TAR Asia episode four ranking

Episode four ranking


Roadblock: Play Dance Dance Revolution while your likeness is projected upwards on a screen at the top of a skyscraper.

– Welcome to the fourth episode of TAR Asia!

Previously on TARAsia: Nine teams set out from Jakarta, Indonesia to Bali which is known for its tropical beaches and beautiful scenery. Teams experienced a different taste of Bali seaside. Andy encouraged teams to quit. Mardy & Marsio took the opportunity to be the first to take the four hour penalty. Risk of elimination was reduced when other teams began to follow suit. In the end perseverance paid off for all except Sharon. Taking the penalty seemed like a wiser option until the very last minute. Following the day the race between the five teams who took the penalty was on. Able Sisters were the last to arrive at the pit stop and were eliminated. Eight teams remain. Who will be the next ones eliminated?

able sisters

Shop is closed. But you can see Aubrey on the Filipino version of Survivor. I am not kidding. The competitive reality TV environment is strange.

– We are introduced to Bali. A rocky island amongst the archipelago of Indonesia. Temple of the Earth and Sea was the third pit stop in a race around the world. 12 hour pit stop is in effect.

WU: Howard & Sahran, the first team to arrive without a penalty at 1231pm, will depart at 1231am.

– I should note that I have had time to think about the odd situation last round. In the US version, the 4 hour penalty is applied immediately once the next team arrives at the task. However, all teams were at the task which made this option no longer feasible.

So they had to do a four hour penalty but waited to apply it at the end of the leg. However, what was unprecedented was an equalizer on a round with a four hour penalty. Applying a four hour penalty before an equalizer does not make it a penalty at all. In other words, for a penalty to have any effect, there is no choice but to apply it at the end of the leg.

Therefore, production made the right call to apply the penalty at the end of the round for this unlucky situation. They had no other choice. Now let’s continue.

– Howard & Sahran read that they must fly to Sydney, Australia. It is the largest city (but not the capital) and was founded in the late 18th century. Surrounded by beaches, parks, and famous architectural landmarks. From there they must take a taxi to Daws Point.

– Sahran feels the push and motivation after finishing first. Howard thinks the better the finish the greater the motivation.

– 1251am. Sandy & Francesca. They are instructed to purchase tickets prior to the airport. Yeah, similar to India and Vietnam. It must be a Southeast Asian law. I have yet to find out why this law is in place though.

– Francesca reads in the route info about a 24 hour travel agency. Yep, teams are told explicitly where to purchase their tickets. That really ruins the fun. I would’ve preferred them to search for an open travel agency at 1230am. Francesca says that even with their high finish that they do not feel comfortable. Anyone is at risk at anytime.

– Francesca borrows a phone in the cab. Sahran is in the travel agency and wants to book the tickets before other teams show up.

– Sahran is told there are not any flights available. He begs the counter for confirmed tickets. The travel agent does not know what day it is.

In all fairness to him it is one o’ clock in the morning. He just spent 24 of the past 25 hours living in the previous day. He has yet to adjust.

– Sandy & Francesca join them and announce they want the same tickets as Howard & Sahran.

For once that strategy backfires. “Same tickets as them” = enjoy your stay in Bali. ^_^

– Sharon & Melody surprisingly depart at 156am. That spread is impressive. So much for the past two legs where everybody is packed in. Twenty minute gap followed by a sixty-five minute gap is rare by any TAR standard.

– Francesca is told there is a 915am flight. They must go to the airport to confirm their seats. This sounds like a frustrating travel agency. Not as bad as Zanzibar’s travel agency, but fairly close.

– Sharon says one of them will use the phone while the other will use the Internet. Sharon understands she can get by on very little sleep and that her partner will be supportive thanks to the testing events of the previous round.

– Howard & Sahran identify a 230am flight to Melbourne. It’s 226. Sandy & Francesca agree to go for it. They beg officials to board the flight. Turns out it is a delayed flight and has been stuck on the ground. They are refused. More begging ensues.

sahran beg

C’mon Sahran. Any employee with a blurred out face in TAR history will never be helpful on TAR. You’re wasting your time.

– Sahil & Prashant check out at 206am. Sahil says the goal is to read the clues correctly. Prashant is heading to the travel agency in the cab. Francesca says crying would have made a difference but she has taken too many steroids for estrogen-filled tears to streak anymore.

– Sahil & Prashant are unable to make the booking according to the agent. Prashant wants the phone to make the booking himself.

