TUF 4 episode 2

Episode 2

Previously on TUF:16 has-beens and have unofficially retired and ended their careers. Shonie and Matt once fought but instead they are close partners training together. We’re shown the same confessional about Matt expressing revenge over getting spinning backfisted to unconsciousness. Personally I’d brag if that happened to me. We advance to Matt not getting his wish and Shonie beating up on Rich Clementi to win. It is revealed that this is indeed Team Mo Joe who is in control and will pick which person from Team No Love will fight. Can fighters think in more than two syllables?

– I bet Dana will be the first to speak.

– We’re reminded Shonie won. The distinct Scott Smith talks about how well Rich did at first in the fight. Edwin jumps in to say nobody bullies Shonie or puts Baby in the corner. Matt references his fight with Shonie once again and how tough Shonie is to submit. Two middleweights with confessionals? I assume Scott or Edwin will fight this round.

– Shonie admits to Matt being a very helpful corner man. Matt quotes Shamrock from TUF 3 saying “We got the hammer!”

– Dana says that because injuries are even more likely this season than the injury laden first three seasons because of how much more vicious these bad boy fighters are. Rich thinks that’s super cool.

– SERRA-SERRA-SERRA-SERRA-SERRA. They’re talking around the fire about the match-ups. They found Shonie’s journal where Shonie drew a chart writing up all the match-ups for the rest of the tournament. It is very elaborate and bookwormy for someone who is supposed to be a pimp daddy.

– They confront Shonie about it the next day. He doesn’t have much of a reaction to it. Just Mr. International at his finest.

– Charles talks about needing to be prepared because Team Mo Joe doesn’t reveal who the match-ups will be. It’s the only disadvantage to not having control of who fights who, I s’pose. I bet some people on Mo Joe are relaxing.

– No Love is taking the day off. (What logic is that if you don’t know if you will be fighting the next day or not?) GSP says they’re lazy. Meanwhile

– Shonie sings the match-up. He says ‘Charles McCarthyyyyy’ then says ‘Charles McCarthyyyyyyy move to the back of the line’. They followed the way Ortiz treated Ed Herman. It turns out it’s Gideon Ray. Everyone makes fun of Charles for not moving back behind the line. Everyone thinks he crapped his pants judging by the reaction on his face. Everyone has fun imitating Shonie. Pete Sell says he laughed his balls off.

– Gideon explains he’s been in MMA for awhile. In UFC 51 he fought David Loiseau. Gideon took the fight against The Crow on FOUR days notice. Considering David has fought for the title and is considered to be the second best in middleweight at the time is a huge debut. We see highlights of David smashing Gideon’s head open.

– In UFC 57 he fought Mike Swick from TUF 1. Mike Quick Swick knocked him out within seconds. Another future title contender. Thus, Gideon’s record is 0-4. He thought the Swick fight was stopped too early. Trust me it wasn’t stopped too early. I recall that fight.

– Edwin’s turn to talk about how much he loved about UFC. While Gideon got into it because of Bruce Lee movies, Edwin says he has a general love for it. Edwin wants to get a submission after he beats up his opponent. He is also 0-2 in UFC.

– Edwin’s UFC debut was against Rich Franklin. It’s Franklin’s second fight. Edwin took Franklin down early in the fight. Dana says Franklin is the most dominant middleweight in the world. I have a hunch Dana will say otherwise very very soon. More highlights of Franklin beating up Edwin until referee stoppage. Edwin doesn’t think he was hurt. LOL.

– Other fight was UFC F N 2 against TUF 1 alumni Chris Leben (is TUF 1 good or what?). Leben pulls on a rare submission on DeWees after DeWees seemed to have a fighting chance in the fight. Dana re-emphasizes that Franklin is the greatest middleweight fighter in the world.

– Fight time. No weigh-ins? Really?


Please note that Edwin is only 23. That’s right. 23 years old and has 43 fights. Not something you see too often anymore.

– Herb Dean is our referee. Time for our fight paid for by Old Spice. I predict Gideon wins. Matt Serra continues to be the loudest voice in the room. Gideon gets excited after landing a kick. Edwin misses with a few wild kicks. They dance. Oh, we’ve got a collision. Couple of slaps by each until they get into a clinch against the cage. Edwin takes Gideon to the ground. He is in Gideon’s full guard. Advances to half mount against the fence. This fight might be over quickly.

