Noah and David Exit Interview


So it’s been a month since you found out your loss. Time to reminisce about this game.

1) If I recall correctly, you were the nineteenth player I found for this game. What made you sign up for this game?

2) You went for the penalty idol on the very first round. Was that a move made out of paranoia and a fear of being eliminated or is that your aggressive nature when it comes to Survivor?

3) It seemed you were in the hot seat for at least the first few rounds. Do you think losing an immunity challenge one round earlier or one round later would have made a difference and eliminated you? Or would events have transpired the same way?

4) In my opinion the biggest move of the game was when you shared that you had the penalty idol with the entire tribe. Otherwise you guys wouldn’t have won those last two tribal immunity challenges because Jamie would still be chasing the idol down, and Apus’ secretive nature with idols led to them always taking penalties.

So I’m curious: When you made the move to announce you held the idol, what were your intentions at the time?

5) Speaking of the idol, how did you manage to not play it at Ooc’s lone TC? Marcelo, Kristine, Carl, and Francisco were all guaranteed to vote for you. In addition you and Kristine had an extremely heated argument. So why were you convinced you had four out of the remaining four votes on your side?

6) In round five Shyam mutinied to your tribe while Marcelo, Kristine, and Carl all jumped to the other tribe. Just out of curiosity, who do you think would have been voted off if Ooc lost a challenge?

7) You and the rest of Ooc minus Dave voted to merge in round eight. You guys were up 6-5. If Apus was up 6-5, do you think that would have made a difference to whether or not you voted to merge?

Let’s rewind back to the Kristine incident. When you and Kristine got into the public argument that lasted about half a week what was your thinking there? Was the decision to argue with her strategic in any way? Did you think it would impact jury votes at the end? Were people looking to take you to Final Two from that point forward?

9) Oddly enough I don’t believe you lost for anything related to Kristine like I thought you would. Instead from everything I heard it appeared to be from telling other players you would save them, but vote them at the last minute to piss them off and fall into David’s camp. David, although quiet, appeared to earn the jury’s respect for not outright deceiving them like this regardless if he built a relationship with them.

Does that sound correct to you? Or did I miss something that transpired?

10) Come to think of it, why do you believe you recovered from the Kristine incident? Usually the vicious fights come into play in the Final Two like with Marty last season. Did Kristine’s pre-jury exit make all of the difference?

11) This season reminded me a lot of South Pacific excluding the Redemption Island twist. The tribes merge 6-5. The 5 have a plan set up that is guaranteed to give them the upper hand but the plan is spoiled by Cochran (Marcelo) telling the opposite tribe what happened. The 6 then go on to eliminate the entire opposition one by one until only their core exists. It just so happened that South Pacific was the most recent season to air prior to this game.

Do you think watching South Pacific influenced how this tribe played? Because Marcelo was extremely weak in challenges and Lister seemed like a key opportunity to switch up the game, but nobody wanted them incorporated into their plans whatsoever. Why is that?

12) Before Marcelo exposed who had the idols on Apus, what were the theories of who had them on Ooc? And why was Shyam a suspect?

13) Speaking of Shyam, one can argue that it was what solidified the Ooc 5’s power for the remainder of the game. The five of you pulled off an impressive 5-3-2 blindside. Shyam really wanted to boot Marcelo because he didn’t deserve to be there but clearly none of you were on board with that.

Why the refusal to vote out Marcelo and why boot Shyam when numbers would only be 5-4 the next round? Where was the confidence coming from that made the five of you trust each other so much that a 5-4 alignment would present no problems?

14) For some reason I thought you and Shyam had a Final Two alliance. Don’t ask me why lol. My question then is what were your core deals throughout the game? Was it really just ‘us five to the end’ from round four and no one questioned that? Were there deals you had within the group of five?

15) Be honest with me. . .did Mini Survivor have more than a 0.0001% impact on the game?

16) Another person I thought you had a Final Two deal with was Jamie. Yet you were the swing vote that eliminated her when it was down to five. Why did a Final Two alliance not pan out with her?

17) The Final Four immunity challenge. The biggest challenge I’ve had to face as a host. I couldn’t tell you everything that was on my mind then, but after reading the blog for my reasoning as to the rulings that I made, do you feel the decision was fair? And what recommendation would you make to avoid such controversy in the future? Would avoiding a weekend Final Four challenge be the key?

18) And I think that challenge made you crazy as much as it did me. Because that round you change your vote around twenty times. I think you cinqtupled the record set last season by Brian Meagher who changed his vote four times.

So why were you so freakin’ indecisive that round? You never gave a reason for your vote. Did you know you were ultimately crowning a winner at that point? Were you wondering who had a better chance of beating Dave Bronson? How did the decision fall onto Michael?

19) At Final Two you nearly quit. You seemed to concede defeat to David. Sure enough you were indeed blown out 8-1. Do you think you could have received more votes if you fought harder or would any of it make a difference?

