Facebook’s 39 Day Survivor Challenge — Day 27 Favourite Final 2/3

39 Day Survivor Challenge (Day 27 — Favourite Final 2/3)


9 votes


Bren Porter, Gaby Rivera, Brian Wildman, Alex Jordan, Ian O’ Brien, James Wall, Karl Marquez, Aaron Conn, Logan Saunders, – Tocantins

(J.T.: How much credit can one guy get despite pulling off sneaky moves throughout the game? He does not receive a single vote against him during the game, but wins by a unanimous vote. Earl Cole could arguably be a bit more impressive considering the one vote he gets is from Rita who he arranges to be voted out the very next round, and wins the game by a 9-0-0 margin which will never happen again.  Was anyone even going to acknowledge J.T.  did one bad thing in the whole game? It appears not.

Stephen: If only you or Erinn won one of the last three immunities to eliminate J.T. Then picking this season for this category would have been a no-brainer.)

7 votes


Julie Bentz, Brett Watts, Ben Nehls, Diogo Almeida, Maxime Gauthier-LaFond, Clayton Spivey, Sarah Casa, – China

(Todd: Proof that your game for the first 38 days does not need to be impressive. If you can read and cater to each individual on the jury, you could very well be Dreamz and still win the whole dang game. Or maybe Courtney and Amanda were easy opponents.

Courtney: Perhaps throwing a few less birds or trying to make up one strategic move may have put you in the winner’s circle. Courtney Yates — Winner of Survivor. So close.

Amanda: Everyone assumed the game was yours heading into the finale. How can someone go from a 6-1-0 lock to a 4-2-1 vote spread in the worst direction possible? You couldn’t have handled Denise’s elimination in a worse way possible.)

6 votes


Angie MacNeil, Jason Bleau, Francisco Grilo, Mervin Sanding, Alissa Schultink, Daniel Knowles, – Micronesia

(Parvati: She would have been voted out if it were not for Fairplay quitting, Penner being med-evac’d, Airai always winning immunity, Kathy quitting/removed, Cirie’s orchestration of Ozzy’s blindside, James being med-evac’d so a Final 3 is changed into a Final 2 eight days before the end of the game. Russell says there’s no such thing as luck, so this was all skill, right?

Amanda: The film crew must be ecstatic to see some Dolphin-on-Zombie action by day 4. It also helps when nobody knows who you are in the game. Also, the only idol in the whole game that ends up being hidden at camp so your tribe mates should not have any problem buying that you don’t have it when you get back from Exile isn’t a lucky break at all. Great gameplay, Ms. Kimmel.

4 votes


Anne Curtis, William J. Cisco, Phillip Scherer, Andrea Zabala – Australia

(Tina: The mastermind. Colby did everything you say. You kicked out Jerri and Amber out of your alliance as you see fit. Rodger and Elisabeth were carried along further because they were the two worst competitors from Kucha, thus resulting in no hope for Kucha to break into top three.

Colby: If you didn’t have a TV and film career, I am certain your move would go down as infinitely foolish. She has tricked you for eleven years thinking you made the right decision. Are you still excelling at memory challenges, by the way?)

3 votes


David Healy, Rosey Sigglekow, Rob Beasley, – Cook Islands

(Yul: Pinpointing the precise location of an object that guarantees you a million dollars in American currency is of significant value.

Ozzy: You only won one hundred grand? Guess you’ll need to be Survivor’s b—- for the next seven seasons to pay for all that weed and that solid gold surfboard you always wanted.

Becky: Next time just take the idol for yourself and guarantee the extra 25 grand instead of exhausting yourself in a two hour fire challenge.)

Joey Pannullo, Matt Pike, Ryan Weiss, – Borneo

(Hatch: The snake.

Kelly: The rat.)

1 vote


Ori Kohav, – Vanuatu

(Chris: He lied, then lied, then proceeded to lie, thought about lying, lied some more, let his friend Bubba practice his third base coaching skills to be eliminated, lied, then lied, deceived, covered up lies, lied, accidentally admitted his true intentions to Eliza on day 36, then lied, lied in a hammock physically and verbally when Twila came to interrogate him, then was given a million bucks.

Twila: She thinks Chris is a damn liar. If she found out that I spend my time studying and posting useless Survivor and video game stats, I think she’d vote me out of her house because I’m not physically working. Oh, and did you know she swore on her son’s name in front of someone whose brother died in his teens? Yeah, I hear that went over really well.)

Elliot McMurchy, – All Stars

(Amber: She won because her name was not Boston Rob.

Boston Rob: He was put into Clay Jordan territory for still receiving three votes from a jury where the majority couldn’t have hated him more if they tried.)

Brandon Alexander, – Heroes vs. Villains

(Sandra: She sits out of every challenge possible, she cusses anyone out who is controlling the others in the game, her best finish is third in a three-person challenge, and somehow ends up with twelve out of sixteen jury votes. Impressive.

Parvati: She was able to go the whole Final Tribal Council without making a urine joke. Impressive.

Russell: He successfully got himself more hated than Heidik, Boston Rob, StepheME, Dreamz, and Russell 1.0 combined at a Final Tribal Council. Impressive.)

Nelson Escobar, – Guatemala

(Danni: Besides Cindy and Brooke, she is perhaps the most physically fit female in Survivor overall. Infiltrating an alliance that keeps you over Lydia and Judd = you did a fine job.

StepheME: I know I insult you a lot, but that’s because people think you’re good in challenges. This couldn’t be more wrong. What you need to be credited for left and right is your strategic prowess. You never stood a chance because back then everyone on Survivor had a good working knowledge of all the seasons and hated the idea of a past player winning. There wasn’t anywhere remotely close to the awful Final Tribal Council personalities of a Natalie Tenerelli or a Phillip Sheppard to take with you to the end. So don’t say I constantly trash you. If anything, I trash the fans who refuse to acknowledge your strategy.)

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