The Ultimate Fighter 3 Ranking episode six

Episode six
Rory Singer 1
Kendall Grove 4
Danny 5
Light Heavyweights
Matt Hammill 9
Michael Bisping 13
Noah Inhofer 4
Josh Haynes 5
Ed Herman 4
Kalib Starnes 3
Light Heavyweights
Mike Nickels 6
Tait Fletcher 8

– Previously on TUF: Rory won, the coaches almost exchanged blows, and Matt is overzealous with his sparring from a few weeks ago. Hmmmm, I wonder what  will be mentioned?

– We review the fight from last week and praise Ortiz’s coaching ability. Dana comes back from his absence and states Ken isn’t doing his best. Hmmm. Maybe he’s willing to bury ken’s edit after all.

– Everyone hates the deaf guy. Hammill tries to do takedowns without his hands which annoys everyone else on his team and views it as cocky. Hammill strikes king poses after he shows a teammate a move. They hide his steak as retaliation for not wanting to show his wrestling moves and refusing to use hands in doing takedowns.

– Ortiz talks about how Hammill is probably the best fighter here. They share the idea of only training for six months before each of their first MMA fights.

– We are told Matt and Danny have a friendship. Although Matt says “it’s more than a friendship.” O.O

– Hammill is told he was being cocky. He thought saying he was king was a joke and apologizes to the others.

– The apology does nothing. Bisping spars with him harder. Kendall decided to punch him back harder and give him a kick to head. Hammill is rattled to the point the goes to the hospital. However, nothing bad is found.

– Fletcher and Mike spar to the point it’s full contact because they think the training was too soft. Eventually Fletcher blows up at Ken and criticizes him as “you’re the hall of famer, you should know how to train us.”

– Danny makes Hammill a sandwich at his request despite the hospital saying there’s nothing wrong with The Hammer. Everyone makes fun of this for the next minute. Nobody said anything exceptionally funny except Kalib who wants Danny to rub his back and belly and tell him everything is fine.

– Everyone complains about family. Naturally this must mean that they will call home before the episode ends. It’s been six weeks in the house. Their schedule is much longer than

– Fight announcement.
KEN: What’s up sweetheart?

Dana isn’t here. He’s in Canada doing PR. Tito holds the meeting. Josh will fight Tait Fletcher.

– Fletcher and Ken bury the hatchet and train together in the octagon. Meanwhile Tito explains how Josh is good despite being the last pick.

– A mystery envelope is found in the gym. Noah finds it and puts it in someone’s bag. We’re all told to ignore this as everyone enters the van and talks about disconnect with the family.

– Bisping wraps toilet paper around his hands and punches as many guts as possible. The house decides to toilet paper Noah’s bed as a joke. He comes by and barely acknowledges. They notice something is amiss and that they wonder what his letter was about.

– We find out it’s bad enough that Noah has to go home.

– Or is it? Noah explains pictures were posted on the Internet that he is being accused of cheating on his girlfriend. Everyone is annoyed because when asked “At least it’s not as bad as your parents being dead” and his response “I guess it could be worse” shows major immaturity.

– Dana is called to the house saying how Noah is freaking out. They chat outside in the backyard.

DANA: You don’t think everyone else in this house wants to make a phone call right now?
NOAH: You come here you push your body, you’re asked to be away from your family and loved ones
DANA: That’s what we’re looking for. We’re looking for bad mothaf—ers who want to fight!
DANA (confessional): I’m not a d—head. If his mom was sick, if his dad was sick, his aunt, his uncle, his grandparents, his wife, his kids, by all means he’d be able to make a phone call.
DANA: How long have you been dating this girl?
NOAH: Regardless of how long. . .
DANA: Well then that’s your call, bro.
DANA (confessional): His girlfriend that he’s been dating for six months is upset because  he thinks he cheated on her. . . (chuckles) I don’t give a f—.
DANA: Here’s the thing. Your girl is not in any danger. You’re alright.
NOAH: I’m in danger! I’m in danger of losing somebody that I would give the world for!
DANA: Yeah, you are giving up the world for her.
NOAH: That is a decision I am 100% willing to make.
DANA (confessional): I mean, yeah we’ve all been there in that situation he’s been before. But we were eighteen!
DANA: You’re going in the semis. And that’s f—ing huge.
NOAH: I can’t be here what I’m thinking. Not eating. Not sleeping. And still keep my s— together. When it’s been hard as hell since day one.
DANA: So you’re telling me right now you wanna leave?
NOAH: No, I want a phone call.
DANA: You’re not making a  phone call. You have two choices. Screw your head on and focus why you came here and what you’re here to do. And win in the semi-finals. If that’s that important to you then we’ll fly out of here.
NOAH: I’m ready to go.
DANA: Pack your bags.

– So that’s it. He drives off in a SUV.

–  Dana calls everyone to the gym to tell them what happened.
DANA: I get called as soon as I get home from Toronto. I find out Noah is freaking out. Apparently his girlfriend heard from somebody that he cheated on her. He’s been dating this girl for six f—ing months.
(Cue mass giggling and shocked looks.)
BISPING: I never asked I just assumed he’d been dating her for a lot longer.
KALIB: If she really cared about him he’d wait til he gets home in two weeks.
KENDALL: We assumed he was dating her for years. Big a– dunce on my head. He played us for fools.  His girlfriend is probably banging his best friend in South Dakota.

– Noah quit. Since he was in the semis someone needs to be brought back in. The episode ends with the door being opened. Shamrock is happy. Tito isn’t. I guess someone from Green Power is being re-introduced.

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