SCWL 4 episode 2

SCWL 4 Episode 2: “Fyke This, I’m Going Home”

October 8 2012 – October 11 2012

Immunity Challenge: Weakest Link. Players go in sequence answering questions. They go down the chain if they remove a player from the challenge, and start a new chain if they miss a question.

Did I realize my wording could have been interpreted differently once I calculated the results of the challenge?: Yes, unfortunately. A Gilmore Girls question almost gave Land immunity.

Is this the first round ever where no one used the F word in a confessional or TC question?: Yep. The soapy formula must have worked.

Immunity Winners: Upsa

“Secret” regarding final idol is revealed.

Idols Claimed: Clayton halfway to claiming the final idol, and Raz claims the Upsa idol. All three idols claimed after a measly two rounds.

All three idols nearly claimed in two rounds? Isn’t that excessive?: Very much so. Changes for next season, I imagine.

Did the final idol almost get blocked: Yep, if Jason voted on time and followed through with Andrew’s plan.

Voted Out: Jason Fyke

Is he the only person who self-votes in his elimination round this season: Yes.




Amidst all of the chaos, MacNeil somehow ends up in the worst position possible in this game. A social and physical threat who chose the minority alliance will ultimately be the most obvious target. If Upsa loses again, she will be gone. Because Upsa has enough strong players, her presence isn’t viewed as being necessary.

However, she continues to socialize everyone in the game, and goes beyond the ‘hey what are you doing for voting this round’. There is a social element that I think will work if her tribe can win immunity this round.

Or if something ridiculous like last round occurs. In which case all bets are off and Raz may find himself with his back against the wall. Or Raz might trigger the controversy himself. It seems everyone wants to talk about Raz, including Raz.


This was completely taken from The Mole: Australia season. . .two or three? The cast all goes on The Weakest Link game show in Australia. During the game they play for an exemption for whoever is last one standing, and added strategy occurs backstage as people attempt to screw each other over and form alliances.

From watching this, I thought it would be neat for a Survivor ORG to do this in the pre-merge phase. Of course due to non-live time constraints, I couldn’t afford to do multiple split up rounds and force a voteout each round. Instead doing one super round and give players the incentive to drop players who weren’t carrying their weight was ideal.

The challenge played out perfectly for its debut. The only issue is that my wording could have been interpreted differently, potentially leading to a controversial finish. However, everyone understood the challenge as I intended, and all went smoothly.


Sadly, we have never had both tribes alternate immunity victories in the opening two rounds. Coo won seven in a row, Ooc won four in a row, and Pasu won five in a row.

The longest streak being one shows how even these tribes are. Neither side really has much weaknesses. Which bodes very well in the Survivor universe. Nobody will have an easy path to victory.

Upsa nearly blew it because they couldn’t come up with the name “Max Medina”. And if memory serves me correctly, Mark and Vincent verified some of the answers in the last couple hours of the challenge. Speaking of which. . .


I released the challenge at 1230pm. Land was done everything by two o’ clock, fixed a couple of answers, and posted in the main group to end the challenge right there instead of waiting until 430pm the next day. Upsa also finished early.

Because of this highly unusual situation, I proposed I would post results early if everyone ‘like’d my post prior to midnight.

Virtually everyone on Land ‘like’d the post, and a few members of Upsa. Land went dormant for the remainder of the challenge. Meanwhile, Mark and Vincent weren’t convinced that they had a perfect score. I think Gerome was involved in this as well. If the challenge ended before midnight, Land would have won for a second time.

However, Upsa refused to rest and fought until they regained the lead. The challenge was won and only because they used the time wisely.


This is worst case scenario for Upsa. Your most unpredictable tribemate has the idol. While Survivor on TV has to partially rig who has the hidden immunity idols, everyone is on a level playing field in my game. Raz claimed it fair and square. This is bad news for the tribe because Raz feels more comfortable to take control. And anytime you refer to Raz as your commander, you never know what to expect.


Both requested the Upsa penalty idol but both backed off prior to the end of the challenge. The gamble worked, otherwise Upsa would have lost immunity and be sent to Tribal Council. They were more afraid of another visit to TC and were willing to accept that Raz could have an idol.

