SCWL 2 episode 4



Yes. I’m sure when past players saw I was doing another maze that it was going to prove to be a huge mistake. I made another simple version but the tribes still struggled with the rules again. Last game it was saturated with rules so I thought I’d cut back this time. I provided an example for how I want to see the posts and a rule that you couldn’t move diagonally. Despite my efforts I was bombarded with questions for 36 hours straight.

My take: Newbies haven’t done any maze challenges, and veterans on Facebook don’t do mazes either. Therefore, nobody can take a leadership role if nobody has experience with this format. I think it’s why I will go out of my way to incorporate at least one maze in each season. Everyone is on a level playing field.


Not only did she take the penalty idol but Jamie also moved diagonally. She single-handedly lost five points and the challenge for her tribe. Unfortunately the worst part is that she is heading to TC without a penalty idol and is forced to scramble in the hot seat. I don’t envy her position at all. She has taken the penalty idol in three consecutive rounds without success. It had to backfire one of these days.


His tribe members have told me that Michael will be first out because he’s too wishy washy. This was as of the end of round two. Starting with round three Michael starts requesting the penalty idol. Did Michael’s alliance mates telegraph their perspective of thinking he’s paranoid to him or did Michael start requesting the penalty idol of his own accord? I don’t know. I’ll ask him when he gets voted out. Wait, I didn’t say he has a shot at winning? Oops. My bad. Looks like he could be voted out this round if Ooc loses.


Okay Shyam, be prepared to hate Eamon more than you already do right now. That idol I sent you? It’s Eamon’s fabricated creation. Yes, it’s a fake. And yes, it’s a fake. I’m going to ring doorbells of random houses until someone lets me in to lay back on their La-Z-Boy so I can take in all of the action next time Apus goes to TC. If I were Shyam, I’d pick one person I could trust and show them my “idol,” praying that it’s real and if it’s not real that the person will be too scared to show it. Imagine a world where Eamon gets blindsided with an idol in his pocket because everyone else wanted to trick Shyam into playing a fake idol that they thought was real. Did I mention how much I love my twist? I could do this twist for twenty seasons and never get bored with it. Unless people get progressively more liberal with requesting it like we have observed with the Ooc tribe. Way to get in before the rush, Noah.


I thought the really long results post that includes a mock Phoenix Wright trial was appropriate for the occasion. The SUPA/APUS permutation has suffered ten immunity challenge losses in a row. I think we needed an epic reveal to present the significance of this event.


I thought Noah was a dead man. He gets into a fight with Kristine prior to a vote. Kristine looked like the obvious victor of the fight and Noah should’ve gone down in flames. If I were him I’d play that idol within four seconds after realizing Kristine is outfoxing me in the topic. At first Noah says “I’m playing my idol, here’s my code!” It looked to be the straightforward and only move he could make as the first three votes I received were for Noah except for Noah who voted Francisco. Franny, really? You’re not even going to target Kristine who doesn’t get what’s going on with the idols and isn’t the best in challenges? Fran is the loveable guy in the tribe who is quiet, passive, and is active. Noah then tells me he’s not going to play his idol anymore. I almost wanted to say “are you sure?” but thought that would be too intrusive as a host. I let him have his wish and here’s what happens. . .


Yeah. It wasn’t even a tricky 4-3-2 or a 5-4 split. It was a decisive 6-3 split. Noah rallied miraculously to have everyone go on his side and take down Franny. I think this is a bad move by Ooc. Why him? The reasoning I received to vote out Fran didn’t make too much sense either. Essentially the comments are “we all love you and you help us win and are the least threatening to the dynamics of our tribe but we have to vote you out, sorry”. I refuse to believe Noah not playing his idol when he was in obvious turmoil gets rewarded and suddenly Noah is branded as being the biggest goat in the game.


Go check. Her storyline is playing out exactly as I thought it would. 😀


Everyone knows their position and the mutiny twist returns. I know at least one person who will want to switch. I’m not sure if all that will happen is Kristine getting Jeanne’d though.


