TUF 4 episode 6

Episode six:

Previously on TUF: Din and Mikey fought. Spratt came back. Mr. International provided entertainment. Matt Serra caught up to Leben’s confessional pace from season one. Team No Love is currently 1-4. Not much else to report. I think Mr. International is the only one making the House bearable. How long is it until someone dares another person to “treat me like a b—”? Six seasons? Too long of a wait.

– We are reminded Din won by triangle choke. Jorge comments Mikey threw some great hooks but Din dodges him. International points out the smooth contact punch that Din landed. Camera cuts to someone hanging upside-down on an inverse table.

– Charles is crying on a stationary bike after Mikey lost.

– Serra gives him the nickname of Captain Miserable. Well, editing makes us think Serra created the nickname. We are shown a montage of Charles saying “I don’t f—ing care” and “it doesn’t f—ing matter” with the sourest face possible. It ends with him whining about a chicken that is hard to cut. No joke.

– In the grocery list someone wrote down “Charles McCarthy’s personality” as one of the items. Charles is furious and matches up the handwriting with someone named Drago. It takes me a couple minutes but Drago is Pete Sell. Drago insists it wasn’t him, which is true, and leads Charles to leave the issue alone. Mr. International brags in a confessional that he was the one who did it. BAM! Point Shonie. He kept the bragging to a minimum. He only wrote it down for McCarthy to lighten up. Now McCarthy and Drago have a beef. Well, Drago says they have beef.

– Jorge and Charles hate Mojo’s mind games. Supposedly the mind games are worse for Jorge because his wife is about to have a baby. You earn no sympathy if you’re not about to be a father, Charles. Randy comes in to bring in a cell phone courtesy of amp’d so he can see his kid.

– Damn that cell phone sucks. My 4-year-old RazR cell phone has a better screen than that crappy phone.

– Gym meeting. Dana says a new coach is coming in. There’s shadows as he exits the door but it is indeed Rich Franklin. He’s a guest which means he is here for one week.

– The match-up is Charles vs. Pete “Drago” Sell. My prediction is McCarthy leaves this episode for how blatantly negative and whiny he has been portrayed. Drago meanwhile has been quieter.

– A few fighters comment on how impressive it was for Franklin to fight with a broken hand for three rounds (The Loiseau title fight). Charles proceeds to introduce himself. He went to school for social engineering and now he wants to accomplish the dream of being in the UFC.

– Dana says McCarthy is 9-4 and fought only once in the UFC. He came in the tunnel crying and was matched up against David Loiseau for UFC 53. Charles was extremely close to choking him out. In round two Loiseau lands a spinning heel kick to the liver. Beautiful form. That’s why Loiseau got a title shot. Charles needs some serious redemption.

– We are shown Charles saying he’s ready then loses his balance on the mat and crashes into a treadmill.

– Drago says he was in a neighbourhood and would get shot at every now and then. His mom told him he had his hands up like a fighter from birth. Quite the family. In UFC 51, Drago fought Phil Baroni. Three weeks notice. Phil won the first two rounds. In round three Baroni took Drago down. Drago wraps himself around until he put Baroni into a guillotine. Joe Rogan screams about it being an unbelievable upset. The only person in the UFC to submit Baroni to this day. In UFC F N 1 he fought Nate Quarry from TUF 1. Quarry knocked out Drago with one punch, but Drago was still conscious. The idiot Cecil Peoples was on top of Quarry and Drago in the infamous orgy position yelling at both of them that the fight is stopped. Cecil has been ridiculously passive and annoying as a referee.

– Promo time.


Young guys who haven’t fought much. The least experienced combined fight thus far. Where’s Shonie’s 100 fights?

– Mazzagatti our referee.

– They circle for ten seconds. Drago feints a few times with a punch. McCarthy lands a knee and Drago counters with a Punchout!! Like uppercut that barely misses. McCarthy is grabbing Drago’s ankle while McCarthy is on the ground and Drago is standing. Drago releases his ankle from Charles’ grip and turns around to reign down some HEAVY punches. Charles is covering up in a pathetic fashion on his stomach. Drago is trying to snag McCarthy for the punches to have more impact but it fails. The pace slows down. McCarthy rotates for Drago to be in Charles’ guard. Drago is struggling to pass into side control. Very unusual position on the ground right now. Drago passes into side control. Charles successfully circles around until both are crouched against the cage. Drago is in a more dominant position in the clinch and tosses McCarthy to the floor. Very odd position. Drago has his butt on Charles’ face and his knee is across Charles’ chest.  Drago squeezes in a few punches into the side. Charles doesn’t like it and is flipping around. Ten seconds left. Drago has Charles’ crouched back and lets Drago fire punch after punch until the end of round. Clear round victory for Drago.

– Round two. They touch gloves rather low. Weak arm for Drago? Charles and Drago come in with a couple punches. Drago takes an opportunity to snag Charles’ head and is in textbook guillotine position. It must not be tight enough because Charles hasn’t submitted for around thirty seconds. Charles tears his head out and is in Drago’s guard. Serra is reminding Drago to breathe. Charles wants side control but a leg is caught between Drago’s legs. Drago looks comfortable. Charles grabs Drago’s left arm and is trying to stretch it for an Americana. McCarthy needs to get his legs wrapped around Drago’s right arm in order to ensure he can stretch Drago’s left arm. Serra is warning Drago that this is McCarthy’s specialty move. Charles loosens up his grip but tempts Drago to lead to a full mount of Drago. Charles advances into having his legs wrapped around Drago’s right arm and trying to stretch Drago’s left. But Drago bounces him off for Charles to be in side control. Plenty of inaction towards the end of the round.

