Facebook’s 39 Day Challenge — Day 28 Most Emotional Moment

39 Day Challenge (Day 28 — Most Emotional Moment)


8 votes


Angie MacNeil, Ben Nehls, Ori Kohav, Francisco Grilo, James Wall, Brandon Alexander, Bobby Harvey, Jimmy O’ Hara – Jenna Morasca’s quit (I came out here, realized I would collect 50 grand no matter what, then I used Kathy Sleckman-like powers to feel my family and I know something isn’t okay! I’m a Survivor winner, get me out of here!)

Bren Porter, David Healy, Alex Jordan, Phillip Scherer , Ian O’ Brien, Aaron Conn, Clayton Spivey, Sarah Casa, – Skupin on Fi-Yah! (“The Flaming Man after the first All-Stars immunity challenge is jealous of Skupin’s burns, even.” – Snagglepuss.)

5 votes


Gaby Rivera, Anne Curtis, Brian Wildman, Julie Bentz, Maxime Gauthier-LaFond, – Russell Swan’s collapse (Papa Smurf, Borassi, and Russell Swan all have heart troubles? Why do heart-related med evacs only attack the Survivor applicants? If only Kelly Purple or Cassandra suffered this fate. Yeesh.)

2 votes


Nelson Escobar, Ryan Weiss, – Jenna Lewis doesn’t receive tape from home (In 2000, 6.2 million people admitted to feeling bad that Jenna Lewis didn’t get her tape. After Survivor All Stars, that number dropped down to Nelson Escobar and Ryan Weiss.)

Rosey Sigglekow, Joey Panullo – Penner’s exit (Fairplay, Yau-Man, and now you as the first three exits from the initial Favourites group? What the bleep, man? That’s it. I want a fan or Ami to win now.)

1 vote


Matt Pike, – I Love Phillip Sheppard (Is that an emotional moment for Survivor or an emotional moment for Matt Pike?)

Rob Beasley, – Mike giving up his reward to Ometepe (In 22 seasons, nothing has made me want to cry myself to sleep more than Mr. Chiesl giving up his family visit knowing he is only nine days away from seeing them anyway. What a sacrifice.)

Alissa Schultink, – Stephanie Valencia’s exit (See above.)

Brett Watts, – Rocky vs. Anthony (I think this would get more votes if you replace ‘Anthony’ with ‘Cochran’. I’d send production one hundred bucks for the swap to be made, actually. I can only imagine the audience’s reaction if Rocky told Cochran to take his skirt off. ‘Everybody Wear Pink Day’ wouldn’t be enough anymore. There would now be ‘Everyone Wear a Skirt Day’.

Diogo Almeida, – Twila doesn’t know how to type (Chris + Twila = Most technologically challenged people to ever be on Survivor. Just press the any key Twila and you‘ll be able to talk to your son. Can’t find the any key? It is a bit tricky, I know.)

Jason Bleau, – Dan Lembo and Son (Nothing like man-on-man mafia smooches. I’m surprised the son didn’t put a ring on Dan’s finger just so he can kiss it. I guess production didn’t want to go too far with the stereotype.)

Mervin Sanding, – Sue quits/Jeff getting yelled at (Mervin was humiliated, dehumanized, and totally spent when figuring out who to vote for in this category.)

Jimmy Jt, – Fairplay’s fake grandma death (

LIL: Oh God. His grandma died. 😦


FAIRPLAY/LITTLE JON: You are one sick person, Sandra. My grandma just died. Can’t you see how emotionally hurt I am?

PROBST: Someone eliminate Sandra so Fairplay can win and prove our show isn’t completely heartless.

FAIRPLAY: Winning.

Karl Marquez, – Galu sees a rainbow (Erik can come out of a tree as he can now clean up and welcome a visit from Snow White. Hi ho, hi ho, it’s off to work Cardona goes!)

Andrea Zabala, – Jerri’s reunion with her sister (“You made it to top six in Survivor finally, ja?” “Ja.” “Ja!”

Daniel Knowles, – Quitting when it’s out of their control (Skupin, Penner, Smurf, Swan, Joe, Danielson, Borassi, essentially.)

Logan Saunders, – Matt loses (The only time I have ever had a strong emotional reaction to somebody not winning on day 39. Why did Jenna freakin’ win???????? I’ll never forget how pissed off everyone at my house was when ‘Jenna’ after ‘Jenna’ popped up on the screen.)

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