20) You’ve played plenty of ORGs. The twists used in this ORG are drastically different from other games. How do you feel about these twists and the unique challenges throughout the season? Does it truly level the playing field for ORG veterans and ORG newbies?

21) If your brain is not fried by this point, if you have any other thoughts, please share.

Well I had been out of the games for a while and I had some free time watching my mother in law who passed at the final 4. I wanted to see if I still had what it took to play and make it as far as I could. I was not playing to win.
2. The reason I went for the idol was the fact that I wanted to be in control I my own fate in this game. I didn’t know most of the people in the game and I was thinking newbies would get together and take out vets, aka Jamie and myself.
3.well I kind of felt like Rudy from Borneo. He was in the hot seat in the beginning and most people eventually realized they had bigger fish to fry. Now for me I think our lose came at a perfect time. I think had it come earlier then maybe people would have not known me as well. Maybe a round later, Kristine could have gotten in to there heads and I would have been out.
4. I had told David and Dave. They both knew that the idols were causing tribes to lose and I knew if I said something then it could maybe save our asses, as it clearly did.
5.well I wanted to play it, but something inside told me that people are going to want to keep me since 3 people hated me, it would keep the target off of them. I was not sure I had them but when someone came to me and said let’s vote Fran, so I was ok with it and it payed off.

6. If we lost Shyam woul have gone. No doubt.
7. If we didn’t have numbers I would have not voted. I know most of us wanted to merge bc the fact that we could not be on the jury. Now could I had a better shot had we not merged to win. I think so.
8. It was pure emotions. I had a lot going on for me this game and honestly, she sent me over the edge. I knew from final 6 that I was going to the end but knew I had no shot at winning. Her segueing made her a target and not me. I was defending myself. 3 against 1.
9. No. I built relationships too, but the Apus members came to me and wanted to know about every vote. They trusted me and I had I lie and tell them that they were safe. Smart? Idk but at the time I figured that they would want hope.

10. I recovered so easily from the fight due to the fact it looked like a 3 against 1 fight. With none of Kristine, Carl , or Fran, being on the jury made it so much easier for me but I think of they were on the jury, a fight could have made me get more votes.
11. Well I had planned on switching if it helped me. But in most cases it never did. Now with our allience, it was the Dave’s and myself calling the shots. Jamie and mike were along for the ride. Marcelo was the link that told the other tribe what we were doing, now I cut off talking to him for that reason. I didn’t want our plans to be spoiled. Lister and Brian were the brains. They knew what was happening before it ever happened. I knew I had a better shot against my own allience then one of them.
12. Shyam had told me that he had an idol. David said eamon had one also. So that is why when we voted them out we had to keep it a secret. People on OOC knew Brian would get the 3rd idol.
13. What we all thought was that Shyam had connections with Apus and was waiting till we were only 1 up to switch over and take us out. I had thought this due to a previous game. We all knew at this point that Shyam was a bigger threat and knew if we didn’t stick together we would be out one after the other. Marcelo never caused any huge issues for any of us, he was weak and never made u think he was going to bust out a few wins.
14. I had to watch my own ass, I made a deal with Jamie, her and I both being vets and the fact that I know how strong she could be and same with Shyam. If I had a deal with him he wouldn’t turn on me. Also the 5, we had plenty of deals going. Myself/Jamie/David, mike/Dave/David, Jamie/Dave, mike/David, mike/myself. We had plans with in the 5 to go far.
15. I would like to think so, after I won that I felt great and that I had a shot at going to the end. I don’t think it had any impact but personally, it did. It made me feel that I was going to get to the end.
16. I think the deal would have worked had mike/David not told me how close she had become with Dave. I had known from the final 7 that I had no shot at winning. I could have taken the easy road and voted for Nike or David or someone else but I had to think what was best for me.
17. Honestly, it was fun bc I love stuff like that but with David an Dave working together so much I had no shot. I think it would be better if you did one city the this many miles to this pic then so on and have a final city.
18. I changes so much bc I was trying to think of who I could beat, who I had more loyalty to. Both of them were hounding me to save them. I never knew what to do. Picking mike was hard, it made me think of who also could help me in the final challenge, and take me to the end.
19. I think I fought hard as I could. My mother in law died during that time and I was so over fighting and trying to explain why I lied and who I voted for when David did the same thing. I was attacked, and I had tried to defend myself but I couldn’t when David lied and kissed ass. For me it wasn’t about winning, it was for fun and to see if I still had it. I think I did damn good. I knew that David would win but I just wanted 1 vote. And I got it.
20. I think it levels the field as in challenges, but socially no. I think vets can stay cool under pressure but they have a lot to prove. I think Andrew park hosted a few seasons of vets vs newbs, which I got to the final 3 in. I think if you ha more vets then the game would have been more dramatic.
21. I had so much fun in this game, and I wish I could play again. This was not easy for me in any way. The challenges were like no other. If you ever do an all star version, I’m down to play. I woul love to see a voting history chart.



