SCWL 2 episode 1

Challenge 0: Encryption Redux

Date: January 27, 2012

Winners: Kevin Menzel and Dave Bronson. Individual immunity from their first TC and tribe captains.

Inspired By: A reverse of Survivor: Nicaragua’s day 1 challenge, Survivor: Palau, and the same opening challenge I did last season.

Challenge I:Do Your Own Scramble

Date: January 27 – January 30, 2012

Inspired By: That challenge in day 15 of Survivor: Palau and day 15 of Survivor: Micronesia where tribes put up a blockade for each other. That has always been one of my favourite Survivor challenges.

Winners: Ooc

Voted Out: Wesley Langlais (8-1)


Prior to the challenge the eighteen were divided into two groups. One group of younger players and one group of older players. Each person was given a piece of their code.

The trick is that regardless of which group you are in, you could still trade with others to get more information. However, when the two cryptograms are posted you had to figure out which one belonged to you.

A subtle thing I did is that each person in the younger group was given a letter or letters that would reveal five spots in the code. In the older group, it was 5-6. Therefore, if you went to the opposing tribe’s puzzle and saw nearly half the puzzle was revealing itself before you, you could deduce that I wouldn’t slant the challenge that much and let you realize which cryptogram belonged to you.

Kevin winning the challenge for the older group didn’t surprise me one bit given his reputation. Dave Bronson winning the first challenge he ever participates in blew me away. They’re both safe from the first round they lose immunity, but given what happened to Jenn and Darian last game I don’t have much of an expectation for that immunity to make much difference.


Eh, people were expecting a curveball. I decided to just let Kevin and Dave have the rights to pick.


Kevin won the challenge and immediately left after he sent me his preference order of one through sixteen in terms of who he wanted on his tribe. He picked every ORG veteran or winner while Dave Bronson made a conscious effort to pick those who were at the challenge. In addition, Kevin’s eighth round pick was the first one to be present while Ooc ensured they picked a present player in virtually every round. Apus seems to be the quiet veteran tribe while Ooc is the newbie-saturated fun and louder tribe. Given what happened last season we should see Ooc dominating Apus.

If Apus goes to a Tribal Council I predict a vote that will not have the tribe’s best interests at heart. I think everyone on Apus is employing a strategy of being under-the-radar in the first couple challenges to not appear as a challenge threat. Meanwhile Ooc is working together on understanding ORGs and truly looking out for each other’s best interests. I could be wrong but that’s just my observation.


Dave sent me a confessional that Shyam has already lied. Shyam sent him a false idol code. Uh oh Shyam. Considering Dave Bronson is the inaugural member of Ooc I believe he will round up his tribe to target you at the merge. A deception so early on that has such minor effects in the game is too counterproductive. All you’re doing is ensuring at least one person will hone their focus on labelling you as untrustworthy. Let’s see how Shyam handles this when the rumour begins to spread.


Luckily they are on opposing tribes. Noah and Eamon are the only people to agree to penalize their tribes. If this were last season they’d already have the idol. But guess what? I tweaked the format for the penalty idols.


If you are the only one to take the penalty and your tribe wins immunity you will automatically receive the idol. On the other hand if your tribe loses then you will instead be given a mission. The mission is to be the first one to send me your vote for Tribal Council after I post the Tribal Council topic in your camp. This way those who penalized their tribe and still win immunity will be rewarded with their brilliant gamble and those who potentially cost their tribe immunity will be given a tougher route to an idol by needing to accomplish an additional task.


Yes, it’s in play. I decided to play the median this  year. That means Fede and Kristine, the two people who were are the fifth member  of their tribes, will be the first ones to know about the idol. They ranked their tribe members from who they most want to have the next clue to those they’d least like to have the next clue.

Instead of random.orging it this year I decided to go 4-6-3-7-2-8-1-9 like we’re a freakin’ tournament bracket. I don’t know why I was attracted to this option. I think it’s because I love tournaments and because it’s aesthetically pleasing.


The closest challenge we’ve had in the history of this series. This is the exact opposite of last season which will make for another memorable season.

