TUF 4 episode 11

Episode eleven:

Previously on TUF: Drago vs. Lutter today. Drago is described as Matt Serra’s protégé. What the heck? Why are they still making this the Matt Serra Show? That guy is done for the next two episodes until the finale. He must be exhausted from doing all of the confessionals.

– Recap time. This season has had

MCCARTHY: Shonie needs a sponsourship from a oil company because he slipped out of Serra’s holds.

GIDEON: If Serra was knocked out by that spinning backfist, I think he would have slit both of his wrists.

– Spratt’s equipment was hidden inside the wall. Pete is thinking about removing a box outside and wants to run through the wall.

– Mikey puts on swimming goggles crouching to think about running through the wall. We see him run through two times. On the second tackle he bounced off a stud. There was blood on the wall. It would be hilarious if it wasn’t Mikey’s blood. He runs from an even further distance. Mikey ran halfway across the kitchen and jumps really high. He does it a fourth time  but didn’t jump at all; he merely ran into the wall.

– That ruckus ends. They sit down to watch the third season finale. They are shouting and cheering wildly. It’s Kendall Grove’s fight. Everyone thinks they will learn so much from it and see the light at the end of the tunnel.

– The next day we see the bruises on Mikey and how torn the wall is. They trace his outline with a pencil on the wall and drew a smiley face on the circle in the wall. This is what happens when twelve of the sixteen fighters are done for the season.

– Weigh-in time? We must go fifteen minutes. Lutter weighs in nude at 185.5. The tricks of cutting weight in camp. Dana believes Lutter will win the fight and Drago will pay for giving Cote the easier opponent.

– Liddell comes in to coach Drago. The sport is so young. There is a ton that fighters can continue to learn. Liddell is far too excited to coach. No wonder Liddell’s team dominates season one.

– Gideon yells at McCarthy for drinking his special milk because Gideon does not drink cow milk but McCarthy does. He is counting down the days.

– Shonie is showing everyone his card tricks. He is the master of tossing cards. The guys are frustrated they are not good enough so they throw paper plates and oranges at Shonie.

– Rich comes in to tape a paper box on Mikey’s head. It is war time. They are tossing everything they can find including–wait for it–twinkies. That is when you know s— gets real. Ice cream was thrown too. Edwin says it was a blast. I thought this crap got old when you are five years old.

– Lutter is running alone. Nobody on his team helps him out even though he is the ONLY guy to win. Everyone on No Love are sleeping in and not training because they are all losers evidently.

– That no-named coach who has been around all season is training with Lutter in an empty facility. He calls for Lutter to knock Drago with a right hand.

– COACH: This will be the showstopper. It will be decided by who wants it more.

Well, that’s uh, real insightful.

– Fight day. They are getting taped up. Shadow boxing.


TRAVIS: I care the least out of anyone in the house. There is a saying that he who cares the least wins. So I’ll win.

What the heck? My ears are clean I swear.

– My guess is Lutter wins this in round two. Big John our referee.

– They circle. Drago fires the first punch. Drago fires again and Lutter is ready to counter. Ugh, these two are wearing the exact same coloured shorts (black with a white stripe on each side) and both have tattoos. Ugh. Lutter takes Drago down and is on top. Serra is shouting for Drago to believe in his jiu jitsu. Lutter is in half mount. He robs Drago of using the fence for leverage. Lutter is working Drago’s body. Travis has side control. He spins around grabbing wrists until he has north-south. Drago nearly escapes but Lutter counters by getting into side control. Lutter snatches Drago’s right wrist and stretching it. Drago reels the wrist in. Lutter finds himself in half mount. Drago turns to his corner to hear advice. This fight is now in slow motion. Big John calls for action. Lutter moves around into side control. He is grabbing hard on Drago’s left arm. When Lutter sees this is not working he opts to soften Drago up with some punches. Thirty seconds. I see blood! Lutter has cut Drago’s right eyebrow with elbows. Longest bloodless streak in UFC history is over. End of round one. Lutter won that easily.

– Corner time. It lasts about thirty seconds. Why so much time spent on the corners? Round two commences. Touch gloves. Drago fires several punches until he goes into clinch against Serra’s advice. Lutter eases Drago onto the ground. Half mount for Lutter. I don’t think Drago has pulled guard all match. Not too many strikes for either fighter fighter. Same position. Big John calls to work harder. Some elbows by Drago. Lutter stands up to advance into full mount. It fails. Drago has butterfly guard. For about two seconds. Lutter gets half mount. Smothering by Lutter. He is bringing down some harsher punches. Lutter looking for kimora. Oh boy this is close to a submission. Drago regains control of his wrist. Serra says Lutter is gasing out. However this is a lie because Lutter slips into side control no problem. Nothing worth reporting. Serra’s shouting has more energy than Drago. Lutter is doing the bare minimum to prevent this fight from standing up. Travis has Drago’s left arm wrapped tighter than his previous submission attempts. But he gives it up. End of round two. Serra is screaming at Drago that Lutter is tired. That may be true because Lutter refuses to sit up. Serra says Drago does not have an marks. Apparently blood around your chin does not count as a mark.

