Facebook’s 39 Day Challenge — Day 20 Best Survivor Location

39 Day Challenge (Day 20 — Best Survivor Location)


11 votes


Gaby Rivera, Francisco Grilo, Anne Curtis, Elliot McMurchy, Diogo Almeida, Rosey Sigglekow, Jessi Bentley, Angie MacNeil, Jimmy Jt, Debra Marsh, Maxime Gauthier-LaFond, Bobby Harvey – Palau (The water is clear. They’re on the ocean. It’s a nice military aesthetic. Jellyfish lake. All of those tiny island dots in the intro. Coconuts. More water. Yay.)

8 votes


Aaron Frazee, Brett Watts, Eamon Lehnsherr, Rob Beasley, Ben Nehls, Aaron Frazee, Phillip Scherer, Daniel Knowles, – Australia (Flooding mixed in with an ugly environment. They truly had to survive!)

7 votes


David Healy, Clayton Spivey, Bren Porter, Mervin Sanding, Jordan Crockett, Ian O’ Brien, Nelson Escobar, – Gabon (African savannah looks so awesome. The gorillas. The wide open fields. A sandy crater in the middle of a lagoon. Elephants. It’s not a desert. So distinct.)

5 votes


Sam Hudson, Matt Pike, Ori Kohav, Lynda Phoa, Aaron Conn – Guatemala (It’s straight out of the Mayans’ portrayal in the Age of Empires series. Pyramids. Natives telling the women not to eat a religious sacrifice on day 37. Wishing people were bitten by freakin crocodiles. An authentic jungle in Central America. Straight out of the twelfth century.)

3 votes


Karl Marquez, Julie Bentz, Alissa Schultink, – China (Bambooooo. Shaolin Temple. Many local Chinese people. The Great Wall. Tea house. A restaurant from the first millennium. The rain. Statues. Oh so unique.)

Brian Wildman, James Wall, Clay Halford, – Cook Islands (Coconuts. Ship wrecks all over. Tiny island dots in the intro. Camps on atolls. Oceans everywhere. The epitome of how Westerners picture the tropics.

2 votes


Logan Saunders, Joey Pannullo – Africa (The most unique Survivor location of all-time. How sweet it is to play Survivor in a FREAKIN’ SAFARI ZONE! Wild animals abound!)

Alex Jordan,  Ricky Mentesh – Pearl Islands (Ahoy, matey! Saltwater catfish? I never knew there was such an animal. Not too far from a Panamanian village. It is the epitome of how Survivor camps are pictured. Water challenges. Camps are being raided. The design was kept up from start to finish.)

Jason Bleau, Ryan Weiss, – Samoa (It’s like Cook Islands, but the water keeps you on land more than Osten Taylor. It rains more. There’s more coconuts than usual, though.

1 vote


Charlene Charles, – Borneo (It’s the first. Isn’t this what you all wanted Survivor to look like?)

* Marquesas, Thailand, Amazon, Vanuatu, Fiji, Tocantins, Nicaragua. — U.G.L.Y. You ain’t got no alibi, u ugleh!

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