These scrambling challenges often see the host screw up which leads to players insulting the host for being so careless and having to correct the challenge (although I scrambled 50 names and countries last game and did not screw up once!). But how often does the host let the players themselves create a scramble? Not many. And boy oh boy did they screw up as much as PJ in organizing a scramble. Jonathan Libby and Kathy Vavrick-O’Brien’s errors by Ooc were my favourite misspellings. They were approximately three characters away. Some of the letters aren’t apart of their actual name regardless if it was in the category where extra letters weren’t allowed!

It’s funny. 99% of the time scrambling all 52 slots should give you a significant advantage. Amazingly Apus almost wins for such a lack of effort because they had fewer chances to penalize themselves. Hopefully this isn’t positive reinforcement for Apus in future challenges.


I think Eamon is too paranoid about being voted out; Wesley SHOULD be voted out. He posted once or twice and neither were of a contributing nature for the immunity challenge. I don’t see Apus making the same mistake as Supa did by voting out the absolute sole contributor.


I thought Wesley should go home but it looked like for the second season in a row that a tribe would self-destruct in the opening round.  If you read Lister’s confessional, you get a pretty good idea of what’s going on. Essentially, Hooker and Lister are controlling this tribe. They try to unite Eamon and Fede/Shyam into a single unit while trying to keep Brian Dub who is helping in challenges. Except maybe Kevin who is undergoing an extraordinarily rare case of inactivity, Eamon and Fede/Shyam put down their arms and come together to sign a pact that sends the youngest home packing.

If you don’t believe me how chaotic this vote was for me to follow, look at all of the vote changes. Note that the round where Scott betrays the newbies on Cooror tribe was the only round to see as many vote changes as we witnessed this round. What’s alarming is that it’s round one. Clearly Apus isn’t cohesive and are likely under the impression that Ooc will be tools to use upon merge rather than opponents. Have these tribes learned anything from last season? Newbies are perfectly capable of being self-led and engineering their own dominant alliances. If people like Eamon, Shyam, and Fede don’t give Ooc respect we could very well see back-to-back seasons of a tribal superpower.


Surprisingly my opening prediction is pretty much right on. For the second season the youngest player in the cast is first out. I find this rather intriguing.

Why? Because the first person voted out in a season of Survivor is never a middle-of-the-road or underwhelming personality. Everyone is looking for whoever sticks out as a sore thumb either by attempting to be a control freak, annoying the tribe, or overscheming beyond the accepted norm of individuals on the tribe. In other words, any deviancy is dealt with on day 3 and the weaklings (unless they absolutely can’t do anything socially or challenge-wise) will be delayed to a day 6 or day 9 situation. Nobody had anything ill to say of Wesley and he certainly wasn’t noticeably more inactive than the others on the tribe. Luckily Lister and Hooker have played with Wesley enough times to know that he won’t be involved enough to help catch Ooc’s extremely active nature.

I hope Apus wins immunity this round because they’ll be under the impression that they’re strong enough and will most certainly pull off some crazy stunts.


Judging by how desperate Eamon and Noah were to claim their respective tribal idols, we may have both gone pre-merge. When will the true individual game begin?

17th: Marcelo

16th: Brian W.

15th: Jamie

14th: Fede

13th: Kevin

12th: Michael

11th: Shyam

10th: Noah

9th: Hooker

8th: Lister

7th: Leif

6th: Carl

5th: Eamon

4th: Kristine

3rd: Francisco

2nd: David

1st: Dave

P.S. Thanks to Kristine’s ranking, Marcelo is sitting out next challenge. Luckily for Kristine nobody else will find out about this until after the season is finito.


At the top of this post each of you will see your name. As you know, as long as your name is listed on your tribe’s roster, you are still in this game. Once your name is removed and thrown to the bottom of the post, you’re voted out which will be the case for one of you this round.

Note that Kevin has asterisks around his name to indicate he is wearing immunity. That is from his win in the opening challenge. You cannot vote for Kevin unless he gives it up.

You MUST answer your assigned questions in THIS TOPIC for your vote to count.


1. At the opening challenge, seven of you didn’t show up. Does that reflect anything on the tribe or was that just pure coincidence that the losing tribe is the one who had no one show up at the start?

I don’t think it matters that much. Once the challange was posted, several of us worked hard, and if it wasn’t for a couple of silly mistakes we would have immunity right now.
2. Is it easier or harder to survive the first round of the game compared to other rounds?

Obviously, towards the start of the game there are many options to vote for, but it’s hard to survive any given round in this game.

