Facebook’s 39 Day Challenge – Day 17 Favourite Season of Survivor

39 Day Challenge (Day 17 — Favourite Season)

8 votes

Angie Dickhaut, Brian Wildman, Francisco Grilo, Ian O’ Brien, Diogo Almeida, Maxime Gauther-LaFond, Daniel Knowles,  Lynda Phoa- Micronesia (Ozzy blindside! Jason blindside! Alexis blindside! Erik giving up his necklace! 2 medevacs and a quit! Joel and Chet ROFL!!!! OMG THE BLACK WIDOW BRIGADE SOOOOOO EPIC

7 votes

Bren Porter, Jason Bleau, Jordan Crockett, Rob Beasley, Robert Mexico, Dom Harvey, Clayton Spivey – Tocantins (Coach and his stories hahahahaha, Tyson’s confessionals were a freakin riot, the Final Four were all good people, and J.T.’s 7-0 win was sooo satisfying. Plus there wasn’t any idols played and the Exile Alliance was great. Unique and classic challenges combined.)

Jimmy Jt, David Healy, Jessi Bentley, Ricky Mentesh, Brandon Alexander, Bobby Harvey, Ryan Weiss, – Heroes vs. Villains (You Get Idol’d! You Get Idol’d! You Get Idol’d! J.T. is an idiot, Russell is a social idiot, Coach is an idiot, Rupert is an idiot, Rob vs. Russell was sooooo good. And somebody won for a SECOND time!)

6 votes

Matt Pike, Phillip Scherer, Sam Hudson, Logan Saunders, Aaron Conn, Nelson Escobar – Pearl Islands (16 people. Despite Outcasts, The All Strength Challenge with Savage, Tijuana Yelling to Give Her Our Money, Fairplay’s dead grandma lie, blindside after blindside after blindside, the over-the-top fight were all great. Who can forget the pirate theme? And somebody won without winning a single individual challenge. No way she gets invited back and wins again, though.)

5 votes

Alex Jordan, Rosey Sigglekow, Brett Watts, James Wall, Clay Halford, – China (16 distinct characters. We are told how this game ain’t no love connection. A predictable Samburining? Who cares, the superfan gay flight attendant won! Btw, Denise sucks at life bahahaha. James is so stupid for not playing either of his idols!)

4 votes

Eamon J Lehnsherr, Julie Bentz, Carl Hagemann, Debra Marsh – Borneo (The orig. If you go against it, you are not a real Survivor fan. Snakes and rat speech, and pretending to give a million dollars based on picking a number between 1-10 is a stupid way to vote. Didn’t think a homosexual would win a jury vote, that’s fer sher.)

3 votes

Jimmy O’ Hara, Ben Nehls, Andrea Zabala – Australia (Middle-aged guy burns his hands, they all had nothing, and not much strategy was taking place……OMG IT WAS BRILLIANT!)

2 votes

Elliot McMurchy,  Alissa Schultink, – All Stars (18 random characters from the first seven seasons coupled along with a couple playing their way to the Final 2. That’s about it. I loooove seasons where absolutely nothing interesting happens!)

Charlene Charles, Mervin Sanding- Guatemala (Steph! Danni’s Rally! Bobby Jon vs. Jamie! The Only Version of the Hidden Immunity Idol That Makes Any Sense! Epic finale challenges! Rafe’s 360 degree dunk into the water! You Swear You’re Not Voting Me Out, Right Rafe?! Riiiight?!)

Ori Kohav, Gaby Rivera, – Cook Islands (Penner! Parv’s origins! An Asian Breaks Stereotypes and Finds An Object That Cannot Be Observed From the Naked Eye! Cao Boi’s Plan Voodoo! A bunch of boring white people get overthrown by the end! A Final 3 at the end that disregards Survivor’s Concept But I Don’t Care Cause It Means We Have a 5-4 Finish!)

Anne Curtis, Ivo Rivero – Gabon (Sugar spends five episodes on Exile! Marcus is overthrown! Ace’s accent! Adorable Kenny! Adorable Sugar! An old geezer beats those young whippersnappers with his two idols! Anything that involves Randy or Crystal! Thanksgiving Is Every Day When You’re With Matty! Corinne’s Speech was so mean but entertaining! Two switches!)
1 vote

Aaron Frazee, – Marquesas (One tribe really sucks! The first successful post-merge coup d’etat! Immunity can be given away! Sean and Paschal on reward! Boston Rob origin where he gets smoked! Hunter 😦 Gina 😦 Vecepia is down 7-2 at merge and wins the game against little Neleh and super duper fan favourite Kathy! John-General-Tammy get pwned!)

Brian Whitehead, – Palau (Domination! Goodbye Ulong! Glorious Koror shall prosper! Stepheme! Bobby Jon’s a caveman! Coby! First appearance of Exile Island! Tom and Ian dominate! Gregg blindside! Caryn is an Academy Award actress! Ian’s meltdown! Tom and Ian’s 12 hour challenge! The right person wins!)

Karl Marquez, – Thailand (Robbbb being defeated by a bunch of rules! Tribe captains! The fakeout merge! Shii Ann burns for her disloyalty! Lord Heidik controls three wise older people! Ted is 150-200 percent happy! Ghandia yells to the amusement of Thai Red Beret! The Attack Zone! CC Heidik ohhhhh myyyy! Helen! The final immunity! Mr. Freeze was in the house for 39 days!)

William J. Cisco, – Exile Island (Cirie’s Origin! Crazy Shane! Challenge King Terry! 4 tribes of 4! Tribes dissolve after one episode! Austin’s lie then immediate confession! BobDawg is exposed to the world! Courtney singing and gets a death threat! Danielle and the guy from Kratts’ Creatures is a wonderful Final 2!)

Angie MacNeil, – Nicaragua (Russell-Free Season! Jimmy Johnson the celebrity! Old vs. Young! Jimmy T singing! Marty h8ing on people with delusions of grandeur! Brenda the Asian Sensation! Stutter Sash! Dan Lembo’s Finale Freakout! A pothead wins! Chase’s indecision makes Christy Smith jealous! HoHo’s Rise from the ashes! Last season without RI!)

Sam Belden, – Samoa (Russell’s Lies! Russell’s THREE idols! Purple Extinction! CGI Brett Rallies But Foa Foa Gets to the End! Shambo and Laura OMG there was some serious tension there! They finally merged early! Natalie proved the social game supersedes strategic prowess! Socks burning and Swan fainting!

Justin M. Lesniewski, – Redemption Island (Rob vs. Russell that turned into…Just Rob. That Guy Should Get His Own Show!)

0 votes





These four don’t top the charts in anyone’s books. :/

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