Yes, TAR 11 introduction and episode 1 will be posted Sunday night

Believe it or not, I’ve been stuck working on assignments for a total of thirty hours over the past three days. SCWL 4 is about to conclude which has taken up all of my “spare” time. Typically I’m squeezing it in against my own convenience, but I’d probably find some other way to take a break from homework anyway.

As you may have noticed with my theme for part 3, it’s taking several hours to complete, hence why it has been weeks since I’ve watched an episode of TAR or TUF and blogged about it. Was October really when I finished TAR 10? I suppose putting myself through endless hours of MMA and TUF 9 ate up my evenings for the first half of November.

Speaking of which I might live blog for UFC on FOX tomorrow night. I rarely get homework done on Saturdays (which is why I’ll do my TAR stuff on Saturday too). I’ll end up paying for it by smacking my head on a desk for sixteen hours on Sunday.

Sunday night? Why am I posting the TAR 11 premiere on Sunday night? Is there some other event that’s going on I am not thinking of?

Yeah. TAR 21 season finale. You’ll hear my thoughts on it in about a year and a half from now lol. I seem to blog much more about TAR during the offseason than when  a season airs on TV simultaneously coinciding with my university life.

YOU: Why do you need to talk about every team that has been on TAR for the first ten seasons before you do your first All-Stars episode?

ME: Because after All-Stars about 95% of all teams are no longer relevant. It’s a farewell until we get to TAR 26: Third Chances.

P.S. Tomorrow is the first time I’ll be rooting for a Diaz brother to win the fight. Dunno why.

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