1. Have you had a chance to get to know everyone on this tribe? Or is there only so much you can do to catch people online in the first four days?

Heh. To be honest I think this tribe is so quiet :p
2. Anything you’d do in hindsight of your own scrambles to ensure they were spelled correctly?

The thing is.. only several people attempted to do the challenge. What can I say, lack of teamworks. Anyway, good job to us. So close. VERY close 😦

1. What’s the status of the rivalry between the two tribes? Is there any animosity that can be created in one round or are things fairly cordial?

I dont feel any rivalry so far, maybe because its just the first challenge.

2. Any concern over being one member down?

No, we can make it up, we just need to focus.


1. Ooc sent in their answers over 30 hours before you did. Do you think this tribe will see more of a benefit in taking their time during these challenges or does it create an environment of apathy?

Kind of both! There was no bonus for finishing quickly so there was no reason NOT to take our time (in fact it is smart to take advantage of all your resources so taking time to ensure a better result is a good thing!), however taking our time in part 1 cost us as we only sent them half a challenge 😦
2. You’re four days into a 50-day game. Is there enough information to make a decision you feel comfortable with or will you be kicking yourself before, during, and after?

No, it really isn’t enought time, but it is what it is and I/we will have ot make due!!

1. You’re safe this round. Guaranteed. Does that change how you would play this round or does a first TC immunity mean very little in the grand scheme of this game?

I think this had no skill involved, well a little, my tribe, our tribe… did very well, and so did the other tribe, we just didnt pull it out this time, but we will… iummunity is great, it always sucks to go first.
2. You sent in an extensive list of who you wanted to join this tribe. Are you satisfied with who you chose or are you doing some Monday morning (or in this case evening) quarterbacking?

in no way am i a QB for this tribe, i had the luck to pick the people i wanted, and i have to say i prolly got 95% of the top people i chose…

1. What do you think you will bring to this tribe in the future?

I hope the tribe can acknowledge im a good team player and that I bring a lot to this tribe when it comes to immunity challenges.

2. Has there been any speculation at camp about who may or may not have agreed to go for the penalty idol?

No I don’t believe so, but then again, I have only talked to a few people lol

1. You were MIA for the first half of the challenge but swooped in to unscramble Ooc’s words and pinpoint some of the penalties. Do you think that’s enough to secure yourself one more round in this game?

Well I would hope that it’s enough to keep me for more than one round but you can never be too sure in Survivor. I’d like to think that I found a decent amount of those scrambled names but if everyone else votes for me anyways what can I really do about that?
2. Was there any finger pointing amongst yourselves in regards to who may or may not have screwed up the challenge?

No, not that I’m aware of. If there was any fingerpointing I wasn’t apart of that conversation.

1. Has there been any intertribal conflict since the beginning of the game or will this Tribal be the true start of potential dissent amongst the tribe?

It’s not often one witnesses the intertribal conflict at the first four days of survivor and the players seem to be smart enough to keep their opinions to themselves so not to be targeted for being opinionated, out spoken and cocky. I am sure only time and future tribals (I hope we won’t be heading to another tribal for some time) will expose the dissent amongst the tribe.
2. Is it easier to lose when you are a Gaboner contestant away from winning immunity or is it tougher because you were so dang close?

I would say both. Easier to lose because some might have their sight set on the penalty idol (thanks to you) and tougher because we did the best we could and yes we were close but we can only do our level best, rest is out of our hands.

1. You’re the youngest contestant in the game. Will that help you in this environment because nobody feels threatened by the young gun or does it scream ‘easy target’?

No answer.

***WHAT LOGAN THINKS HE WOULD HAVE THOUGHT AT THE TIME***: No, it won’t help me because that is counterfeited by my inactivity thus far.
2. What is your criteria for this round’s vote?

No answer.

***WHAT LOGAN WOULD HAVE THOUGHT HIS ANSWER WOULD BE***: Whoever somebody would’ve told me to vote for. Probably Eamon, I’d imagine.

Okay, Kevin is immune and cannot be voted for. Everyone else is fair game.

When you vote, please do so in the following format:

– Send a private message to me on this Facebook account.