1) This was your first ORG and so far the only ORG you have won. Do you think you had a passion for this game or an eagerness to play your heart out that you have yet to replicate in other games?

-I definitely think I did have a huge passion for this game, and it was almost like I “willed” my way to the end. As i’ve mentioned once or twice during the game, I was off work due to injury for the first month or two of the game, so it was what kept me from dying of boredom and really let me put so much time into exactly what i wanted to say and do in the game. As for not replicating it yet, i’ve only played in two other Survivor themed Org’s (not including Cote D’Ivoire which I don’t count because I had my infamous computer meltdown and wasnt able to participate) and I made it to third place in one. But like I said, maybe it was my eagerness that willed me to victory.

2) Believe it or not the first move you made at the beginning of the game was to pick someone to join the Ooc tribe. The person you picked was none other than Noah. Crazy, huh? Was that key alliance formed that very moment or is it coincidence that you picked Noah to be with you not only on day 1 but also on day 38?

Yeah I didn’t know anything about Noah when I picked him except that he was willing to work with me. I did try to speak with other vets before the tribes were picked but Noah seemed to be most receptive, even to the point of wanting a 4-way alliance with me, dave, and mike from the very begining (at least when it came to picking tribes). I didn’t know then, but it was probably a good move for Noah to surround himself with 3 newbies willing to work with him just in case his “enemies” made it to our tribe, which they didn’t. So yeah, it wasn’t like I picked him on Day 1 as any part of a solid alliance yet, just I saw that it had potential. However that pick did have HUGE benefits for me in the long run as it began a trusting relationship that went on to save my ass at Final Four.

3) A lot of twists were thrown at you this game that you wouldn’t have a chance to relate to in any other ORGs unlike other players who played. Do you think that gave you a major advantage because it allowed you to have an open mind to -anything- that could come your way?

No I don’t think it phased me either way.

4) What was your strategy pre-merge? I was never under the impression that you were making any of the decisions until the very end of the game.

Haha well I tried to explain it in my Final plea to the jury, but Jamie called me on being too cocky about it, so i’ll try to lay out my pre-merge strategy here without making it sound like I think I was in complete control, because that’s not how it went. My strategy from Day 1 was to find a majority alliance and find myself in a backup role for the leader (like you even refer to it in one of the other questions, like an Ian/Tom situation), so that I could have a little say in who left and who stayed. We did create a solid alliance of five, and even though there were talks that Carl had convinced Mike to join in an alliance, I was absolutely sure our 5 wouldn’t budge.
The thing is, we only had to go to tribal once so there wasn’t really any need for strategy beyond just constantly reassuring people we were in a good spot together. As for our only pre-merge vote, I had assumed till that point that Dave would have ideas on who to vote, but it became clear that he wasn’t going to put any kind of target on his own back and everyone was pretty much just saying “anyone but me”. I figured I would suggest Francisco because I thought he was at the core of the Carl/Kristine alliance and I knew Jamie would back me up on it just by the way she had been talking, but there was another reason that I never revealed till now to anyone but Michael Graga. Again, it was never certain, just brainstorming that might never had happened, but we were thinking of shaking up our alliance eventually. Noah was proving to change his mind every 2 seconds as well as shaking things up unnecesarily, and we were still a bit apprehensive of the Jamie /Chris rumours, so there were a few what-ifs regarding if it would be worth asking Dave what he would think about subbing Noah/Jamie for Kristine/Carl down the road if we kept losing immunity. We thought Dave might be down for it and Carl and Kristine might eventually grow to trust us if we let Noah go eventually. So that was my goal with booting Francisco since he was close to them, but obviously the what-ifs never had to be answered since the mutiny happened and any back-up plans I had were put to rest.

5) In fact after the mutiny you talked about being at the bottom of the totem pole in Ooc. If Ooc went to one measly TC following the mutiny would you have been eliminated?
I’m glad I have a chance to clear this up. I noticed through your blog that you thought I was on the outs of my tribe after the merge which wasn’t the case at all. I think maybe people thought this because of my confessional which was:

“What an obvious rookie mistake; making the tribe hierarchy so transparent that three different people choose to pack up and leave. We’re in a tough spot as a tribe, and i’m in just as much of a tough spot, as it’s clear to me that I aligned myself with the wrong people at the beginning of the game. If i could go back in time i only would have set an alliance with 1 out of the four people i’m committed to. That’s the game I guess and I have plenty to learn…”

What I actually meant by this was that I would have preferred aligning with Kristine and Carl from the beginning since now they chose to leave and i was stuck on the wrong side of the numbers tribe-wise. At this point already I felt like Dave/Mike/Noah would not betray me so at no point did I feel worried about leaving pre-merge, but I thought for sure Apus would overtake us and we’d be picked off at merge time. Realistically I think Shyam would have left. He probably would have tried to get Jamie and Noah to save him, but I don’t think they would have at that point. So yeah, I see how it could have been interpreted that I thought I was leaving, but as far as I was concerned I was always in a great spot.

