Facebook’s 39 Day Challenge — Day 10 Most Disappointing Early Exit

39 Day Survivor Challenge (Day 10 — Most Disappointing Early Exit)


6 votes


George Nicolaids, Sam Hudson, David Healy, Jessi Bentley, Andrew Hanson, Ryan Weiss, -Francesca ‘You Still Watched RI After She Left?!’ Hogi (3 episodes)

Angie Dickhaut, Logan Saunders, Brett Watts, Matt Pike, James Wall, Zack Rovinsky -Bobby ‘Logan Wanted Him to Speak at His Grad’ Mason (5 episodes)

4 votes


Anne Curtis, Debra Marsh, Phillip Scherer, Ian O’ Brien -Michael ‘Only Five From the Outback, Sorry’ Skupin (6 episodes)

Jimmy Jt, Newman Granger, Adam Patterson, Alessandro Ancleotti -Tom ‘Voted Out Before a Guy With One Leg and a Superman in a Fat Suit’ Westman (19 episodes)

3 votes


Brian Whitehead, Firdaus Perdana, Jaco Van Rooyen -Hunter ‘I Was on the First Season of Survivor’ Ellis (4 episodes)

Alex Jordan, Dom Harvey, Angie MacNeil, -Brian ‘Outside of Busting Wedges, Not Much to Put on the Resume’  Corridan (6 episodes)

Bren Porter, Brian Wildman, Lisa Durham Phillips -Russell ‘I Don’t Think He Looks Like Lennox Lewis’ Swan (6 episodes)

Gaby Rivera, Jordan Crockett, Charlene Charles -Stephanie ‘Melanie, Natalie, Parvati, They All Rhyme!’ Valencia (7 episodes)

2 votes


Tyler Polowy, Maxime Gauthier-LaFond – Marisa ‘Did You Know She Threatened Russell?’ Calihan (1 episode)

Rob Beasley, Neil Singleton – Shannon ‘I Have a Shirtless Autograph of Him in My Room, and I’m Not Even From New York” Elkins (2 episodes)

Aaron Frazee, Aaron Conn, -Gina ‘Saddest Exit Ever Without Inhaling Fire in the Form of Smoke’ Crews (6 episodes)

Matthew Knutson, Lisa Leaberry -Russell ‘I Was on the First Season After Rob Won All-Stars’ Hantz (32 episodes)

Francisco Grilo, Branden Billy, -Cirie ‘You Can Only Outlive Idols So Many Times’ Fields (32 episodes)

1 vote


Eamon J Jehnsherr, -Sonja ‘That’s one vote Souna and one vote Ukulele’ Christopher (1 episode)

Jason Bleau, – Steve ‘DAYUM DAYUM DAYUM DAYUM DAYUM DAYUM DAYUM’ Morris (1 episode)

Daniel Knowles, – Jolanda ‘Run Out of Nicknames for Her’ Jones (1 episode)

Alissa Schultink, – Leslie ‘…I Think She Might Be Religious’ Nease (3 episodes)

Jimmy O’ Hara, -Ghandia ‘I Want to Vote His Butt Off in the Eye’ Johnson (4 episodes)

Ori Kohav, -Michael ‘I Bet He Didn’t Get a Tattoo of a Red Sox Ticket Stub Until ’04’ Bortone (4 episodes)

Clay Halford, – Jimmy ‘Which Song Did He Sing?’ T (4 episodes)

Sarah Casa, – Gabriel ‘His Teddy Bear Has More of a Personality Than Him’ Cade (5 episodes)

Tim LaMaster, -Ashley ‘Wait, Natalie Didn’t Finish the Smoothie Too!’ Trainer (5 episodes)

Justin M. Lesniewski, -Tyrone ‘One Eye On My Shoes and One Eye On That Chicken’ Davis (5 episodes)

Elliot McMurchy, – Robb ‘Didn’t He Get Voted Out By a Bunch of Rules?’ Zbacnik (6 episodes)

Lynda Phoa, – Kelly ‘One Leg: Sympathy Vote The Musical’ Bruno (6 episodes)

Grant Malo, – Gretchen ‘Am I Gone or Does Probst Fail at Math?’ Cordy (7 episodes)

Sam Belden, -Andrew ‘Wonder What He Thinks of RI’ Savage (7 episodes)

Ben Nehls, -Tracy ‘Must’ve Given Chet Mouth to Mouth for 17 days straight’ Hughes-Wolf (7 episodes)

Nelius Van Rooyen, -Ulong tribe (8 episodes)

Abby Kaufmann, – Jonny ‘I Swear on My Dead Grandmother I Didn’t Quit’ Fairplay (15 episodes)

Karl Marquez, – Yau-Man ‘Confucius Says: Screw Cirie’ Chan (17 episodes)

Brandon Alexander, -Rob ‘You Weren’t the First to Use Nanananana Hey Hey Goodbye in Survivor’

Cesternino (18 episodes)

Bobby Harvey, – Jonathan ‘Bobby Harvey Voted…My @$$!’ Penner (18 episodes)

Carl Hagemann, -Ami ‘A Lesbian From Playboy Is On All-Women Tribe…And Nothin’ Cusack (20 episodes)

Julie Bentz, -Ethan ‘You Say Zohn I say Zorn’ Zohn (21 episodes)

Andrea Zabala, – Lex ‘Rob’s Maid of Honor’ Van Den Berghe (23 episodes)

Nelson Escobar, – Stephenie ‘It’s Always Your Fault’ LaGrossa (27 episodes)

Joe Coombs, -Rob ’43 Survivor Episodes, 16 TAR episodes, a TV Wedding, Around the World in 80 Days, Some Sci-Fi Crap, and Poker Shows is Just Too Soon to Call it Quits’ Mariano (43 episodes)

FvF: 7 (8)

HvV: 5 (10)

Marquesas: 4 (7)

RI: 4 (12)

All Stars: 4

Samoa: 4 (8)

Palau: 4 (7)

Nicaragua: 4 (5)

EI: 2 (8)

Africa: 2

Borneo: 2

China: 2

Thailand: 2

Guatemala: 2 (4)

PI: 2

Australia: 1 (4)

Amazon: 1

Vanuatu: 1

Fiji: 1

CI: 1

Gabon, Tocantins – Eh, everyone left at right around the right time.

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