Facebook’s 39 Day Challenge — Day 09 Favourite Challenge Dominator

39 Day Survivor Challenge Day 09 – Favourite Challenge Dominator

17  votes
Bren Porter, Rosey Sigglekow, Gaby Rivera, Julie Bentz, Jessi Bentley, David Healy, Phillip Scherer, Alissa Schultink, Lisa Durham Phillips, Francisco Grilo, Ian O’ Brien, Diogo Almeida, Carl Hagemann, Jaco Van Rooyen, Tyler Polowy, Clay Halford, Neil Singleton -Oscar ‘I Have Merged Both Times in the Minority’ Lusth (24 episodes)

7 votes
Brian Whitehead, Ori Kohav, Rob Beasley, Mervin Sanding, Debra Marsh, Aaron Conn, Nelson Escobar, -Terry Deitz (14 episodes)

Nelius Van Rooyen, Rod Yabes, Alex Jordan, Logan Saunders, Firdaus Perdana, Paolo de Guia, Andrea Zabala,  – Tom ‘I Worked in a Fiahouse’ Westman (19 episodes)

5 votes
Brett Watts, Jason Bleau, Angie Dickhaut, Jimmy Jt, Branden Billy -Colby ‘OMG, He Was in Red Eye!’ Donaldson (35 episodes)

4 votes
Brandon Alexander, Justin M. Lesniewski, Maxime Gauthier-LaFond , Daniel Knowles,- Boston Rob ‘But Lives in Florida’ Mariano (43 episodes)

3 votes
Anne Curtis, Lynda Phoa, Sarah Casa – Kelly ‘I Lost a Rafting Challenge to a Guy Who Can’t Swim’ Wiglesworth (13 episodes)

Tim LaMaster, Ben Nehls, Aaron Frazee -Darrah ‘She Wins A Lot But Loses Challenges Too’ Johnson (14 episodes)

2 votes
Sam Hudson, Charlene Charles -Bob ‘Didn’t He Graduate With Bill Nye?’ Crowley (13 episodes)

George Nicolaids, Zack Rovinsky – Judson ‘Hopes Never to be Bitten By Crabs Again’ Birza (14 episodes)

Clayton Spivey, Andrew Hanson -Parvati ‘Just Get Your Fourth Time Over With’ Shallow (41 episodes)

1 vote
Abby Kaufmann, -Ryan ‘SEVENTY-TWO POUNDS OF STEEL!’ Shoulders (3 episodes)

Joe Heidrich, -Randy ‘Best Tribal Record Eva!’ Bailey (10 episodes)

Eamon J Lehnsherr, -Matt ‘More Suited for Amazing Race’s Format’ Elrod (13 episodes)

Joe Coombs, – Koror (14 episodes)

James Wall, -Tyson ‘How Can You Dominate When You Lose Shuffleboard’ Apostol (15 episodes)

Karl Marquez, -Jenna ‘Popularity Contest Immunity and Beating Rob at Endurance = Domination’ Morasca (16 episodes)

Jordan Crockett, -James ‘I Outendured the Dragon Slayer Y’all’ Thomas (23 episodes)

Ricky Mentesh, -James ‘Never Won Immunity’ Clement Jr. (28 episodes)

HvV: 7 (21)
FvF: 3 (20)
PI: 2 (4)
Tocantins: 2
All Stars: 2 (9)
RI: 2 (5)
Gabon: 2 (3)
CI: 2 (19)
Palau: 2 (8)
EI: 1 (7)
Australia: 1 (5)
Marquesas: 1 (4)
Borneo: 1 (3)
Amazon: 1
China: 1
Nicaragua: 1 (2)

Africa, Thailand, Vanuatu, Guatemala, Fiji, Samoa – Ain’t nothing skewed.

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