Facebook’s 39 Day Challenge — Day 19 Most Underrated Season

39 Day Challenge (Day 19 — Most Underrated Season)


8 votes


Julie Bentz, Charlene Charles, Rob Beasley, Julie Bentz, Matt Pike, Angie Dickhaut, Angie MacNeil, Clay Halford, – Guatemala (Bobby Jon vs. Jamie? A gruelling first episode? Brian is a kamikaze who busts wedges? Steph is a strategic mastermind? Judd has AY DE DE? Danni is awesome? Rafe dunking his head into water? The maze? Gary Hogeboom is the first offline Survivor alias? Eating the chicken? Jamie’s blindside and paranoia? Brandon being one of the best early boot quote machines? You’re missing out.)

7 votes


Logan Saunders, David Healy, Brett Watts, Francisco Grilo, Ben Nehls, James Wall, Ian O’ Brien – Fiji (Logan voted for it, therefore it must be underrated. People don’t realize the implications of the twists Fiji used, and the old school feel the game had for several of its votes. Plus it’s the first season to back off on the power of idols to make for one of the most interesting post-merges ever. Car deal has yet to be repeated, too.)

6 votes


Elliot McMurchy, Jessi Bentley, Ori Kohav, Ivo Rivero, Brian Wildman, Jimmy Jt – Exile Island (Logan hates this season, therefore it must be underrated. I guess people were a big fan of the guy from Kratts’ Creatures winning Survivor.)

5 votes


Jason Bleau, Sam Hudson, Mervin Sanding, Jordan Crockett, Lynda Phoa – Nicaragua (Fabio rallied to win, Na Onka was absolutely absurd from start to finish, Purple Kelly is a legend for not speaking and being so ill fit for Survivor, the only Hantz-free season we’ve had from between seasons 19 and 23, and Holly is Kathy Vavrick O’ Brien 2.0. Absence of Russ, idols, Redemption Island, and any huge characters makes it a breath of fresh air.)

Clayton Spivey, Bren Porter, Diogo Almeida, Gaby Rivera, Maxime Gauthier-LaFond – Vanuatu (It had a good premiere but then it stumbled and faded until episode eleven. However, several funny little scenes along the way, the biggest rally ever, and the most unlikely Final Four in Survivor’s history makes it a season that is worth watching. Just get through the pre-merge phase first.)

3 votes


Phillip Scherer, Brandon Alexander, Rosey Sigglekow – Cook Islands (The old school fans hate how many of Survivor’s traditions were broken in a single season. A colourful cast (bad pun), along with characters such as Billy and Cao Boi to keep us busy until the mutiny, a bottle twist, four tribes divided by race, twenty players for the first time who all get a chance to play, an enlarged jury, a tribe that rallies from 8-4 to win 4-0, a wandering Jew who can work the camera, and a Final Three that allowed a big showdown between brains and brawn makes for a season that is beloved by casual fans.)

Debra Marsh, Aaron Conn, Nelson Escobar, – Gabon (The best characters all survive to the top ten, two tribe switches in a single season, the downfall of Onions, and some of the most unlikely alliances to dominate the game, and an old geezer from the villain tribe who wins immunity and outwits the others with not one but TWO fake idols as well as being the only one to do it successfully in Survivor history, produces a result that we will never see again.)

Anne Curtis, Bobby Harvey, Ryan Weiss, – Marquesas (The first season where the physically dominating and socially likeable are sent packing early to usher in how Survivor has been played since. The most diverse cast ever, might I add.)

2 votes


Aaron Frazee, Alex King,  – Africa (The most unique environment ever, Lex chasing a rat, people we would hate in real life turn out to be fascinating on television, the first twist ever, the first attempt at a power shift, and a likeable winner is enough to cement a top five season.)

Brian Whitehead, Daniel Knowles, – Redemption Island (We all hate it. Logan hasn’t watched half of it. Maybe we’re missing something????)

1 vote


Karl Marquez, – Thailand (Look past the wrinkles in the Final Four, and you have a tribe that on paper should have been wiped out to zero members by the time the real merge took place. This season featured the best opening twist, a monkey that is featured as a storyline for the whole season, a pre-merge episode that is considered to be at the top with Coach’s boot in Tocantins and Edgardo’s boot in Fiji, the most clever mid-game twist in Survivor’s history, Soo Yee’s fail, Robbb Zbacnik’s presence, Clay’s ability to give confessionals, and after a season where Vecepia writes the chapter of how to come from behind to win Survivor, a player writes how to win Survivor even if you are in the dominating position from day one in a group where virtually everyone tried to win. Just skip the Erin boot episode.)

Joey Pannullo, – Tocantins (Production’s last gesture to old school fans. The last season to feature a Final Two, a very strong cast, episode twelve is as close to a Survivor movie that we’ll ever get, and a finale that has the most old school feel since season six makes it a season you can watch to relax.)

Nathan Miller, – Australia (Do not watch this season for the strategy. If you like the survival aspect, this is a must watch.)

Andrea Zabala, – Amazon (If you want the trifecta in Survivors who know how to play, Cesternino writes the third and final chapter; he writes about how to win Survivor from a scientific perspective as well as giving a lesson in how to give confessionals. Mix in some humourous exchanges, and you have the greatest aspects of Amazon.)

Borneo, Pearl Islands, All Stars, Palau, China, Micronesia, Samoa, Heroes vs. Villains — They all have an appropriate rating.

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