Down With Flu; Not Much I Can Do

Remember those seasons of The Ultimate Fighter that I breeze through that are boring and without screen caps? About one-tenth of how entertaining, amusing, and in-depth as my Amazing Race rankings are?


Yeah. I was supposed to post TUF 9 episodes 1 – 3 a couple days ago. Unfortunately I have been struck with a flu. In fact today I got home from campus and found myself lying down for three hours without any interest to get up. For anyone who knows me, this is a rare feat during the day.
On top of that, a ton of schoolwork has been piling on. Some of which I’m neglecting right now due to being ill.
4th year of university + sick + hosting games + making fun of the presidential debate + taking three attempts to spell the word ‘presidential’ = The absence of my great potential.

For the 99% of you who are waiting for my screen cap laden and analysis of each episode of TAR 11 and beyond. . .please check back in mid-November. Perhaps even later.

In the meantime, tell your friends about my blog. I’ve been told that it takes hours upon hours and even perhaps days upon days to read through all of my material regarding TAR. The evolution of my blog from TAR 1 through TAR 10 is equal to the evolution of the TAR franchise itself.
So yeah. That’s my State of the Union.

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