Michael Graga? Where you be at. I have a feeling you have much more of a pulse on what’s going on than what you’re letting on. Don’t be shy giving me a confessional. You were a key vote last round and you aren’t aware of it.

14: Kristine Burleigh

13: Shyam Sundar

12: Carl Hagemann

11: Lister Potter III

10: Chris Hook

9: Leif Bornales

8: Brian Whitehead

7: Marcelo Campos

6: Michael Graga

5: Jamie Frick

4: Eamon J Jawatin

3: Dave Bronson

2: Noah SpiderJew

1: David Racine




These questions were written while I sat in the campus bar drinking a root beer and eating a mushroom veggie burger (the patty is a mushroom as opposed to beef!). I’m cool like that, I know.




Please note the asterisks around Dave’s name. That means he is immune from TC this round.

You MUST answer your questions for your vote to count.

Above you is a name of each person on your tribe. As long as your name is displayed at the top of the post you are still in this game; once your name is gone so are you which will be the case for one of you tonight.

1. Do you think anyone has found the penalty idol? There must be four rounds of theories out there.

The way some of these guys are at this shit, yeah, someone prolly has it.
2. Is there going to be more of a sense of rivalry with Apus heading into the next immunity?

The Rivalry was already at a high pitch and am sure this will just notch it up!


1. A challenge you participated in weeks ago now comes into play this TC. Do you expect the attitude towards you will change once you lose your individual immunity?

I don’t think so. This loss only shows us Oocers that Apus isn’t as disorganized as we thought they were and that we’ll have to try twice as hard at the next challenge if we want to win. Every member of Ooc has been incredibly friendly towards me and I doubt that attitude will change after this vote, we’re just a friendly tribe!
2. It’s no secret you’re one of the most eager people to play an ORG. Take me down what the pros and cons to that are.

I am a huge Survivor dork, and this is my very first game ever, so yeah, I am pretty excited. I’ve honestly never stopped to think of what the pros and cons might be, I’m just being myself and hoping that my tribe will respect me for it.

1. All four challenges have produced some extremely close results thus far. Yet you guys have polar opposite strategies. Why has this tribe’s overactive quick working method that is saturated with newbies has trumped Apus’ patient veteran thinking?

First of all, I think that our tribe was blessed with being formed of people who are willing to participate and devote large chunks of time to this game. I’m not sure if it has to do primarily with the fact that a lot of us are newbies, but at least at some level us new people feel the need to stand up and prove our worth. On the other hand, I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that quite a few inactives landed on Apus, and now that they’ve resolved that problem i think we’re on more even ground.

2. What’s the most obvious difference of strategy between playing on a real island compared to playing in a virtual space?

Well, on a real island players get to see who’s walking alone on the beach together, who sleeps next to whom, etc. I think some types of players actually thrive in a virtual space since it could be easier to hide an alliance.

1. There is a heavy presence of season one players commenting on everyone’s actions. What are your thoughts on their intrusions into a game where none of them are contestants?

It’s actually pretty fun. they seem to love this series, and I…

PRODUCTION NOTE: The rest of Francisco’s TC answers weren’t archived properly. I forgot to click the ‘see more’ button apparently because the only two words left are ‘see more’ in his answer. It’s gone forever. Sorry. 😦
2. How does the criteria of your first vote change when your first loss is in round four as opposed to Apus who had their first loss in round one?


1. As far as you know, the diagonal move is what lost the challenge for the tribe. Do you think that will affect the outcome of this TC? Why or why not?

It could very well affect how things play out this TC. It was the reason why we lost the challenge.
2. If there is any attention on you for your challenge performance, how do you deflect that?

I don’t think I’m going to deflect it too much. I was the one who made the diagonal move, so it’s my fault. I completely take the blame. Yeah, I screwed up and we have to vote someone out now, but I don’t think it should be me.