I think this was the right move. In a series where streaks of immunity wins are prevalent, stopping the bleeding early on is key. For all you know Land could vote out the equivalent of Umut such as Clayton, Matt, or Andrew. If that happens Upsa will have the upper hand. But if you lose, MacNeil or Vincent goes home, and Land can sit out their weakest players on a rotation to ensure immunity is always in their hands.

And if an idol is successfully played in Upsa during round two, I doubt the tribe could ever recover.


The final idol is announced. Everyone in Clayton’s alliance allows Clayton to get it. One of the most unusual moves I have seen. Six of nine people agree on who gets the idol? If Clayton isn’t playing for your best interests, you could be making a serious game ending move.


About five minutes before sending out the challenge, Jason asks me if it’s posted. I respond that it will be posted any minute. Literally a minute later, the challenge is posted, and I message him when I do.

Everyone else on Land was online with the exception of Luke who was sitting out. So they take attendance to figure out who can participate, they do the challenge in 90 minutes, eliminate Jason from the challenge because he is having lunch, and disband as Jason returns from his meal.

I had no idea that a four minute delay would have such a big impact. A four minute delay went from Jason being active in the challenge to everyone but Jason being active. Just like that, a slight delay in a non-live challenge cast Jason further away from his tribe. I apologize for Jason’s position being my fault, but if confessionals were any indication, Jason was gone unless Anne was absent, or if Jason led the tribe.

Neither of which would have happened.


Yes. The vote. Clayton was going to vote for Ryan at Ryan’s request. However, Ryan (and Andrew?) had a plan where they told Jason to vote for Ryan so that Clayton would be blocked from completing the criteria for the final idol. I doubt Clayton would question Jason’s vote being against Ryan, and would be stuck trying again down the road. The chaos was supposed to start.

However, Jason sent in his vote six hours late. The worst part is he indeed voted for Ryan. The counter-strike against Clayton would have worked. Clayton lucks out as the counter-alliance to Clayton-Jess-Anne’s bond continues to form and build momentum.


It would have been 9-0 if a host didn’t implement a rogue idol this game. 🙂

I know Jason was not happy with his performance, not happy with this tribe, and not happy he couldn’t vote for Heeral at the first TC due to her having immunity from Coconut Chop.

But in the .001 % chance that you’re reading this Jason, please don’t be disappointed at all by your performance. You still delivered. You didn’t disappoint from a hosting perspective. I know you were active, and you appeared to be actively playing the game. You just happened to be on a tribe that was pro-Heeral, and given what happened mere days before the start of the game, you were in a very awkward position.

So there’s no need to be down. Wish you would have voted Ryan though, because Land would have become far more interesting.



Day 7: not as much action today. But we did have a challenge. It was revealed that Umut left and I was floored. But it confirmed my suspicions that all that “oh pore pitiful me! I’m being blindsided” talk from Raz, Vincent, and Mark was a giant ploy to throw us off in whatever way they can. But it only proved that they are trying way to hard. Why would they need to do that? What’s the point? And a big blindside the first round?!? Come on… Way to breed distrust and shadiness in your tribe.

For the challenge I got on just in time. Me and Andrew and Jess really spear headed it. We knew we didn’t want to many cooks in the kitchen so we wanted it organized. Find the answers THEN set up an order. Also we had everyone check in and whoever didn’t we wold just drop immediately so we could move forward speedily without a bunch of mess. It seemed to work. I think it was a slight risk given people might not like being told what to do but it would have been a giant clusterf**k without some organization. And since Jason fyke was the only one not to show up then it cemented his spot as bottom rung. Thankfully.

Me, Jess, and Andrew chatted on Skype this whole time while we organized. And me and Jess both agree we like him a lot. If only it was him in our Rappers group. But me and Jess discussed having him as a six which seems solid. I fell bad about Matt. I have a solid group and I like the dude but its just not working out. If he had been on that google hangout he would be in. Sometimes timing is key. My group is already discussing cutting him prior to merge. Presumably Fyke. Then Matt. With Anne and Andrew along with us. IF we are so lucky to go into merge at an improbable 7.

