Big Brother Canada episode eleven ranking

Episode eleven ranking

Prediction: Confessional count will be really low this episode. Recap-Voting-Eviction-HoH-Nomination-Veto-Veto ceremony-Voting-Eviction = We will have to wait until next episode to understand an ounce of what is going on.

But first!


Welcome back Foxy Cleopatra! The biggest diva in the history of hosts in competitive reality TV!

By the way have you noticed how she ALWAYS leans into the camera when she speaks? What the f— is her problem? Does she have hunchback or something? Maybe her name should be Foxy Quasimodo.

Previously on BB Canada: Emmett’s reign as HoH lost its buzz early as the houseguests understood the hardcore fans on Twitter are always watching and when Gary became the replacement HoH he made the boldest move yet. . .

tom eyes closed

Just think of my daughter Haley and everything will be okay.

. . .Alec slicked by the competition to win the Power of Veto. He made a promise to Gary and that meant Tom was all on his own. Tonight tempers explode when a revenge prank goes horribly wrong. Feeling little remorse Tom’s time in the house may come to an end and what will happen when the houseguests find out that tonight is the FIRST double eviction of the season?

Tom pulls a prank? That sounds interesting. We will see past footage after all.




Wait! The FIRST double eviction? Oh no. You mean there’s going to be more of this crap later? Why not just start the game with fewer contestants? BB Canada may go down as the most twist-laden season in the history of the Big Brother franchise. And that isn’t a good thing.

Tom not cool

tom not impressed 2

Not impressed.

– Intro time.

ARISA: After tonight we will be down to JUST ten houseguests.

Just? I can’t imagine how much Foxy will react to announcing that eight, nine, six, or seven players remain.

– The grand prize is recapped for the quadrillionth time. Arisa recaps the recap. Yeah.

ARISA: The four houseguests were disqualified. Gary won a makeup Head of Household competition.

gary fonda

Who knew he was capable of winning a MAKEUP Head of Household.

– ARISA: Things got so heated inside of the house that I am surprised it didn’t burn down.


Just in case you didn’t understand, flame visuals appear on cue to ensure you get the idea.

– Black and white time for the Veto ceremony.

TOM: You don’t start a fire that you can’t put out. Everyone in the house will get burned.

Yep. This confessional again. Did we mention the house is going up in flames? I can’t wait for the season when BB casts an arsonist.

shield hug

Nothing keeps a secret alliance hush hush when you PUBLICLY HUG EACH OTHER AND CONGRATULATE EACH OTHER ON THE VETO CEREMONY!

– Alec continues the “Tom is a selfish prick” storyline. Alec is taking a shower.

ALEC: Andrew mentioned we might be on After Dark. Tom sat down and grabbed the shower door and flung it open.

tom shower

And after witnessing the ecstatic smile on Tom’s face as he exposes a naked man, I would like to announce Tom’s homoeroticism score has shot up fifty points. Gary succeeded in converting the male houseguests after all.

– Tom retreats and hangs with Liza in the doorway.

TOM (to ALEC): F— you, dick.

See? Told you the homoeroticism climbed way up.

– Alec hates that a freeze frame will be out there online because he has a life outside of the house.

If you went on BB thinking that the cameras wouldn’t expose your body online even for a split second, then I’m sorry, but you really don’t know your BB history. Especially if you are in a shower and the person you just betrayed is INCHES away from the shower door.

But then again Alec does go to UBC Van, so I shouldn’t be surprised that he is surprised that this could happen.

– Alec hates that his feelings have been crumpled but Tom does not look like he cares.

TOM: The guy walks around without a shirt all day is mad that I may have exposed his penis on TV.

I agree with Tom. If Alec didn’t walk around half-naked all day, this would have been a much bigger deal. Although it was dumb for Tom to do it in the first place. He is so evicted.

tom shower

Sort of ironic that Alec’s secret alliance is called The Shield but yet is completely exposed on national TV.

– Alec finishes off the section that Tom is a bully. What were you expecting from the Canadian reincarnation of Slim Shady?

– Oh, Alec isn’t done yet. He stands up in the Diary Room and cries against the wall but is looking directly into the camera. I bet the camera wasn’t filming as he complained to producers non-stop. Seriously we have a full minute of footage dedicated to him crying and moping.

alec cry

I know you can’t hear the audio in this blog. This song was playing in the background as Alec overcomes Tom’s dastardly act that the Crown in the penal system really need to be on top of.

