Big Brother Rankings (Big Brother 2000)

Big Brother 2000 (season 1)

Believe it or not, I tried working my way through the BB seasons over the course of last summer. Evidently, I only got through 2 1/3 seasons before I started writing a bit more consistently for this blog, then third year of university started, then I started watching anime, Tina Fey, and MMA. It’s the winning rhyming combination. Naturally, there are only 24 hours in a day and if you mix in me spending 50+ hours at a university campus per week, one of these shows has to be inevitably dropped. Big Brother was the one to get the shaft.

So why in the world am I ranking this now? Because I want to post my thoughts before I forget most of what happened, and to me this is one of the most interesting seasons of a show to air that nobody remembers despite its series heading  into its thirteenth year.

Ninety percent of people who are reading this probably never saw the first season. In fact, the first season has so little in common with the other twelve seasons that I think it’s virtually impossible for people to like both formats unless they are the extreme of the casual viewers. When you compare the game from seasons two to thirteen everyone likely says that Big Brother just isn’t the same. However, if you compare season one to season two and compare seasons two and twelve next to it, you will find a much larger gap between the first two seasons.


– There was one one-hour  recap episode, one live eviction episode, and four half-hour episodes per week.

– The game lasts 88 days. Over the next ten years the length of the game would drop from 82 down to 75 days. An extra six to thirteen days may not seem like much but when you are pumping out six episodes per week it makes all the difference.

– There were only ten players cast compared to the typical fourteen or fifteen that we see nowadays.

– There was no HoH.

– There was no PoV.

–  Everyone nominates two people for eviction. The top two highest vote getters would be up for eviction.

– America spends 99 cents per call and votes for who they want to be banished. The players have no say in who leaves the house.

– The game ends with a Final Three. It is the only Final Three in BB’s history, surprisingly.

– Dr. Drew came in weekly to give his analysis on the psychology of the house.

– There was an AOL correspondent who showed popularity polls weekly.

As you can see, this left the players with almost nothing to do. I’m not going to recap every episode like TAR and TUF because that would be beyond ridiculous and would put you to sleep. Instead I’ll recap by houseguest.

Will Mega (politician)

If Mega was on any other show, he would be much more memorable. Unfortunately he was thrown into a place where Mega was bored to death. Eight of the other nine players were there just to have a good time. I am sure Mega was hoping this would be like that new show Survivor that was currently premiering on television, but the first season of BB didn’t share a similar theme. The only strategic ploy you can make in this format is that you need to ensure nobody nominates you. As long as you don’t get nominated, you are guaranteed to be in the Final 3 and make 50k. Everyone else makes zero.

My strategy: Take time out of my day to talk to each person individually. During confessional time, I would talk about how nice everyone else is but express certain difficulties in the house. I’ll take my half million dollars, thank you.

Mega’s strategy: Play the race card when talking about the most popular houseguest. Constantly preach your political platform and talk about touchy subjects regarding race in America (remember this is pre-Obama era. George Bush was just elected president). Follow it up by tricking your housemates into doing a fake challenge until CBS tells you to fess up or quit. On top of that, Mega doesn’t really talk to anyone besides Cassandra and Jordan before he throws a challenge after he was nominated.

The funny thing is that Mega constructed the fake challenge because he was extremely bored. He was the original saboteur. It’s funny in BB12 that one of the pranks is a fake challenge so I think it’s safe to say they took a page out of Mega’s book. His first segment in the show is him commenting that he has a bigger butt than Jordan. Considering that the show wasn’t directly appealing to youth, I think older people simply frowned and wanted Mega out. The arguments around Brittany being a racist and incurring two out of three strikes intentionally in the ‘Is the Player Dead or Alive?’ I think was Mega announcing to the outside world to banish him. The house broke him in sixteen days. Oddly enough, it took exactly sixteen days for people to dig up that Mega was a member of the Black Panthers. Er, a FORMER member of the Black Panthers. Julie bombards him with questions at the reunion show but Mega was bright enough to not talk about it on live television. He knew what CBS was trying to do. Mega also becomes the first person after BB to go out of their way to ensure they leave a game.

