TUF 10 season finale ranking


I would like to take a moment to observe the milestone I have reached.

TUF 10 was the first MMA card I ever watched. Since May 2011, I started a project where I watched every UFC card, virtually every Strikeforce, every WEC, and every Pride. I borrowed DVDs and VHSs from friends and family who are varying degrees of MMA gurus.

Today marks the first time where I have come full circle (and no, I’m not talking about what Houston Alexander does later on in the evening). 1, 858 MMA matches, approximately 200 TUF matches, hundreds of events, and here we are at the TUF 10 finale. Hopefully it will take me only one more year to catch up to August 2012 when I started watching MMA religiously.

Now onto the show.

KIMBO: Houston, you’ve got a problem.

Yes. Being out of the UFC for over a year since he lost THREE FIGHTS IN A ROW IN THE FIRST ROUND. Ground game is non-existent for him.

– First cable appearance for Jon Jones. He wants to prove himself against Matt Hammill. I don’t know how much one proves himself when defeating Hammill, but okay. Hammill thinks his heart will give him the victory.


– Nice to see Goldy’s face. We recap how much of a launchpad TUF has been for numerous fighters. For instance, Thacker found out he could sleep on a urine-soaked pillow.

– Rogan comments on Roy’s solid boxing and using his gut. Schaub has KO power and potential. TUF 11 coaches will be announced as well as KIMBO SLICE! Yeah, all promotional eyes on Kimbo to draw viewers.

– ROGAN: Kimbo Slicevs. Houston Alexander! You couldn’t pick a better fight for an official debut for Kimbo Slice. . .Houston Alexander is a berserker.
GOLDBERG: Houston said he loves this match-up.
ROGAN: He is one of the most explosive and violent fighters ever! Amazing knockouts! This is an OUTSTANDING match-up!
GOLDBERG: It will come down to who connects first.



– Both are NFL players, but are both up-and-coming fighters in MMA.

JONES: I am nobody’s stepping stone.

Please pay The Athlete his royalties, please.

JONES: Mitrione disrespected the house, disrespected everyone else, and disrespected me on national television.

36 (lol up-and-coming)


Professional debut in the octagon? Considering this isn’t the 90s anymore, this is very rare to see.

– Mazzagatti is our referee unfortunately. Luckily nobody cares about this fight.

-Jones leg kicks. They clinch. Marcus takes Mitrione to the ground. Matt is against the fence. Side mount for Marcus. Almost has a crucifix and is working an arm. Matt is almost back to his feet. Marcus tries to keep him against the cage but Matt is on his feet. They are still clinched. Clinch is broken. Both throw wild punches. Lytle is in Matt’s corner. Matt knees Marcus in the chin. Marcus has a leg.

– Frozen. Matt pushes Marcus’ head away. Marcus tosses a strike. Marcus holds Matt against the cage. Still clinched. Marcus’ longest fight went 2:32 in the first round as a pro. Matt works some more inside knees. Clinch is broken.

– Matt lands a couple jabs. Marcus fires a kick. Marcus takes Matt to the ground by having an arm around his throat. Perfect guillotine position. Matt has yet to tap. Matt shrugs. He pulls out. Marcus attempts a triangle. Matt doesn’t bother with being in Marcus’ guard and gets up.

– Matt kicks Marcus’ legs while Marcus lies on the ground. Referee asks Marcus to stand. Neither fighter does anything initially. Marcus takes down Matt. Matt scrambles back to his feet. Marcus clinches Matt against the cage. Clinch is broken.

– Both throw huge punches. Marcus sways a bit from one of the hooks, but recovers after Matt misses the fences with the ugliest uppercuts I have seen. Matt lands a high kick but doesn’t connect too well. Marcus takes Matt down. Side control. Impressive. End of round.

– Touch gloves. Marcus throws a jab but misses. Matt counters and lands on the chin. Marcus falls face-first into the ground. Matt follows up with two more punches but Marcus is out cold. Mazzagatti stops it. KO. End of fight.

