39 Day Survivor Challenge — (Day 35 Dumbest Move)

Day 35 — Dumbest Move


18 votes


Alex Jordan, Brian Wildman, Ori Kohav, Anne Curtis, Angie MacNeil, Brenda Porter, Ian O’ Brien, Brett Watts,  Julie Bentz, Rob Beasley, Francisco Grilo, Joey Pannullo, Ben Nehls, Maxime Gauthier-LaFond, Mervin Sanding, Aaron Conn, Bobby Harvey, Clayton Spivey, – Erik giving up his necklace (I lied to everyone over the past three days and they all know it. Cirie and Natalie should ally with me to split up an obvious Final 2 pair in Parvati and Amanda. However, I think giving up my own necklace will improve the chances that they will not be idiots and take out Parv. Wait, giving up my necklace changed nothing and they chose to be idiots, anyway? Boo. Parvati just won Fans vs. Favourites.)

5 votes


Ricky Mentesh,  Phillip Scherer, Nathan Miller, Andrea Zabala, Daniel Knowles – J.T. giving away an idol (You don’t give an enemy the idol. That’s a no-no.)

3 votes


Matt Pike, Jason Bleau, David Healy, Ryan Weiss, – Tyson blindsides himself (A move that has been a constant source of ridicule since 2010. Tyson is still pretty awesome.)

2 votes


Rosey Sigglekow, Sarah Casa, – Lex voting out Jerri (This is business this time. Well, except for you Jerri. Boston Rob says he plain doesn’t like you.)

1 vote


James Wall, – James not playing either of his two idols (It was only yesterday that I insulted this move. *checks the day of my best blindside post* Oh wait. . .)

Logan Saunders, – Colby picking Tina (“I have done nothing wrong this game. Everyone views me as a hero for winning three memory immunity challenges. It’s 41 days. No one expects me to take Tina and nobody will fault me for it. In fact, it will boost my image as a hero and as being a fair strategist that isn’t consumed by the dark side. If I take Keith to the end, I will win a million bucks in a 7-0 shutout. If I take Tina, I am playing for four votes and stand a really good chance of losing $900, 000 and everyone will think I’m the biggest idiot, and Tina will deserve some major street cred for engineering this move. You know what? I’ll take Keith to the end. Wait, we were voting OUT someone? Crap, I didn’t mean that!)

Brandon Alexander, – Quitters (How to Destroy Your Image 101 by Osten Pelican Taylor, Janu Tornell, Na Onka Mixon, and Kelly ‘Purple Kelly’ Shinn. We’ll give the one who didn’t have their manic depression medication a slide.)

Jimmy Jt, – Ian steps down to give Tom immunity AND asks Tom to vote him out (I wish we could have kept Jonathan and Wanda past day 2 so we could have an extra four days of Ian’s scatter-brained nature reaching ridiculous proportions.)

Nelson Escobar, – UnGalu’d (We’re going to betray one of our own alliance members based on a move made six minutes before Tribal? Okay. We’ll lazily look around for the hidden immunity idol in back-to-back rounds when we know if the other alliance finds it that we will have a 1-in-3 chance of the idol bouncing back and hitting one of us? Okay. We’ll have one of our alliance members flip Penner-style because he thinks the opposing alliance will betray each other before eliminating him with our help? Okay. We’ll have a crazy lady on our tribe who will flip knowing full well she will be sixth or fifth? Okay. Great job, team!

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