Here are the tasks that may have made Mega uber bored:
Week 1:
– Build a clock powered by potatoes or else they don’t know the time.
– Dig one foot of a lemon tree (Yau-Man would be proud) to find one hundred dollars worth of grocery money.
Week 2:
– Study the names of those dead or alive. Get three questions wrong and you’re out. Grocery money lost.

Yes, these challenges look like what you’d want to do (and only do) if you were at some Scouts’ camping trip in the fifth grade and would look back ten years later and say ‘Awe, remember when we did that?’ but you would never do it again because you have a million things around you that would be more entertaining than creating a potato clock. They don’t show the lemon tree task in any of the episodes.

It’s funny because Mega was easily the most entertaining player in the whole cast. CBS brought him back in a ‘Where Are They Now?’ segment, a segment where Mega gives the winner of a sumo challenge a massage incognito, a segment where a past player enters back into the house for the live show, and the reunion. It’s funny how producers went from wanting nothing to do with Mega but then absolutely wanting him back because they noticed their ratings dwindle.

For the other players, nominating Mega was a huge mistake. If you drag Mega to the end there is a zero percent chance that he wins. I think someone like Curtis or Eddie caught onto this but it seems Mega was so hated by day 16 that another 72 days with him wasn’t worth half a million dollars. Come to think of it, the theme of what the players would do for half a million bucks came up frequently.

Jordan (exotic dancer)
She was given the bulk of the airtime in every episode. Every nomination ceremony she would cry and ask who voted for her. She was Mega’s closest friend. Jordan would talk about her past in the strip club and would continue talking about it amongst the other conservative houseguests. Again, Jordan was ranked the least popular in all of the poles. I mean polls. Zing. The other houseguests had to know Jordan would be gone unless Mega was there to go on another rant about racism. However, BB 1 is an anomaly to any other season in competitive reality TV. The reasonable, sane, and likeable players would eliminate anyone who would be a goat when it came down to a vote either by audience or themselves. It’s like the BB 1 houseguests went out of their way to ‘not be like Survivor’.

As with Mega, after Jordan leaves the next couple shows try to shove in as much new pre-Jordan footage as they could. Here are the wonderful tasks and rewards that occur during Jordan’s elimination round:
Week 3:
– Imitate another houseguest. No reward.
– Sit and paint someone riding a bicycle to win groceries. (Never aired)
– Ride a stationary bike for a total of 1, 000 miles.
– Create a French accent when you are riding the bike. (Never aired)
Week 4:
– The issue of flag burning is put on trial. No reward.
– Two teams had to toss water balloons across a pool to each other. No reward.
– 12, 100 dominoes  must be set up that will form the Big Brother logo when production gives the signal. Food reward.

As you can see four weeks have gone by and only three challenges have anything at stake. Everything else is for the players’ own amusement. The editing for the trial was terrible. It was like someone showed you footage of a mock trial they did with their friends on their camcorder. The episode sets it up so you have no idea what they’re talking about. Despite there being so few tasks for the people to do during the game several of these manage to never make the final cut. Yep, producers thought engaging conversational topics would entertain the public. From this point forward everyone will randomly talk with an accent from time to time because of the French accent task. During Jordan’s elimination, she uses the accent without realizing it and Julie asks her where that voice came from. When Jordan reveals that the mock East Indian is supposed to be French, Julie gives a non-robotic reaction. I think that, Justin’s interview in BB2, and Casey Anthony being declared innocent are the only times Julie breaks her awkward terrible hosting robotic personality.

By the way, Jordan constantly speaks of how she is writing a fictional book about being a stripper before, during, and after her time in the house. If her and Mega were on another season, they would be an instant all-star alliance. However, because BB’s audience from 2001-present are never appealed by the overall cast of season one, these two were ahead of their time in terms of what producers thought the audience wanted. Too bad for them.

She also makes fun of the song at the reunion. You know, the one you hear  in the closing credits that you always mute because it is aesthetically awful in every sense of the imagination. There is not an ounce of creativity when you hear the melody and the lyrics that accompany it. Unfortunately it’s been replaying in my head as I write this ranking.

