Same thing applies to the initials of the runner-ups.

Reason #172 why Scott LePage should be pissed off at me: The fact he was excluded from this challenge.

The two tribe captains were each secretly awarded a hidden immunity idol. Again, this was extremely unfair to Scott and the other guy because it was impossible for them to obtain either of those idols. Note I would never give away hidden immunity idols in such a manner today. Each captain was told to “pick a player they would like to oppose”. The two players would become tribe captains as well, but be given individual immunity from the first TC they visit. Since then two individual immunity necklaces have always been given in the first round of play. It is something I never realized has been kept as a tradition through all of these years.

Now that FOUR captains have been established (yes, the only season to feature more than two tribes), the pick em could begin. Each captain was told there were “two mystery players who would join them”. I am sure they thought it would be my dad or another one of my uncles, and in a million years would not guess it was a guy from a midwest and a guy from Toronto. Why am I laughing out loud when typing that?

After the tribal pick em I revealed that the two mystery players were “stars” from the ORG universe. Yep. I went the Bobby Jon and Stephenie route. The funny thing is that the person who played with Scott was nowhere near “star” status at the time. Again another deception by me.

Scott was placed on a tribe with the fourth captain. There were four tribes of five. Who were the other four people on his tribe?

a) My sister who was captain. She did not sign up and was one of the partners picked to join the game. Oh, did I mention she did not have a computer or a smart phone? Did I also mention I knew it would be impossible for her to play because of her lack of computer access so I told her I was trying to do Veterans vs. Family? She told everyone two minutes before I revealed the two mystery players that she thought it would be ORG veterans.
b) A cousin of mine (Alisha) who had never seen Survivor. She did not know what the purpose of Tribal Councils were. More on her later.
c) A cousin of mine (Dan) who ended up being the biggest jerk on the planet. Yes, more on him later.
d) My uncle (Loren) who was relying on dial-up.

Here you go Scott LePage! Enjoy your tribe!!!1111one.

This is the most disastrous opening round in Survivor ORGs, eh? Scott messaged me and kept saying he would talk to the other people on his tribe and join his tribe’s Facebook group. That never happened.

TRIBAL IMMUNITY CHALLENGE #1: Paint a tribe flag.

This is the only season that had challenges involved subjective judging. After the next subjective challenge I chose to never do unfair challenges like these ever again. The initial two captains would face off against each of the tribes that they chose to oppose back on Opening Day. Each tribe flag was based on three criteria. It is the only season where players named their own tribes or were able to create their own flags.

Tribe name was Transcend. Alisha, who never watched Survivor, did this challenge by herself because nobody else could and/or would help. Incidentally she had no idea how Survivor flags traditionally look like. Therefore, it was the easiest defeat I had seen in Survivor history. However, she did not see it that way and I was sent very angry inbox messages because she felt personally hurt that I did not crown her flag as being the best against the FireWire tribe. I lied by saying that it was my dad who acted as the Simon Cowell judge just to calm her down. I really was the worst, eh? So eventually she apologized for her valid outburst. It was a valid outburst because it was a subjective challenge after all and subjective challenges suck, but it was clear this tribe was by far the worst tribe I ever dealt with in series history.


So it was time for Tribal Council. My sister was immune. Alisha was bound to be safe. Loren, Dan, and Scott were nowhere to be found except for Dan trash talking the other tribe, and Scott who responded to my messages to participate but refused to actually do so.

Dan voted for. . .somebody on a different tribe. I told him his vote was illegal. So he refused to vote, thus casting a self-vote.

I tried to explain to Alisha that she needed to vote. She never did, thus casting a self-vote.

Loren was on dial-up. He tried to be active, but his message could not send until Gangnam Style became a #1 hit. So he self-voted.

So all Scott LePage had to do was cast a vote for Dan, Loren, or Alisha and he would be safe from the vote, and have a good chance of winning this game given this tribe and the other losing tribe was about to be dissolved.

My sister was immune from the first losing TC because she had immunity from opening day. So she could not vote for herself even if she “tried”. Therefore the first player voted out of the SCWL series was going to be eliminated by a rolling of an online four-sided die. Luckily my sister came over that day and used my mom’s computer to quickly vote.

i vote for (scott) to be out

my confessional:
I am not too upset about losing because we have one member who is not involved so i don’t feel bad about voting him out. i feel good about having alisha on my team. i feel i can trust her. i am unsure about the rest of my tribemates.

And by a vote of 2-1-1-1, a veteran who would probably be considered as a member of the subjective ORG Hall of Fame, is voted out by my sister in a TC with FOUR self-votes.

Just like that Scott is the first person voted out of my series over a trash-talker, a person on dial-up, and a person who does not understand the concept of Tribal Councils. In addition, he was eliminated by someone without regular computer access. He has never messaged me since this day and vice versa. I would assume he has zero interest in dealing with me ever again. And who can blame him? This game was atrocious for the first 3/4 of the season.

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