Facebook’s 39 Day Challenge — Day 18 Least Favourite Season

39 Day Challenge (Day 18 — Least Favourite Season)


16 votes


Logan Saunders, Ryan Weiss, Karl Marquez, Sam Hudson, Bren Porter, Rob Beasley, Eamon Lehnsherr, Julie Bentz, Brian Whitehead, Jordan Crockett, Mervin Sanding, Ivo Rivero, Ben Nehls, Aaron Conn, Clay Halford, Sarah Casa, – Redemption Island (Boston Rob…Boston Rob…Phillip yells…Russell AGAIN?! Russell the only pre-merge character that is shown…Redemption Island fractures the concept of Survivor…the biggest group of sheep to allow someone who should have no business in winning has a clear path to the finals. Also, the buddy system works because there is zero reward challenges. Apparently David will come back because he can win puzzles.)

14 votes


Charlene Charles, David Healy, Brandon Alexander, Angie MacNeil, Ori Kohav, Brian Whitehead, Brett Watts, Brandon Alexander, Angie Dickhaut, Jimmy Jt, Lynda Phoa, Ian O’ Brien, Alissa Schultink Daniel Knowles, – Thailand (The winner shot puppies, and was able to outwit everybody in his tribe. Oh, and there was a bunch of old people at the end. Plus Shii Ann is annoying, and Robbbb needed to make jury.)

4 votes


Alex Jordan, Anne Curtis, Maxime Gauthier-LaFond, Bobby Harvey, – Fiji (Haves vs. Have nots? An ugly Final Tribal. Too many men in the end. Oh, and Michelle Yi’s boot is the most unfair thing ever.)

2 votes


Phillip Scherer, Jessi Bentley – Guatemala (Jungles are ugly, Steph is a villain, and Danni was the minor league version of Chris Daugherty. Soooo many unanimous votes, too. Wish new Yaxha made it to the end. :/ )

Elliot McMurchy, Francisco Grilo, – Africa (No bikinis. We hate a dynamic cast. Young Samburu needs to die. Ethan shouldn’t have won. Final Four immunity was rigged. Frank should be Rick Perry with an A’s running mate. Goo.)

James Wall, Debra Marsh, – Marquesas (God. God. Jesus Christ. Lord. Vecepia did nothing. We hate people rallying from 7-2 deficit. Bee Rob left too early. Shut up Sean. Put your mint back in your mouth, Neleh. Dictator John was freakin’ arrogant. What was the deal with Gabe? I love Hunter. The bugs were no-nos, and so is this season.)

Rosey Sigglekow, Nelson Escobar, – Samoa (Russell Hantz + a mullet + Jeff Probst + seventeen others + a digital man in purple. No, it’s not Willy Wonka 2.0)

Sam Belden, Andrea Zabala, – All Stars (“I’ve been bamboozled!”…into thinking this would be a good season after episode five. J Lew can jump off a bridge. Pirate voice was a bit much. And Amber of all people wins? Yick.)

1 vote


Jason Bleau, – Micronesia (Two quitters, two med-evacs, and Ozzy having the idol for a million rounds equals a good season? And Cirie being robbed of the Final Three that they had planned from the start? Ugh.)

Clayton Spivey, – Pearl Islands (Outcasts. Lil face. Rupert. Sandra won. ‘Nuff said.)

Matt Pike, – Nicaragua (Medallion of Power? Old vs. Young? Jimmy Johnson? Chase and Fabio are the top two? Two quitters in the same round? Gulliver’s Travels? Dan makes it to the finale? What. A. Joke. Shut up, Blueberry.)

Diogo Almeida, – Amazon (Too many preps in the kitchen. Morasca’s victory is such a letdown. Men vs. Women was extraordinarily irritating as a theme. Rodger can judge prunes. Matt was cweepy. Grrr. >_>)

Borneo, Australia, Vanuatu, Palau, Exile Island, Cook Islands, China, Gabon, Tocantins, Heroes vs. Villains – They’re all good enough. No h8erade to be found here.

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