Street Fighter Fighters Ranking — T. Hawk

16. T. Hawk

                If you did not play New Challengers or New Challengers Turbo, you likely don’t have a clue as to who I’m talking about. Don’t worry, you didn’t miss out on the character of T. Hawk. He was the First Nations-Mexican archetype in the Street Fighter realm.

                To give you an idea how ignored T. Hawk was in terms of story: He doesn’t appear in any games after New Challengers, and didn’t earn a spot in any of the Street Fighter movies. If you can’t break into the infamous films, your character is not at the forefront of the fan’s minds.

                His name is meant to be TomaHawk. That’s right. It’s not a M. Bison-like Capcom fear of realizing they named a character Tony Hawk and changed him to avoid lawsuit.

                His theme sucks. It has the least energy of any character. His sound effects seem to be a subset of Balrog’s charged punches. His immobility is inferior to Zangief’s equally immobile albeit powerful moves. All T. Hawk has is that dumb “jump-in-the-air-then-head-tackle-which-can-be-countered and the “I lazily toss you without much effort” moves. As for other quirks? There is none. He doesn’t move any appendages super fast, he can’t stretch, he can’t do anything.

                As for his poses? He has the one he licks his thumb and the other where he squats to raise his hand. Have you seen anyone imitate T. Hawk pose? No. It’s not a long lost gem of the video gaming world. It’s just lame. Capcom completely missed the mark with this character. I myself have only played as him approximately 50% less than my 15th favourite character. He is that boring.

                Worst theme, worst story, worst moves, worst poses, and absence of quirks makes T. Hawk an easy choice to hurl down at the bottom of this list. Come back when you have redeeming qualities.

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