Karen (mother on the verge of divorce with three teens)
Ugh. Karen. She was nowhere near the top of anyone’s favourite player ranking. The only reason she makes it to week three is because she didn’t get nominated in the first two rounds. She was always one spot above Mega or one spot above Jordan in terms of popularity. However, she had one of the biggest TV breakdowns of intrapersonal issues in any show. Typically fights with other competitors are the cause of breakdowns for every contestant. For Karen her issues were with a player who wasn’t in the game: Her husband. I am sure her husband was happy to hear her describe his lack of intimate abilities and his overall sexual lethargy in the bedroom for millions to hear. He was the only one happy to hear that ratings were plummeting by week four.

Not only that but Karen gets herself worked up about her marital problems that she announces she is divorcing her husband on-air. This was after production had no choice but let her receive a letter from home because she was going to quit if they didn’t let that happen. The only thing we see Karen do in the house besides whining about her husband and kids is that she made more out of the Brittany-Josh romance than there was in the first place. She definitely helped spread the gossip around and told Josh to be ‘a nice boy’ and did neat little things like sleep in the same bed as Brittany and Josh. To be quite frank, the group napping and sleeping is one thing I wish to check off my bucket list. You know neither Brittany nor Josh want any romantic behaviour to happen and when you have Karen there with you the mood is completely slaughtered. I will miss her overalls the most. I don’t know anyone besides her and my seventh grade elementary school teacher who wore overalls that much on an everyday basis. I quit wearing overalls when I was allowed to pick which clothes I could wear to school when I was seven. Is there some advantage to overalls that I’m missing out on? The Mario Bros. wear them and they pull off that style quite well.

Karen announces at the end of week three that she wants to be nominated and leave the following week. Production must have refused a second request to talk to her family, or they simply refused because they knew Karen would quit and their headache would be erased. Sure enough, the houseguests willingly nominate her followed by 76% of America honouring her request to be banished. She gets to re-appear at the end of the episode to announce to her houseguests that she is standing with her husband. A week later they are divorced and Karen chooses to live near Brittany. So much for that reconciliation.

You should hear the poem her husband reads in the live nomination episode. He clearly isn’t a poet. I think he’d still improve the lyrics to the theme song on the other hand.

Note how this is the first week where more than two people were nominated. Why? Because Karen and Cassandra tied for three nominations while Josh had five. Josh was hated because Karen created a rumour that he was a player and that he is playing Brittany. Seeing the disharmony this was causing and Josh being too nice to not take the bullet in  this conflict, Josh was thrust onto the block. Because the public adored Brittany, Josh would have been eliminated if Karen hadn’t requested to be nominated and be banished.

Our spectacular challenges for weeks five and six:
Week “5”:
– Host a roast for Curtis and Jordan who were up for elimination. I don’t think production would ever pass up Jordan’s reaction to being roasted. No reward.
Week 5:
– The six houseguests had to  jump on a rope together ten times. They were required to write poetry when each player joined the line. All I remember is ‘Cassandra is so mad she’ll kick you’re a–’. There is not a single poet to be found in the Big Brother 2000 house. They win groceries.
Week 6:
–  Create a daytime talk show Springer style. (If Springer isn’t on CBS, I sense a serious lawsuit.) No reward.
– Houseguests had to pick who would receive a 60-second phone call. George is picked because Karen is quitting regardless. He is informed of a grand nephew or niece being born and he instantly breaks down. This would be the peak of George being loved and a super duper fan favourite. The only time people like him more than Brittany.
– One team has to eat 8 blueberry pies and the other team must eat 8 raspberry pies. The winning team gets to pick how the house’s food money is spent for the week.

The pie eating was fun. Mainly because it took up almost the entire episode when people like Brittany and Karen had a tough time eating the pie. Eddie was a champ. So we’re 43 days into the game and the only challenges they do are for food or for their own amusement. The non-food tasks are very much like something retrieved from a stranger’s camcorder. We don’t have any connection to it. Do you watch the Truman Show? In the process, we lose three of the most controversial players and are left with those who are intellectually sound and discuss their personal lives.

This is the week when a pug named Chiquita enters the house and jumps into a pool during the live show and Josh is back into America’s good graces as he is the one who saves her. The pug earns much of the attention until its departure.

Brittany (pharmaceutical rep who dyes her hair red and green when she isn’t working)
– Big Brother’s counter to Colleen. She is deemed innocent, cutesy, add some flirtation with another player, pimp her out with airtime, and suddenly you have your fan favourite.