Day 8: well today officially sucks. Sick to my stomach then see the results and we lose. The vote should be easy though. Me and heeral decided to let Matt tell us who t vote for. Although we had full intentions of votin Fyke no matter what he said. But we wanted him to feel in control. Ad he came to me and her within the first 5 minutes saying fyke. So mission accomplished. I know jason can’t have an idol… Unless the idols can go across tribal lines of course.

Since we are going and I know we have such a large block I’m contemplating voting for some random person. To get a rogue under my belt. We shall see. May not be a good idea


I want the Idol!


might as well do another confessional: i only actually gave the idol code to clayton b/c i trust him 100% but i told the rest of the “rappers” i found the idol since they did make it possible for me to get the idol and they would back me up in blaming someone else if two ppl went for the idol. Also as much as i wanted to make a fake idol b/c i love doing that, i figured if some how heeral, ryan or luke found out that there is an actual code to the idol i could be in some deep s—. so i didnt do that. right now im hoping we win as many challenges as we can. As much as i love the “rappers” alliance, i know that heeral is a strong player and i would rahter take her out before final5 but hopefully let like the other side blindside her and just be like “oops sorry i didnt know about that”

confessional: so i had told clayton that we had good interactions with andrew and we should consider making him a 6 rapper but obviously we have to be careful in how we go about that or if we want just a side alliance, But i know heeral has the same idea. but im just saying bringing in my Andrew was my plan, not to sound jealous, i just dont want to be cut out of my original plan lol


Well well well, I was put in my place lol If we lose this next challenge I’ll say….erm 16th place? Yea, they were quite clear that I’m next if there’s another tc because they’re afraid of my social game. *sigh*. I don’t know how to not be social. I am social even when I don’t play games. I enjoy being weird and random on the internet. I guess what crushed me the most was Vincent turning on me. I mean, you see in my previous confessional that I’m pretty sure he was going to…..but then it happens and it stings…it does. I have never been betrayed by someone who I considered a top ally before. Hits ya right in the heart! What were they thinking??? Answer=they weren’t. If Razvan stays over me when he didn’t do both challenges……*sigh*….I’ll join Umut in Ponderosa and we’ll have pina coladas and get caught in the rain. We’ll sing and dance hopefully. That’s it

Ok, damage control time. I’ve had a day to let everything sink in and it’s time to go into “hitman mode”. Vincent, Razvan, Angie H, Brian, and Mark all have “fleas”. They all told me lies so I can tell them whatever they need to hear without feeling guilty at all. Fleas are uncomfortable and they hurt when they bite.
Who is running the “let’s get rid of Angie M campaign?” The answer to that question is Vincent and Razvan. Alright. What worked for me in a previous game is to make the ones running the show against me feel as comfortable with me as possible until I possibly get into a position of power again and vote their asses off.
I messaged Ryan Huckla about the mutiny trigger and I’ll continue to message him throughout the game. This guy is my new bff if my charms are not working on Vincent and Razvan.
The important questions to ask are:
-am I next now that Umut’s gone?
-do they trust me now that Umut and I are separated? Do they realize that I had trust issues with him?
-Does Vincent trust me more now that I gave him my little clue thingy about the jury?
-Why did Mark and Brian vote for Umut?
-Why did Razvan decide not to trust me in the game?
-Does Vincent realize that while I have a good social game, I have never won an org and went in a final and lost? And if he realizes I lost…I need to remind him why.
In fact, it’s very important to tell everyone why I lost SI because it’ll take the social player target off my back:
-I inadvertently make people feel as good as possible before taking their hearts out by saying “guess you won’t need this anymore” and chucking it in the garbage. So even though I have charms and I am a really good person and friend…that makes people even more angry when I betray them. Had it happen to me for the first time yesterday. I feels great!!!!

