Facebook’s 39 Day Challenge — Day 23 Best Challenge

39 Day Challenge (Day 23 — Best Challenge)


4 votes


Brett Watts, Anne Curtis, Aaron Frazee, Brandon Alexander, – Marquesas day 24 immunity challenge/Thailand day 30 immunity/Amazon day 24 immunity/PI day 24 immunity/Vanuatu day 22 reward challenge/Palau day 31 reward challenge/Guatemala day 28 reward/All Stars day 29 reward/EI day 25 reward/Fiji day 25 reward/Micronesia day 31 reward/Tocantins day 28 reward. (John Carroll, we swear this challenge was rooting for your success.)

3 votes


Debra Marsh, Rosey Sigglekow, Daniel Knowles, – Borneo day 6 immunity/Aus day 6 immunity/Afr day 6 immunity/Marq day 6 immunity/I’m not going to list every instance off the top of my head/I’m too lazy to look online if I forgot any. (Eat this local delicacy that we picked off the ground after a producer accidentally stepped on it. Go!)

2 votes


James Wall, Bobby Harvey, – ????? A bunch of stuff. Physical ones. (Next time just don’t vote. We get it. You can’t pick favourites. Well, when it comes to challenges anyway.)

Ian O’ Brien, Chris Gaertner,  – Heroes vs. Villains day 1 reward/EI day 9 immunity (Ruth Marie blows her rape whistle! The sound of Stephenie’s shoulder dislocating is ALMOST as loud as her ego! Roll the sandbag on Rupert’s toe! Hantz, stop turning the fiuhman’s leg!)

Logan Saunders, Joey Pannullo, – Borneo day 38 immunity/Africa day 38 immunity/Marquesas day 38 immunity/All Stars day 38 immunity (Keep your hand on this idol. Oh, and please don’t vomit on the idol. We had some guy from California do that. Wish he’d quit smoking.)

Elliot McMurchy, Jimmy Jt – Palau Day 11 immunity challenge/Fiji day 14 immunity challenge/Heroes vs. Villains day 8 immunity challenge (Dreamz wears his buff as if he is Link from Legend of Zelda, and what the heck are you yelling about Angie? Nice flip Mariano and Donaldson.)

Maxime Gauthier-LaFond, Ryan Weiss, – Any endurance. (Can’t argue with that. Well, unless you count most of the endurance challenges since Exile Island.)

1 vote


Ori Kohav, – Tocantins Day 33 immunity challenge (Stephen, you remembered all ten of those symbols? You’re a genius! You win immunity. Luckily I can’t say the same for this avocado.)

Matt Pike, – Amazon day 7 reward challenge/All Stars day 4 reward challenge  (Everyone wants a peek into Jenna Morasca’s box, apparently. Daniel forgot he knows what’s inside Shawna’s box.)

Angie MacNeil, – Cook Islands day 15 special challenge/Gabon day 7 reward challenge (Somebody should call Child Protective Services for Ace putting Paloma on the pole…)

Brian Whitehead, – Samoa day 5 immunity/Heroes vs. Villains day 12 reward (Mike has a heart attack! Black Russell gets slide tackled by Ben! Thailand is ignored in favour of declaring this to be the first challenge where someone is kicked out! James no longer can make the merge because production tripped him intentionally!)

Mervin Sanding, – Guatemala day 37 immunity (A maze in the shape of an eagle? Sweeeeet.)

David Healy, – Micronesia day 27 immunity (Who in the Nickelodeon is winning immunity?)

Abby Kaufmann, – PI day 4 reward (Ryno’s junk, Ryan’s snot, Tijuana’s booty, and Osten’s swimming adventures. Classic.)

Phillip Scherer, – All Stars day 30 immunity (Strike a pose, Shii Ann! And Boston Rob being eliminated because he blew at a bug on his arm is almost cartoonish.)

Gaby Rivera, – CI day 37 immunity (It’s like a jungle gym and the origin of Survivor’s puzzle abuse.)

Ben Nehls, – China day 4 reward (Rain + Mud + Amanda = a lot of blurring)

Karl Marquez, – Africa day 6 immunity (Got Cow’s Blood?)

Alissa Schultink, – All Stars day 15 immunity (The seeds of dehumanization and humiliation have been inseminated.)

Clay Halford, – Australia day 21 immunity/Amazon day 21 immunity/Palau day 24 immunity (Look at Keith! He’s just standing there! …. OK Erik Reichenbach. It’s noted. They’re all just standing there, by the way.)

Aaron Conn, – Survivor Auction (Two hundred bucks for a peanut butter sandwich in the Australian Outback. Australia’s inflation on food isn’t THAT bad, is it?)

Nelson Escobar, – Micronesia day 7 reward (Yau-Man’s head was dunked underwater after sneaking some peeks. Classic Yau-Man. Oh, watch Erik/Mr. 2.99 bust out some WWE moves. Zombie slam! Bat Elizamonkey in the head!)

Andrea Zabala, – Australian Outback obstacle course (Mad Dog is the weakest link. Neat.)

Clayton Spivey, – Fiji day 27/Tocantins day 36/Heroes vs. Villains day 22/RI day 18 (Edgardo voluntarily jumps off. Coach yells. Jerri and Colby truly face off in a challenge for the first time in ten years. Don’t recall what happened in R.I.

Neil Singleton has picked Stephen Fishbach for seven categories.

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