So why in the world is she banished? Because Chicken George’s hometown understood the intricacies of the game more than the actual houseguests.

Remember how I said that to vote would cost you 99 cents per phone call? So only a few thousand people would truly care enough to call. Chicken George’s wife beats the system. Apparently Chicken George comes from a small town. Everyone knows him. There so happens to be a high ranking phone company exec and a bar owner who team up. A phone line would be placed in the bar where customers could call for FREE to banish a player. The bar would pay a certain percentage of their profit to the phone company and everyone has a merry Christmas. The strategy was taken one step further when the town agreed to unanimously banish whoever was the most popular player online. It’s genius strategy. Now with only two to three people nominated per week, and given a player usually receives 75% of the banishment vote, this should never be the difference, right?

Wrong. George had the most nominations with three. Brittany, Cassandra, Eddie, Josh, and Curtis all tied with two. In case you can’t do the math, Jamie is the only one out of six players to not be nominated. It’s the same week where Brittany and Jamie talk about who to nominate that production corners Jamie and insists she tells her reasoning. After production changes their mind that she has to do or else she’ll be kicked out, Jamie says it was random. The production crew becomes very suspicious of Jamie after that incident and they really try to get in control because this is not how they wanted nominations to go.

With a six-way spread, you can piece together what happens. Brittany goes home with a measly 34% of the vote as if it’s the finale to Last Comic Standing’s first season and anyone outside of George’s town is stunned. Production leaks out what they did in the episode after Brittany’s departure.

There’s not much to say about Brittany. She was bubbly. She liked to have people sleep in her bed. She looked like she should be the exotic dancer but she talks about being a virgin around ten times. There is even a conversation where Josh and Curtis convince her it only hurts during your first time and the only way you can be bad is if you’re not into it. (As a 20-year-old virgin myself, I find this news rather comforting. BB 2000 taught me sex ed. Yeah, I should really delete that statement. That’s just sad.)

So that’s about the only interesting things about Brittany. They do a few segments about her during the remainder of the season and even trick the audience that she will be re-entering the house for one episode. You can hear the audience reacting to Brittany being the evicted houseguest. There’s no bull—- in CBS’ tally if they let their prized star leave the house so early in a franchise that could potentially be a big hit.

The incredible tasks we see for these two weeks:
Week 7:
– Play water basketball. No reward except a splish and splash.
– Cassandra, Josh, and Karen are roasted.
– A houseguest is chosen to stand in front of another houseguest and say what they don’t like about them. Unfortunately for houseguests, everyone plays it safe and most of the time they goof around about it. George gets hit the hardest but it’s because he’d have the least emotional reaction to it. He’d find it funny. Mega and Jordan would take this to the next level. No reward offered.
– Houseguests have three minutes to decide if they want to watch the nomination. If they watch the nominations, they will get a big mystery prize. If they don’t watch it, they get nothing. Jordan and Mega aren’t around so the politically correct contestants decide to not watch. Production must’ve thought a mystery prize would be tempting enough. Starting with season 2, everyone flat out knows who votes for who in the eviction process. I think this is the only cast assembled in competitive reality TV history where everyone would agree to not ruffle feathers. Impressive.
– Memorize all of the major interstate locations and figure out the quickest route between two cities. They win groceries.
Week 8:
– Paint each other like animals. No reward.
– A sumo competition where the winner receives a mystery rough massage from Mega.
– Houseguests have to match the quotes with prior houseguests. Last one standing wins a mystery prize.
– Build a baby and take it through a mud course without it touching the mud. They succeed and win groceries. No reward.
–  A dance-athon where at least two people must be dancing for 48 hours. If there is a siren in the middle of the night, they must dance immediately. Food reward.

There was zero controversy inside the house. A brutal honesty exercise? Nothing. Another roast? Nothing. Watch each other’s nominations in hopes of winning a big prize? Nothing except everyone besides Eddie being angry that this might mean they’ll see each other’s nominations down the road. Everyone goes on the defensive with production. At this point production must realize they made a HUGE mistake with who they put on the show. It is the first time where a cast is smarter than any of the producers of a TV show.