Worst case scenario is that I get voted out and sent to Ponderosa. It’s just online Survivor

Word on the street is that Razvan messaged for the penalty idol. We can’t let him have an idol and increase his cockiness can we? If I’m going next, I’d like to have a powerless Razvan in terms of idols as I know he’s going to try for the rogue idol as well this round.
So officially, I’d like to message for penalty

oh Razvan, sugar muffin, tootsie roll, honey bun. It’s on like Donkey Kong Country, the original 1980’s version. You want to play? Let’s play

RazvAngie going against each other would be entertaining as all get out if it was on tv. I have a feeling hehe

Sending message for penalty idol by the way lol it was a few messages ago. I’ve had new thoughts since then lol


Darn it, I wanted to do a video confessional but Churchie knocked over my camera, the batteries came out….and then he swat the batteries under the fridge. Silly kitty hehe

So, you’ll get my typing again lol. I will do one soon hehe smile

Well, I’m being a ballsy player at the moment. I told Vincent that I wanted to go far with him in the game and that I meant it when I said that I wanted a final 2 with him. I told him that I am going to take his moves as him not betraying me, but betraying Umut and that we just had a misunderstanding as an alliance. To even prove my loyalty to him, I showed him my little present I got for being a bridesmaid and not a bride. Gutsy? You bet! But as Leonardo said in Titanic “when you got nothing. You got nothing to lose!”

I made this move for a few reasons 1) to show him that I trust him (yea right) 2) to see if he’ll run to Renee about this information. If he runs to Renee, then he is genuine about his final 2 deal with her and is still running the “let’s vote out MacNeil” campaign. If he doesn’t go to Renee, then she will know that he’s not genuine about a final 2 and will continue to be loyal to Gerome and myself despite our numbers disadvantage smile

Now, I shared this information with Renee and Gerome and I told them why I told Vincent and they think it’s brilliant. We’ll have to see but my gift would be beneficial to people so I am hoping they see the value in it. I will start to plant seeds in his head that Razvangie Ohio is dangerous in the long run and hopefully I get a garden in his brain.

Next, is Ryan Huckla. He is debating using his mutiny trigger. I will continue to talk to him as this is a backup in the event that my whole “Vincent I trust you here’s my clue” backfired. It was worth a try.

Next, I have to plant more seeds for my garden of Angie M survival. I have to remind them of Survivor Solomon Islands and why I lost. Why bring past games into current games? Because YET AGAIN they are concerned about my social game. Two selling points on keeping me is 1) I am loyal to whoever is loyal to me and will take strong players to the end and 2) I was in a final and lost so while I do have a great social game, it’s destructive as well.

Another thing is finding out why they voted out Umut. Now that I know why, I now have to badmouth him. I can’t just say “ugh he’s a dumb Turk la la la” (I don’t think that). If I’m going to bad mouth him, I have to make it believable and have substance. I told them that I did fear that he was going to turn on me eventually because he has a history of blindsiding people who blindsided him in previous games (gives examples). I then have to congratulate them for voting him out because he was probably after me. It wouldn’t help to mention how annoying he was (he wasn’t). That way, in their minds they can separate me from Umut and hopefully see me as sweet Angie M.

I am sweet…just competitive and not so flowery with my words

Mark is very very interested in discussing the tribe dynamics with me either before or after Survivor airs tonight. I complimented him on his Survivor trivia of course smile I am continuing my relationship with Ryan Huckla, my bff and I hope he doesn’t get voted out tonight.

hmmmm. Vincent Chavarria? You’re scared of my social game? I’m sorry. You really don’t know how scared you’re going to be of it grin I am not invincible, but I am mighty sneaky and can scramble like eggs



So that last challenge made us all feel like a tribe again. I really had to take a leadership role, but I’m proud of our performance. I came up with a plan, we executed. We listened to each other, and we endured.

Apart from that it’s pretty chaotic.

Vincent is paranoid that Raz has been claiming the penalty idol, possibly even HAS the damn thing and isn’t telling us, despite him being in our alliance.

Right now we’re thinking of rotating the person who claims the idol just so we can ‘have a look’ at what happens when we request one.

The alliance appears to be myself Brian and Vincent, with Angie O and Raz as 4th and 5th wheels. Vincent doesn’t appear to trust Raz though.

While Angie MacNeil is technically outside of my alliance, I’m still talking to her. She’s great to talk to and we have a sort of bond over both being Canadian, but I’m always aware she could be playing me totally.

