Big Brother Canada 4 Episodes In and I Think I Know Who Wins

I have ten minutes until I head to class this morning. So far I have seen the first four episodes thanks to it being uploaded to the Slice website for my viewing pleasure. All I know about the subsequent five episodes is who becomes the second player evicted from the game and that my aunt asked me if I knew about the cheating incident in a competition that involved AJ.

With that being said, one of these four people has to win the game:

Alec – He has a very tight and hidden alliance with Peter. Alec is not making any waves in the House, seems to be well-liked, and is well-aligned with most of the other players.

Topaz – Also fails to make waves. She may have more options if she is willing to discard the showmance when Alec slips how close he really is to Peter. She could very well find a way to get Peter out and move up to be Alec’s #1 ally.

Peter – Prime candidate to finish third. He will be such a clear contender to win when it gets down to four people that at least two of the other three players will have him in their crosshairs.

Peter needs to win HoH when six players remain to set himself up to compete in HoH and PoV at the Final Four which also sets up participation in the final HoH of the season.

Talla – She has struck me as the biggest chameleon. She seems to have the easiest time making relationships and integrating into new power circles.

Tom is too over-the-top. Same with Emmett. Nobody respects AJ, Andrew, or Aneal. Suzette is clueless. Jillian and Liza don’t seem bright enough to know who to properly align with. And Gary fell on the wrong side of the numbers early and doesn’t seem to have the ability to fit in.

aneal cry

Sorry Aneal, but don’t take it personal.

danielle lonely island

Yeah, I didn’t forget to include you either. Buh bye, Danielle.

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