– Round three. They stay completely still for eight seconds until Travis shoots in and takes Drago down. They are parallel to the fence. Lutter has half mount. What else is new? One minute in. Two minutes in. They have not moved an inch. Position has not changed. Stand them up McCarthy. As I type that McCarthy stands them up. They are in the centre of the octagon. Lutter charges in immediately and struggles for about ten seconds until he has side control. Drago is unable to be remotely competitive in those clinches and has zero takedown defense. Weak push-off attempt by Drago that Serra heralds as working but I see as being pathetic. Lutter continues his elbows mixed in with hammer fists. Drago’s head is against the cage. One minute left. Lutter is desperately wanting full mount but is pushed into full guard. Sadly this is Drago’s best position all fight. Lutter swings back into side control. Worst fight of the season. No question. Lutter by a score of 30-25.

– Fight recap. Drago wanted to land a punch. Lutter says he worked jabs until he took him down. I would add ‘rinse and repeat’. Dana is glum. They say the same things about round two and round three.

COUTURE: Travis took Pete down and rode him like a cheap suit.

That does not make any sense in the least.

– Serra keeps rambling about how Drago had heart and never quit. Drago says one of the other fighters quit after the fight and is a f—ing p–sy for crying yet Drago himself is quitting.

– Dana pops in to say Drago will be tougher and needs more experience to become much better in this force and be a big name.

– Forrest Griffin appears out of NOWHERE to congratulate Lutter. No introduction. No explanation. Griffin is in there for that lone shot and is never seen nor heard from again.

– Next time on TUF: The craziness in the house gets an all-time high. DeWees and Cote battle in the semi-final fight. Which silent character will break into the finale?

1) Edwin DeWees vs. Gideon Ray (As Dexter said in the hotel room during season one: “So much blood. . .so much blood”. I have seen some blood baths in the UFC but that fight should be PVR’d by John McCain. Anybody who is advocating against the UFC needs to show this fight to those on the fence and they will agree to ban UFC once and for all. The fight makes history for being the first to go to sudden victory which means five fewer minutes of showing promotional crap leading up to the fight or redundant s— in the house. It helps that both fighters are even and seeing DeWees overcome bleeding out a quarter of his body was impressive.

2) Chris Lytle vs. Pete Spratt (The short and sweet fights need to be sprinkled in any season of TUF. Lytle picks up the first submission as he uses a rare armpit choke to gain the victory. How many armpit chokes can you claim to witnessing? Go ahead. I’ll be here waiting.

3) Din Thomas vs. Mikey Burnett (Mikey “Nothing Bothers Me-But What Bothers Me” Burnett’s return to the octagon. Seven years! It was neat to see old school fight competitively against new school. It turned out to be old school’s striking vs. new school’s ground game. Din was getting hit but Mikey was made a fool on the ground. Both wished to bring the game into their realm and Din succeeded. A slick triangle choke gives him the win and earns himself a decent slot in this fight ranking.)

4) Mr. International vs. Rich Clementi (Season premiere fights are typically a dud, or in the case of Kenny from TUF 2, they don’t happen at all. This one is the first to break the disappointment streak. These two were even and had some good exchanges during the fight. This battle neither excelled nor failed, and is a great way for viewers to orient themselves and look forward to seeing what the season has in store. Also, International nearly tops Leben’s urination and drunkenness for most outrageous season premiere. Nearly. Urine trumps cubic zirconia when it comes to TUF. Sorry Shonie, but I don’t make the rules.)

5) Mr. International vs. Matt Serra (A six year re-match in the making. International dominates the stand-up while Serra dominates the ground game. Both fighters were fighting for position in every second of that fight. The only points taken away from this fight is a rather lacklustre third round. That is a reality of fighting in the UFC when you go full throttle in the first two rounds. Although Matt Serra says I can’t have an opinion on that because I have never personally fought in the UFC.)

6) Patrick Cote vs. Jorge Rivera (Arguably two of the biggest names in the house square off. Cote’s upward kick was pretty neat. Neither fighter was imposing their will entirely on the other. Although Cote was the clear winner there were several times where Jorge was very much in the fight. Add in the fact that I liked both fighters prior to this fight and you have a match that delivers quite well. They were both very good on the ground.)

7) Scott Smith vs. Travis Lutter (It’s not a bad fight. A textbook rear naked choke in a little over a minute won’t go down as being too memorable. If this were season two I believe this fight would be near the top for pre-finale fights. However, this season has put up excellent match-ups that this fight had too much of an expectation for it to avoid the bottom. Good on Lutter for faking that punch. Great technique.)

8) Matt Serra vs. Pete Spratt (This fight was one-sided. Luckily it ended after four minutes because Spratt was not doing crap. It would be higher if Serra advanced position faster.)

9) Pete Sell vs. Charles McCarthy (These guys were not the most conditioned of fighters. They were moving progressively slower as the fight went on and were too willing to take it to the ground and stall. There were some close submissions. A sudden victory round is great but not too great when the fighters have nothing more than thirty seconds worth of fight in them. This is one of the best seasons for fights if this is the worst fight as of episode six. Gotta love McCarthy’s farewell that was essentially cut short for time. It reminds me of a Survivor contestant’s cut-off final words.)

10) Chris Lytle vs. Din Thomas (One of the least beat up I have seen two non-heavyweights exit a fight. They threw plenty of strikes but none of them appeared to have an impact and few connected. They were restarted three times during the fight. Nobody worked for position on the ground to be in either half mount, side control, or full mount. You could tell these were two friends in combat.

11) Pete Sell vs. Travis Lutter (But this fight was the worst. I doubt any of the remaining three fights this season can be worse than this one. There was nothing to it except takedowns by Lutter then laying and praying. No strikes unlike Lytle and Thomas. The only upside is Lutter went for two or three submissions in fifteen minutes. Sell did nothing to counter it. Worst fight of the season.)









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