She’s telling me things like ‘I hear Umut was looking to blindside me as revenge for a past ORG so I’m grateful you guys booted him’. Also that there’s players who have pre-existing relationships that will keep them from voting each other off. She may be right, but I don’t know how much of it to trust. I’ve lied to her about my voting intention, and she’s played me and Brian for fools, so I have less reason to trust her.

But I still want her to feel she’s on my side, if only so I can get a wide range of information.

I’m also trying to reach out to Renee and Gerome, right now while Land is at Tribal Council. I haven’t spoken to either of them yet in private and I don’t want to be one of those jerks in politics who only talks to you when there’s votes to be had. So far I haven’t heard anything back from either of them. Gerome is especially quiet, though he did show for the challenge.

MacNeil seems to want to setup Raz again. She may get her wish, but I’m not going to let her friendly personality keep me from voting her off if necessary.

Vincent now tells me Raz and MacNeil had a showmance for two whole ORG seasons.

Man feels like I’ve entered some sort of gangster family and everyone wants to use me to fight their battles. I’m glad to be useful though!


Confessional Time – ok, Logan, so I am so happy I ended up on Land Tribe! These guys are active and fun and so far have really kicked butt in challenges. By the way, you are welcome for not having to edit my confessionals. I dont know how you managed to do it after reading last season and knowing Kim!! Anyway, that first challenge, was pretty impressive I think by both tribes. I was at my sons football game when I checked on my phone and these guys had already deciphered and completed the challenge. The only thing was the tiebreaker. Great strategy there thinking the other tribe wouldn’t expect us to complete so soon. Anyway, I got myself if a bit of a pickle talking to Vincent recently. He and I were in another game together and was hoping w ewere gonna be able to work together this game. i was warning him about obvious alliance on the his tribe from the survivewar game and how he needed to take them down. HE was part of that game and alliance!!! Ooops! This second challenge was going to be tough for me since it was posted while was supposed to be travelling to houston. Thankfully you were a bit late in posting and it allowed me to get in on the act a bit. But once again, the tribe had already started workign the answers and I wasn’t really needed. I coulda helped quite a bit cause useless (or semi- useless trivia) is a hobby of mine! Anyway, I was able to participate in the posting part AND I found a couple of errors in the canswers so I feel I pulled my weight a bit. Now who are the laggers??? Well, only one comes to mind – Jason. He hasn’t been part of either challenge and he has caused a bit of controversy by calling out Heeral after we awarded her immunity (by the way, that whole pick the winner so as not to cause discontent in the chopping challenge was my idea – no matter how “colluded” you may think it was. I felt pretty good that we were able to do that and not cause any issues with who chopped who first. Now I DID notice that Anne chopped Heeral once anyway, no clue what was up with that) Anywhooo, Jason made a comment in the public tribe chat that he didnt really want heeral to win. Of course, she saw it. I played it off like a joke, but he wasnt joking unsure . If we happen to lose this challenge – and there is NO WAY we will, then I suspect he will be out. We shall see . . .

Well, I am going to go ahead and vote. No since holding off. I am voting for Jason this round. he didnt participate in either challenge and in the last one he said he would be here to help and wasn’t. He’s also cause a bit of uncessary drama in the house so it’s an easy for me to make. Inactivty AND drama – you gotta go!

As for this challenge. I hate we lost by so close a vote. i wasn’t on when the team began to answer the questions and so i didnt take the time to review them until we began our posting. i corrected one that was wrong then but didnt think to go back and check the earlier ones. I wish I had for sure now! No one to blame really for that. but since we had so much time we probably shoulda checked a few more. Oh well.


i want to penalize upsa tribe

!$_@.@UPSA PENALTY IDOL@.@_$! let them find this one too if they claim penalty they will throw themselves into a tc and we have some unfinished business since they tried to blindside me as first boot

Round 1 Confessional- OH BOY! Going into this game I knew only a few people, like enough to almost use all my fingers on my right hand. Everybody else was new, and for some I saw them before on other Survivor pages. Going into the tribe forming I wanted to end up with at least 2 of the 3 people I knew going into the game, luckily I did and those 2 being Heeral and Luke. This was perfect for me as I can get to know Luke better and bring him closer to me, and continue to have Heeral working with me till I have to cut her loose. For a round 1 things could not have gone better for me. I control the mutiny, we have a clear first target being Jason after he called out Heeral for not liking him, and I have a 5 person alliance which includes; Heeral, Luke, Clayton, Jessica, and myself. With Jessica in possession of the idol or at least what she claims, then nobody else can have it and puts a bigger target on her not me. Hopefully our tribe can continue to kick ass in challenges as we have a good group here, and I do ’t want to vote most of them out just yet.