– The four hour penalties take affect. Zabrina & Joe Jer start at 430am. They would have been victorious by one minute.

ZABRINA: There is the physical and luck. You can deal with luck. Everyone has luck. But the physical aspect which we don’t have and other teams do have.

This is the first time that a team refers to luck as a positive force. My word.

– Zabrina & Joe Jer call the airline and find out the next flight is not until 750am the following day. Of course that is deemed far too late.

– Mardy & Marsio begin at 511am. It looks like the four hour penalty is making zero difference to the race. Able Sisters knocked out in the previous leg due to being last, and here we are in the following leg where every team should end up on the same flight. Mardy & Marsio explain they disagree on many things. Mardy thinks Marsio uses emotional rather than rational aspect of himself.

– Quitty McQuitterson and Laura start the leg at 553am. This spread is pretty impressive. Only the middle round of All Stars comes to mind that has outperformed this round. Laura borrows the driver’s cell phone.

LAURA: You have low battery.
ANDY: This will be fun. Oh, and you have no credit. Brilliant. That’s alright. Fantastic.

Tom not cool

Not impressed.

Welcome to Pay As You Go plans. Ha.

– Marsio admits he is hot-headed and decides everything without asking Mardy. They book a 1210 flight to Sydney.

– Andrew & Syeon are last to leave at 555am. They talk about being in Sydney three years earlier. Oh, and there is 165 US dollars given to teams for this leg. Syeon says they moved in together six months ago to see if they could make the relationship work. Sounds like a team on their way to being eliminated.

– A bunch of teams scramble for flights. Zabrina pulls the “there’s only X number of teams left so things are getting crazy/intense/ain’t nothin like this before”.

– Andy says seven can be their lucky number only so many times until there are only seven teams remaining. Sahran hates seeing all of the teams gather in the airport.

sharon elevation

I know they say to keep your feet elevated when your back is sore, but this is just ridiculous.

– Teams race on chairs to pass the time until the flight leaves for Singapore. Yep. Teams must fly from Bali to Singapore to Sydney. Look at a map to see how dumb that sounds. It is like the Kuwait->London->Port Louis flight path in TAR 10.

– Andy & Laura decide to hide Sydney maps in the airport. This strategy is a first. Except there is only one problem which Laura identifies. . .

laura map

Oh it’s only Singapore Airport. A major tourist and business destination. There can’t be that many maps on Sydney available in the whole airport, right?

– Mardy & Marsio get their feet squeezed in an iSqueez machine.


If they’re not getting a massage, they’re getting their feet squished. What divas.

– Teams scramble out of Sydney. Somebody is limping. A bunch of racers screaming for taxis. Oh, it was Joe Jer. Zabrina blames it on Sahil & Prashant pushing Joe Jer from their sheer strength of sprinting.

PRASHANT: Someone fell. It was pretty funny.

Clearly Prashant is unaware he is being blamed for Joe Jer’s fall. Adrenalin baby!

joe jer fall

I’d be more surprised if someone didn’t fall in that space.

– Everyone settles in taxis. Given it is night-time that we might be waiting for a route marker to open. Prashant asks the cabby what nationality he is. He answers Pakistani. Stereotype is worldwide apparently. Sahil & Prashant speak Hindi with the driver. They hope it is an advantage.

– The cab Sahil & Prashant is tailing is heading to Dolls Point instead of Dawes Point. Their cabby makes the appropriate adjustment. They are thirty minutes apart.

Dolls Point and Dawes Point? Luckily that isn’t in Boston or the accent would make it sound the exact same. Geez, even with a normal accent that is tough. I would try to make Dawes sound like a rapper name to make the distinction by saying DA-WES POINT.

– Andy & Laura are first to Da-Wes Point. It’s a Detour. Elevation or Crustacean.

In Elevation, teams must climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge. After they ascend 1, 500 metres, they will receive their next clue. Yep, the same location as a route marker in TAR 2. Except this time it’s part of a Detour.

In Crustacean, teams must head to Doyle’s. A seafood restaurant. Knowing that Australian restaurants are super expensive, I have a feeling a seafood restaurant would gauge your wallet. Here teams must shell 14 kilograms of prawns.

Uh yeah, everybody is doing the bridge.

– Sahil & Prashant think they have lost a lot of time. Andrew & Syeon are second and are crazy to do Crustaceon. Andy & Laura cannot locate their cab.

ANDY: He has driven off and we haven’t even paid him.