So Brittany goes home and production begins to cry. They have great ratings thanks to Survivor but they know this show will have a tough time getting a second season if this is how the game will go.

Fun fact: Brittany is asked back for an all-star but declines. I guess she wasn’t fond of the new format.

Cassandra (UN worker)
Easily the smartest person in the group. Her reputation was on the line so she couldn’t come close to acting remotely wild or controversial in the house. She slept and read. She didn’t want to participate in dress-up or in the mass sleeping arrangement. She comments how everyone is nuts. Cassandra does an excellent impression of Jamie. It’s one of the more entertaining moments in the whole season. So anyway, she is nominated against Eddie and Curtis. Eddie is a Paralympic athlete who speaks his mind the whole game and is willing to entertain; Curtis is a nice guy who does some silly things; Cassandra is too guarded, not nice enough to the others, and rarely participates.

The producers get their first break when the least engaging of the ten players is eliminated with only 46% of the vote. That means she was pretty dang close to staying. This whole week forced production to alter how long we’d wait before the future contestants would be eliminated because they change to waiting seven days for the next two eliminations then three more before the winner is announced.

This is also the week when Chicken George led a revolt for everyone to leave the house after the recent set of tasks where players have to talk trash about each other, see each other’s nominations, and host roasts. In fact, I dug up a quote from an article in 2000:

“CBS promoted Wednesday’s show, and the showdown, to pump up interest in the poorly received series.”

I am sure that author didn’t think it would still be on eleven years later. Eddie is the one who ultimately talked everyone out of it and told them how stupid it was to walk out. All that would happen is that replacements would enter the house. Chicken George goes crazy and tells them that this is the game. They all discuss the meta nature of this game and the decision. 70 days of being locked up with each other with no more than six or seven people must make you want to do over-the-top actions. This is when banners were being flown over the house that said Jaime is fake and George is a big stinking liar. It is the angriest you will see Chicken George. They even interview the guy who flies the banners over and says he has never seen people so willing to pay three hundred bucks for him to fly a banner over the BB 1 house. I wonder if three or four sky writing companies crop up around CBS studios?

Week 9:
– Houseguests compete for Mr. and Ms. Big Brother 2000. No reward except a robbery of our time and a meal of their choice. Cassandra and Brittany tie.
– A Survivor All Stars-like ‘talk trash about your tribe’ questionnaire is handed out and the team who wins the most points gets nothing. The game ends in a tie.
– Food challenge is to solve a 4, 298 piece puzzle. Shockingly, they give up.
Week 10:
– They must discuss if they’d split the top three prize money. I hear that’s forbidden to talk about on any show after this season.
– Houseguests are offered 20, 000 then 50, 000 dollars for one to quit and allow an utter “b—-” named Beth to enter the house and no doubt cause trouble. Nobody takes the money. If you watch the episode closely, anytime somebody jokes about saying they should have taken the money you hear Julie instantly chime in “You would take the money? Offer can be back out on the table.” Apparently the producer was bragging about how there is no way all six would reject the money.
– Brittany gets to talk in the diary room with one of the players. The house chooses Jamie abut Brittany says it has to be Josh. She tells him about the Chicken George scandal and to not trust Jamie. Brittany’s support of Josh single-handedly guarantees him 50k. What’s even better is that all he tells the others is that nothing bad is happening on the outside but he must be quiet about it for their own sanity.
– The pug Chiquita must be trained to run an obstacle course. Groceries is won and a good time is had by all. The cutest moment in BB history. TAR 19’s obstacle course for rabbits is the only event to surpass it.

Producers were finally noticing that forcing political decisions is the only way to have houseguests go after each other. Unfortunately people like Chicken George, Curtis, Jamie, and Cassandra knew all too well what was going on and never gave in. Jamie danced around a producer’s question for crying out loud. This is why production hoped a 50k bribe would work and get Beth into the house. When you have a Miss Washington, an older man who knows he will be very well off after the show, an attorney, a UN worker, a professional athlete, and a model it is tough to bribe these very well off individuals. Producers are stuck watching the remainder of the season play out. Luckily there’s only seventeen days remaining in the game.

