Big Brother Canada episode ten ranking

Episode ten

Previously on BB Canada:

VOICEOVER: Emmett was the “bee’s knees” when he won his first HoH. He questioned Tom’s ability to keep secrets from his showmance. Emmett made Liza his target. But before Emmett could pull the trigger, they were reminded that BB sees everything. Breaking rules in the HoH competition meant that Emmett was stripped of his power. Big Brother made him and his fellow offenders have-nots. After a surprise St. Paddy’s parade, houseguests were given another chance to be named HoH. Green glitter worked its magic and Gary was named the new HoH. Tom felt secure that a past deal with Gary would keep him safe. Before naming hi nominees, Gary held court and listened. Gary chose to make a bold move and flip the house.

Tonight–Will Tom be able to control his emotions? Will Emmett or Liza win the battle for Tom’s loyalty? Will the PoV turn the house upside down? Find out now on BB Canada.

Over two minute recap? That is excessive.

– Black and white time. We are re-shown the nomination ceremony. Gary’s reasoning in particular.

– Tom doesn’t understand Gary.

gary sister

Really? Slim Shady has a tough time understanding this guy?

– Tom hates how Gary tries to be honest but is deep down a liar and a cheat just like his father who is a used car salesman. Wormwood!

– Return to black and white. Gary hails Liza as a strong social player. She blinks a lot. Liza is discouraged by the house being against her. She does not respect Gary for refusing to keep his word with Tom.

See? Liza’s true loyalty has always been with Tom. She isn’t the Showmancing Queen we thought she was.

tom fist

Somebody has that Matthew Von Ertfelda look in their eyes. Everyone else should be frightened.

– Gary wanted to even up the playing field. What the heck does that mean? Tom views Gary as being too scared to own up to his nominations and instead blame it on the house.

– Gary heads to the hot tub. It’s snowing. Liza goes to see him because she is worried he will blow up. Tom believes this is his game and will target Quatro, Suzette, Gary, and Topaz. Good luck single-handedly evicting six out of the other eleven remaining players. AJ, Andrew, Liza, and Jillian will be pleased to hear this.

– Tom wonders what would happen if he wins veto. He wants to save Liza. Liza refuses to receive his veto because it would be a stupid move. Liza hugs and kisses him knowing he would explode in the house if it weren’t for her presence.

She really likes to give herself a lot of credit.

– Gary likes the power shifting in his favour. He wants the underdogs to overcome the showmances and cuddlemances. We see Gary dance throughout the HoH room.

TOM (to EMMETT): I am going after EVERYONE in this house.

Yes. Each week you will have a set number of targets and you eliminate them on a weekly basis until one houseguest remains. I believe Tom recapped the premise of BB as if it were something astounding.

– Emmett gives us the millionth lecture on Tom’s emotions. Maybe he is hitting puberty. Tom understands this is all a move to get out Liza. Emmett refuses to tell Tom that he was the one to coach Gary to put him up.

EMMETT (to GARY): I will tell Tom that it was me who put you up to it.

EMMETT (to US): I don’t think I will tell Tom because it will hurt my game.

Clever. Unless Gary reveals the truth which he probably will. Or won’t. It’s Gary after all we are talking about.

EMMETT: I think there’s trust issues between me and Tom now.

After secretly nominating him? No kidding.

– Emmett still wants Tom to be in the F2. Wow. Good luck on doing that when he wants to eliminate Liza who happens to be the lone female who will do everything to protect Tom.

– Liza tries to charm Gary into keeping her. She finds Gary to be a dirty player. Gary tells her point-blank it will be in his best interest to eliminate her. She is pissed. Gary says everyone wants her out.

LIZA: I didn’t tell you to listen to the house, I told you to listen to your heart.

gary hat

In Soviet Big Brother, heart evicts you!

GARY: Tomsicle!

– This court continues with Tom entering. Liza repeats how they absolutely had his back. Tom sits down and is visibly frantic. He is pissed that he was put up without being told. Tom looks like he is preparing to faint. He informs Gary that he will campaign to keep Liza in the game after the PoV competition.

– Gary takes to imitating Tom in the diary room. It is a terrible impression. He goes over-the-top macho tone. Tom exits. Gary requests a hug from Liza. He mocks Liza’s soft attitude. Gary finds it fake because he knows how a nominated houseguest should feel. And it isn’t a feeling full of hugging the person who nominated you.

– Commercial. Once again we have heard from only four people–Tom, Liza, Emmett, and Gary.

– Tom chats with Emmett in the have-nots. Emmett asks Tom where his head is at–is it with him or Liza? Emmett whines that Liza will eliminate him. Tom insists that is not true. He hates how Tom has gone to the dark side.

