Facebook’s 39 Day Challenge — Day 12 Survivor Whose Brain You’d Love to Pick

39 Day Challenge (Day 12 — Survivor Whose Brain You’d Love to Pick

12 votes
Andrew Hanson, Julie Bentz, David Healy, Sam Belden, Jordan Crockett, Lisa Durham Phillips, Elliot McMurchy, Ori Kohav, Alissa Schultink, Aaron Conn, Andrea Zabala, Ryan Weiss – Phillip ‘Brilliant Strategy’ Sheppard (14 episodes)

6 votes
Aaron Frazee, Bren Porter, Brian Wildman, Phillip Scherer, Rob Beasley, Lynda Phoa, – Yau-Man ‘Mactor’ Chan (17 episodes)

3 votes
Sam Hudson, Jason Bleau, Jessi Bentley – Benjamin ‘Whose Picked His Brain? I Have!’ Wade (20 episodes)

2 votes

Mervin Sanding, Rosey Sigglekow – Greg ‘His Sister is saying WHAT?!’ Buis (8 episodes)

Maxime Gauthier-LaFond, Angie MacNeil, – David ‘The Puzzle Guy Who Can’t Win Puzzles!’ Murphy (10 episodes)

Jaco Van Rooyen, Daniel Knowles – Erik ‘Just two votes pisses me off’ Reichenbach (13 episodes)

Eamon J Lehnsherr, Firdaus Perdana- Yul ‘I’m Really a Serial Killer in My Spare Time’ Kwon (14 episodes)

James Wall, Gaby Rivera – Rob ‘Does He Have a Podcast?’ Cesternino (17 episodes)

Brett Watts, Dom Harvey – Richard ‘Behind Bars More Than an Animal in a Zoo’ Hatch (18 episodes)

Anne Curtis, Diogo Almeida, – Cirie ‘Diabolical Nurse’ Fields (32 episodes)

Tim LaMaster, Jimmy Jt, – Rob ‘Inside the Mind of a Mob Boss’ Mariano (43 episodes)

1 vote
Clay Halford, – Gabriel ‘Joined a Game to not Play it’ Cade (5 episodes)

Sarah Casa, – Sarita ‘Needs to Pay Jed a Visit’ White (8 episodes)

Bobby Harvey, – Brenda ‘Does She Know the Name of the Girl With One Leg?’ Lowe (10 episodes)

Ian O’ Brien, – Randy ‘Would He Be the First to Finger the Crew on Candid Camera’ Bailey (10 episodes)

Debra Marsh, – Christy ‘Wonder if She’s Friends With Marlee Matlin?’ Smith (11 episodes)

Nelson Escobar, – Corinne ‘How Long Until Joan Rivers Eyes’ Kaplan (11 episodes)

Logan Saunders, – Sean ‘Remember When There Was a Final Reward Curse’ Rector (12 episodes)

Joe Coombs, – Judd ‘AY BEY CEY DEE DEE’ Sergeant (12 episodes)

Ben Nehls, – Shane ‘Pick MY Brain? Me? What’s So Crazy About Me?!’ Powers (12 episodes)

Matt Pike, – Elisabeth ‘Why Pick My Brain? It’s So Innocent, Clean, and Red!’ Hasselback-Filarski (13 episodes)

Brian Whitehead, – Matthew ‘I Got a Vote? Let Me Sharpen My Machete First’ Von Ertfelda (13 episodes)

Neil Singleton, – Stephen ‘Neil Singleton Receives a Fishy’ Fishbach (13 episodes)

Angie Dickhaut, – Matthew ‘I Sold My Autograph to Blueberry for 1000 bucks’ Lenahan (14 episodes)

Brandon Alexander, – Earl ‘Could Not Understand the Words Coming out of Yau-Man’s Mouth’ Cole (14 episodes)

Ricky Mentesh, – Jonny ‘Jon Dalton’ Fairplay (15 episodes)

Karl Marquez, – Rudy ‘Survivor 24 Winner?’ Boesch (15 episodes)

Alex Jordan, – Lex ‘Wonder if He Got Paid By Chevy To Be So Quick to Answer Avalanche?’ Van Den Berghe (23 episodes)

Francisco Grilo, – Jerri ‘The Last Person to Receive Redemption Before the Term Was Abused’ Manthey (32 episodes)

Charlene Charles, – Parvati ‘Only True Fans Worshipped Me Since Cook Islands’ Shallow (41 episodes)

All Stars: 6 (9)
HvV: 5 (9)
FvF: 5 (12)
Amazon: 4 (5)
RI: 4 (17)
Borneo: 3 (5)
Marquesas: 3 (4)
Tocantins: 2 (4)
EI: 2 (3)
Australia: 2
Gabon: 2
Fiji: 2 (7)
CI: 2 (3)
Nicaragua: 2
PI: 1
Africa: 1
Guatemala: 1

Thailand, Vanuatu, Palau, China, and Samoa – 0. So much for China’s popularity. Ain’t nobody complex from these seasons.

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