6) If so, then the ‘pick your own merge’ twist must have forced you to scramble. Were you the biggest voice to prompt everyone to vote for a merge?

No scrambling. I did want to merge, but just to keep our numbers 6-5 instead of risking going down in numbers. I was fairly confident that Shyam would stick with us at the merge as long as his terms were met and we continued to vote his way.

7) You frequently talked about Noah being a loose canon but yet you never voted for him and brought him to Final Two. Was Noah in danger at the Francisco vote and what made you save him over Francisco? Considering that was essentially a 5-4 division in the tribe and you could have changed the whole dynamic of the game.

Noah was never in danger during the Cisco vote. He thought he was for some reason; come to think of I think he suspected Mike and Carl were together, but in the end he kept his cool long enough to see that me, Dave, Jamie and Mike were on his side, as well as Marcelo not voting for him. The reason I refered to him as a loose cannon was that before the Cisco vote he became so paranoid; one time I spoke with him and he said he didn’t trust Mike, then not even 24 hours later he says “what if we blindside Jamie”? Also, with the idol, Noah told me every.single.tribal that he was worried and was going to play it. I knew he was just trying to ensure we wouldn’t vote for him, but it was like “Noah no one’s after you. at all”. (Except for the Cisco vote of course. As for changing the dynamic, at that point we had made our five, and I only wanted to even think of changing the dynamic once Cisco was gone.

7b) Do you think working with Francisco, Kristine, Marcelo, and Carl would have been easier than with the four? Really tough question to answer but I’m curious if you can guess what would have happened at all.

I don’t know if that would work. Unless he was bluffing, Marcelo told me he thought Cisco was too cocky (although i’m sure his opinion would have changed if he talked to him more). Hypothetically though, if my Day 1 alliance would have been with those four as opposed to the others, I think we could have done well. I think I would have been at the bottom of the totem pole though and Cisco would be in control i’m guessing. Still hypothetically, If the F5 are me, Cisco, Kristine, Carl, and Marcelo; I can picture a Cisco-Marcelo or Kristine final.

[8)] You and Dave had a bond that appeared to be a ‘be loyal until we duke it out at Final Three’. It was very Tom and Ian. What made you guys reach out to each other so early on and keep that bond from start to finish?

I think from the very first time we spoke that we started a good friendship and realized we were going to be in a similar spot coming in to the game, which just caused our relationship to be genuine. It was like all of a sudden a lightbulb clicked in our heads that made us think “Oh, all these guys have been playing these games together for years? Better stick with this guy”. Then as time went on it was like “wow, we may actually be doing good at this” and there was no reason to turn against each other till near the end. I think your comparison to Tom and Ian is pretty spot-on actually.

9) The Apus tribe had a general complaint that you never really got to know any of them. Whether it was pre-merge or post-merge. So what made you avoid them in general? Was that a conscious strategic decision or did you feel that because they are not aligned with you that it could only cause trouble?

Strategic decision. I made a mistake early on of trusting Kristine with a “what if” of her and Carl replacing Noah and Jamie. She in turn posted what I said on our tribe wall before leaving. I was soooo incredibly lucky that everyone didn’t take it at face value and forgot about it, and that I was able to pass it off to Jamie and Noah as just getting Kristine to not mutiny. From that point on though I decided that the less fodder I gave the other tribe on me, the more likely i would stay out of their sights. It wasn’t all strategy though. At one point I remember just sitting with my laptop open on Lister’s facebook page and wonder what I could possibly send him for small talk, but it all seemed so fake i decided not to. I guess I just hoped that if I was in the finals they would have heard of some of my moves from others coming into Ponderosa after them, and slowly put pieces of my strategy together in their heads before i would give them full detail in my final speech.

10) Given that this was your first ORG, what do you think was the most overwhelming part about playing Survivor online? And can you draw any parallels between television and the online versions?

There really wasn’t anything overwhelming about it for me, but if I had to pick one it would be entering an environment when you know a lot of players know each other and have played together before.

11) Shyam appeared to be a core member of your tribe. You never seemed to be too fond of him being on the tribe. In fact I think you were the only one who discussed your discomfort with his presence. So whose idea was it to get rid of him at merge? And why do it when the next round would feature numbers as close as 5-4. Some would say that was a bit too early to pull off such a risky move.

The thing is, it’s not that I wasn’t fond of him, it’s just that he was such an intangible; I couldn’t predict his motives as well as anyone else in the game. I invited him over during the mutiny because i had to invite someone, fully expecting him to refuse, and instead he waltzes over so non-chalantly that it showed me he was really ballsy and that he wouldn’t have come over unless he was confident in his abilities to take over a tribe of newbies. I was just fine with my five, but I did get close to Shyam none-the-less, and to the point where I think he trusted me more than most in my alliance till we blindsided him.

