39 Day Survivor Challenge — Day 14 Survivor That Reminds You of Yourself

39 Day Survivor Challenge (Day 14) — Survivor That Reminds You of Yourself
6 votes
Brett Watts, Matt Pike, Phillip Scherer, Ivo Rivera, Neil Singleton, Ryan Weiss, – Stephen ‘Hi Neil!’ Fishbach (13 episodes)

4 votes

Debra Marsh, Diogo Almeida, Ben Nehls, Bobby Harvey, – Todd ‘Gay Superfan Representative?’ Herzog (13 episodes)

Rob Beasley, David Healy , Francisco Grilo, Ian O‘ Brien, – Rob ‘Speaks for All Survivor Nerds’ Cesternino (17 episodes)

2 votes
Lynda Phoa, Julie Bentz – Shii Ann ‘Shii Devil’ Huang (20 episodes)

Jason Bleau, Aaron Frazee – J.T. ‘Howdy Y’all, I’m a Good Ol Country Boy Like Jet n Cord from a Town With a Yellow Light’ Thomas (23 episodes)

Ricky Mentesh, Angie MacNeil, – Stephenie ‘She Will Never Quit Just Like The Other 340+ Survivors’ LaGrossa (27 episodes)

1 vote
Clay Halford, – Ryan ‘My Snot Had More Airtime Than Purple Kelly’ Shoulders (2 episodes)

Brian Wildman, – Bobby ‘You Think You’re Like Me? Keep Wet Dreamin, Bro’ Mason (5 episodes)

Daniel Knowles, – Spencer ‘Part of the Gay Superfan Day 15 Club’ Duhm (5 episodes)

Lisa Durham Phillips, – Kristina ‘I Was on the Wrong Season’ Kell (5 episodes)

Maxime Gauther-LaFond, – Brian ‘Blake is Such a Bad Player That He Was Voted Out Only One Day Before Me’ Corridan (6 episodes)

Gaby Rivera, – Cristina ‘No Longer on Speaking Terms With Jenny’ Coria (6 episodes)

Brandon Alexander, – Clarence ‘Did He Just Compare Himself to O.J. Simpson?’ Black (7 episodes)

Alissa Schultink, – Alina ‘Fruitful Endeavours’ Wilson (8 episodes)

Anne Curtis, – Christy ‘All of the Jokes for Her Were Used on Marlee Matlin’ Smith (11 episodes)

Charlene Charles, – Candice ‘If You’re Really Like Me, You Would’ve Changed Your Vote By Now’ Woodcock (11 episodes)

Brian Whitehead, – John ‘It Doesn’t Take Rocket Science for You to Identify With Me’ Fincher (11 episodes)

Logan Saunders, – Alex ‘OBJECTION!!!!’ Angarita (12 episodes)

Rosey Sigglekow, – Peih-Gee ‘Did You Know I was Chinese?’ Law (12 episodes)

Sam Belden, – Erik ‘Ice Cream Warcraft Lovin’ Reichenbach (13 episodes)

Ori Kohav, – Ken ‘Facebook Porn Poster’ Hoang (13 episodes)

Sarah Casa, – Erinn ‘A Little Bit of Me Thinks I’m Kinda Like Fighting for My Life a Little Bit’ Lobdell (13 episodes

James Wall, – Ian ‘Scatter-Brained = $925, 000 net loss’ Rosenberger (14 episodes)

Alex King, – Aras ‘STOP COMPARING ME TO KRATTS’ CREATURES, LOGAN!’ Baskauksas (14 episodes)

Nelson Escobar, – Chase ‘I’m Sorry Someone Voted for Me…Didn’t Mean for That to Happen’ Rice (14 episodes)

Elliot McMurchy, – Judson ‘I’m on TV? I Don’t Remember That!’ Birza (14 episodes)

Jordan Crockett, – Andrea ‘The Constant Underdog of Holding Her Foot Down to Balance a Pot’ Boehlke (14 episodes)

Aaron Adkisson, – Tyson ‘Aaron Acted in a Serbian rap video too?’ Apostol (15 episodes)

Mervin Sanding, – Tom ‘I Lost My Virginity in a Fi-Uh-House’ Westman (19 episodes)

Aaron Conn, – Ethan ‘Bryant Gumbel Makes Dick Cheney Look Like Anamika Veeramani’ Zohn (21 episodes)

Jessi Bentley, – Courtney ‘Dry Bones from Mario Bros. Has More Meat Than Me’ Yates (22 episodes)

Karl Marquez, -Lex ‘Karl Shares the Lion’s Share of My Personality Traits’ Van Den Berghe (23 episodes)

Zac Kooiman, – Oscar ‘First Person to Get Blindsided With An Idol in Two Separate Seasons’ Lusth (23 episodes)

Angie Dickhaut, – Kathy ‘Logan’s Clearly Running out of nicknames! HAW HAW HAW’ Vavrick- O’ Brien (24 episodes)

Andrea Zabala, – Jerri ‘I Was in Kel Gleason’s Suicide Note?’ Manthey (32 episodes)

Jimmy Jt, – Russell ‘I’m The Most Unique Player of Alllll Time’ Hantz (32 episodes)

Eamon J Lehnsherr, – Colby ‘Family Relations Expert’ Donaldson (35 episodes)

.5 votes
Joe Heidrich (.5) , – Brian ‘Someone Aspires to Be in Porn and Shoot Pups Like Me?’ Heidik (13 episodes)

Joe Heidrich (.5), – Chris ‘Jeff Probst is to Boston Rob as Mario Lanza is to Chris’ Daugherty (14 episodes)

HvV: 8 (9)
All Stars: 7 (11)
Tocantins: 5 (11)
China: 3 (6)
Africa: 3
RI: 3
Palau: 3 (4)
CI: 3
Nicaragua: 3
Amazon: 2 (5)
Thailand: 2 (2.5)
EI: 2
Australia: 2
Guatemala: 2 (3)
Marquesas: 1
PI: 1
Gabon: 1
FvF: 2
Samoa: 2
Vanuatu: 1 (.5)
Fiji: 1
Borneo – Ain’t nobody like the original. We’re the real McCoy, mothaf—as!

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