This might be one of the biggest misreads in BB history.

– Tom hates how his alliance put him up as a pawn to eliminate Liza. He hates how he was used by his own alliance. Tom is suddenly an army of one. He’s crazy if he thinks Emmett is his boy. Tom never would have asked anyone to nominate Emmett, and feels he needs to earn respect and trust.

– Alec and Tom chat in the bathroom. Alec knows he is on a thin line with Tom because of Quatro.

ALEC: He is a baby and appealing to the few brain cells he has.

– Liza can’t be trusted. Liza can’t be trusted. Yes she can. Yes she can. Whatever.

TOM: Their biggest mistake is leaving one pissed off motherf—er in this house. One pissed off 25-year-old oil-field stud fighting fires bigger than this house.

TOM: Liza got caught in the crossfire between everyone’s bulls—. Liza is the most wonderful wonderful person I have ever met in my life. Never met anyone like her.

– Showmance scene continues. Liza is touched by Tom simultaneously protecting herself and himself.

LIZA: Tom has reminded me that there are good decent men out there who respect and protect their lady.

F— patriarchal chivalry, Liza. Enough of this trophy wife talk. You are your own person.

eminem chainsaw

But what about his concert! And the lyrics about his ex Kim are awfully shocking.

LIZA: Tom played this game with honesty and integrity. Those are two things I did not enter the house with.


– Gary initially fails to gather everyone in the living room quickly. Every Have is being treated with pedicures. The Have-Nots must give the pedicures. The best part is Talla forecasting the have-nots would have to give the pedicures about one second before Gary announced it. Alec laughs at this news.

– Alec does Suzette’s feet. He pretends to be Ricardo. Internationally known pedicurist.

alec manicure

You’re thinking of manicure, Alec. See: Charla & Mirna in Tanzania.

SUZETTE: I like it rough.


SUZETTE: I like it hard and he was definitely giving me what I needed.

ALEC: Oh Suzette! One of my favourite clients to work with.

alec lotion

I really really really really hope that is lotion and not something else. Both of them seem too excited.

– Suzette rubs Alec’s abs.

ALEC: Let’s just say that Ricardo has not cleaned his last nail or satisfied his last puma.

YES! YES! SOMEBODY BESIDES ME KNOWS WHAT PUMA MEANS! This is the greatest thing to happen all season.

– Peter attempts to sleep through his pedicure. His big toe ends up in Talla’s mouth by accident because she was merely trying to pretend.. She runs away and nearly vomits. Oh Talla.

talla foot

Quagmire and the cast of BioDome watch this clip a bit too quickly.

talla foot 2

I will never do this screen cap justice.

– Gary enjoys it the most. Emmett has his feet done. Miserable. He says he is black but his feet are white because the lotion has not rubbed in. Emmett massages Gary’s shoulders. Gary recommends Emmett as a partner to everyone.

– Tom tells Alec to put on a shirt for his massage. He finds it too weird. Tom wants Alec to tone down the sensual circular patterns and putting his fingers between his toes.

TOM: That’s the problem. This is starting to feel good.

tom feet

Fruit of Ricardo’s labour.

– Day 24. Andrew and AJ enjoy each other’s company. They are the two oldest people in the house. Andrew says they are like Emmett and Jillian but without the cuddling. Andrew is apparently a vampire according to AJ.

1) Two sharper teeth

2) Paler than milk

3) Levitates upwards when he wakes up in the morning like he is exiting a coffin.

4) The sores on his legs look like they are attracting evil spirits.

andrew sores

Thaaaat’s nastyyyy.

5) Andrew’s age has been pinpointed to 682 years.

– Veto competitor picks. Tom yawns. Liza doesn’t care. Tom and Liza reluctantly join Gary.

GARY draws ALEC. Alec’s first Veto competition. Alec does not intend to win. Shield!

LIZA draws AJ. AJ does not want to win PoV.

TOM draws JILLIAN. She does not discuss throwing it.

GARY picks ANDREW to host.

– Gary, Jillian, and Alec strut out of the meeting. Gary invites Alec into the storage room. He tells Alec not to use it if he wins. Good thing he doesn’t want to win regardless. Alec finds Gary to be underrated.

– Yet another Canadian inspired veto. Andrew is glad that he is the only one to wear a sweater while everyone looks like they are heading to the beach or 1980s workout video.

curling outfit

This is the strangest curling attire I have seen.

– It’s human curling. They will toss a player on an ice block down the lane and whoever is closest to the black line wins PoV.

human curling

At least it’s more exciting than regular curling.

– Gary admits to have never played curling. Neither have I because it looks like a waste of time. Gary looks forward to trying something new.

