Facebook’s 39 Day Challenge — Day 38 Best Jury Speech

Day 38 — Best Jury Speech


9 votes


Anne Curtis, Angie MacNeil, Brian Wildman, Diogo Almeida, Julie Bentz, Phillip Scherer, Joey Pannullo, Jason Bleau, Rosey Sigglekow, – Susan Hawk (David Healy needs to do a better job of defining this category. I think I covered this event well enough yesterday.)

7 votes


Brenda Porter, Ian O’ Brien, Brett Watts, David Healy, Bobby Harvey, Logan Saunders, Sarah Casa, – Todd Herzog (Well, Amanda is going to beat me and Courtney so that sucks. I’ll just stroke Jean-Robert’s ego, then I’ll claim my friendship with Frosti is real, and be nothing but honest with Jaime. Wait, that worked! I can retire from working in Santa’s Workshop!)

2 votes


Ori Kohav, Ryan Weiss, – David Murphy (David Healy needs to do a better job of defining this category. This will be two more votes than David will receive the next time we do a 39 Day Challenge.)

Brandon Alexander, Maxime Gauthier-LaFond,  – Chase Rice (Citing my father’s death and a charity shall make up for my scatter-brained and non-sensical game-playing. Gosh darn-git I was only one vote away from winning this game, y’all. And I ain’t the one dumba than a bag o’ hammers.)

1 vote


Angie MacNeil, – Rudy Boesch (David Healy needs to do a better job of defining this category. Oh, and Rudy’s speech clocks in on thirteen seconds. You can time it for yourself.)

Alex Jordan, – Hatch (Here, let me explain how Survivor should work and be played for the next eleven years.)

Francisco Grilo, – Alicia in All-Stars (I know I was the most invisible person on the jury, but I guarantee you I will get airtime if I talk about feces on a finalist’s lips!)

Mervin Sanding, – Fabio (Chase is citing his father and charity for why he should win? I’m going to cite my mom as inspiration and how much Chase back-pedaled in this game and that I want to give money to charity, too. Eat your Rice, Chase.)

Nelson Escobar, – Parvati in Heroes vs. Villains (May as well make a Dragon Slayer reference and take a page out of StepheMe’s book and say how much of a competitor I am and how I won three immunity challenges that all were required the exact same abilities. That worked for Colby’s image when he won challenges that Probst’s niece would excel at, right?)

Andrea Zabala, – Jenna Morasca (Uh…… At least she didn’t compare herself to Colin Powell, I guess?)

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