Andy’s inflection makes it sound like he is unsure if that is a victory or a loss. Saving money on TAR is always welcomed.

– Andy & Laure still cannot locate their cab. They are supposed to head to the bridge on foot but they need their bags. He finds the cab and begs the driver over and over to open the trunk because he put their bags in the trunk.

ANDY: Jesus H. Christ!

Does the ‘H’ stand for ‘Harold’?

– Andy & Laura have their bags and run. Mardy & Marsio are third and choose to climb the bridge. Sandy & Francesca are fourth but despite their muscles choose to go with Crustacean. Melody & Sharon are fifth. Melody is reluctant but accepts to scale the bridge.

– Mardy tries to convince Marsio to go up the bridge. He tries to get across that fourteen kilograms will be A LOT. Marsio reads they must go on foot to the Detour and holds off making a decision.

– Zabrina & Joe Jer are sixth. They are undecided. Howard & Sahran are seventh. Lucky.

– Prashant limps as he runs to the clue box in last place. Marsio convinces Mardy to do prawns because they both have sore legs and it may be counter-productive.

JOE JER: I thought it was to peel fourteen prawns and not fourteen KILOS of prawns.

– Joe Jer thinks they should have the clue but the instructor clarifies the clue for them. Zabrina went along with Joe Jer because of her confidence. Instantly they switch options upon hearing this news. Thank goodness they have a brain.

– Mardy & Marsio sprint to Doyle’s. I don’t believe they couldn’t do the climb based on their speed. Sahil & Prashant catch up. Those guys did Doyle’s too? Wow.

– Howard & Sahran are one of the fewer teams to do the scarier task. Howard is doing it because his niece has done it. So no fears there. His niece must be afraid of too many things for the bridge to seem easy.

– Mardy & Marsio argue about the other one talking during the shrimp task. That is a big bucket of shrimp. Sahran is afraid he will freak out on the bridge but kept calm.

– We keep cutting between the bridge and the shrimp. Mardy & Marsio are told that the experts did it in forty-five minutes. Everyone’s hands are frozen from the shrimp. The sun is slowly going up.

– Andy & Laura finish the task. They must walk on foot to Mrs. Macquarie’s Chair. The trick is that it was carved out of rock and gives the best vantage points of the city. I thought it would reference to a chair in the Opera House.

– Wanna see a big fail by Andy & Laura?

on foot

on taxi

They did it, but what can Wu do?

– Oh. They catch onto their error right away and get out before the taxi started driving. Melody & Sharon are second finishing the Detour. They search for the chair. Melody & Sharon receive directions. Howard & Sahran finish the task in third. Zabrina & Joe Jer finish fourth. Scaling the bridge was indeed faster. Andrew & Syeon finish the shrimp in fifth.

opera house

Evidently it is too early in the morning for tourists in Sydney. How can there be zero cars across from the Opera House?!

– Sandy & Francesca finish in sixth. Back to the back of the pack for you! Mardy & Marsio are done in seventh. Everyone is on the streets except for Sahil & Prashant. Mardy & Marsio casually walk and enjoy the city. Melody stepped in doggy doo. Classic.

– Sahil & Prashant are informed they did not peel them well enough and must do extra work. Salt in the wounds. Lovely.

– Melody & Sharon are first. Remember how Sahil & Prashant needed to use a Sony Walkman MP3 Player to claim the Fast Forward? Well. . .

sony central
An excessively proud sponsour of TAR Asia.


And check out that HD Handycam! The same Handycam which Sahil & Prashant can enjoy after the race.
Which they also get to enjoy DURING the race! Bonus!

– Teams must record a local singing the Australian Bush Ballad “Ring Go the Sheers”. It will be played on a Bravia live feed in store. If the song is in tune they receive their next clue.

If it is out of tune I think it would embarrass the local more than it would any of the racers. I have a feeling it will be judged in tune no matter what.

– Howard & Sahran are third. Whoever is second is not shown. Andrew & Syeon are fourth. Zabrina & Joe Jer fifth. Sandy & Francesca sixth.

Correction: Click Go the Sheers

– Sahil & Prashant wrap up the Detour. Mardy & Marsio claim the clue in seventh. They think they are sixth.

– Melody & Sharon are told how to use the camera. I bet a major shopping mall would not be difficult to find. Andy & Laura waste time in the mall before finding it. Howard & Sahran are third. Teams scramble to find somebody to sing the song. The three teams all find somebody. The real highlight for this episode.