1. Although you guys are 3-1, the fact you guys are at TC implies there’s room for improvement. How can this tribe improve?

Room for improvement? I dunno, sometimes @#!*% happens. Guess we should have double checked everyones moves. Ya win some, ya lose some.
2. On the surface, it looks like Jaime’s move is the reason why you lost. But you never know that for certain. How uneasy does the penalty idol make the tribe feel knowing it could be penalty idol requests that determine the outcome of challenges rather than the effort presented?

The penalty idol makes me feel pretty uneasy, doesn’t help that I really don’t get what it is. lol..just pretty sure it isn’t a good thing!

Carl Hagemann I don’t ‘Get’ it either!!!

Kristine Burleigh So glad I am not alone. I’ve read it over a few times and it still flies over my head.

1. You have the distinction of being the first one to sit out two immunities. Although the first was pre-determined. Has that come up at all? Or have people viewed you sitting out as being a team player for those extremely eager to play in the games?

Yes. Idk ask them, lol
2. How do you balance voting someone out based on your own self interests versus the group’s interests? Do you find yourself at a crossroads this round or does one win out over the other?

I will vote based on the group’s interests. No.

1. It’s your first loss. Have you noticed the level of chatter reach an unprecedented level or is it the same ol’ Happy Go Lucky Ooc tribe?

Well, were all bummed, but I don’t feel there’s been a crazy level of chatter, yeah people want other people gone, I’ve been asked to vote certain ways, but I know well come out still OOC strong.
2. Do you think there will be any surprises in this vote?

there could aways be surprises, but personally I doubt tonight will be one of those nights, its gonna go pretty smoothly I think

1. You stepped up saying you’re sorry for losing the challenge, yet your mistake did not directly produce the eventual outcome. How does that speak to tribal unity when several people say ‘Wow, geez, I didn’t mean to screw up like this or screw up like that in challenges’ regardless if they are at fault?

You stepped up saying you’re sorry for losing the challenge, yet your mistake did not directly produce the eventual outcome. How does that speak to tribal unity when several people say ‘Wow, geez, I didn’t mean to screw up like this or screw up like that in challenges’ regardless if they are at fault? i know i felt like the challenge loss was my fault. i couldnt see the videos from my phone so i had no clue and i thought i was the one who lost it bc of my crazy work scheduele. me saying sorry and feeling like i screwed up may be the reason im going tonight. ive asked Carl who the vote was for and he said it was me or Jamie. so clearly its one of us 2.
2. What is the long term impact for the other tribe as a result of winning this challenge?

i doubt it. i think they just got the only taste of winning they will get for a while.
Okay, you’re about to vote. Do so in the following format:


REASON: Seriously, dude? You go all out with the Phoenix Wright montage only to announce we lost? We’re the sequel to Coo. We were supposed to win every challenge!!!!!11111oneone. We’re just gonna vote you out tonight and find a new host to rig challenges for us. Buh bye.

Note that what you type within the brackets is exactly how your vote will appear unless it is excessively inappropriate.

Alright. Between now and 1:00pm eastern Saturday, it is time to vote. Ooc, you’re up.

Carl Hagemann ?”Just tell me who everyone’s voting for, I promise I won’t tell anybody.’
I’ll never by tricked by that again.
Friday at 11:34am · Like · 2
Noah SpiderJew lets be honest, u honestly didnt think i would try and fight when you said that the votes were between Jamie and I, but you never made up your mind, But you still never gave me a straight answer.
Friday at 11:40am · Like
Carl Hagemann oh, and so I lied and said it was between him and Jamie.
Friday at 11:40am · Like
Noah SpiderJew so you lied? and you did say your only ally was online and he asked you to vote for me, and that was francisco. so you basically outted your allience with him. and i havent done shit to francisco at all this game im have no f***ing clue why he would go after me.
Friday at 11:42am · Like

Kristine Burleigh Ignored you? I worked all night, and just got up. So I wasn’t trying to.
Friday at 2:12pm · Like · 1
Noah SpiderJew we messaged back and forth until i asked about the vote, then you stopped talking.
Friday at 2:13pm · Like · 1
Kristine Burleigh This is how the conversation went…
Friday at 2:14pm · Like
Kristine Burleigh Noah SpiderJew
So sorry I screwed up. Now I’m so nervous about the vote.