– Your message should start with the name of the person you’re voting for within the brackets like this:


REASON: You’re telling me I have to answer my questions for my vote to count? Ugh. You’re so demanding! Well guess what buddy? You’re going home this round and you don’t even see it coming. Have a nice flight back home. Good day.

Whatever you write in the brackets is exactly how your vote will appear when I reveal the votes unless it’s extremely inappropriate.

Alright, between now and 12:30pm eastern Wednesday, it is time to vote. Apus tribe, you’re up.





Reason: It’s nothing personal, but you haven’t done much for us around camp.


Reason: It’s nothing personal, but you haven’t done much for us around camp.



Because it is him or Eamon and there was amajor diff in activity between them and I wanna keep the tribe strong!


I am voting for SHYAM.

REASEON : Because you just so lazy. And I don’t like parasite.

I wanna change my vote.

My final vote is

Reason : Just to get rid someone who’s inactive.



Because who the f*** are you?

·  alright
·  I think it’s gonna be for Eamon anyway


I vote eamon out



Reason: Because hes useless



You did not participate in the challenge. And no I don’t count you solving our own scrambles. That’s not participating in my eyes. You randomly approach me at the beginning of the game acting like my best friend. We’ve played in one game together. A Mindjolt tournament. I don’t know you. You don’t know me. I don’t trust you. You didn’t do anything in the challenge. Therefore. You go bye-bye.


Voting (WESLEY)



BRIAN W.: Already I changed my mind haha

CHRIS: right – that is what I thought – all it meant was that penalties didn’t change us going to tribal or not! Obviously some people are speculating and some thought we lost because of it but I didn’t think so.

DAVE: ·  Yes hahaha
·  I really hope nobody picks you or Michael on the other tribe before we get a chance!!

Whoops, wrong person clearly. I’m going to have to be very careful about that! Good thing it was only you! Lol

So obviously you’re not going to tell me who, if anyone, was lying but I thought you might get a kick out of reading who gave me what codes. I know at least one person tried to screw me over.

Here are all the codes I got:

24 and over
Brian Whitehead: ! represents H
Carl Hagemann: + represents U
Chris Hook: ) represents S
David Racine: } represents A
Kevin Menzel: { represents L
Kristine Burleigh: _ represents R
Leif Bornales: % represents D
Lister the Third: = represents T
Shyam Sundar: – represents B (NOPE! – represented W, that sure screwed me up!)

23 and under
Dave Bronson: { represents L
Eamon Jawatin: + represents U
Fede Arce: ?
Fransisco Grilo: ! represents H
Jamie Frick: ; represents N
Marcelo Campos: ) represents S
Michael Graga: @ represents M and % represents D
Noah Spiderjew: _ represents R
Wesley Langlais: ?

Hey Logan, I just have a couple quick questions about my immunity:

Based off of your wording (You both receive immunity from your first Tribal Council), it sounds like the immunity that I have is from MY first tribal council, not necessarily the first tribal council of the game. So if Ooc were to win the next several challenges in a row, I would still be immune from my first tribal council, which could be much later in the game if Ooc does well enough. Is this correct?

Also, can I assign my immunity to anyone at tribal council if I so chose? If so, at what point would I do this? (after votes are cost, but before revealed I assume)

Can I give my immunity to another tribe mate outside of tribal council?

Thanks! I’m really having a lot of fun playing your game so far!

EAMON: This is a game and this idol is a tool to be used in the game, so right now I WANT TO PENALIZE MY TRIBE (a.k.a Yeild of Amazing Race) . Hopefully I have this Idol.

·  lol
·  wait until you see me how i use it


I put this fake immunity idol. Note that there’s an extra “-”

FEDE: 1. Shyam
2. Chris Hook
3. Wesley
4. Lister
5. Eamon
6. Leif
7. Brian
8. Kevin

KEVIN: 8. Brian Whitehead
15.Carl Hagemann
1. Chris Hook
7. David Racine
9. Eamon J Jawatin
4. Fede Arce
10. Francisco Grilo
11.Jamie Frick
16. Kristine Burleigh
12. Leif Rey Bornales
6. Lister Potter III
13.Marcelo Campos
14.Michael Graga
5. Noah SpiderJew
2. Shyam Sundar
3. Wesley Langlais