What a lovely 80s time warp.

– Howard & Sahran finish first. They must take a ferry eleven kilometres to Manly–a suburb of Sydney harbour. Their next clue is at Oceanworld.

Howard & Sahran being first to a place called Manly is just. . .

nose ring

I cannot tell if that nose ring was put in by accident or on purpose. Yuck.

– Melody & Sharon are REJECTED. Yep. It is declared out of tune.

– Wanna see another fail by Andy & Laura? They try to grab their bags out of a cab to run to the ferry.

andy bag

All Andy needs is his bag and off they go.

andy bag 2

Cabs either don’t want to be in a traffic accident or truly wish to screw over Andy for their own amusement.

– Howard & Sahran are in a cab. Andrew & Syeon are third to finish the task. They make up time fast. Melody & Sharon are done in fourth. Zabrina & Joe Jer find a chorus to sing it. Fifth is theirs. Andrew sees Zabrina & Joe Jer right behind.

– Sahil & Prashant finally have their clue. Sandy & Francesca’s tune of their partner is rejected.

– Howard & Sahran are at the ferry. It departs in fifteen minutes. They begin to anticipate the arrival of other teams. Andy & Laure join them. Mardy & Marsio are at Sony Central and find somebody.

– Sandy & Francesca’s partner is accepted on the second attempt and secure sixth. Zabrina & Joe Jer discuss the dangers of seagulls on Manly Beach.

– Melody & Sharon and Andrew & Syeon board the ferry. Francesca worries about Mardy & Marsio behind them because they saw they grabbed somebody to sing the song.

MARDY & MARSIO: We get out clue?
PARTNER: I don’t even know how this song goes.
MARDY & MARSIO: You from Australia?
PARTNER: No, London.

I mix up those nationalities all the time.

– Francesca freaks out at the driver for driving on the bridge to Manly rather than the ferry. Ouch. Cabs are not competent this round. Heavy traffic on the bridge during rush hour I assure you.

– Mardy & Marsio are done and purchase tickets as they see Ferry #1 leave.

FERRY #1: Howard & Sahran; Andrew & Syeon; Melody & Sharon; Zabrina & Joe Jer; Andy & Laura;

– Sandy & Francesca beg to board the ferry. They sprint and board an express ferry by ten seconds. Mardy & Marsio take it too. Suddenly they are in the lead because Ferry #2 has fast service.

– In dead last we see Sahil & Prashant. The Fast Ferry passes the Slow Ferry. Zabrina is pissed because she thought it was illegal to take it but it was really that she was stupid. Instead she receives perfect directions to Oceanworld which will practically be in plain sight.

– Fast Ferry lands. They find Oceanworld. Sandy & Francesca take “#1”. Roadblock.

“Who wants to take a plunge for the nurse?”

– Much like Moolalaba TAR 4’s roadblock, they will dive in with sharks, stingrays, and turtles to reach a clue on the bottom.

Must not make. . .Steve. . .Irwin. . .Joke.

– Mardy and Sandy are doing the roadblock. Francesca tells us Sandy will love it because he used to live on an island. Well, that means nothing.

– Laura fell and claims her leg is gone. She is in great pain. Who knew urban cement would be more lethal than entering an actual shark tank. She gets up but still feels pain in her knee. Laura refuses to run. Plus her wrists are scratched. Bad luck yet again.

– Melody is third. Howard fourth. Zabrina fifth. Syeon clarifies it will be just like scuba diving and require strength. She agrees to do it when Andrew proves he is the least reassuring person on the planet.

– So after hiding maps, being first or second to every route marker, and completing every task in first or second, guess where Andy & Laura have ended up prior to the final task of the episode?

andy 7th

This is too much. Even Charla & Mirna improved one slot after finishing 8th three times in a row after three rounds in All Stars.

– Sandy touches the shark. Brave soul. Knows you are not allowed to die on reality TV.

– Sahil & Prashant board the final ferry. A medic attends to Laura. She is in great pain.

laura burn

Feel the burn of seventh, baby.

– Mardy complains about the tight wetsuit. He says he did advanced diving but it was ten years ago, and the suit he was awarded was a medium. He had to request a larger suit. Then he was fine.

MEDIC: Hospital is up the road a ways.
LAURA: I’d like to complete the leg.
ANDY: No pun intended.

Oh my. That pun was cheesier than a Big Brother quote.