17 hours agoNoah SpiderJew
Hey girl
Friday at 2:15pm · Like · 1
Michael Graga This is betting good 🙂
Friday at 2:15pm · Like · 2
Michael Graga ?*getting
Friday at 2:15pm · Like
Noah SpiderJew i accually sent u a message about the vote and yet nothing. regardless im going anyways
Friday at 2:18pm · Like
Kristine Burleigh No, Noah you didn’t I just posted the last 2 messages I got from you. No need to lie.
Friday at 2:19pm · Like · 1
Noah SpiderJew i sent you a message from my phone.
Friday at 2:20pm · Like · 1
Kristine Burleigh It got lost in megabite land because the last thing I saw was Hey girl.
Friday at 2:20pm · Like · 1
Noah SpiderJew well i sent it to you.
Friday at 2:30pm · Like
Noah SpiderJew either way im going. i dont care. i pulled my weight and was nice and cool to everyone but im getting f***ed over. its s***ty but whatever.
Friday at 2:31pm · Like
Kristine Burleigh F***ed over? It is a game Noah. You win some you lose some. People will vote how they vote, probably to keep the tribe strong and active. You shouldn’t take it so personal, but I know its hard when sitting on the hot seat.
Friday at 2:40pm · Like
Noah SpiderJew im just ready to go. im tired of the lies and people trying to be sneaky and underhanded.
Friday at 2:40pm · Like
Noah SpiderJew so you are voting for me?
Friday at 2:41pm · Like
Kristine Burleigh Yes Noah I voted for you, sorry.
Friday at 2:41pm · Like
Noah SpiderJew and what was the reason? ive been active and social.
Friday at 2:42pm · Like
Kristine Burleigh So has everyone else.
Friday at 2:43pm · Like
Noah SpiderJew ok and what is the reasoning? did you join the banwagon?
Friday at 2:43pm · Like
Kristine Burleigh It wasn’t an easy vote Noah. In the end of the day I had to vote for someone.
Friday at 2:49pm · Like
Noah SpiderJew but there was no reason for it.
Friday at 2:50pm · Like
Noah SpiderJew and im guessing that Carl is voting for me also.
Friday at 2:50pm · Like
Kristine Burleigh its because you smell funny
Friday at 2:51pm · Like · 1
Noah SpiderJew whatever bitch.
Friday at 2:51pm · Like
Kristine Burleigh You made people worry in the last challenge. Was the very last moment we got done due to you. People want the tribe strong and active, and sometimes finishing first matters. I think that played a huge rule in the votes.
Friday at 2:52pm · Like
Noah SpiderJew get a facelift.
Friday at 2:52pm · Like
Noah SpiderJew but time had nothing to do with it, you said so yourself.
Friday at 2:52pm · Like
Kristine Burleigh Omg it was a joke Noah. I am done you need to chill out.
Friday at 2:54pm · Like
Noah SpiderJew accually, this has been a rough day. i just found out that my mother in law has 3 months to live. her cancer went to her brain. so im not in the mood.
Friday at 2:55pm · Like
Kristine Burleigh And I knew that? I’m sorry your day sucks.
Friday at 2:56pm · Like
David Racine Sorry to hear that Noah…
Maybe we should all just take a breather for a bit
Friday at 2:56pm · Like · 1
Noah SpiderJew and you are not helping it. so please f*** off.
Friday at 2:56pm · Like
Kristine Burleigh Go f*** yourself Noah!
Friday at 2:57pm · Like
Kristine Burleigh You asked, and I was the only one willing to answer. I joked, you freaked out.
Friday at 2:58pm · Like
Noah SpiderJew no you. thanks
Friday at 2:58pm · Like
Michael Graga
And Probst would say “Wow… Michael, whats your thoughts on all of this?” and I say “Well, I feel really bad for Noah, That really sucks dude. I’m sorry. But at the same time none of us knew that, Were sitting and joking, not knowing his…
Friday at 5:23pm · Like · 3
Noah SpiderJew ?^hmm
Carl Hagemann Holy s***!
Yesterday at 9:35am · Like
Carl Hagemann <—– mouth open in amazement.
Yesterday at 9:35am · Like
Francisco Grilo lol, okay. bye everyone
Yesterday at 10:17am · Like

