This Blog Will Resume Shortly

The end of my university year ends shortly (April 11th-15thish). In case you’re wondering why this blog has been silent for nearly a month, please understand that this has been a very hectic month of schooling. I have three essays, a novel to write, novels to read, a presentation, and a couple of assignments and an article that is all due between now and April 15th. I’m only writing this entry now as I attempt to avoid writing an essay. As soon as April 15th is here you better believe this blog will be back in full force. From April to September you will once again see the bulk of my blogging for the year.

Here is what lies ahead:

1) Main project — Finish ranking TAR 4. Last month I had two episodes to go. This will be the first thing I finish when the school year ends.

2) SupaCooWackyLand season 2 is four rounds away from finishing. In fact, this will likely be the first set of blog posts that you’ll see posted because the contestants will be anxiously waiting to see who won. They’ll demand I post all of the confessionals, blogs, and Tribal Councils before I can do anything else.

3) I will rank TUF after each season of TAR. As you know I don’t put in as much time and effort into ranking TUF so we can get back to the TAR seasons faster.

4) I have been stockpiling games over the past couple months thanks to eBay. I have Mega Man 1-10 and Mega Man X-X6 after buying up the two collections. Expect these to be the “off-the-wall” fun ranking I do every once in a while.

5) Posting my third and final season of Super Smash Bros tournaments that I did a few years ago.

6) Post the other nine WWF Royal Rumble tournaments that I did over a 4-5 year period in high school.

7) Rank the second and third seasons of Big Brother.

8) Finish my Street Fighter character rankings that was neglected as of October for me to focus on school as well as my primary TAR blogging and SCWL season 1 hosting. With school done I can have much more fun with it.

9) I have been trying to buy Final Fantasies V and VI. Any copies I have found online are too expensive and Wii’s Virtual Console has neglected to release them. Therefore, I’ll only rank the first four seasons of Final Fantasy for the time being.

Sadly, I think I will have no problem accomplishing this by September given how much I was able to do from September to February when I was in university full time. No school = A LOT more time for me to rank pointless s—.

So there you have it.

By the way: TUF series has officially ended. When season 14/15 finished they changed the next season’s name to TUF Live season 1. So a new franchise is born, and thank god I won’t have a million TUF seasons to rank.

P.S. WordPress has told me readers from over TWENTY countries have been reading my blog. Greetings my fans from Czech Republic!

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