– Hulk Hogan is at the finale. He was recently signed by TNA Wrestling. Eric Bischoff is only two seats away.

– Rogan interviews Mitrione. Matt doesn’t say anything out of the ordinary. He is no longer acting up for the cameras. Thank god.

– UFC 107 promos. Diego Sanchez fighting for the lightweight title. Yeah. Those were the days.


– Both are labelled as fighters who like wars. Veach views himself as a brawler while Frankie is more technical. Matt is undefeated. Frankie wants to win to put himself in line for his first title shot. This is perhaps one of Frankie’s last non-title fights.



– Buffer introduces Veach as a freestyle fighter. Uh oh. Who has he been facing?

– Edgar misses a head kick. Both feint. Veach shoots but Edgar defends. Back on feet. Feints. Much quicker than heavyweights. Plenty of distance. Edgar comes in. Veach shoots and presses Edgar against the cage. Edgar tries to defend. Veach lands a knee. Edgar headkicks Veach. They scramble. Veach and Edgar clinch. Veach picks up Edgar into the air and does a running slam. Ouch!

– On the ground. Veach has Edgar’s back. Edgar bursts back onto his feet. They run around the cage. Veach picks up Edgar and slams Edgar hard. Edgar scrambles back to feet. Veach tries to pick up Edgar as he holds him against the cage. Edgar spins around to take Veach’s back for a split second. Veach regains control of the clinch and knees Edgar. They break the clinch. They clinch again. Break clinch. Veach lands a jab. Edgar lands an excellent body shot.

– Edgar misses a body shot. Veach is connecting with a couple combinations. Veach throws a big hook but Edgar counters with a body shot. Edgar fires a legkick. Veach misses an overhand. Veach lands a punch on the chin. Edgar and Veach exchange some jabs. Veach lands some more big punches. They micro-sprawl a few times.

– Veach misses a HUGE overhand and Edgar lands a jab to trigger a fall from Veach. Veach is back up. Huge distance but Edgar closes. Veach misses the head a couple times. Edgar tries to fire a legkick but Veach catches it. Edgar punches Veach’s head while in this position. End of round.

– Edgar misses a legkick. Veach misses a strike of his own. Edgar misses a combo. Veach lands a good punch. They clinch. Edgar is against the cage. One knee is on the ground. Edgar punches Veach’s sides. Veach still has both legs but can’t get the takedown. Edgar escapes. Veach comes in but misses. Edgar misses punches of his own. Edgar lands a jab. Veach misses some more. Plenty of distance between both fighters.

– Veach slightly comes in, and Edgar reaches to land a HUGE hook as Veach’s head was turning. Veach falls to the mat. Edgar swarms in. Veach is trying to defend.  Edgar is relentless as he takes Veach’s back. He tries his darndest to get to the mat. Several shots. Maneuvers into full mount. Veach gives his back. Edgar has the hooks in and slips in a rear naked choke. Veach taps. That was a well-rehearsed series of moves by Edgar. Excellent work.

– Avatar sponsoured the episode. I still haven’t seen that movie.

– Joe Rogan interviews Hulk Hogan. Hogan incorporates the word “brother” as much as possible. “Joemania”. They talk about Hogan’s recent signing to TNA. He is still part of TNA to this day.


– Brammer is a submission specialist. Bocek had a crappy career initially in the UFC, but flew to Florida to change camps and is suddenly a force in the lightweight division.

– Brammer claims he has Chi Kun Do? What the heck is that? He trains with Josh Neer. Joe thinks Brammer cut a huge amount of weight for the weigh-in.



– Herby is our referee. Touch gloves. Brammer high kicks. Misses. Leg kick. Misses. Both throw jabs. Brammer misses another kick. They circle. Bocek misses superman punch. More circling. Brammer misses body kick but lands a legkick. Brammer connects with some jabs. Misses a front kick. Bocek closes in and connects with a punch on the chin. He clinches Brammer against the cage. Brammer turns Bocek into the cage. Bocek knees Brammer in the head. Brammer feints. Bocek misses an overhand right. He feints before shooting in to take down Brammer. Brammer scrambles to his feet but Bocek has Brammer’s back. Brammer elbows Bocek into the head.

