Facebook’s 39 Day Challenge — Day 32 Best Blindside

39 Day Challenge (Day 32 — Best Blindside)


5.5 votes


Ori Kohav (.5), Eamon Jawatin, Brandon Alexander, Mervin Sanding, Bobby Harvey, Nelson Escobar,  – J.T. (I’m going to give up my idol to someone on the opposite tribe before we merge. This idol will be given to a player I have never met before nor seen on TV. I will also assume an all-female alliance is running the tribe. This can’t be a bad idea, right? . . . Wait, did my own idol knock me out of the game? Tyson, Coach, and now me. We’ve all voted ourselves out. Tocantins doesn’t look like such a brilliant cast anymore.)

3.5 votes


Angie MacNeil, Anne Curtis, Francisco Grilo, Sarah Casa (.5), – 4 Horsemen (Please read Mario Lanza’s #4 entry. It will do it more justice than I can in a few lines. Best. Strategic. Episode. Ever. We witness Stacey Kimball’s one episode of pwnage in Survivor. Unless you want to count Battleship.)

3 votes


Phillip Scherer, Alex Jordan, Andrea Zabala, – James (There are three rounds left and I have two idols. I didn’t win immunity today and even though I’ll have a one-in-five or a one-in-six shot at winning immunity the next two rounds, and everyone knows I have these idols, I’ll hang onto them anyway. Otherwise, my dad said I should continue to be digging my own grave.)

Jimmy Jt, James Wall, Clayton Spivey, – Tyson (Alright guys, I’ll tell you to split the vote 3-3-3 so an idol can’t hurt us. Meanwhile, I will deviate from the plan in motion so we can make ourselves vulnerable with a 4-3-2 vote. Nobody change so we guarantee that I have a chance to vote myself out of this game. Brilliant.)

2.5 votes


Ori Kohav (.5), Brian Wildman, Aaron Conn, – Ozzy (Luckily this isn’t the round where I said I would jump naked off the pier if I was blindsided.)

Rosey Sigglekow, Sarah Casa (.5), – Alexis Jones (Amanda, please go to Exile and find the new idol that we all know is in play. Later, I will openly target you knowing there is an extremely good chance you possess such an idol. In addition, I will frontstab you so that if you do have an idol you will absolutely need to play it. WAIT, YOU HAD AN IDOL AND YOU VOTED ME OUT? GRRRRR.)

2 votes


Jason Bleau, Ryan Weiss,- Erik Reichenbach (I’d like to give individual immunity to Natalie. And history was made.)

Matt Pike, David Healy, – John Carroll (Oh. I guess Neleh and Paschal were not rooting for my success.)

1 vote


Logan Saunders, – Alex Bell (For me, I rarely get emotionally attached whether in a positive or negative light to a contestant. However, I hated Heidi, Jenna, and Alex Bell soooooo much. Cesternino seemed to make the dumbest move when he stuck with them knowing he is fourth. When it became clear that they should have an easy path to the Final Four, this season seemed like a chore to watch. However, Cesternino flipped and gathered the other three together to cause one of the most satisfying blindside of all-time. Unfortunately, this couldn’t stop Jenna from mucking up the game and sneaking her way into the winner’s circle.)

Bren Porter, – Russell Hantz (The blindside of thinking he won Samoa until jury members told him otherwise only a week or so before the finale? The blindside of finding out that a jury he taunted the whole time made it obvious that they thought Russell should be as far removed from a victory as possible? Or the blindside where he thinks a group of three can trump an alliance of six for the second season in a row? Specify next time, Ms. Porter.)

Ben Nehls, – LeAnn Slaby (Never trust the person who swears on your son. Nor should you attempt to eliminate someone in your alliance who has been nothing but loyal to you as opposed to the last man standing who does not have a connection with you. Milk was a bad choice.)

Joey Panullo, – Rupert Boneham (Pffff. So much for his dreams.)

Maxime Gauthier-LaFond, – Matt…the second time. (Boston Rob, the man who arranged for me to be voted out and lied straight to me that I was in his alliance, has looked absolutely frightened at the thought of me returning to the game. Okay, I’m back in the game. Boston Rob, the man who arranged for me to be voted out and lied straight to me that I was in his alliance, has asked me to ally with him.

*Fast forward a day later*

Wait, I’m gone?! How did that happen?! Not agaaaaaain.)

Karl Marquez, – Fairplay’s lie (When I mean “my grandma is dead so can I be with Thunder D and gather information about her death,” what that really means is “my grandma is watching Jerry Springer AND IN YOUR FACE YOU STUPID F—ERS!)

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