As for whose idea it was: I take credit for being the first to suggest it in a group forum but it was NOT solely my idea. What happened is that pretty much everyone was talking about not trusting Shyam but ONLY in private 1 on 1 messages; so it was pretty obvious that everyone distrusted him but was scared to broach the subject with the entire alliance. So I made sure with Jamie and Noah that they’d really be up for getting rid of him this round (since i knew Mike and Dave would be) and then we brought it up in a group thread. It also didn’t hurt that most people thought he had an idol…

Here’s where I think I really started thinking for myself strategically. As much as I trusted both Michael and Noah I wasn’t comfortable with them talking with the other side as much as they were. So my two main reasons for Shyam leaving that round were 1) keep the numbers close; no one will flip if there are 4 Apus left and 5 Ooc, but 6 Ooc and 3 Apus when you think you’re number 6? It would be more tempting for anyone. 2) More importantly, Shyam was deciding who leaves and who goes. He said Eamon and we agreed, he said Marcelo and people started to agree. So my main point when talking to everyone about Shyam was that if he decided who was leaving, he was also deciding who on former Apus was staying, which only worked to his advantage and not ours.

In the end we worked together like the Ometepe tribe voting off Matt at merge in RI. We didnt tell anyone about the plan but the 5 we needed, and it worked great.

12) Marcelo seemed to be a big reason for Ooc’s success. Who was responsible for flipping him to your side and make a bond with him so that he would agree to sink Apus for good? And how in the world did he not make it past sixth despite his poor challenge performance?

The thing about Marcelo is that while he did flip-flop a bit in this game, he was still pretty discrete about who he was talking to and what his conversations were about with others, but i’d say I was his closest link on Ooc post-merge but i could be wrong. Not just because of my efforts with him, but because the rest of ooc pretty much dropped all contact with him I believe. He came to me and was up front about going to Dave and trying to make a F2 alliance with him, but felt immediately like Dave had no intention of taking him, so he came to me. Haha I think he was pretty puzzled too that no one from Ooc aside from me was interested in taking to the endgame. I told him if he helped sink Apus by telling them we were voting Brian (and hopefully flushing the idol) I would be able to convince the rest of Ooc that he was trustworthy. Turns out they still didn’t trust him one bit, but I DID try.

That also answers your next question; I would have LOVED to bring him past 6 but members of our alliance straight out refused to break our 5 till it was only us left. Full credit to Jamie for that; I don’t think it was just a loyalty issue for her, I think she was really sharp to recognize that if anyone from outside our 5 stayed longer it’s because they had deals with someone who wasn’t her. Even players who i thought would see the benefit of keeping Marcelo around (like Noah) were receptive but eventually refused. I always had a suspicion that Noah didn’t want Marcelo around because someone might take him to the end instead of him, but who knows…

13) For the Round of Six and the Round of Five, some people forget this but could have been the biggest self-destruction in series history–your inactivity. You miss two challenges from computer difficulties but survive both rounds. How did you convince people who were trying desperately to beat Dave in an immunity challenge and how did you solve your computer problems? You were just one strike away from being ejected.
I hated that week so much; just as it seemed like I was in a great position, it almost went all down the drain. It also got me booted from 2 other games i had JUST started playing. I remember coming home from work one night and my girlfriend had a brand new laptop waiting for me on the couch; so much relief. I was actually worried that my inactivity would be brought up at FTC, but people were pretty good at realizing my heart was fully in the game and some things cant be helped.

14) When it comes to any twists in this game you successfully avoided all idols, mutinies, special immunity, and penalties. Was keeping yourself clean of rewards a strategy? And what do you think would have happened if, say, you had an idol?
I wouldn’t say I had a specific strategy for all rewards, but definitely for idols: have them or clear them from the game as quickly as possible. Noah’s was an exception since he trusted me with the knowledge of its existence first (i think). Looking back on it, if I DID find the third idol let’s say… I would have probably shared the secret with Dave and only Dave, but that probably would have been a bad move for me in retrospect so i’m glad things happened the way they did.

15) Speaking of idols, let’s talk about Noah’s idol. How did you convince him to not play his idol at the Francisco vote when he knew one or two votes could sway it? And why did he trust you and Dave enough to tell you guys he had the idol? And did having open knowledge of the idol truly give Ooc the game? Considering that Apus lost their numbers advantage from everyone not knowing Eamon had the idol.
I just tried to reassure him that we have a good group and it would be illogical for anyone to betray a majority alliance at first tribal. I still have no clue why he told us; my best guess is he wanted to cement our trust in him and see him as a team player. As for the knowledge of the idol giving Ooc the game? I think in a certain way, yes. It certainly decreased paranoia for those that knew about the idol and allowed us to gel together.