– Despite laughing at the incident, Andrew hugs Alec. Talla hugs Alec too. Peter threatens to stab Tom. Oh my goodness, our first BB Schenking incident!

Not since Justin from BB2 has someone pulling a knife on another contestant been so likely!

ALEC: It’s great that Topaz was there for me. Peter would stand up for me too.

What about Andrew?! He hugged it out with you!

alec cry more

Even in comforting someone after a bullying incident Topaz still looks half asleep.

– Peter went up to Tom and says it is not cool. Cursing ensues as Topaz heads outside to yell at Tom.

TOPAZ: You’re a f—ing a–hole. You’re a f—ing a–hole, Tom.

TOPAZ: This is a game! Nobody needs to feel embarrassed like that!

MEATLOAF: And this is the last time you EVER f— with Alec from UBC!

GARY BUSEY: I was just minding my basket.

topaz yell

Holy crap she’s awake and raising her voice! She is going to need to hibernate after this expenditure of energy.

– Tom understands he was in the wrong. About freakin’ time. Alec is crying. Emmett comforts him too. 3/4 of Quatro is solid. Alec says in real life you can remove yourself from a bullying incident as an adult. But in here you can’t. Instead people have to watch you on After Dark. That’s what happens when a betrayed nominee decides to get testy with you.

– Tom pulls out tears on the hammock with Liza.

TOM: Nobody knows what I’ve been through. It kills me man. I feel like I beat up my little brother.

tom shower

-Expression of glee one hour earlier-

– The audience. . .applauds? I swear Peter could stab all of the contestants and the audience would applaud at the end of the scene. What a bunch of numbskulls. Arisa’s reaction?

ARISA: Wow. It just got real in here. And it’s about to get even more real. . .

It just got real? Is that the tenth time she has said that? Way to be hip, Foxy. Somebody has watched too many Coca Cola commercials and Real World.

– Arisa breaks the news of the double eviction. She comments on Liza’s rose that is modeled after The Bachelorette.

liza rose

I love how I made a Bachelor/Bachelorette reference only a couple blog posts ago. The whole world is turning to crap.

– She draws out the silence before dropping the news. No one reacts over the top. It is a mellow atmosphere. So it’s time to plead their cases. Tom looks for love and respect.

– I like any twist that limits Jillian speaking. Just sayin. Oh, and Liza just finished talking. No idea what she said. Foxy Coxy explains the voting. Alec votes first. Oh gee, I wonder who he will vote for?

ALEC: I vote to evict Peter–I mean Tom.

alec shield

Alec not only needs a shield for his body, but he needs one for his brain. . .and his junk. Otherwise that shield will erode rather quickly.

– TALLA: I sadly capital ‘S’ vote to evict Tom.

She sucks at basic grammar too.

ANDREW: I vote to evict Tommy.

Ineligible. Nobody named Tommy is in the house.

EMMETT: I vote to evict Eliza.

Ineligible. Nobody named Eliza in the house.

TOPAZ (head swings): I vote to evict Tom.

topaz head 1

topaz head 2

topaz head 3

All that was missing was the snap.

PETER: I happily vote to evict Tom.

peter shield

Just an excuse to show off his bling.

Vote is currently 5-1. Tom is guaranteed to be evicted.

AJ: I regretfully vote to evict Tom.

He should have said “AJ regretfully votes to evict Tom.

– Suzette votes to evict Tom.


– Jillian votes to evict Tom. ‘Tis an 8-1 vote.

FOXY: Be ready for fireworks houseguests.

As if Tom doesn’t see this coming.

– Wanna know how drawn out this was?

15:01 – . . . .

15:11 – By a vote of 8-1. . .

15: 29 – Liza. . . .

15: 33 – You are safe.

– Tom hugs and kisses Liza. He hugs Emmett. Walks up the steps silently and exits. Liza apologized as he went out. Gary smiles. Nobody bid Tom goodbye.

– The audience cheers upon Tom’s introduction to the crowd. My goodness they are like sheep. I swear they are easier to make happy than an Ellen Degeneres crowd. Various people scream for Tom.

