Facebook’s 39 Day Challenge — Day 08 Most Attractive Survivor

39 Day Survivor Challenge Day 08 — Most Attractive Survivor


10 votes


Nelius Van Rooyen,  Nelson Zapeda, Eamon J Jawatin, Phillip Scherer, Jimmy Jt, Diogo Almeida, Mervin Sanding, Michaelangelo McCuller, Jack Mourouzis Bobby Harvey -Parvati ’41 Episodes of Staring at my Face’ Shallow (41 episodes)

5 votes


Sam Hudson, James Wall, Firdaus Perdana, George Nicolaids, Firdaus Perdana -Brenda ‘I Like Seeing Her Go’ Lowe (10 episodes)

Clayton Spivey, Brian Whitehead, Matt Pike, Charlene Charles, Nelson Escobar -Jenna ‘I Wish I Could Offer Her Peanut Butter and Chocolate’ Morasca (16 episodes)

4 votes


Rob Beasley, Brett Watts, Alex Jordan, Debra Marsh -Andrea ‘La Gorgeous Lola Bunny’ Boehlke (14 episodes)

Jordan Crockett, Ricky Mentesh, Debra Marsh, Neil Singleton -Oscar ‘I Want PlayGirl Now!’ Lusth (24 episodes)

3 votes


Adam Patterson, Tim LaMaster, Andrew Hanson – Sydney ‘She Can Wear My Boxers’ Wheeler (6 episodes)

Joe Coombs, Jaco Van Rooyen, Brandon Alexander -Julie ‘Liberal Suntanning’ Berry (13 episodes)

Brian Wildman, Daymond Hoffman, Ian O’ Brien -Natalie ‘Chris Hansen Will Save You!’ Tenerelli (14 episodes)

Matt Pike, Vincent Yates, Jason Bleau -Jennifer Lyon (14 episodes)

Zack Rovinsky, Mervin Sanding, Branden Billy -Judson ‘It’s Like Every Minute of the Day is 420 When I’m With’ Birza (14 episodes)

Rosey Sigglekow, Jessi Bentley, Angie Dickhaut -Bobby Jon ‘Your Appearance is as Pleasant as a Geico Caveman’ Drinkard (17 episodes)

2 votes


Fireball Doiron, Kevin Pacione -Stephanie ‘I Only Get to Look for 15 Days?!’ Valencia (7 episodes)

Jayven Bernardino, Dom Harvey -Kelly ‘…..!’ Sharbaugh (9 episodes)

Jimmy O’ Hara, Newman Granger -Elizabeth ‘I Want to Give Her Some Red Meat’ Filarski-Hasselback (13 episodes)

Tyler Polowy, Aaron Conn – Stephenie ‘I’ll Show You How TOUGH I Am ;)’ LaGrossa (27 episodes)

1 vote


Julie Bentz, -Jessie ‘Do You Still Have Your Handcuffs?’ Camacho (3 episodes)

Gaby Rivera, – JP ‘I Subscribe to Janice Dickinson Agency Now’ Calderon (4 episodes)

Ryan Weiss, – Jacqueline ‘The Ring Don’t Mean a Thing’ Berg (4 episodes)

Bren Porter, -Rita ‘Control Yourself, Yau-Man!’ Verreos (5 episodes)

Elvera Tarberg, -Aaron ‘Punish Me Like Zhan Hu Put You Through a Guillotine’ Reisberger (5 episodes)

Logan Saunders, – Yve Rojas (6 episodes)

Diogo Almeida, -John ‘I Want You Inside Me! Er, JK. Yes, JK.’ Kenney (7 episodes)

Grant Malo, -Nick ‘Give Me Some Motivation’ Stanbury (7 episodes)

Karl Marquez, -Erin ‘I’ve Always Wanted to Know What Light Bulbs Feel Like’ Collins (8 episodes)

Sarah Casa, – Brendan ‘No Wonder Coach Wanted to Slay You’ Synnott (8 episodes)

Joe Heidrich, -Tyson ‘Staring at Your Baby Blues and Letting You Whisper Sweet Nothings in My Ear’ Apostol (9 episodes)

Ben Nehls, -Brandon Quintin (9 episodes)

Carl Hagemann, -Ryan ‘No Harm in Running Through the Water’ Opray (9 episodes)

Mel Acabras, -Michelle ‘Asian Sensation’ Yi (9 episodes)

Angie MacNeil, – John ‘It Doesn’t Take Rocket Science to be Sexy’ Fincher (10 episodes)

Daniel Knowles, – Tijuana ‘I’ll Always Pay Up’ Bradley (11 episodes)

Aaron Frazee, -Kelly ‘<3’ Shinn (11 episodes)

George Nicolaids, -Erik ’Formerly Known as a Virgin’ Huffman (11 episodes)

Anne Curtis, -Ben ‘Bendry’ Henry (12 episodes)

David Healy, -Alexis ‘That SEXY Girl’ Jones (12 episodes)

Maxime Gauthier-LaFond, -Erinn ‘Dayum!’  Lobdell (13 episodes)

Paolo de Guia, – Stephen ‘I Want You To Brutalize Me Like an Avocado!’ Fishbach (13 episodes)

William J. Cisco, – Natalie ‘Pussycat’ Bolton (14 episodes)

Bren Porter, -Mike ‘Your Last Name Says it All’ Chiesl (14 episodes)

Sam Belden, -Ashley ‘Dayum!’ Underwood (14 episodes)

Clay Halford, – Danni ‘Dayum!’ Boatwright (14 episodes)

Justin M. Lesniewski, -Courtney ‘I Want Your Attitude’ Yates (22 episodes)

Ori Kohav, -Danielle ‘I’d Be Happy to Committ Beastiality’ DiLorenzo (26 episodes)

Alissa Schultink, -Amber ‘Million Dollar Smile’ Brkich (27 episodes)

Andrea Zabala, – Colby ‘You ARE a Hershey Bar. Deal With It!’ Donaldson (35 episodes)

Nick Misciagno, -Amanda ‘Your Doe Eyes Peer Into My Soul’ Kimmel (38 episodes)

Lynda Phoa, – Jeff ‘I’ll Snuff Your Torch’ Probst

Tocantins: 5 (7)

RI: 5 (11)

FvF: 5 (17)

HvV: 5 (14)

Nicaragua: 5 (11)

China: 4

Australia: 3 (4)

All Stars: 3 (7)

Guatemala: 3 (6)

Palau: 3 (8)

CI: 3 (15)

PI: 2

EI: 2

Africa: 2

Vanuatu: 2 (4)

Samoa: 2 (3)

Fiji: 2

Amazon: 1 (5)

Thailand: 1

Gabon: 1

Jeff Probst: 1

Borneo and Marquesas: Ugly pieces of s—.

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