– Bocek slams Brammer to the ground. He has the hooks in. Bocek punches Brammer’s face and is working an arm. Brammer tries to turn to grab an arm of his own but Bocek is working to get a choke. Bocek lands a punch on the face. Hooks are still in. Brammer attempts rotating. It succeeds as Bocek takes Brammer’s back again but Brammer is standing. Bocek has hooks in and attempts a standing choke. Bocek is on Brammer’s back as he is against the cage. Brammer taps out. Wow. Standing choke. Rare.

– Bocek claims he had a tough but good camp. He trains harder than his fights. Bocek looks absolutely miserable despite having an impressive win. How depressing is that camp?


GOLDBERG: It’s the fight the world has been waiting for! Kimbo Slice tries to silence The Assassin Houston Alexander!

GOLDBERG: This building is electric as we prepare for Kimbo Slice against Houston Alexander!

– Dana White speaks in-depth about Houston Alexander and Kimbo Slice.

DANA: This is going to be a real test for Kimbo and see if he belongs in the UFC. Houston Alexander has tremendous knockout power. They’re going to go into the middle of the octagon and throw punches until somebody goes down. This is going to be a fight Kimbo fans want to see.

This is too much.

GOLDBERG: Tale of the tape for this COLOSSAL COLLISION!



– I should note it’s a rare catchweight bout at 215 pounds. You know it’s a legit fight when they pick an arbitrary weight to fight at.

– Crowd cheers enthusiastically during introductions. Rosenthal gives the instructions.

– 5:00 – Houston circles. Kimbo drops his hands as he regains energy.

4:35 – Houston continues to circle. Two laps.

4:25 – Houston continues to circle.

4:15 – Houston continues to circle. Three laps.

4: 05 – Houston continues to circle. Four laps.

3: 55 – Houston continues to circle. Five laps.

3: 45 – Houston continues to circle. Six laps.

3: 35 – Houston continues to circle. Seven laps.

3: 23 – Eighth lap.

3: 07 – Ninth lap. Four legkick feints thus far.

2: 49 – Tenth lap.

2: 40 – Three legkicks by Houston. Kimbo missed a jab. Circling slows. Houston feints.

2: 13 – Houston clinches. Kimbo throws some punches. Houston fired a knee. Clinch breaks.

1: 50 – Houston’s circling slows. They trade a few jabs. Houston lands a knee.

1: 16 – Slow circling resumes. Houston fires a leg kick. Then another a few seconds later.

0: 50 – Houston fires a leg kick. Kimbo counters with a jab.

0: 35 – Houston lands another leg kick. Kimbo misses a hook. Houston misses a kick. Kimbo’s arms drop for a second. Houston circles a bit more. They slowly move. End of first round.

5: 00 – Houston circles some more actively.

4: 40 – First lap.

4: 25  – Houston changes direction.

4: 06 – Houston misses a leg kick. Connects a couple more. Kimbo misses an overhand right.

3: 45 – Houston’s speed slows down. Picks up again. Second lap. He has set on a direction.

3: 16 – Houston lands a leg kick.

3: 08 – Kimbo lands a jab. He rushes in. They clinch. Kimbo takes down Houston. Full mount. Kimbo elbows Houston.  Kimbo tries to keep Houston on the ground but Houston escapes. Houston has ground game? That’s a first.

2: 37 – Back on their feet. Reset to usual position. Houston tries to fire a leg kick but trips. Kimbo clinches Houston against the cage. Huge inside knee from Kimbo. He suplexes Houston to the mat and throws in some punches. Houston has hold of a leg. Kimbo tries a guillotine but Houston gets his head out. Kimbo brings Houston to the mat again. Full mount. Slowest ground and pound I have seen. He has hooks in as Houston gives his back. Kimbo elbows Houston’s ear. Throws a punch. Kimbo has an arm around Houston’s throat but isn’t fully behind Houston. Kimbo adjusts to being on top of Houston in full mount. Some elbows. Houston gives his back again and turtles up. Kimbo slowly throws some punches. Houston escapes.