Round 2 Confessional- I can only think about how amazing things will be if they all fall into place. Right now I am in what I think a beautiful spot on my tribe. Everybody hopefully likes me, and I think I am close to taking full power of the tribe without anybody realizing its happening. Currently my alliance with Clayton, Jessica, Heeral, and Luke as the number power. However that leaves 4 people still up for grabs; Matt, Anne, Jason, and Andrew. Well my work is never done, currently I am trying to create an alliance with Andrew, Matt, Luke, and I…though the hard part is not making it look like I created it. Jason should be out this round, and hopefully Anne when we lose again. By that time I should have an idol of my own, and when it comes time to turn on the RHAPpers alliance (Jessica, Clayton, Heeral) I have perfect tools to use against them…the fact Jessica has the idol. Though I have to keep my cool, as building an alliance is like building a house of cards; one incorrect move and everything could crumble around me. I just have to keep my finger on the trigger


Today I took out an ally.

It was definitely one of the hardest decision ever.
I may not know if this would help me in the long run.
So got to know a few people, started working together.
But when Umut left, i know it wouldn’t be that fun.

I keep telling myself, this is business as usual.
But in the long run, i must accept the fact
That i’m gonna be betrayed in some random tribal.
When that time comes, i wouldn’t know how to react.

So today i took out a friend.
Nothing else to do, but myself i must defend.
I hope it wasn’t personal to you or anything to that sort.
Coz tbh, if we were a solid seven, you wouldn’t be the resort.

So i hate pre-game alliances.
Makes the game quite sad, boring and senseless.
Umut, now I must say goodbye.
Coz today, I took out an ally.

uhm. penalty for an idol? please?


sorry for bothering you almost everytime.




Asterisks indicate Heeral is wearing immunity. You cannot vote for her.

You MUST answer your questions otherwise the vote does not count.


1. Let’s go back to the beginning of the game. Many of you elected Clayton to be the leader. What is it about Clayton that led you guys to elect him?

Clayton is an outgoing & friendly guy. When you have someone that is confident enough to go out of his way to introduce himself to folk like he did, it gives you a strong impression that he will be able to take the reins of a group of people. I’m delighted with his election as the tribe that we ended up with is a great one.

2. You guys won the first immunity challenge at a record pace. What is it about this tribe that makes you guys come together so quickly in these tasks?

A will to succeed. We all want to do well & we understand the end goal. We also get on well with each other which is a great help. We never should have lost that challenge & I’m kicking myself for not double checking a lot of the answers.


1. What are your thoughts on how the tribal pick ’em went down? Do you think the opposing tribe screwed up at all with who they chose?

No, I think that the “school-yard pick” went great. I think the tribes are good the way they are.

2. There’s still seventeen people left in this game, but yet every person in this game is extremely active. How the heck do you vote in this situation?

Well there’s obviously one that is the least active we just gotta find the one and vote him or her out if we’re all on the same level of activeness then yeah, it’ll be a hard vote.


1. You were elected as captain. In three seasons, the captain is the first one booted from the tribe. What have you done differently that will keep you alive longer than previous captains?

well thanks for the statistics. I think our tribe is different. We work as a team. While I was named captain I don’t think that role exists with our tribe. Each of us seem to take turns leading in certain areas in certain times. It’s nice. We are not like Upsa. Who decided to blindside someone for the sole purpose of entertainment it seems. At least I hope we aren’t, LOL

2. You were awarded information regarding the final hidden immunity idol. Has anyone approached you about what this information could be?

first of all I hate idols. They make the game unpure and complicate things when they don’t need to be complicated. I like to think our tribe is focusing on winning right now. And No. Nobody has approached me. But i assure we will all know about it after this tribal and the rube can work towards deciding what to do with it.