16) At Final Four vote did you think you would be saved by Noah? And what made you vote Michael as opposed to teaming up with Michael to eliminate Noah like Michael proposed?
I did, then didn’t. Then did, then didn’t etc. etc. I worked him pretty hard, and maybe put on a little guilt trip. As for voting Mike, I did think about maybe siding with Mike for better odds at beating Dave in the F3, but it all came down to what could logically happen: a) Dave see’s the opportunity t get me out, tells Noah i’m voting for him. b) Dave/Noah vs. Me/Mike= I have more previous votes than Noah and would leave in a deadlock vote. Mike was the only one with more jury votes than me, so I decided to not try and shake things up more and go with the better odds for myself.

Also, care to comment on Noah having a million vote changes? Did you know it was pretty much a series of coin flips until time expired for the voting period?
I had no idea it was soooooo close till after the season, but I knew it was a debate Noah was having with himself. Like I said though, I did try to work the guilt/trust angle a bit even though it’s an angle I personally hate to use.

17) You win final immunity thanks to Dave’s Internet problems. Do you think that was really fair? Any changes you’d like to propose to a final immunity challenge? And did any part of you feel bad and nearly bring Dave to the Final Two to have a “Sono Final Two” for an epic showdown?

I think it was completely fair because if internet speed determined which challenges are used as live ones, there will always be someone with a slower connection so I don’t think it’s possible to use it as a parameter for fairness. As for your F3 challenge; no changes. All your challenges were great and you thought of most consequences that could happen before you posted them. Believe me, I just lost a F3 imunnity challenge in a game because the host posted the “first-to-finish-wins” final challenge without any warning when some players weren’t available, so I am MORE than supportive of your final 3 challenge format.

When it comes to feeling bad for voting off Dave the answer is yes at the time, but less and less as I got to the final tribal; I knew the jury was rooting for him.

18) Michael was a scapegoat for about three rounds. Why was Michael viewed as a threat and why did Jamie get bumped to being eliminated before him? What was the change in strategy there?

There could be different versions of this depending on who you ask, but my point of view is that Michael was viewed mainly as a threat in the later stages of the game because it was thought that he wouldn’t vote against Dave, but when it was revealed that he would be open to it things changed. As for Jamie, close to the Final 6 or 7 it just seemed to me that her and Dave were agreeing on things more and more. I thought that since I viewed Dave as my biggest competition and was quietly preparing plans against him for the later stages of the game, there was no reason why Dave wasn’t doing the same thing with Jamie. So Michael and I discussed the possibility that Jamie and Dave might have something going on, and we agreed that a Mike/Noah/Myself Final 3 might be a good way to go. I mentioned beforehand that I found that Shyam was a player with many “intangibles” and whose moves were hard to predict, and I’d probably put Jamie in the same category, which also made her more dangerous than Michael in my mind.

19) Which statement do you think is correct?

a. You controlled Noah’s movements throughout the whole game.
b. Noah made all of the decisions and he took enough of the heat that you benefited from it to win.

I know you want a straight answer, but I really don’t think there is one because we did work as a team and voted together at every single vote all the way to the finals. No one really controls Noah ever, he does his own thing and will work WITH someone but wouldn’t be happy working FOR someone. I think Noah does need a bit of reassuring sometimes that plans will work out, and that he probably makes too many contradicting plans all at once. What I think is that Noah and I worked out well because he would come up with tonnes of options, some of them viable and some of them that weren’t so good (and maybe a bit fueled from paranoia), and I kind of told him what I thought would be good for us and what wouldn’t. As far as “controlling” each other I don’t think that happened because the only vote we disagreed on was the Marcelo vote where I tried to keep him and Noah wasn’t keen on the idea.

20) Please be honest. When did you know that you had won this game? Like one hundred percent certain you had won.

When I won the last challenge I was about 85% sure, but then with the nerves the percentage of how confident I felt went down. I felt fairly confident that I would have Dave, Michael’s, and Marcelo’s vote and that Jamie would vote Noah, but then again I didn’t know how Apus felt and if they chose Noah, would they vote as a block? As already mentioned, it’s not like I was in contact with most of them… Pretty soon after the floor was open to jury questions though, Shyam posted that he was voting for me and an Apus juror I had zero contact with beforehand messaged me privately to say I had his vote. So soon after the jury started asking questions, I knew 100% that I would take it.

21) Is there anything Noah could have done at Final Tribal Council that could have stolen the game away from you? Or did Noah make an error early on that made too much of an impact for anything to change? If so, what were Noah’s errors?