LISTER: Well! I certainly didn’t expect to get into this game ha ha ha! I wound up missing the inaugural challenge and following tribe pick’em due to having to be at work. So I feel a little out of the loop after that and even worse I missed the opening half of the first tribal immunity challenge. Luckily for me I was able to swoop in for the second half and start solving some scrambles including both the bonuses so I feel good about that. Unfortunately we wound up losing the challenge and in part I blame myself. I thought the second Michelle Chase was Michael Chiesl. But no way in hell am I going to admit that in front of everyone. So glad that wasn’t pointed out at Tribal Council. *phew*

Anyways, I’ve been in talks with some people who say they want to work with me. Before the tribe division I had Dave Bronson talking to me wanting to align but we wound up on different tribes. I also approached Leif as we have a bit of a connection and so he and I are working together. Then Wesley created a group thread between him, myself, Fede, Eamon and Chris for us all to work together as an alliance and Fede suggested voting out Brian purely because he doesn’t know him. Well that’s a stupid reason to vote somebody out. We played in one game together Fede, rarely if ever talked so do you know me? No I don’t think so. So how do I know you won’t be targeting me after Brian? And besides, with that attitude how are you ever going to work with new people in future games? Then Eamon suggested voting out Shyam saying he did nothing in the challenge. Typically I am all for keeping the tribe strong and voting out the weak challenge performers. However. Shyam did participate. In the first half of the challenge at least. Maybe he didn’t do anything in the second half, but then I didn’t do anything in the first half now did I?

Needless to say when Shyam found out Eamon was targeting him he wasn’t too happy about it. He approached me earlier today talking about it. It was obvious to me that he was trying to make sure I wouldn’t vote for him and I think he wants me to vote for Eamon with him. He never outright said it but from the way he said things that’s the impression I got.

However. I’m pretty sure Eamon isn’t going. And I don’t think it’ll be Brian either. From the way I see things it’s going to be either Shyam or Wesley. Why you ask? It’s simple. Another alliance thread was started. This time by Eamon himself. This thread included Eamon, myself, Leif, Brian and Chris. Between the two alliances, this second one I’m more in favor of. First off it has Leif who I think I could work very well with. Then there is Eamon and Chris who have both been speaking with me quite a bit and I think I could get something going with the two of them. Brian I don’t really know but as I said before if you don’t talk to new people you won’t have anyone to work with in the future.

There are also suspicions of a pre-made alliance in the game. Supposedly it’s between Chris, Fede and Kevin and they might have Shyam as well. It could make sense since everytime someone brought up voting out Shyam in the first alliance chat, Fede was strongly opposed to it and kept saying he’d rather vote out Brian, purely because he doesn’t know the guy which is ridiculous! He says Shyam is trustworthy when from what I’ve seen in other games he CAN be trustworthy but he is also a ruthless snake.
Now Shyam seems to be placing the blame onto Eamon for losing the challenge. He’s claiming that Eamon took a penalty idol, which at the challenge results it was implied that no one had taken a damn penalty idol and he is also claiming that Eamon purposely misspelled Maralyn Hershey’s name. Okay, now we’re just being ridiculous Mr. Sundar. Why the hell would Eamon do that this early in the freaking game? Are you crazy or something? You fall out of bed this morning and hit your head? My god child. The majority was all for voting out Wesley last I heard and now you start pulling this stunt and now things might start swinging back your way.

Now I don’t know which way the vote is going to go. It seems the alliance has some more debating to do. Why can’t people learn to keep their big mouths shut in these games?

MARCELO: ·  Logan
·  I want the penalty idol

Production- Too late. Sorry. You have to do it prior to the challenge.
·  shit
·  haha

did you try to get the penalty idol?

Production: That would be quite the twist. Unfortunately I’m not the Vince McMahon of Survivor and be a contestant in my own game lol.
·  sorry
·  wrong place
·  sorry
NOAH: Hey if I wanged the idol for my tribe will it be announced and do I have to use it at the first tribal?
·  Ok I want it
·  I want the penetly idol
lol no. i was just nervous that someone else would get it.
My fake idol code is

Ooc hidden immunity idol.
MICHAEL: May I ask what the tiebreaker is? I know there wont be one this time but I have an idea, but I need to know what the tiebreaker challenge is before I excecute my plan.
yeah, like in next round if we go 4 votes vs 4 votes, then in a revote its 3 vs 3, what happens?

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