By rube I meant tribe, lol

ME: “Clayton. . .the rube has spoken. It’s time for you to go.”

ME: Either that or I smuff somebody’s torch. LOL.

MATT: I’m glad I’m not the “rube”!! At least I hope not!

CLAYTON: Don’t scare me like that Logan! I thought u were serious…. Lol


1. You finished fourth in the opening challenge to receive an item followed by suffering only one chop to win immunity. Do you think this will paint you as an early target?

As far as being picked 4th, for sure I could have a target. I tried not talking to many people on purpose so they WOULDN’T pick me but meh. It is what it is. As far as the chop one, that was luck so I hope that doesn’t put a target on my back.

2. For this round, you guys finished the challenge before Upsa. However, you answered several questions incorrectly. Do you think working fast will continue to backfire in the future?


1. You messaged me that you were making food, only for it to be the exact moment when I posted the challenge. Do you think that bit of bad luck could be the difference in a vote where no weak links stand out?

I was on @ 1:30. I assumed thats when s— would start. I was starving didn’t eat all day. I don’t see us having a weak link in this tribe. tonights vote is gonna be hard even though its the first.

2. Or am I wrong? Are there weak links in this tribe?

Are there weak links in this tribe? A: No weak links. Other tribe just got luck.


1. After two rounds, each tribe has won immunity once. Has the strengths and weaknesses of everybody in the game been exposed or is two rounds too early to judge someone’s worth?

this is still the beginng i dont think everyones strengths have been shown yet and same with weaknesses.

2. Do you think there is a chance that the person you are voting out this round could be misjudged?

there is a great possibility i mean we still are all learning about eachother


1. Does how the opposing tribe vote at Tribal Council influence how this tribe will vote in response to the opposing tribe’s actions?

I can;t see how the other tribes voting should influence the way we vote so i will not be influenced by them but i cannot speak for the rest of my tribe

2. If the tribe told you right now ‘Hey Luke, you’re gone,’ how would you respond?

hmmm well my first response would be to swear until i feel better then swiftly after i would get to work scrambling some eggs and getting some votes if you know what i mean.


1. Does it agonize you that maybe it wasn’t the challenge that determined whether you guys won or lost, but rather that the penalty idol decided the outcome?

I guess I was assuming no one took the penalty idol. Maybe I am naive but. . . . What I am frustrated about is that I didnt take the time to double check more answers. I thought we did a great job pulling them together and posting them for sure and we were very careful about checking later answers, but we didnt start that until we were a bit into the posting. Had we corrected one or two of those answers, we would have been golden.

2. Do you think the penalty idol is the reason why this tribe lost?

See above, but NO I don’t. We are working really well together and there isn’t much reason for folks to push the panic button now. Maybe we got a bit overconfident. . . but we willl be back the next challenge.


1. You have your finger on a trigger. Have you put any consideration into how it should be used? Or is it too early?

It should be used for the best of our tribe, I would not use it without talking to the other memebers of the tribe. Right now I think it is too early, but who knows with these games.

2. Do you think the penalty idol has been claimed on your tribe?

Well I think we have a really strong tribe here, but I think we have found out that so does the other tribe. Both challenges have been close, and someone taking the idol could be the difference between winning and losing. To keep our tribe strong and winning I would hope that nobody tries for the idol.

Okay. When you vote please do so in the following manner:


REASON: Logan. You made us wait an extra ten hours for the results you jerk. I simply don’t have the patience for you. This game is best to drop you and continue on without you. I know you’re tryin’ man, but I’m like a hare and you’re a turtle. Except the part where the turtle wins in the end. Because you’re a host and that can’t be an outcome. Anyways, see ya!

Alright. Heeral has immunity. You cannot vote for Heeral. Everybody else is fair game. Between now and 130am eastern Thursday, it is time to vote. Land tribe, you’re up.