– Sandy & Francesca read they must take a floating taxi to the Bounty Tall ship that was used in a Bounty towel commercial because it absorbed all of the water in the harbour.
Okay, kidding. It was built and used for the movie Mutiny on the Bounty. It’s the pit stop for this leg.

– Syeon is revealed to be an advanced diver. Marsio is frustrated that everyone beat Mardy despite being an advanced driver.

– Howard goes up and coughs water. Melody has her clue. Everyone wonders about Howard’s whereabouts. He has the clue. Howard is freezing. Uncomfortable choking noises.

– Wanna see the least graceful way to scuba dive? Joe Jer presents. . .

joe jer flail

What a flail. See. I can make puns too.

If I would do anything in a shark tank full of sharks, stingrays, and grumpy turtles, I would flail my limbs as much as possible too.

– Instructor repeatedly drags Joe Jer’s backside off of a turtle. She was worried about hurting the turtle.

– Andrew & Syeon second. Sharon & Melody are third. Mardy & Marsio fourth.

– Howard is claustrophobic. He still cannot submerge himself.

HOWARD: I’m gonna quit. I’m gonna quit. No, I’m not gonna quit. I’m gonna do this. No, I can’t do this. The fish smell together with the plastic smell and having a cold and the breathing through my nose. . .too claustrophobic for me. I’m freaking.

Lack of confidence may be his biggest problem by that statement.

– Sahil & Prashant grab the final clue and wonder how they are last.
FERRY #1 (regular ferry): Sandy & Francesca
FERRY #2 (fast ferry):  Melody & Sharon; Andrew & Syeon

– Andrew & Syeon and Melody & Sharon enjoy the race to the floating taxi. Sandy & Francesca’s ferry missed the floating taxi by thirty seconds. Karma was served up rather quickly. Now it’s time for some sad visuals.

howard lose

I could’ve been a champ. . .

howard lose 2

But ended up a chump.

– Sahil & Prashant finish the roadblock. We see the sprint to the pit stop and the pit stop greeter.

PIRATE: G’Day! Welcome to Sydney, Australia!

aussie pirate

No pirate in history ever says “g’day!”. Notion of a Ben Waterworth-inspired pirate is too amusing for me.

1ST: Andrew & Syeon
2ND: Melody & Sharon

– Howard is aware it will probably be a four hour penalty. It was Prashant who did the roadblock by the way. Howard has scuba dive’d a thousand times before but for whatever reason freaked out.

FERRY #3 (regular): Mardy & Marsio

FERRY #4 (regular): Andy & Laura; Zabrina & Joe Jer; Howard & Sahran

FERRY #5 (fast): Sahil & Prashant

– Ferry #5 will arrive the same time as Ferry #4. This seems like a foregone conclusion now.

3RD: Sandy & Francesca
4TH: Mardy & Marsio
5TH: Sahil & Prashant (they made up time extraordinarily quick)
6TH: Zabrina & Joe Jer
ANDY &LAURATH: Andy & Laura

– Laura will decide if they will continue on with the race at the start of the next leg. She heads off to do some x-rays. Hopefully Dr. Ramona isn’t in charge of the judgment call.

8TH/LAST: Howard & Sahran regardless of Howard’s freakout.

– But it’s a pre-determined non-elimination. All of their money is taken away per this season’s non-elimination penalty.

Next Time on TARAsia: Sportsmanship is not everyone’s ball game. The brothers face off with Andy & Laura. Teams take a huge risk and a bad decision may prove costly.

Confessional Count


Rank the Legs

1) Kuala Lumpur -> Jakarta (Tasks were more original this round. None of them had been repeated from traditional TAR. A snake pit had never been done. Simultaneously singing while steadily pushing a cart had never been done. Searching Walkman music also had never been done. Oh, and I suppose the plate dance has similarities to TAR 10’s round one Beijing paddle dance.

Again, every team was easy-going. Did I mention how refreshing that is? The editing remains to be unsteady and inconsistent, but at the very least the music soundtrack had smooth transitions and were relevant to the scenes.

I should note that this was TAR’s first visit to Indonesia. Therefore, we need to credit production for picking an unvisited location.

Ernie & Jeena’s downfall seemed unfair because we were never given the proper criteria for how much soya sauce could or could not be spilled.  Although their terrible navigation throughout the episode made their elimination to be absent of any surprise. Sahil & Prashant claiming the Fast Forward based on a self-admitted gamble was perhaps the highlight of the episode.