0: 14 – Kimbo throws a strike. Houston and Kimbo trade. Kimbo has ahold of Houston and slams him. End of round.

5: 00 – Houston walks around. Stops. Feints a legkick.

4: 30 – Houston completes a lap. He comes in and they trade some big strikes. They clinch. Clinch is broken. Both trade jabs. Houston backs away and fires a legkick. Circles some more.

3: 55- Houston backs away and circles. Kimbo waves for Houston to come inside. Houston barely lands a legkick. Kimbo lands a jab on Houston’s chin. Houston counters but it doesn’t land too well. Houston lands another punch. They both land jabs on the chin.

2: 45 – Kimbo misses huge overhands. Houston legkicks to take Kimbo down. Houston takes a few seconds before swarming in and lands a few punches. Kimbo has a leg and takes down Houston against the cage. Half mount as Kimbo rests with an arm around Houston’s throat. Both fire some weak strikes. Action frozen.

1: 20 – Rosenthal asks for a clean break.

1: 07 – Houston fires a leg kick before backing away. Then fires another. Kimbo tries to counter. Houston is huffing and puffing. So is Kimbo. Houston is staggering. Houston fires more leg kicks. Circling resumes while leg kicks are mixed in.

0: 17 – Kimbo tries to finish but the punches are in slow motion. Houston connects with a big punch that launches Kimbo back but the fight is over. End of round. Both bend over to breathe.

Wasn’t that thrilling?!

– 29-28; 29-28; 30-27 in favour of Kimbo Slice. Goldberg thinks the world sees a future for Kimbo in MMA.

– Penn-Sanchez fight. . .interview. -_- Snoooooooooze. Bo-Ring. Apparently Florian and Guida will fight there too.


– Both are wrestlers and rising stars coming off big finishes.

JONES: This has the potential to be a real battle.
HAMMILL: I want to be a top ten fighter in the world. I think I can beat anyone, including Jon Jones.
JONES: I want to give him a devastating knockout.



Look at the reach advantage!

– Mazzagatti is the referee. I bet he will find a way to screw this up.

– Jones lands a high kick. Hammill misses some jabs. Jones misses a couple jabs. Hammill lands a leg kick. Jones gets hit with more leg kicks. Hammill checks a headkick. Hammill feints. Hammill lands jabs. Jones misses a turning legkick and dodges some of Hammill’s strikes. Hammill misses spinning backfist. Hammill goes for a leg but Jones does a series of spins to escape. Hammill lands two jabs. Jones misses a spinning elbow. I can’t come up with names for some of Jones’ moves. Jones lands a good legkick. Jones misses a headkick. He clinches Hammill and takes Hammill down.

– Full mount. Jones lands huge elbows. FAST HANDS. Big punches too. More elbows. Some more. They are brutal. More punches. Hammill is being cut up. More elbows and punches. More elbows. Mazzagatti stops two of Jones’ illegal elbows because they are 12-6 o’ clock. A point is taken away.

– Fight is considered over because Hammill is too cut up to continue and clearly out of it on the ground. Jones is initially declared the victor.

GOLDBERG: He is now 10-0.

– Hammill wins by disqualification to Jon Jones. The crowd boos. Rogan is silent. Goldberg hesitates to comment.

GOLDBERG: They were just going to take a point away but instead they take the win away.

– Turns out Hammill can’t move his arm. Hammill sounds more depressed than Bocek. Jones sounds like he is the guy who won the fight.


– Both initially trade some jabs and hooks. A fight that James wants. Darrill gets rocked by James. Never engage in a kickboxing match with a kickboxer. Let hook by James! Still tagging for points. They clinch. James has an arm around Darrill’s throat. Darrill escapes. James throws elbows from the bottom. James deals some lethal legal elbows from the bottom. He upkicks Darrill.