Chicken George (goofball)
Chicken George is one of the last people I want to see represent the older demographic for an all-star. He reminds me of Juan Vargas from Herod’s Law. He understands enough of the game to know how to counter it while looking silly but is not smart enough to understand advanced strategy. For example, he wrote ‘Keep Me In’ in macaroni glued onto a plate and held it up to the camera whenever he could do so in secret. Unfortunately, Chicken George doesn’t note it makes the audience believe he is sneaky. His Yassur Arafat costume to plead for more votes didn’t work too well either. He also ended almost every statement with “okay guys,” and was the ringleader in preventing anyone from getting nasty in the house. He only eliminated those who were causing controversy in the house. In other words, Chicken George is a producer’s worst nightmare if he is the ringleader in a cast. This is why All Stars George was much more profitable for the producers. Chicken George had no idea what was going on that he couldn’t dictate how well or how poorly people got along. You don’t have George telling the others to leave the house unless he changes his mind. This round is the first time George has been nominated since his wife was exposed for her campaign to eliminate Brittany. The Brittany fanatics banded together and ensured George was banished in a week where everyone except Josh was nominated. Yes, Josh was a leading candidate in a prior tie but now the house hasn’t noticed him for weeks. And neither has the viewer.

Week 11:
– Find a ticket in the house that will admit you into the Emmys(!) Curtis starts the tradition of a contestant going to an awards show late in the game. He talked to Rudy from Survivor and was amazed how many people knew who he was. There were people who were yelling too far away ‘oh, you’re the boring one!’.
– The contestants write their own banner message to take a stand for all of the nasty ones they receive several times a day.
– Contestants get a combined total of five minutes to talk to their loved ones.
– Food competition is that the players must juggle non-stop.
By this point I think producers gave up. They let the houseguests have their fun for the remaining two weeks. They would go to the drawing board in the off-season and see where this concept had gone wrong. Or rather, what Survivor had done right that they should incorporate into Big Brother.

Jaime/Jamie (Ms. Washington winner)
Jaime grew up really close to where I was born on the other side of the border. I find it amusing how the audience wasn’t really receptive to her. She could never win but could survive every week because she wasn’t an antagonizing enough personality for people to vote to banish. In terms of who the audience wanted to keep? She would have been second-to-last behind Karen. I find her to be a phony in general. It seemed like she was angling at a career move the entire show. When she won the reward to host the finale, the producers did it because they knew she wanted to break into television. In all honesty, she sucked at it. She is the only one to know who was evicted prior to an eviction because she got to be the host for a day (with Julie hosting Jaime’s hosting. Two incompetent hosts in one night. Ouch). In addition, she won a reward where she could choose between a two minute conversation with her mom or a two minute conversation with a producer. Everyone assumed she would choose her mom. Luckily for viewers, she chose the producer which was more profitable for Jaime in the long run but not profitable if you want to win the show. This was right after Brittany was eliminated so this was the nail in the coffin for the producers. Brittany gets kicked out while the two-faced Jaime and George’s wife get rewarded for their non-family oriented actions. Isn’t the rule of competitive reality TV that you sacrifice everything just so you can win a family reward? Jaime is in an exclusive club to break that tradition.

What else can be said about Jaime? She pulled off sneaky tactics to avoid being nominated but not sneaky enough to where she was outright strategic and was viewed as a schemer by the general public. She did just enough to sully her reputation completely.

P.S. If you watch Big Brother 1 online, there will be a user who comments on EVERY video that Jaime is an awful human being. It’s impossible to convince that person otherwise. They will think you’re an awful person for disagreeing and go after anyone else who discredits a player who isn’t Jaime. I’ve never seen this much hate for someone who has been out of reality TV for 11 ½ years. This makes the Cochran and Shelly Moore insane haters  out there look normal because their hate is within the past year. This hate for Jaime spans decades. What up wit that?

