SCWL 2 Cast Assessment

Season 2 of my Survivor ORG. The Final Two has been established. Therefore it is time once again to travel back through the game and see confessionals, private Tribal Councils, votes, my correct predictions, my incorrect predictions, and my analysis. Enjoy!


So here we are. The prequel is in the books. Season one is in the books. Now it’s time to open a new chapter in season two. Compared to last season, I think this group is almost entirely absent of any rookie youths that we may have seen last season, but that void is filled with first-timers in their late 20s. I think this will produce an entirely atmosphere to the game. It will be much tougher for experienced players to manipulate the newbies. What’s even better is that most of the younger players also happen to be rather experienced players. You won’t have an alliance fall for two fake idols this time.


I think he’ll be a bit antisocial with the others. He’s not experienced enough and may not know how to connect with the others to where he will be thrust into the centre of an alliance. I believe he won’t cause enough of a stir to go home too early, but I’m not convinced he is capable of making it to the end. My money is that he will be on the fringe of a dominating alliance and he’ll be dropped in 13th or 14th place.


He won’t be taking anything seriously. He’ll be fairly active, but as Cyndi Lauper would say, Carl just wants to have fun. He’s one who heavily favours players like Sandra, which makes me think he’ll just be goofy the whole time and do enough to where he could float his way into the merge and potentially to a Final Four spot.

Beyond that? I don’t see Carl being aggressive enough or conniving enough to seal himself a spot in the Final 2, nor be good enough to win immunity in the final rounds. If Carl finds a competitive strategic edge, then we can talk about him winning.


He recently came back from a one-year ORG hiatus and has already collected another win a little more than a month after his return. Hooker will find more of a challenge this time when those who just played with him when he won will be sure to come after him and seek revenge. But you know what? Hooker is that good where everyone else may target him for a round or two then they don’t find him threatening whatsoever. If Hooker survives the first two TCs, I will go on record to say he will make Final 3 at the very least. Do I think he’ll win if in a Final 2? As long as one of the more villainous players picks up final immunity and lets their ego grow three sizes too big, Hooker can very well win. It also helps that there is already a slightly less experienced and slightly relatable person in this cast than Hooker, and his name happens to be Carl. Hooker is lucky that way.


Very few people in this cast will know Dave Bronson. He applied to be in this game from Sono’s camp. I could see him being dragged to 4th or 5th place. There’s no reason why people shouldn’t trust Dave, and I don’t think Dave will suck enough at challenges, nor blow up emotionally at others to send him home early. I am looking for him to be in the end game.


He’s never played an ORG but he is a professional salesman. Last time I checked, a salesman who never heard of Survivor did exceptionally well on TV. I don’t see how this would have any other effect in the ORG world. What I am interested in is how aggressive David goes to control his tribe or if he indeed takes a Heidik approach. I’m very curious.


He has played three ORGs. He quit one over halfway through, won another one, and finished runner-up in another. He is well acquainted with ORGers and non-ORGers alike. I have yet to hear anyone say anything exceptionally bad about Eamon. So what do I think will occur? Eamon will be a figurehead or a sidekick for a major alliance in this game. I don’t doubt that. He’ll make the merge and will either go to the end if his alliance has the majority or will be an early merge boot if his alliance turns out to be the minority.


Fede was set to be in the cast last season but procrastinated with his qualifying questionnaire and completely forgot to send it in. He tried again this season and is in the cast. I can never get a good read on Fede. I’ve seen him go deep in ORGs but that’s because he plays where his friends are. I don’t know if he’ll be successful with a group that he largely doesn’t know. It’s an older age group and a different demographic than he’s used to trying to befriend. Expect Fede to last into the second third of the game.


I will label him as the Aaron Frazee of the season. He is the 2nd youngest player and his best tool will be to shut up in challenges, work hard, and cheer on your tribe. What Francisco will find is that an aggressive player will appreciate this trait and incorporate him into their alliance. Then Francisco will have a buffer zone if that alliance fails and will buy time to find a new player who might approach him for a deal. Francisco needs to utilize these tools to go far, which I think he will.


One of few females in this cast. I think the ORGers will be after her head immediately and round up the new players to oust her. I think Jamie may fall prey to being the early threat and the others don’t want to have anything to do with her. If she survives, it’s because she forged an alliance with a fellow winning ORGer to reduce the chances of a non-winning ORGer-led coup d’etat of the multi-winners.


He is the hardest worker in challenges; he is the most aggressive. He’s a prime target for a late pre-merge or early post-merge boot. His reputation is built around his dominance in challenges. I don’t think this will be a group that will respond too kindly to Kevin though.

Kevin needs to work on his social game. If you can find a way to connect with people and you’re incredible in challenges, you may be able to build a cult of personality around you and carry that to the end. Do I think Kevin will do this? No. I think he’s destined to finish in the 10th to 12th range.


She is currently a popular person in the ORG world. There’s no denying that. There is going to need to be the presence of a power equivalent to Elvera to take out a personality such as hers. I’m predicting she makes top 8 regardless of which tribe she’s on, and if things go well for her, she can crack top 5. She’ll likely need an immunity run at the end because you’ll have to be crazy to take her with you to a Final Two.


Very opinionated person. She has fire that one. I think she’ll go home early. You’ll know where she stands immediately and I don’t think she’ll pick the right side which will quickly expose her as a sore thumb. If she does find a dominating alliance, and she explodes at people throughout the game, she will become a very popular choice to take to the Final Two. I don’t see any middle ground with Kristine. It’s not in her personality to be middle of the road and wishy washy.


This player is silent. No idea what to expect. I’ll just say he’s 8th and move on.


He seems to be quite excited about the game. Maybe he’ll pull a Mervin from last season and form a tight bond with a fellow Filipino to take extraordinarily deep in the game. Perhaps he’ll make it to 5th or 6th before his number is up? I don’t know. This is my gut instinct. Nobody will let another Marty-Mervin level of slaughtering take place for a second season in a row.


Very eager to play this game. He has never played an ORG before. I’d estimate there’s a 92% chance he’s a pre-merge boot. Something tells me he may fall to inactivity or not get involved or be in tune with the chaos to understand how to control it. He’s the youngest of the rookie players and is a very quiet person on PoS. I don’t see him being socially active to forge a connection that takes him into the merge. Perhaps a 14th or 15th place finish? I’d go with that.


This guy is very off-the-wall. He’s one who never finishes in any position on a consistent basis. He is in a prime position to be Kevin or Shyam’s sidekick. He won’t fade for a second. However, he does go inactive the odd time. I’m going to predict a 10th place finish just because I can.


Ah yes. He will be the figurehead of an alliance. I’m more certain about that than anything in this game. He is skilled enough to take control. However, his reputation is so strong that facing opposition will be inevitable. In the past, I’ve seen him go home from a purple rock in a TRIPLE TIEBREAKER DEADLOCK and another game where an unmerge twist had players from the opposing tribe choose who goes home to send him out of the game. Luckily, neither of those twists are planned so Shyam won’t have to worry about Lady Luck for once.


My goodness Wesley is a wildcard. He doesn’t  know and has yet to learn how to properly lead a loyal alliance. Wes needs to change his gears. He needs to learn how to be a good Yes Man. Because he is the youngest player in the cast, this is a prime strategy to use. If Shyam or Kevin or David come to you with an alliance, evaluate if they will dominate the game, then give them your undivided loyalty. That is how Wes will have the greatest chance of being in the winner’s circle.

However, if he goes inactive or pulls an unorthodox play at possessing a leadership role, he’ll be eliminated in three rounds or less. I guarantee it.

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