– Darill stands up before launching into James’ guard. He mounts James. Now half-mount. Darrill elbows James on the face. Darrill punches James’ ribs. James rolls Darrill into half-mount. James is ontop. He passes into side control. He works Darrill’s left arm. Lets it go. He deals several punches. James swiftly moves into full mount. Darrill is covering up and gives his back. James has the hooks in. He puts an arm in but James transitions to half mount. James stands up over Darrill and kicks Darrill’s legs. James ax kicks Darrill’s belly. Darrill immediately stands.

– They clinch. Darrill lands some big punches on James’ chin. Darrill clinches to strike James some more. James kicks Darrill’s belly. End of round. Crazy.

– Darrill chases James around to land some punches. They freeze. James misses an overhand. James simultaneously punches and tosses Darrill to the ground.. James stands over Darrill.. Nobody is doing anything. James kicks Darrill’s legs before launching into his guard. James waves off Rashad’s instruction to let Darrill up. James is in Darrill’s guard. Darrill tries to work James’ arms. James stands over a kneeling Darrill. James clinches Darrill’s head. Rosenthal warns about the knee. James slowly moves to take Darrill’s back but Darrill is underneath him holding his leg. James strikes from atop a turtling Darrill. James knees Darrill’s body before Darrill rolls on the ground.

– Darill lets go James’ leg and covers it up. James has Darrill’s back. Darrill rolls James and is in his guard. James rolls Darrill over to be on top. Side control. Good legal elbows. Darrill traps James’ arm but James escapes. James stands over Darrill. James nearly knees Darrill’s head. Darrill grabs a leg as James rests on top of him. James takes Darrill’s back. He has full mount on Darrill. Darrill’s feet are against the cage. Darrill gives his back but James merely strikes. James accidentally slipped in a punch at the end of the round. Crowd boos.

– They touch gloves. James bodykicks but misses. Darrill clinches James to rest. James misses a huge elbow in the clinch. Darrill and James throw ugly kicks and punches before James tosses Darrill to the ground. Side control. James has trapped Darrill’s right arm. More elbows. Crowd chants to have them stand up. Shut up you casual fans.

– Darrill fails to make it back to his feet. James pushes Darrill onto his back. Half mount. More punches. Rosenthal makes a clean break. Back on their feet. Hook by Darrill. James slowly walks away. James lightly kicks Darrill’s body. James rushes in to connect with some punches. James lands a jabbing combo. Darrill misses really lazy legkicks. Darrill’s punches are in slow-motion. They clinch. Both spin away lazily. Energy is gone. James lands a flying knee, a punch, and a headkick. Then clinches. Then rocks Darrill with more punches. Darrill falls and covers up but Rosenthal stops the fight.

Cardio victory by James.

– James is also nicknamed The Hammer.

– Amir Sadollah is shown in the crowd. The woman next to him is bewildered.

– Time to reveal the TUF 11 coaches. Dana White talks about Chuck Liddell’s return and how the fans want to see him return. So Dana says he will be a coach against Tito Ortiz. It is the second time where previous TUF coaches will come back to face each other. Dana believes in Tito’s ring rust will be a factor. Dana confirms with someone nearby that middleweights will be fighting.

TUF 1 coaching winner vs. TUF 3 coaching winner. Legendary.

– Schaub trains with Greg Jackson. Roy’s camp is not mentioned. It’s time for the personal montage for both fighters. Schaub is shown running in snow. Colorado stereotype. Where’s Shawn White? Schaub has a girlfriend. We hear from the girlfriend. They’re laughing. Having a good time.

– Roy is married to a wife who must be a third of his weight. They spend every day and night together. Roy’s camp seems to be his house.

– Schaub walks out to Rihanna and Jay-Z. Hardcore. He’s ready to fight. He threw up his mom’s spaghetti. Pumped.

– Nelson walks out to Weird Al’s I’m Fat.

GOLDBERG: Oh no he didn’t.
AUDIENCE: Oh no! Oh no!

Oh yes he did! It’s the first time I have laughed out loud when hearing someone’s walk-out music. Who knew Weird Al would be associated with the MMA world.

– Herby is our referee.

– Tale of the Tape music is played with I’m Fat in the background. Best juxtaposition ever.