Overall, I think this worked out better than the premiere. Just wish we knew what time that Air Asia flight left Kuala Lumpur!)

2) Bali -> Sydney (I was convinced Howard & Sahran would have been eliminated because of their storyline thus far. Their equal abilities to freak out and be fearful of many things was supposed to cost them the race, but it’s all for naught when it turns out to be a non-elimination.

Once again a team who takes the four hour penalty is the team that finishes last for the second leg in a row. That must be a fairly odd circumstance seeing how Sahil & Prashant were in dead last heading to the pit stop. Those fast ferries that were available to trailing teams really made for an unusual second half to the episode.

The Handycam task was original and neat regardless of the obvious sponsour plug. I wish producers told us the criteria that had to be met for a participant to be considered ‘out of key’.

Andy & Laura overcame numerous obstacles to keep their lead until the unluckiest thing of all–Laura damaging her leg, reduced them to their fourth consecutive seventh place finish. And with a non-elimination keeping it at eight teams, it is very possible for them to be seventh for a record fifth time in a row.

I feel bad for Howard & Sahran. They were in sync at the top of the leaderboard for the past 1 1/2 legs and suddenly fall (in a manner that differs from Laura) at a roadblock task that appears to be because of Howard literally not handling the pressure. A glorious fall which once again I wish led to their elimination.

I should note that this is the only season I can think of where three consecutive legs have led to teams all boarding the exact same flight. In episodes that are 48 minutes long compared to the US’ 44 minutes, we see more route markers in this version than the first eleven seasons of regular TAR.

Mardy & Marsio still dominate the edit as TARAsia’s Kevin & Drew, no doubt. We haven’t learned too much personal info from all of the teams. I think it has indeed been very task-oriented. Maybe this is because we have seen zero conflict form after the first four rounds. Four episodes without conflict would be unacceptable to American producers. We see previews of conflict erupting next leg thus I may change my tune for the next leg I rank.)

3) Kuala Lumpur -> . . .Kuala Lumpur (It would have been funnier to either have the pit stop at the pit stop of the stadium or to make them go back to the starting line of the race.

The route was fine for the first round of the first ever Asian edition. Production did a good job of avoiding any landmarks already seen in Kuala Lumpur throughout multiple seasons of TAR. The teams are all friendly and cordial which makes it an extremely unusual competitive reality TV show. Nobody screams. Nobody shoves another. Nobody gets into arguments with locals. This is the calmest and most respectful group of people I have ever seen. Well, until Sandy goes a few more days without his muscle milk.

The jungle trail to the pit stop is unique and inventive. The rest of the tasks were fairly textbook TAR. An eleventh team being cast would have been a better idea than a first round non-elimination merely because the non-elimination penalty is not very effective when teams cannot be devastated by the penalty.

If I had to describe the round in one word: Calm. Yes, I described a race as being calm after one episode. Shows how crazy those dang Americans are.

And whoever is in charge of timing the use of the TAR soundtrack needs to be fired. I think the editors of The Amazing Hunt do a better job with music.)

4) Jakarta -> Bali (Easiest ranking ever for the bottom place. This will never be topped for its terribleness. Not only is watching teams dig in sand for 30 out of 45 minutes of an episode, but everything else was so dang rushed that it was impossible to follow what was going on for the next three tasks.

I should note that I have never seen production screw things up as badly as they did with this leg. Scratch that. The hay bales from TAR 6 was worse because they could see it on paper how screwed over a team could get strictly by examining odds.

Here producers gave everyone the same forgiving plot of sand, and once they were awarded big boy shovels rather than the tiny shovels everyone disregarded for 3 1/2 hours, the task played out in a fair manner.

You know what’s the craziest thing of all upon reflection? Hours of operation were set up so that any team who completed the roadblock in less 90 minutes would be able to do the Detour and finish out the leg. If teams took any longer, they would be stuck waiting around until 900am the next day. Do you know how messy that could have been?

Or did producers ensure the task was impossible that everyone was guaranteed to be equalized right before the end? If so, wouldn’t they know how messy things would get with a four hour penalty being awarded right before an overnight equalizer? No matter how you look at it there wasn’t anybody assigned to logistics for this round. Is the carefree surfer attitude of Bali the reason for this?

Thanks to the Able Sisters’ elimination, their 4 hour penalty but finishing last anyway prevents us from  discussing this as a season-altering controversy. However, the producers really need to be punished for one of the biggest missteps ever in TAR history.

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