I can’t be sure, but I think most of the jurors had already made up their minds when they found out Dave had been eliminated, although Noah might have benefited from bringing up that I hadn’t made any connections with Apus tribe-members. On the other hand, I think it was Noah’s willingness to make it seem like he was ready to work with someone (ie. Shyam, Brian) when he wasn’t that might have angered the jury in the first place, whereas I didn’t have that problem. I think it also might of been an error to not totally own up to all his dirty deeds at final tribal, as that might have impressed some jurors.

22) You were around for the Final Four immunity controversy. Why, it nearly eliminated you from the game. Weigh in on it. Should Final Four immunity challenges even take place on the weekend? And did I make a good ruling given all of the information I had?
I think you made a good ruling as you gave notice of when the challenge would be, and I seem to remember you doing all you could to correct the situation. To be honest I can’t remember too much about the situation aside from Noah not being happy that the challenge fell on a holiday.

23) You and Noah are the only two who get to have their exit interviews take place after all confessionals, blogs, and bonus stuff had been posted for the season. Is there anything anybody said that was inaccurate or that surprised you?

No innacuracies that I can think of. I guess I was blessed with no one making a nasty confessional about me. As for surprising, I think along with everyone else I just wanted to know what happened on Apus pre-merge and who was involved in butchering their chances. I guess I was also a bit surprised that Jamie/Noah/Shyam might have had something going on in the early stages, but of course that never came to fruition.

24) You may cover it by this point but summarize why you think you won.
I think I won because I played in a manner that made strategic sense the more you looked into it. I did backstab people and tell half-truths, but in the end the person who was wronged by me could look back and see exactly why I did what i did. I also mentioned in my jury speech that at one point in the game Leif basically told me that it didn’t look like I was making big moves, and that if he was on the jury that would be his criteria for picking a winner. That made me play in a way were I tried my best to make sure any juror on his way to Ponderosa would at least kinda know I had something to do with it instead of just others making the decisions, without it looking like I was a jerk. I guess I mean, i tried to make my name linger in their minds without blaming me too much. Not sure if that even worked (or made sense when i write it down) but that’s what I was aiming for.

25) If you have any other thoughts, please share.
I feel like this is a spot in the interview where the interviewee plugs in their movie/book/album. No thoughts, just thanks for voting for me to win, and thanks to everyone else for following. Looking forward to being a viewer for Season 3!


Actually, that’s not it.


1) It has been speculated in private that you don’t like Season 2 as much as Season 1? Any truth to these allegations? If so, why?

Oddly enough earlier during the day I was thinking about which season I liked the most. The prequel, season 1, or season 2? I have a tough time because the three games played out very differently and excel in different areas.

The prequel – If anyone has seen the spreadsheet for it knows that it was a game of “Don’t Self-Vote” for the first thirteen eliminations. The players were inactive, I had way too many twists, and the players didn’t really talk to each other. Some of the game play left me scratching my head. Or those who participated solely in challenges but refrained from voting in seven consecutive TCs.

However once it was down to that core group of seven everything became much more interesting. There were four real idols and two fake idols floating around. An alliance of 8 vs. 3 had now become 5 vs. 2. The alliance completely self-destructed with the Lisa blindside (my favourite blindside to date) because the alliance was pissed Lisa wasn’t helping to defeat Adam in the challenges.

The remaining four rounds were insane as everyone was strategizing with everyone and the rock solid alliances that had been in place since day one were scrambling. Adam comes from nowhere to win a million immunity challenges and give his idol to the only person he thought he could beat in the Final Two. Gayle, Natasha, Dianne, and Lisa appeared to have a Final 4 locked in for such a long time only but reduced their empire of nine or ten players down to 7th, 5th, 4th, and 3rd place finishes.

The Thanksgiving day 37 is the longest and most ludicrous hosting experience I have ever had. However, how annoying it proved to be is a memory I will have for the rest of my life. Only four idols were claimed all game and all four made it to the Final Five and Four Tribal Councils. Five rounds of voting and two immunity challenges in one night is a bit insane.

So a season that was god awful is the same season with the only upset so far this series. I doubt an 8 vs. 2 numbers game will be 0 vs. 2 by the end ever again.

Season 1 is taking everything I did wrong in the prequel two years earlier and converting it into something that gave me much less of a headache. I eliminated everything I hated from other ORGs thanks to Survivor 22 just airing and making every ORG host do a dreaded Final Three or a Redemption Island. It was my first opportunity to implement the twists I had come up with over the past several years.

The cast brought us Elvera, Scott, Fiona, Mervin, and Marty who may have the biggest personalities but somehow all made it to the last third of the game. In what universe do five of them avoid eliminating each other to the top eight? ORG newcomers in RyLis, Aaron, and Ryan Flynn combined with the most surprising early exits ever in an ORG (Veterans Jay, Jenn, and Arun who were all extremely active were voted out in each of the first three rounds).

