Facebook’s 39 Day Challenge — Day 11 Should Have Won, But Didn’t

39 Day Challenge Day 11 (Survivor That Should Have Won, But Didn’t)


12 votes


Rob Beasley, Debra Marsh, Brian Wildman, Mervin Sanding, Jimmy Jt, Alissa Schultink, Robert Mexico, Jason Bleau, Alex Jordan, Ian O’ Brien, Brandon Alexander, Bobby Harvey – Russell ‘Bitter Jury’s’ Hantz (32 episodes)

6 votes


David Healy, Sam Hudson, Phillip Scherer, Brett Watts, Maxime Gauthier-LaFond, Sarah Casa, Aaron Conn – Cirie ‘Idols, Fire, and Spontaneous Final 2s Oh My’ Fields (32 episodes)

5 votes


Ori Kohav, Joe Coombs, Bren Porter, Neil Singleton, Daniel Knowles,- Stephen ‘Do You Like the Way I Run’ Fishbach (13 episodes)

Eamon J Lehnsherr, Julie Bentz, Angie Dickhaut, Rosey Sigglekow, Angie MacNeil – Rob ‘Lost to a Half Wit’ Cesternino (17 episodes)

Joe Coombs, Andrew Hanson, Diogo Almeida, Clayton Spivey, Lynda Phoa – Stephenie ‘It’s The Jury’s Fault I Didn’t Win’ LaGrossa (27 episodes)

4 votes


Jaco Van Rooyen, Brian Whitehead, Tim LaMaster, Jessi Bentley – Colby ‘Tina’s Zombie’ Donaldson (35 episodes)

Firdaus Perdana, Ricky Mentesh, Francisco Grilo, Charlene Charles – Parvati ‘I Wish I Had a Boyfriend in Afghanistan >_>’ Shallow (41 episodes)

3 votes


Jordan Crockett,  Joe Heidrich, Gaby Rivera, – Yau-Man ‘Your Fortune: Dreamz Shall Experience a Karma Deficit in Q3’ Chan (17 episodes)

Nelius Van Rooyen, Grant Malo, Ryan Weiss, -Kathy ‘I WAS JUST ADJUSTING MY SHIRT AND LOST A MILLION BUCKS….HAW HAW HAW’ Vavrick O’ Brien (24 episodes)

2 votes


Aaron Frazee, Nelson Escobar – Holly ‘I Threw Shoes in the Water, then I Didn’t. Cheque, Please?’ Hoffman (14 episodes)

Dom Harvey, Andrea Zabala, – Jerri ‘Why Did I Act Normal? Now I Won’t Get a Fourth Shot’ Manthey (33 episodes)

Carl Hagemann, Ben Nehls- Amanda ‘Livid Loser’ Kimmel (38 episodes)

1 vote


Karl Marquez, – Paschal ‘Hates Deep Purple, Purple Stuff, The Color Purple…’ English (13 episodes)

Logan Saunders, – Matthew ‘Maybe I Shouldn’t Emulate Colin Powell’ Von Ertfelda (13 episodes)

Justin M. Lesniewski, – Rafe ‘I Release You From a Promise…But Still Take Me!’ Judkins (14 episodes)

Clay Halford, – Brett ‘180!’ Clouser (14 episodes)

Branden Billy, – Jessica ‘I Just Lost…Let’s Go Out For Drinks!’ Kiper (14 episodes)

Anne Curtis, – Mike ‘Oh, Wasn’t He a War Veteran?’ Chiesl (14 episodes)

James Wall, – Jonny ‘I Lost to Someone Who Could Be My Dead Grandmother…’ Fairplay (15 episodes)

Elliot McMurchy, – Lex ‘If Only I Didn’t Have to Puke’ Van Den Berghe (24 episodes)

Abby Haufmann, – Rob ‘….Didn’t I Win?’ Mariano (43 episodes)

HvV: 9 (37)

All Stars: 6 (16)

FvF: 5 (16)

Marquesas: 3 (5)

RI: 3 (14)

Amazon: 2 (6)

Australia: 2 (6)

Guatemala: 2 (6)

Samoa: 2 (13)

EI: 1 (6)

Tocantins: 1 (5)

China: 1 (2)

PI: 1

Africa: 1

Gabon: 1

Fiji: 1 (3)

Palau: 1 (5)

CI: 1 (4)

Nicaragua: 1 (2)

Borneo, Thailand, Vanuatu – SOOOO HAPPY HATCH, HEIDIK, AND CHRIS WON!!!!!

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1 Response to Facebook’s 39 Day Challenge — Day 11 Should Have Won, But Didn’t

  1. damn you with Rafe ‘I Release You From a Promise…But Still Take Me!’ Judkins . makes me laugh

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