Logans Hosting-Org
Despite some obvious tension that came out this round between a couple of your tribe mates, someone who was not involved in the discussion at all takes the axe. Wise move to remove a harmonious tribe member? If you’re able to continue coming together in challenges, then maybe you won’t see repercussions for this decision. If the division causes a split that puts you guys on tilt, you may find this vote as the source for your doom. I hope for your sake it’s the former.
Yesterday at 10:23am · Like
Carl Hagemann Me too.
I’m still a member of OOC and will try my best.
Well played.
Yesterday at 10:25am · Like · 2
Carl Hagemann for however long that is.
Yesterday at 10:26am · Like
Kristine Burleigh Wow. Talk about dysfunctional tribe lol
Yesterday at 1:02pm via mobile · Like
Carl Hagemann One of the ‘Invites’ I got to Mutiny said he had to ask someone and thought I was the best chance of switching.
I looked again and WE all have to ask at least one person to Mutiny.
17 hours ago · Like
Noah SpiderJew Honestly, switching may be the worst thing any of us could do. They would target anyone that flips.
17 hours ago via mobile · Like
Carl Hagemann totally.
But we have to ask.
17 hours ago · Like · 1
Noah SpiderJew Oh I know. I’m not leaving.







Sorry Cisco, I honestly really like you. You’re a cool guy and you’ve done nothing but help our tribe. Unfortunately, I think my best option tonight to ensure my future in the game is to write your name down. If this doesn’t work, then I will be seeing you tomorrow. Hopefully you won’t hate me.


My vote is for:


Reason: You’re the glue that holds the other alliiance together, nothing personal, just looking down the road and if you were to stay and know you’re on the outs you would be too dangerous.


I vote Noah.

Reason: This is about keeping the tribe stronger. and I feel like he’s the weakest member. Nothing personal at all.


Vote: Fransisco

Reason: Francisco needs to go! He has too much power and that doesn’t fly with me!


·  I vote Noah Description: (

·  Sorry voted before i read all the details…oops

·  (noah Description: ( )





REASON: i diddnt want to lose you, but i was outnumbered. Ill miss you man, enjoy the Mole




CHRIS: ·  at the moment I have NO idea how to read into ANYTHING! lmao … however you can expect me to solve this….

·  this is my kind of thing and I WILL figure it out!

DAVE: I just realized I’m in an alliance with a preachy Christian dude and a gay porn star. This is going to be AWESOME.

JAMIE: I want to penalize my tribe.

MICHAEL: I want to try for the penalty idol again

NOAH:  (((–OOC PENALTY IDOL–))) ok im not using my idol

SHYAM: asking for the penalty idol

Fake Immunity Idol


The changes made in this code is one extra { } missing and one extra – missing on either side.

Questions regarding the Fake immunity idol.

So say, someone from my tribe ask for penalty idol and obviously you will send him a faske idol code BUT will the tirbe be penalized at the challenge???


There ya go for the coding

Is it 100% compulsory that I send an invte to someone from the other tribe?


