Facebook’s 39 Day Challenge — Day 37 Best Tribal Council

Day 37 — Best Tribal Council


7 votes


Nathan Miller, Diogo Almeida, Lucas Burn, Francisco Grilo, Phillip Scherer, Aaron Conn, Bobby Harvey, – J.T. gets blindsided (Parvati, you’ve got some explainin’ to doooooooooooooo.)

3 votes


Angie MacNeil, Brett Watts, Sarah Casa, – Randy plays a fake idol (I am going to idol Big Foot, who is known as Massive Crystal, who is also known as Sasquatch, who is also known as Roidy McRoidsALot.)

Ori Kohav, Brenda Porter, Mervin Sanding, – Tyson blindsides himself (What just happened?)

Ian O’ Brien, Rosey Sigglekow, Nelson Escobar, – Francesqua (The peak of Redemption Island. You know you have a terrible season when your opening episode is the only thing worth remembering.)

2 votes


Julie Bentz, David Healy, – Shannon Elkins tests his gaydar  (Playing It Straight sees a five-minute revival in Survivor’s twenty-first season. Also, Na Onka and Fabio get into one of many ridiculous fights. If only the young tribe would be Medallion of Power’d more in the first four episodes.)

1 vote


Logan Saunders, – Jenn goes home after a massive blow-up (The first time where an alliance is made at Tribal Council because Ian can’t keep his stories straight. What’s even better is Katie inserting herself into attacking Ian when it had nothing to do with her. Jury reactions are pretty good too.)

Alex Jordan, – Rupert’s downfall in PI (So much for my dreams. I guess I’ll be doomed to doing something that will bring on years of agony. Like running for governor of Indiana.)

Anne Curtis, – Becky and Sundra can’t make fire (You guys think this is a million dollar challenge, but really you’re making your armpits sweaty for an additional 10k. At least this is the most exciting either of you have been.)

Brian Wildman, – All Stars Final Tribal (Bitter jury’s at its finest, as Mr. Wildman would say. A TC where Big Tom proclaims to “don’t be stupid, stupid” accompanied by a fakeout handshake, Lex who Aras would have yelled for the whambulance to pick him up, Shii Devil who you know no doubt has spent weeks coming up with a glass houses analogy, Alicia who emerges from being invisible all season to ask how much of a trace of feces are on Rombuh’s lips, and Jenna Lewis acting under the impression that she would have won. This contributes to what makes All-Stars an angry albeit terrible season of Survivor.)

Jason Bleau, – Fiji’s Final 4 Tribal (The biggest decision ever made before LeBron James held a one hour special to decide if he would go to Miami or return to Cleveland. I’m not pointing no fingers, but I think Dreamz was the sole reason that Yau-Man doesn’t win Survivor: Fiji, and the sole reason why Earl is the only player to win by a unanimous vote in a Final 3 and/or a 9-person jury. A feat that I highly doubt will be repeated. Too bad it was only a Final Two, JT.)

James Wall, – Erik gives up immunity (A move that was promoted as the dumbest move ever even though it wasn’t.)

Rob Beasley, – Kelly gets blindsided (We voted for the guy who found the idol without any clues again? We should’ve known the troll would find the idol under the bridge.)

Matt Pike, – Jaime plays a fake idol (You want an idol? Too bad cause you can’t have deeeeeeeeeeeeez idols.)

Brandon Alexander, – Four Horsemen (You can pinpoint the exact moment in the episode where their smirk fades. Classic. Susan said it’s only appropriate that the snakes eat the rats. Dreamz took it one step further and said he would separate the snakes from the rats.)

Ben Nehls, – Jaison vs. Ben (Jaison’s lawyer skills made Ben look as low-grade of a prosecutor as Winston Payne.)

Joey Pannullo, – Bye Bye Ozzy (This vote was cast before South Pacific. Sometimes exposing yourself as having the idol when you’re the biggest challenge threat may come back to bite you in a half-all star season where you carry the idol for six Tribal Councils.)

Andrea Zambala, – I’ve been bamboozled! (The unofficial end to most viewers enjoying All-Stars.)

Clayton Spivey, – Russell finally gets voted out (They did a 3-3-3 vote? Who told them to do this?! It isn’t brilliant. Just because I was sabotaging them, not doing any work at camp, and segregating the tribe doesn’t mean I should be going home!)

Ryan Weiss, – Rob knocked out 4-3-1 in HvV (You’re a little man, Coach. Even if you will win Survivor in less attempts than me.)

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