– Liza draws Peter. She interprets it as a sign she will win PoV because of the showmance.

– Jillian draws Emmett.

AJ: Big surprise. The milkmance continues.

Milkmance? Wha?

– Alec draws Topaz. Yep. All showmances.


– Gray draws Suzette.

– Tom draws Talla.

– Tom tosses Talla. She says her butt is still frozen. It’s halfway down the lane. We hear Foreigner’s Cold As Ice playing.

– Tom defeats Jillian in the first bracket. Jillian could barely push Emmett down the lane. Tom’s crappy throw wins.

PETER: That block of ice was cold, but not as cold as me. I’m solace.

Don’t use your fancy scientificy language on us you hosier.

– Liza pushes Peter. Best throw thus far. Alec musters everything into his toss of Topaz. It is perfect because it lands on the black circle. Alec boots Liza. She assumes she will be evicted.

– Andrew commentates his own toss as AJ pushes him.

andrew commentate

Worst commentating accommodations ever. Buck Martinez would quit if he had to sit on a block of ice for three hours at the Rogers Centre.

– Gary tosses Suzette. It barely passes Andrew. He must be thankful to be off the ice. It will be Gary vs. Alec vs. Tom.

– Alec realizes winning the PoV might be a good idea in order to solidify all relationships in the game.

– Tom tosses Talla. It is just shy of the red circle. Alec spoke to Peter and he agreed that Alec should try to win. Alec tosses Topaz. He passes Tom. Tom frowns and walks away.

– Gary pushes Suzette. She does not edge Topaz. Alec wins PoV despite initial inclinations to throw it! Alec loves wiping off the smirk on Tom’s face. Tom is disappointed.

– Tom expects Alec to honour Qutro and take him of, but he acknowledges it might no work because he refused to warn him about being nominated in the first place.

– Alec, Peter, and Gary have a pow-wow on the deck outside of the HoH room. They agree to blindside him to prevent Tom from revealing Quatro to the others prior to eviction. Peter says The Shield is terminating the lead member of Quatro because they simply do not like Tom.

PETER: He’s a comp threat.

GARY: He’s a comp threat.

The word ‘competition’ is finally shortened? It only took thirteen years.

PETER: Quatro is dead however three of its sane members are still going to be active in collaborating in this game.

– Peter and Alec tell Gary to scram before anyone can figure out what is going on. The blindside is underway.

PETER (to ALEC): Did we just get Tom out and we did nothing?

(Minor celebration cues.)

– Alec informs Emmett he will not use the veto because Emmett or Peter will be put up. Emmett is worried that Tom will reveal Qutro if he did that. Alec is compelled to convince Tom that he is safe. Tom  enters the room. He informs them that he feels disrespected by being withheld from nomination knowledge.

– Emmett wants Tom to see the big picture but he is still going on a rampage doing his own thing. Alec tells Tom to remain on the block because he is worried Emmett or Peter will be put up. Tom hates this and assumes there will be a twist. He exits in frustration.

– Tom reveals to Liza that there is Quatro. Liza guesses if Peter and Alec are in the alliance. He confirms it for her. Liza says an all-male alliance has been speculated. Tom hopes Liza will take the Quatro alliance down. It sounds more like someone’s Last Wishes or a  Will if anything.

– Alec has the veto necklace. I wonder if these people knew what the word ‘veto’ meant prior to watching Big Brother?

LIZA: If Alec uses the PoV to take me off the block, I will pee my pants on national television.

Strangest expression of pessimism ever.

– Tom expects Alec to veto him. If he doesn’t, and Tom goes on to win HoH, he will put up Alec next to Topaz.

– Gary tells us he will put up Peter if Alec uses his veto on Tom or Liza.

– Ceremony time. Script is memorized. Cases are pleaded.

ALEC: Tom, it is your turn to plead your case as to why I should use the veto on you.

TOM: You ask ‘why?’ I ask ‘why not?’ bro. That’s all.

Chorus rolls their eyes.

– Alec does not use the veto. Tom looks like he is ready to kill someone. Liza feels she will be gone this week. Alec is happy with either one leaving and with The Shield taking over the game. He finds Tom and Liza to be liars. Emmett does not know what to do.

TOM: You don’t start a fire that you can’t put out.

Ohhh. Firefighter Cliche 101.

VOICEOVER: Will Alec and Peter succeed in ousting Tom from the house? Will Liza reveal the identity of Quatro? And what will be the fallout of Thursday’s SHOCKING double eviction?


Confessional Count

AJ 6










TOM 21

And that’s it. One-third of the season is complete! Compact double eviction is on the way.

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