– They touch gloves. Both trade afew jabs. Schaub lands more jabs. Schaub lands more jabs. Roy comes in for a takedown but Schaub defends. Schaub lands A TON of punches. Roy goes in for another clinch. He takes Schaub down. Half mount. Schaub’s feet are firmly placed against the cage. Roy traps Schaub’s left arm. Roy has his left arm controlling Schaub’s head before working Schaub’s left arm some more.

– Side control. Roy is shooting for more arm control but Schaub is defending. Schaub tries a few more bursts to get out but fails. They stand up. Nobody throws anything initially. Schaub lands more jabs. Roy misses a couple jabs. Both trade more jabs. Roy misses a couple hooks. Both land big punches. Big punches landed by Roy. Schaub lands enormous punches on Big Country then goes for a body shot. Roy clinches Schaub. But Schaub breaks the clinch.

– They circle each other. Schaub lands another jab. And another. Roy lands a hook on the chin. Schaub falls. Roy comes in to land one more punch as Schaub is asleep on his back. End of fight. End of TUF 10. It came out of nowhere.

ROGAN: Out of nowhere!


Gaaaaaaaaaaame Over!

– Rashad presents the trophy. Everyone failed to mention that Rampage is filming The A-Team. Rogan interviews Roy once Dana congratulates.

ROGAN: You had the most experience of anyone in the house.
ROY: Kimbo had more experience than me street brawling.


ABE WAGNER 8 / 0 / 0 / 0 / 0 / 2 / 1 / 0 / 0 / 0 / 0 / 0
Confessional Count: 11
Confessional Average: .92

WES SHIVERS 1 / 6 / 1 / 0 / 1 / 0 / 1 / 0 / 0 / 0 / 0 / 1
Confessional Count: 11
Confessional Average: .92

KIMBO SLICE 3 / 4 / 7 / 3 / 3 / 4 / 1 / 3 / 5 / 5 / 2 / 1
Confessional Count: 41
Confessional Average: 3.42

DEMICO ROGERS 0 / 1 / 0 / 4 / 0 / 0 / 0 / 1 / 0 / 0 / 0 / 0
Confessional Count: 6
Confessional Average: .5

WES SIMS 1 / 0 / 0 / 0 / 9 / 2 / 2 / 1 / 2 / 0 / 1 / 0
Confessional Count: 18
Confessional Average: 1.5

ZAK JENSEN 1 / 0 / 0 / 0 / 3 / 5 / 0 / 0 / 0 / 0 / 5 / 0
Confessional Count: 14
Confessional Average: 1.17

SCOTT JUNK 0 / 0 / 1 / 1 / 5 / 1 / 9 / 4 / 1 / 1 / 3 / 0
Confessional Count: 26
Confessional Average: 2.17

MICHAEL WESSEL 0 / 0 / 1 / 0 / 1 / 0 / 3 / 10 / 0 / 1 / 0 / 1
Confessional Count: 16
Confessional Average: 1.33

JUSTIN WREN 0 / 0 / 1 / 3 / 5 / 0 / 0 / 3 / 9 / 0 / 0 / 0
Confessional Count: 21
Confessional Average: 1.75

JON MADSEN 8 / 0 / 0 / 1 / 1 / 0 / 3 / 0 / 0 / 5 / 1 / 0
Confessional Count: 19
Confessional Average: 1.58

MATT MITRIONE 2 / 0 / 3 / 6 / 3 / 1 / 8 / 2 / 3 / 5 / 7 / 0
Confessional Count: 40
Confessional Average: 3.33

DARRILL SCHOONOVER 1 / 0 / 0 / 2 / 0 / 7 / 0 / 1 / 1 / 0 / 4 / 0
Confessional Count: 16
Confessional Average: 1.33

JAMES MCSWEENEY 0 / 5 / 2 / 1 / 2 / 3 / 6 / 2 / 1 / 3 / 6 / 6
Confessional Count: 37
Confessional Average: 3.08

