Facebook’s 39 Day Challenge – Day 16 Best Face of Survivor

39 Day Challenge (Day 16 — Best Face of Survivor)

19 votes

Bren Porter, Julie Bentz, David Healy, Brian Wildman, Elliot McMurchy, Lisa Durham Phillips, Debra Marsh, William J. Cisco, Francisco Grilo, Matt Pike, Tim LaMaster, Ian O’ Brien, Diogo Almeida, Logan Saunders, Robert Mexico, Ben Nehls, Aaron Conn, Andrea Zabala, Ryan Weiss, – Richard ‘Oh, He Was On That Season Before Russell’ Hatch (18 episodes)

8 votes

Eamon J Lehnsherr, Rob Beasley, Alex Jordan, Ivo Rivero, Maxime Gauthier-LaFond, Lynda Phoa, Angie MacNeil, Bobby Harvey, Nelson Escobar, – Jeff ‘Guess Eight People Count Him as a Survivor Contestant in Recent Years After All’ Probst (Survivor Player For All Eternity)

5 votes

Brett Watts, Nathan Miller, Phillip Scherer, Clay Halford, Daniel Knowles, – Rupert ‘Who the Hell Didn’t Vote for Me to Be Best Face of Survivor? Logan, Who The F— Do You Think You Are?!’ Boneham (39 episodes)

3 votes

Angie Dickhaut, Brian Whitehead, Jordan Crockett – Rob ‘I’m Charismatic, Upsets Pretty Boy Probst With Lust, And You’re All uh a bunch o’ Fruit Loops…Swish Fish Like a Boston Anchor!’ Mariano (43 episodes)

2 votes

Aaron Frazee, Gaby Rivera – Kathy ‘I Dump Sand on a Fire Because it Burns Better…A True Survivor!’ Vavrick-O’ Brien (24 episodes)

Ricky Mentesh, Mervin Sanding, – Ethan ‘Ethical and Charitable…All Characteristics a Survivor SHOULD Possess’ Zohn (21 episodes)

Sam Belden, Jessi Bentley – Tom ‘I Was a New York Fiuh Fighta and I’m Manipulative And Can Beat These Kids Who Are Half My Age’ Westman (19 episodes)

1 vote

Charlene Charles, – JP ‘I Throw Challenges to Get Rid of People Who Wasted Their Time Watching Australian Survivor As I Recline On This Tree Trunk Because I’m The Face of This Joint!’ Calderon (4 episodes)

Alissa Schultink, – Sydney ‘She Wore J.T.’s Boxers and is Sneaky….Yep. That’s About it.’ Wheeler (6 episodes)

Neil Singleton, – Ozzy ‘The Joke About Me Being Coch-Blocked Isn’t Funny, Logan’ Lusth (24 episodes)

James Bleau, – Sandra ‘I Can Get Loud, But Not Physical WTF!’ Diaz-Twine (28 episodes)

Ori Kohav, – Cirie ‘Actually, I’ve Gained Forty Pounds and Haven’t Left My House in Two Years’ Fields (32 episodes)

Anne Curtis, – Colby ‘People Name Their Dogs Colby Before They Name Them Probst’ Donaldson (35 episodes)

Brandon Alexander, – Parvati ‘I Was Nominated For This? I’m So Excited I might Pee My Pants!’ Shallow (41 episodes)

James Wall, – Todd ‘If You Include What Mariano and Probst Did Last Night, I’d Be The Fourth Gay Survivor Up For Consideration ^_^’ Herzog (13 episodes)

All Stars – 6 (32)

HvV – 6 (13)

CI – 3

Micronesia – 3

PI – 2 (6)

Marquesas – 2 (5)

Borneo – 1 (19)

Jeff Probst: 1 (8)

Africa – 1 (2)

Australia – 1

Tocantins – 1

EI – 1

China – 1

RI – 1 (3)

Palau – 1 (2)

Thailand, Amazon, Vanuatu, Guatemala, Fiji, Gabon, Samoa, Nicaragua – As Mike Boogie would say, they’re just the extras.

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