If you’re reading this, it means you are voted out are not too thrilled about it (or maybe you are, who knows). But never fear! This is your exit interview. Once the game is over, all exit interviews will be posted. Answer these questions while your frustration and the would’ves and could’ves are at their peak!

1.       How do you feel knowing a diagonal move is the reason why you’re out of this game?

ohmygod. you can even begin to imagine the frustration. especially because I was the one that called out most of the mistakes. and I can’t believe I MISSED THAT ONE!! omg. it’s crazy when I think about it. But yeah it is fishy though. like the only rules was to not make diagonal moves, how do you make one? i get you can make a mistake, but it’s not too much to ask to be a little cautious.

2.       Some, including you, were surprised you were gone. What was your position in the game that made you feel safe from this round?

So here’s the deal. I had a tight alliance with Carl and Kristine. and supposedly with Marcelo and Dave. We created that very early on. but apparently dave had an alliance with noah, mike, david all along. And when we lost the challenge, I thought, since we had 5 people, I was safe for sure. I was blindsided and betrayed. I always felt a bit insecure towards Dave though, so when i saw that I was voted out, i was like “crap, I kinda felt this was coming”.

3.       I’ve noticed that you’ve been an early boot from another ORG very recently. Do you think there’s a consistent flaw in your gameplay or do you attribute this to bad luck?

I’m not a veteran. In my first 2 games, one I got to final 2 but lost and the other got 4th place. I guess I now deserve to see how early boot feels like hehe. if it’s a flaw in my game, I don’t see what it is. Maybe because I’m too good. haha, who knows. HATERS GONNA HATE RIGHT?

4.       Ooc for the most part was a largely successful tribe. Do you think that will change now that you’re gone or can they move on without you?

I was a very essential member of that tribe. I really dedicated everything to the challenges. I was always trying to help us win. So yeah they will definitely lose that. SUCKS FOR THEM, LIKE I CARE.

5.       Is there anyone you hold responsible for why you were voted out?

oh yeah. Dave is responsible. for sure. He was the one that really backstabbed me and betrayed me. So yeah It was Dave.

6.       Why do you think you were voted out?

I was voted out cause I was too much of a threat to that alliance. that’s what they keep saying to me. they are newbies and were afraid of me apparently. They tohught i was the king of my alliance. Well they were kinda right. Iw as really planning to play my ass of in this game. So, gujab to them!

7.       What was the highest high and the lowest low (minus getting voted out) that you had in this game?

highest high – winning all those challenges
lowest low – first few days. marcelo told me I was being targetted by michael, and I freaked out. that’s when I started talking to dave, and we created that alliance. little did I KNOW IT WAS ALL BS! oh lawd.

8.       Noah and Kristine had a big blow-up at TC. How do you think it will effect the game in the long run?

kristine I love her so much. I think it will show how Noah really is. He’s unstable, he can be very offensive and very untrustworthy.

9.       Who do you want to win? Who do you want to be voted out? Who do you think will win? Who do you want to win?

I want Carl or Kristine to win. FOR SURE . I love them. I definitely want MARCELO to be voted out. geez, he’s a terrible player. he backstabbed me for no reason, i really hope he gets voted out soon. Such an inactive player. barf. at this point I have no idea who might win or not. well, I feel like Dave is really smart and may win, but I also think he’s playing too hard and that might hurt him!

10.   If you have any other thoughts, let us know.

I just wanna say I absolutely loved thhis game. the challenges, the host. everything. It sucks so much I was out so early. but that’s what you get for helping out a tribe. anyway, I just wanna finish this by saying “haters gonna hate, floatters gonna float, bye bye bitches!!!”.

On behalf of the production team for SupaCooWackyLand, we thank you for playing this game!


f***ing liars, it’s all I have to say. FLOATERS GONNA FLOAT, dave. great great game logan, crazy challenges. it sucks I won’t be able ot be on it anymore, but you know what. I do think that tribe is gonna be seriously f***ed up now. So yeah. I say my goodbye now.


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