MARCUS JONES 2 / 1 / 4 / 2 / 3 / 1 / 3 / 13 / 1 / 0 / 8 / 8
Confessional Count: 46
Confessional Average: 3.83

BRENDAN SCHAUB 1 / 0 / 1 / 7 / 2 / 1 / 0 / 2 / 2 / 8 / 2 / 7
Confessional Count: 33
Confessional Average: 2.75

ROY NELSON 3 / 2 / 5 / 1 / 0 / 0 / 0 / 0 / 6 / 0 / 0 / 4
Confessional Count: 19
Confessional Average: 1.58


Well, it’s an unusual season where a third episode boot has the most amount of airtime. Most of the confessionals from other players were likely about Kimbo, and let’s not forget the ‘Previously On.  . .’ and ‘Next Time On. . .’ segments that were devoted to Kimbo as well. Rashad and Rampage ate up a huge amount of airtime too thanks to their ongoing feud.

However, because there wasn’t the round of 32 at the start of the season, there was a big boost this season in terms of overall confessionals this season. Several players surpassed twenty confessionals which is quite rare. Why, Kimbo didn’t even get the highest number of confessionals! Marcus was such a compelling character. Editors worked him into the season as much as possible despite ending his MMA career after the TUF finale. If Marcus was willing to improve his stand-up, I think we would have had the next great TUF personality.

Mitrione was the guy everyone liked to hate and McSweeney’s conflicts with Mitrione and Zak made for conflict worth exploring. Sims’ off-beat comments were thrown in every now and then, and Schaub was solid for narration.

Demico spent four rounds in the House and ended up with the worst confessional count for anyone who stayed in the house all season. I can’t imagine anyone beating that record. What did he do to piss off production?

I already discussed Roy’s issues with Dana White earlier. If producers knew Roy was the eventual winner, they would have built him up as a star throughout the season. Instead production gambled on a Schaub victory. They didn’t count on Roy being able to take a shot and having better cardio than the former NFL pro.

So where did this season excel? They had great characters and the best coaching match-up we have seen in the history of the series. A borderline Ulonging of Team Rampage was unprecedented in TUF. Seeing Sims’ brief return to the MMA world was a pleasant surprise. Zak Jensen was a weak character who had a surprising multi-episode arc that lasted well past his elimination. Big Baby is the most likable person TUF ever casted.

And did I mention how much I love that they didn’t bother with the round of 32 (regardless if it was to ensure Kimbo made it into the House)?

So where did it go wrong? A bunch of the fights fell flat. The time spent on Kimbo was much more distracting and annoying than it was suspenseful or intriguing the viewers. Not to mention his finale bout with Houston Alexander.

I was also annoyed that McSweeney wasn’t kicked out of the show for engaging in a physical confrontation with Jensen. I hate the inconsistencies with ejections. Some of the arguments between Rampage and Rashad were repetitive by the end of the season. More challenges were necessary when it was clear that there was a shortage of footage.

Lastly, there wasn’t a fight this season that was well above average. Most of the fights are forgettable or “good but not great”.

So where does it rank overall?

The Ultimate Fighter 5 – 8.99/10
The Ultimate Fighter 8 – 8.51/10
The Ultimate Fighter 3 – 8.5/10
The Ultimate Fighter (1) –  8/10
The Ultimate Fighter 10 – 7.9/10
The Ultimate Fighter 6 – 7.7/10
The Ultimate Fighter 4 – 6.8/10
The Ultimate Fighter 7 – 6.5/10
The Ultimate Fighter 9 – 6.3/10
The Ultimate Fighter 2 – 6.0/10

TUF 10 is in the top half for now. Why? Because I love the fact that the round of 32 was wiped away, and both coaches were engaging. Most of the characters were well-rounded and memorable. Plus it’s the only season where not a single player gets removed due to injury. It is refreshing to see a true tourney to play out. For that, it is unquestionably better than the seasons below on the list.

After ten seasons, it will take a truly outstanding one to trump the classic and nostalgic factor in TUF 1. With The Huntington Beach Badboy and The Ice Man returning as coaches, it looks like TUF 11 could make it possible.

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