Facebook’s 39 Day Challenge — Day 22 Worst Twist

39 Day Challenge (Day 22 — Worst Twist)


14 votes


Brett Watts, Logan Saunders, Francisco Grilo, Rob Beasley, Bren Porter, Anne Curtis, Joey Pannullo (.5), Ori Kohav, Matt Pike, Alex Jordan, Ben Nehls, Mervin Sanding, Aaron Conn (.5), Bobby Harvey, Nelson Escobar, Clayton Spivey, – RI (Wish there was more votes.)

6 votes


Angie MacNeil, Julie Bentz, Brian Whitehead, Jason Bleau, Debra Marsh, Brian Wildman, – Jonathan and Wanda eliminated before tribes are formed (You got your shots. You applied. We interviewed you. EW interviewed you. TV Guide interviewed you. We have not done an immunity challenge yet. You have not worn a buff. . .and we’re sending you home. Goodbye!)

Brandon Alexander, Elliot McMurchy, Ian O’ Brien, Maxime Gauthier-LaFond, Karl Marquez, Ryan Weiss, – Medallion of Power (To increase the number of ‘what if’s in Survivor, we are going to bring in the Medallion of Power: If you think this challenge will be remotely close, it will balance in your favour so we can all have a headache guessing whether or not you would have won the challenge without it.)

3.5 votes


Phillip Scherer, Jimmy Jt, Alissa Schultink, Aaron Conn (.5), Andrea Zabala, – Outcasts (Morgan, you really should have predicted that we’d bring Lil back. Poor strategy. Now suffer at the hands of Fairplay and Rowan Evans!)

3 votes


Gaby Rivera, Rosey Sigglekow, Chris Gaertner – Haves vs. Have-Nots (One tribe will see a white light. . .the other will need their foot amputated because they will have ALL THE SUGAR THEY CAN EAT!!!! Go ahead Agoostus Galoomp, consume all of Fiji’s sugar. Oh, and here’s some fishing gear. Guess we’re even-Steven when it comes to challenges, no?)

2.5 votes


Aaron Frazee, Jessi Bentley, – Two returning players (They’ve played before…they were loved and hated…and now we’re bringing them  back, to steal all of your airtime and to prevent any of you from becoming a new star player in the universe. Guatemala, your chances of immortality in the eyes of fans is dead. Redemption Island, all of you are screwed. South Pacific, we’ll consider taking Cochran. Maybe.)

2 votes


Jordan Crockett, Sarah Casa,- Surprise vote (Poor Jenny. Now open up this note…holy crap! You guys have to vote out TWO people. Yeah, we got the idea from The Apprentice season six. That was a good season, no? It’s your fault for not guessing that we’d eliminate two people from your tribe in one immunity loss. Oh, and Steve Wright, we would LIKE to give you time to scramble, but B.B. called and he’s getting lonely in the Survivor graveyard.)

1 vote


William J. Cisco, – All of them (Survivor symmetry needs to be intact!)

James Wall, – China Swap (Pick two warriors who you can royally screw in the arse for the next six days. Intriguing prospect, really.)

Diogo Almeida, – CI idol (Congratulations! Unless you are the biggest dumb— in Survivor history, this should get you to day 39 and win you a jury vote! Don’t worry, we threw in a bottle twist in case the other tribe has too many members.)

Charlene Charles, – Switching tribes not once but twice! (Eh, one shake-up made things too predictable, and we’re nervous about it going to rocks if we merge.)

Clay Halford, – Episode 1 of Fiji (Sylvia, you spent twelve hours building this sweet — shelter. To repay you for your hard work, you will live the next two days on Exile Island to prevent you from forming bonds, and you are guaranteed to join a blank piece of land where you will get to suffer. Shame on you for stepping up to build a nice home for the majority of the cast. Did I mention the tribe who wins immunity will have the nice camp?)

Daniel Knowles, – Idol (Hello, I am Daniel Knowles. Redemption Island is an AMAZING twist, but the hidden immunity idol takes things too far!!!!11111oneone.)

.5 vote


Joey Pannullo (.5) , – F3 (The most significant step in breaking the core of Survivor’s roots.)

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