– People think it should go to sudden victory. We get our wish and we have another sudden victory round. How did this not happen more in each of the first three seasons? Or at all?

– Both fighters are tired. Thirty seconds in and Drago is carefully picking his flurries. Charles is packing nothing into his punch. Drago should be flat out aggressive standing and he will win the fight. Drago lands a wicked uppercut. He fires a straight that is only partially blocked by Charles. Drago has Charles against the fence and landing several punches. Drago backs away in an ugly fashion and Charles charges in for a takedown but Drago is on top. Someone is bleeding. Drago has half mount. Gideon shouts that Drago is bleeding. Drago has been on top for about a minute. He is smothering Charles. Side control! Ten seconds later and Drago lazily enters full mount. He fires several punches until he swings to get Charles’ back. He fails to snag Charles’ arm for a submission. Serra shouts that Charles will rotate to get on top and as he says it that is what happens. Drago has Charles’ arm locked between his legs but Charles re-arranges himself to rotate and have Drago’s arm between his legs. They are moving in slow motion and do nothing for the rest of the fight. End of round three. Not the greatest fight. Poor conditioning.

– McCarthy says in round one when Drago swooped in was because Charles thought his own knee popped and was worried. Round two is won by Charles because Drago was too relaxed and let Charles to take control.

– Dana says it’s a unanimous decision in favour of Drago. Charles says it’s the first time he made it past the second round. He wanted to go further and suddenly the episode ends.

– Next time on TUF: Charles is a miserable f— and everyone makes fun of him for it. And Matt Serra will fight Pete Spratt.

It seems the storyline of Team No Love rallying against Team Mojo has been rendered irrelevant in the past couple episodes. Mojo must continue to steamroll them as the record is 5-1 in favour of Mojo. The victorious Lutter, Second Chance Spratt, and Jorge Rivera is all that remains. My confident prediction is that Spratt loses to Serra but Rivera defeats Cote quickly.

This episode was pretty much about the conflict surrounding McCarthy’s negativity, his accusations of Drago, and Drago being ready to whoop McCarthy. Serra falls out of the running for beating Leben’s confessional record. Cote meanwhile has a lousy one confessional. This is surprising because this is the second cast to not exceed sixteen participants, but understandable given there has been two 15-minute fights and one fight that has gone to decision. 15-minute fights, plus promo prior to fight, in-between round banter, previously on TUF segment, next time on TUF segment, and editors are then put into a position to choose fewer people to show.

I am taking it to the bank. Spratt and Cote are next two out. Rivera and Serra have simply been too important since episode one to be eliminated by such minor characters. I think Serra and Rivera will both be in the finals.

1) Edwin DeWees vs. Gideon Ray (As Dexter said in the hotel room during season one: “So much blood. . .so much blood”. I have seen some blood baths in the UFC but that fight should be PVR’d by John McCain. Anybody who is advocating against the UFC needs to show this fight to those on the fence and they will agree to ban UFC once and for all. The fight makes history for being the first to go to sudden victory which means five fewer minutes of showing promotional crap leading up to the fight or redundant s— in the house. It helps that both fighters are even and seeing DeWees overcome bleeding out a quarter of his body was impressive.

2) Chris Lytle vs. Pete Spratt (The short and sweet fights need to be sprinkled in any season of TUF. Lytle picks up the first submission as he uses a rare armpit choke to gain the victory. How many armpit chokes can you claim to witnessing? Go ahead. I’ll be here waiting.

3) Din Thomas vs. Mikey Burnett (Mikey “Nothing Bothers Me-But What Bothers Me” Burnett’s return to the octagon. Seven years! It was neat to see old school fight competitively against new school. It turned out to be old school’s striking vs. new school’s ground game. Din was getting hit but Mikey was made a fool on the ground. Both wished to bring the game into their realm and Din succeeded. A slick triangle choke gives him the win and earns himself a decent slot in this fight ranking.)

4) Mr. International vs. Rich Clementi (Season premiere fights are typically a dud, or in the case of Kenny from TUF 2, they don’t happen at all. This one is the first to break the disappointment streak. These two were even and had some good exchanges during the fight. This battle neither excelled nor failed, and is a great way for viewers to orient themselves and look forward to seeing what the season has in store. Also, International nearly tops Leben’s urination and drunkenness for most outrageous season premiere. Nearly. Urine trumps cubic zirconia when it comes to TUF. Sorry Shonie, but I don’t make the rules.)

5) Scott Smith vs. Travis Lutter (It’s not a bad fight. A textbook rear naked choke in a little over a minute won’t go down as being too memorable. If this were season two I believe this fight would be near the top for pre-finale fights. However, this season has put up excellent match-ups that this fight had too much of an expectation for it to avoid the bottom. Good on Lutter for faking that punch. Great technique.)

6) Pete Sell vs. Charles McCarthy (These guys were not the most conditioned of fighters. They were moving progressively slower as the fight went on and were too willing to take it to the ground and stall. There were some close submissions. A sudden victory round is great but not too great when the fighters have nothing more than thirty seconds worth of fight in them. This is one of the best seasons for fights if this is the worst fight as of episode six. Gotta love McCarthy’s farewell that was essentially cut short for time. It reminds me of a Survivor contestant’s cut-off final words.)









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