Matt keeps calling Edwin ‘Bam Bam’. He’s going out of his way to call Edwin ‘bam bam’. Edwin has Gideon in full mount. Gideon pushes him off and Edwin jumps back  into half mount. Bam Bam is cranking Gideon’s wrist. Gideon gets out of it but the price is full mount then side mount. Half mount. Edwin guides Gideon to the fence. Full mount until he hits Gideon up with punches. Then Gideon gives his back. They turn back again where Edwin is simultaneously choking and punching Gideon in full mount. Gideon pulls a WWF reversal and is in Edwin’s full guard. They jockey for position until Edwin locks his legs around Gideon’s neck and is searching for a wrist to yank. Gideon gets out then jumps back in. Time up. End of round one.

– They touch gloves. Note that Rich is in Gideon’s corner. He has a loser coaching him. My goodness. Edwin starts by doing a superman punch that partially lands. Edwin is landing a lot of hits in the first thirty seconds. Gideon counters with a flurry of his own that forces Edwin to duck his head and wander aimlessly. They both re-group where Edwin takes Gideon to the ground. We’re in the familiar position of Edwin controlling Gideon on the ground. Gideon has a full guard at the very least. Matt calls for shoulder pressure. Edwin obliges. Half mount. Gideon is exhausted. Edwin’s forehead is CUT. It’s like an artery sputtering wildly. You would think Edwin dyed his hair blood red like he was Chris Leben. Play resumes in half guard after doctors say he should be fine. Edwin’s forhead is a FAUCET. His head is SMOTHERED in blood. I haven’t seen anything like it since a couple of bloodbaths I saw a while ago in UFC. His hair is about 75% blood. Herb Dean once again pauses the fight. Doctors say he’s fine because he can still see. Thank goodness the cut is nowhere near the eye. It’s the top of the forehead. Gideon and Edwin stand up and trade. Edwin looks explicitly paranoid about his bloodstream as 90% of rational human beings would be too. Gideon has a huge advantage. Edwin takes it to the ground. Gideon swoops in with a wild punch on Edwin as he enters Edwin’s guard. Edwin looks for a wrist but Gideon yanks himself out. Ten seconds left. Rich screams for Gideon to go another round.

– Everyone shouts for one more round. If this goes one more round I believe Gideon will win. Edwin has faltered since 10% of the blood in his body exited his body.

– Dana announces the first ever sudden victory round. Amazing.

– Gideon pulls out a backward karate kick but misses and falls. Edwin decides to go for Gideon’s guard. The blood is POURING out. It has a clear trail. Edwin is reigning down elbows. He goes from full guard to initiating side mount. Herb calls for a clean break. I would be calling for doctors to check out that cut too. Fight resumes in half guard and that blood is right back on cue. If there was a 100% blood meter on-screen, it’d be half empty at this point. I am not Bsing you. Gideon holds around Edwin’s back as Edwin is in full mount. He once again uses his body to smash Gideon’s head into the ground a few times. This was the same move he pulled midway through round one. He gets in a few more head smashes. Gideon is unable to get out. Gideon may be the first fighter to end by doctor stoppage because of somebody else’s blood in his eyes. That’d be hilarious. Edwin is in side control. He reigns down some knees into Gideon’s side. After a couple knees it’s time for Edwin to switch back into full mount. Gideon is holding out for doctor stoppage it seems. Tricep slams by Edwin. Half mount. Edwin is breaking down some knees. Gideon finally reverses it and is in Edwin’s guard. Gideon is half standing hoping to power up some boxing punches into Edwin’s stomach and bring down Charlie Horses into Edwin’s legs. Gideon has a HUGE punch into Edwin’s face at the end that lands. End of third round.

– Everyone takes to narrating the fight. Edwin is narrating it himself? So is Gideon? Dana thinks only an experienced fighter can cover up his cut with one hand and combat with the other hand.

– Gideon believes he has never cut someone that badly before, and thus was shocked that isn’t a fight which gets stopped. Next time do it closer to the eye.

Next time on TUF: The fighters will watch Matt Hughes cream Royce Gracie.









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