Everyone on Supa following Elvera’s lead who wanted to eliminate the biggest threats sunk the tribe down to only Elvera standing is very unique. Also the fact everyone hated Supa made them the anti-Ulong where everyone increasingly cheered with each loss as opposed to rooting for a rare success. I doubt we will have a 10-1 conquer again for a long time.

The only downfalls is that the last four boots on Supa seemed like a foregone conclusion and in the post-merge after Elvera left Mervin had the game locked down. However it was an entertaining and active enough group that Mervin dominating from start to finish wasn’t all that bad.

Season 2 gets the title for best season so far. It is the only season to have a really fun pre-merge. The prequel’s was just getting rid of every inactive while season 1 was just one tribe eliminating its actives to cripple itself and make the next several eliminations boring.

It is the only season too where virtually every pre-merge challenge came down to ties or penalties. Anyone apart of season 1 knows just how much of a blowout each challenge was. Supa complained the challenges were too hard. But season 2? It changed things completely. Both tribes varied in their performance but they would succeed or falter at the same time. Plus you know what else happened pre-merge?

EAMON: I got the idol! Nobody knows!

SHYAM: I got the idol! Nobody knows!

LEIF: I got the idol! Nobody knows!

HOST: Too many penalties have resulted in your tribe losing immunity. Sorry.

EAMON: Who would take the idol? So selfish! Chris, you’re gone!

MARCELO: I got the idol! Nobody knows!

HOST: Too many penalties have resulted in your tribe losing immunity. Sorry.

EAMON & LEIF: Who would take the idol? So selfish! Kristine, you’re gone.

CARL: I got the idol! Nobody knows!

HOST: Too many penalties have resulted in your tribe losing immunity. Sorry.

CARL: Yeah, I did it.  *shrug*

EAMON, LEIF & MARCELO: Carl, you’re gone!

BRIAN: Uhhhh, how did I survive those three rounds?

Then post-merge was exciting at the start with Marcelo copying Cochran’s move followed by Shyam being Matt Elrod’d the following round. Leif, Brian, Lister, and Marcelo left without any suspense.

Then the core alliance ate each other. Scott wasn’t around to sacrifice himself this time meaning a battle amongst the top five could play out to its fullest potential. Michael acted as a scapegoat while Dave and David had a 3-round showdown to see who would beat Noah in the end.

Final TC went much more smoothly which I was happy about.

Rookies Brian, Marcelo, you, Michael and Dave are vastly underrated in the ORG community. If Marcelo doesn’t blurt about Brian’s idol I think Brian wins the game. Dave is a major challenge beast. You were very good strategically. Michael was very good socially. Marcelo was very good at winning the hearts of the viewers. Carl, Kristine, and Francisco also were huge personalities and entertaining pre-merge. And Lister’s confessionals.

The other huge bonus is that the only two inactives all season were eliminated in the opening rounds. Wesley was gone 8-1 with a self-vote then Kevin was eliminated 8-0. Every elimination after that I felt bad because of how dang active all of you were. You trumped how active players were in season 1. From Fede onwards I almost felt like I had to apologize for their elimination.

So uh, yeah. The rumours are false to answer your question. I liked season 2 the most. Season 3 is certainly open to changing that though. 🙂

2) Which players surprised you the most from your initial thoughts on how they would do?

Without looking at my pre-season cast assessment I would say Dave, Brian, Marcelo, Michael, Shyam, and Kevin.

Brian because I expected him to suck socially. Even as the game was going on those first few rounds I thought a 12th or 13th place finish was inevitable. But suddenly it’s his social skills that kept him alive and almost a leader of Apus when merge hit. He fought hard to win an immunity and maneuvered himself to only being outlasted by Lister.

Dave because I didn’t expect somebody to match Kevin’s challenge performance on day 1. Kevin has single-handedly won tribal challenges on his own for years. Dave however swoops in on day 1, becomes a captain along with Kevin, but destroys Kevin in terms of choosing the better tribe. Dave from there is the only person to rival you strategically as well until a few seconds of lag cost him the game. It’s a pretty sick showing.

Marcelo because he was silent and I thought he wouldn’t make moves. However the reason why you won is because of moves Marcelo made alone. And Marcelo has a load of charm if even Eamon isn’t too angry with him anymore. I never thought Marcelo would be that actively involved in the game.

Michael because he left zero impression on me when he applied. Karl Marquez had to give him instructions on how to apply for my game. I predicted an early boot. But fifteen rounds later where he won an individual challenge against Dave and stayed strong socially to be a Noah coin flip away from winning is pretty dang good.

Shyam because I didn’t expect three rookies to blindside him in a 5-3-2 vote. It is rare to see Shyam offguard like that unless a host institutes a really unfair twist.

Kevin for obvious reasons. The day he is inactive in a game is a day I never thought would come.
3) Which players didn’t play as hard as you hoped? (You can’t say Wesley or Kevin because that’s too easy).

Maybe Carl right after he lost immunity? I’ve got nothing else for you. Head back to camp.

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