– Tom admits he is shocked. Speechless. The audience laughs. Foxy tells them to keep quiet.

TOM: My girl from my own hometown voted me out of the game.

Is he talking about. . .I really can’t think of who is from Tom’s hometown. Maybe Talla?

– He never would have thought he would be kicked out fourth despite being nominated on Day 1. Tom thinks Liza will represent her town well. Tom wants a beer.

TOM: Legit. I need a beer.

Oh. Legit.

james miller

He ain’t lyin’!

– Goodbye messages.

ALEC: Game stuff aside, you insulted Will Kirby who was my role model growing up. So you have to go.

Will Kirby? A role model? How does he react to this news?

chilltown 2

EMMETT: I’ve got a long road ahead of me after this one.

ANDREW: You spent all of this time lifting weights but the only thing that got bigger was your head.

GARY: You may have played a really tough game but I played it a bit harder and you should never underestimate the power of glitter.

SUZETTE: It’s kinda sweet to see you leave the house but wah wah wah wah wahwahwah.

tom square

Most awkward mini cam ever.

LIZA: I can’t wait to swim with you without sharks in the water.

PETER: Tom, you are AMAZINGly awful at this game! You are repulsive and even though stupid is curable, ignorance is forever. Don’t worry about Liza, I’ll keep her warm.

Oooooo SNAP! That may be the best send-off diss in BB history. I wish every set of goodbye messages turned into a big and juicy roast.

– We resume.

FOXY: The stakes are HIGHER than ever!

Oh my f—ing word.

– Trivia Face Off. Two players face off regarding questions about past competitions. The answer will be

a) Have or Have Not

b) Veto

c) HoH

– Goal is to be the first person to buzz in with the correct answer. The opponent is out and you can choose the next two to play. If nobody buzzes in, both will be out. If you answer incorrectly, you are out.


Question #1: It didn’t even seem to matter you were all drenched in batter.

TOPAZ answers Have Not. Correct.




Question #2: It took a big throw to knock your little men down with snow.

LIZA answers Veto. Correct.





Question #3: You quickly became immune to poppin’ all of those balloons.

ALEC answers Veto. Correct.






Question #4: It probably wasn’t nice to make you sit on that ice.

Suzette answers Veto. Correct. Liza didn’t even move her hand.






ROUND 5: Andrew vs. Jillian

Question #5: You all gave it best in this Irish themed memory test.

Jillian answers Have Not. Because Jillian is incapable of using her brain and must always rely on her Yoga-like build, she is incorrect. Andrew wins without lifting a finger.








Question #6: You all caused quite a racket trying to get apples in your basket.

Suzette answers Have Not. Correct. Anything food related pretty much means it’s a Have Not.









Question #7: Cuter looking you couldn’t be hanging onto your thick birch tree.

Emmett answers Have Not. Much like his showmance partner, Emmett once again fails a simple task. Andrew wins by default for the second time in a row.


Question #8: You all had your sights on first place until Alec’s junk was shown to the viewer’s face.

I mean You all had your sights on first place until you took a puck in the face.

Alec answers Veto. Correct.


Final Question: In this competition you have to answer with a popular crowd.

ELIMINATED CONTESTANTS: Huh? You have to answer with a popular crowd?

ALEC: Answer with a popular crowd. HoH. Congratulations.


alec hoh

Andrew’s brain is currently working at Dial-Up speed.

alec hoh 2

“Hold on Alec! One moment! Let’s not get ahead of ourselves here. We should think this through. Was that a challenge instruction or is this the actual question? Shush, Alec! I’m the oldest man in the house! Take it easy.”

– Andrew is still confused. He is silent as he finds out he won HoH without doing anything correctly.

andrew hoh

Copy the Tom look to win HoH.

– Andrew talked to nobody during the commercial break after his victory. He nominates Liza and Suzette. It’s time to pick participants for the Veto competition. Lovely.


LIZA picks AJ.


– Everyone cheers for Emmett. Gary frowns. Dunno why the camera zoomed in on him. The crowd giggles as Suzette opens her shirt wide and examines herself. Foxy is forced to pause twice wondering why everyone is laughing.

– Foxy recaps what just happened.

balls veto

The first set of balls we have seen this episode that aren’t Alec’s.