REASON: Despite my best efforts, Jason is going to be the majority vote, providing I don’t get voted out, so I can’t afford to rock the boat. In an ideal world, I’d be voting for Anne because I’m pretty sure there’s a powerful triumvirate consisting of Heeral, Jessica & Clayton who intend to use Anne as a vote. Unfortunately, I can’t get a hold of Luke to see where he stands so Jason has to go


Jason, you’re a great guy. But you didn’t participate in the last challenge. As a result you’re going home. Sorry.



REASON: Ryan. I’m respecting your wishes. We need that rogue idol. I wanted to do it myself and thankfully you offered yourself up as the person who I will put my rogue on- to reduce the suspicion of an alliance. Hopefully I can deflect the attention off me an people will think its not me. But if they do think its me? Oh well. As long as our alliance stays in line we have the ultra majority after this vote. Hopefully no funny business happens… But it is Survivor.



REASON: It’s pretty simple, Jason said he was going to be there, but he wasn’t. Luke actually offered to me in private that if he was needed he would wake up early, but Jason didn’t even show up. Plus he’s not in my alliance and is an easy goat, so why not?


My vote tonight is for Jason Fyke, he seems to be the odd guy out and not contributing to the tribe



Reason: well first of all i dont feel that being an obnoxious person gets you far in life let alone a game where you need people to like you. secondly i dont like him

P.s im not sorry


VOTE: Jason

REASON: He didnt participate in either challenge and in the last one he said he would be here to help and wasn’t. He’s also cause a bit of uncessary drama in the house so it’s an easy for me to make. Inactivty AND drama – you gotta go!


Vote: Jason

REASON: Jason somebody has to go first, and I would really prefer you to go over me. You called out Heeral early in the game, that put an easy target on you. Overall you have made it too easy to vote you out. Hopefully you will vote how I told you to, so at least you can help me once more before I toss you out. BYE BYE!


If anybody is playing a hidden immunity idol this round, now would be the time I’d reveal it.
Okay. Once the votes are read, the decision is final and the person voted out will be removed from the group almost immediately. I’ll read the votes.
One vote Jason.
Two votes Jason.
Three votes Jason.
Four votes Jason.
Four votes Jason, one vote Ryan.
Second person voted out of this game:
Jason, the tribe has spoken.
It’s time for you to go.

LUKE: Well that was unexpected.

CLAYTON: Well wow. Self vote even?

SNAGGLEPUSS: Hey, I trademarked that word if used at the end of a sentence, even!

CLAYTON: Bye fyke!

MATT: See ya Jason!

ME: I sense that it was an overwhelmingly easy vote for this tribe with the exception of the rogue vote.

With only sixteen left I can assure you of this– ain’t nobody going to be self-voting again anytime soon. I’m sure you don’t want to be back here again.


Jason was the only one to not complete his exit interview. We’ll never know his thoughts on being voted out. I’m sure we’ll all get over it.



1. HEERAL DESAI has immunity
2. ANGIE MACNEIL too early to boot her
6. ANNE CURTIS won’t be an early target if active
7. MARK KALZER in a few weeks, you’ll be comparing him and me in your blog.
13. RYAN HUCKLA you wouldn’t give immunity triggers to beloved players.
15. CLAYTON SPIVEY will history repeat again?
17. BRIAN GRIFFIN for no reason whatsoever!


1. Ryan Huckla (Land)
2. Luke Everitt (Land)
3. Brian Griffin (Upsa)
4. Heeral Desai (Land)
5. Gerome Latumbo (Upsa)
6. Matt Hood (Land)
7. Angie Hancock (Upsa)
8. Andrew MacAskill (Land)
9. Razvan Dragu (Upsa)
10. Clayton Spivey (Land)
11. Renee Higley (Upsa)
12. Jessica Nicole (Land)
13. Angie MacNeil (Upsa)
14. Anne Curtis (Land)
15. Vincent Chvarria (Upsa)










16: MacNeil

15: Anne

14: Clayton

13: Renee

12: Gerome

11: Jessica

10: Heeral

9: Vincent

8: Luke

7: Ryan

6: Angie

5: Mark

4: Matt

3: Raz

2: Brian

1: Andrew

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  1. Razzy says:

    MacBitch is purely insane!

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