Week 12:
– Write lyrics for the Big Brother 2000 theme song. (Don’t listen to it. It’s terrible. They use every houseguest’s name and give them a cheesy exit line. ‘Mega, Jordan, and Karen all left us too early’ or some awful crap like that.)
– Whoever finds a hidden Chiquita gets to host the local weather segment on a CBS affiliate. (Josh wins it. He hosts it from the backyard.)
– Contestants are asked to bring a houseguest into the house for the live show. They pick Cassandra who hadn’t watched any of the footage since she left. That’s right. No Mega. No Jordan. No Chicken George. Not even Brittany. They pick Cassandra because she would be the most peaceful. I think this is when the executive producer is fired permanently. We get to see Cassandra talk about ratings for twenty minutes and that their family misses them. It was perhaps the most boring part of the season.
– Play the Big Brother board game. (Has anyone played it or owned it? If you have, please comment on this blog post. I’m curious to know if it’s any good or if it’s like the original Survivor board game that has collected dust in my room since 2000.
– Guess true or false regarding news that has happened since being in the house. (It was pretty funny what producers were able to trick them with. It’s interesting to know who the celebrities were in 2000. Go watch it for yourself. It was a food reward.)

This was by far the best week for competitions. The Big Brother board game and news statements were absurd then there was great potential for a one day return. The lyrics were neat in concept but horrible in execution. Jaime leaves the house and we have two episodes before the winner is crowned. Plus Jaime busts out the French accident without being aware of it in the live show as I mentioned earlier.

Week 13: Final Games
– One person was assigned to be a saboteur. Josh had to reset the clock 20 minutes each day without anybody noticing every 12 hours for the next two days. Curtis solved it.
– Each of the finalists had to go into the red/diary room to say who they think should win the game in a 30 second message.

Curtis (attorney) and Josh (student or model)
Josh was the youngest male in the class. Him and Curtis are clumped together for me because they’re essentially the same person except Curtis is more sophisticated and academic. Josh is a kind model fit man. They had their friendship triangle that viewers wanted to be romantic drama. Their relationships were more sibling-like however. These two discussed about how their flatulence would be broadcast on national television with Eddie. These two were way above the immaturity you see in modern day BB. Josh may be persuaded to stoop to a low level if he was in any other season but I know for certain Curtis would never do anything remotely mean-spirited. Curtis was too hard trying to be a top-notch attorney. Josh would just go with the flow and was content no matter who he had with him.

Eddie (handicapped athlete)
It wasn’t until the final two weeks that people wanted him to win. He was very middle of the road thanks to him saying he thought racism was extinct in the United States and that scheming to be free from nominations is a necessary part of the game. If the game ended anytime before day 70, I do not believe Eddie wins. His blunt nature wasn’t well-received until after viewers grew tired of Curtis not doing anything intriguing, Chicken George’s wife executing her plan and making George look two-faced, and the fact Jaime was eye roll worthy and Josh didn’t hit it home well enough with viewers. In the opening episode of the game, an odds maker came on the live show and said Josh had the best odds of winning with 2.5:1 odds of winning the season. Or was it 1.5:1? It was drastically higher than the other nine, anyway. The odds maker was extremely accurate with his boot order if you watch his clip. I think the only one he messes up with is Curtis lasting as long as he did.

Concluding thoughts
Rating: 7/10

I enjoyed watching season one. Will I ever re-watch it? No. As a standalone season, it was the perfect experience. It is the only season of any of these types of shows where the viewers are much more strategic than the contestants themselves. Watching it is very Truman Showish by the time you get to the end. Sixty or so episodes of watching on average six or seven people for the entire game makes you get to know these strangers much more than you ever think you should. It’s like stalking an acquaintance on Facebook. There’s only so much creative editing you can do when you are forced to present around fifty hours of total footage. Survivor has twenty people share fifteen hours. Big Brother has half as many people and twice as much footage air.

Do I want another season like Big Brother 2000? N-O W-A-Y. I feel like the whole story arc of this format was explored well enough that we didn’t need any more. I was ready to enter mainstream BB by the time I reached the end of the season. Another cast would seem like a B-level group compared to these ten people. I also loved the conversations they had which I think 90% of people wouldn’t care. There is no way anyone after BB 2000 could have this superior level of intellect to discuss such touching issues without it turning into Evel Dick burning you with cigarettes or toilets being scrubbed with someone else’s toothbrush. These were ten true adults who were willing to have a clean three month venture and do silly little lame things to pass the time.

That about sums up season one. I encourage people to comment on this particular post. I’ve probably skipped over a million little things given that I recapped sixty episodes in nine pages.
Five minutes to New Year’s. I typed this over the course of seven hours. Oh my. :/

Current ranking: 1/1

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