– It’s a Memory game called Kid in a Candy Store. They must chew a piece of gum from the candy bowl. They will then bounce on the bouncing ball to a memory wall. There are five photos of houseguests. They must put the pictures up one at a time in the order that they fell off the tree in Lumberjack and Jill. They will put the picture in place with a gumball.

– Suzette has a clear false start as everyone is confused what should be their starting position. Liza has a lead. She puts herself first. Easy way to begin. Suzette’s false start no longer matters as she falls to last.

– Everyone puts up AJ second. Somebody is commentating from the sidelines. Topaz or Talla? I think it’s Talla. Very subdued competition. Somebody has the hiccups. Emmett wins. He won both live PoVs this season.

I should note the rules were not enforced as it was unclear how much the players could put their feet on the ground or Suzette’s ridiculous head start. This is why you don’t have double evictions. Production, hosts, and players are too frantic trying to sort everything out on live TV. It is not an easy event to facilitate. You can’t falsely award somebody a win like the Bee’s Knees competition because whoever is evicted will be out of the house before the catch can be made.

And if you are lucky enough to catch the mistake right away, how in the world will there be time to rectify it? So many errors must go by producers during a Double Eviction night.

– Emmett makes a snap decision to not use the PoV.


FOXY: Tell me why.

backstreet boys

Ain’t nothin but a heart break.


FOXY: Tell me why.

emmett necklace

EMMETT: A lot of people were really truthful to me and one of them sits on the block.

Good articulate answer. But Foxy realizes what Emmett tried to say.

FOXY: Can you tell us who?


And with that we go to commercial as Liza laughs hearing Emmett’s answer.

– Liza is laughing on the block. She knows she is so screwed. Suzette makes another plea and loves being in the house. Well she is certainly in high spirits over the past week.

– Liza talks. She laughs during her speech and loves how each person contributed individually to the best experience of her life.

FOXY: Touche, Liza.

Note – Foxy does not know what touche means. It definitely does not work in this context.

– Now we vote.

EMMETT (rockin the veto necklace): I vote to evict Liza.

1-0 Liza.

GARY: There is only room for one girl from Toronto. Bye Liza.

2-0 Liza.

But she’s the only woman from Toronto in the BB household. . .




Oh! A holy bartender! I get it!

– There’s only room for one girl from Toronto but yet there’s still room for Suzette in the house.

TOPAZ: I vote to evict Liza.

topaz wave

I think that’s Topaz’s version of “Forgetchu go home goodbye”.

3-0 Liza.

– AJ votes Liza. Jillian does too.

5-0 Liza.

– Alec votes.

alec shield 2

That is a shield and. . .

alec wu

And three inches away from a Wu Tang symbol.

6-0 Liza.

– Talla sees a stain on the seat she does not like. Maybe she is worried Alec’s junk was exposed on it or Gary shot glitter out of his butt onto the seat. I don’t know.

talla elbow

Classic ‘rub out the stain with your elbow’ trick.

– Talla presents incorrect grammar once again.

7-0 Liza. We’re one away from a sweep.

– Peter votes to evict Liza.

8-0. The sweep is in. Unanimous. Peter looks pissed because I think he thinks he could have saved her and use her as a valuable number. A stray player is key at this juncture.

– Liza is evicted. What has been a one hour night for the players has really been four hours for me because of so many dang screen cap. A lot more hugs and kisses for Liza compared to Tom. She orders them not to cry. Peter wears some major frowns.

– Liza interview. She is overwhelmed by the audience and cheering. She asks for Tom. Foxy informs her that Tom is hidden away. She says it is easier knowing to be evicted simultaneously with Tom. She answers with ‘yes’. That’s it. Liza claims she played the worst game in BB history*

*Minus Suzette. And Jillian.

– There are goodbye messages. When the heck would they ave time to tape them? I bet it is footage used from when they were told to record goodbye messages for Tom and Liza prior to tonight. In fact I am certain of it.

ALEC: You’re a weird person and I don’t like you. Let the oddmance continue.

– My assumptions are confirmed because Tom has a goodbye message shown from inside the house.

– Liza asks to leave and Foxy lets her go.

FOXY: Next Thursday we have another bananas eviction.


FOXY: Remember someone is always watching!

Unfortunately for Alec.

Confessional Count

AJ 0












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