Facebook’s 39 Day Challenge — Day 06 Most Overrated Survivor

39 Day Challenge: Most Overrated Survivor (Day 06)

12.5 votes
Clayton Spivey, Aaron Frazee, George Nicolaids, Nelius Van Rooyen, David Healy, Firdaus Perdana, Nick Misciagno, Tyler Polowy, Lynda Phoa, Aaron Conn (.5), Bobby Harvey, Paolo de Guia, Anastasiya Omfrichuk, -Rupert ’WHO THE HELL VOTED FOR ME TO BE GOVERNOR, JON’ Boneham (38 episodes)

12 votes
Sam Hudson, Matt Pike, Brett Watts, Phillip Scherer, Jessi Bentley, Jayven Bernardino, Andrew Hanson, Maxime Gauthier-LaFond, Jaco Van Rooyen, Angie Dickhaut, Neil Singleton, Angie MacNeil -Russell ‘The Best Player to Receive 2 out of 18 jury votes’ Hantz (32 episodes)

9.5 votes
James Wall, Bren Porter, Eamon Jawatin, Logan Saunders, Rafi Broer, Tyler Polowy, Jack Mourouzis, Mel Acabras, Sarah Casa, Aaron Conn (.5) -Rob ’He Played the Best 4th Game of All Time’ Mariano (43 episodes)

4 votes
Julie Bentz, Dom Harvey, Mark A. Gannon, Branden Billy,  -Stephanie ’The Strongest Female to Win Only a Luck-Based Immunity or Three Tribal Immunities’  LaGrossa (27 episodes)

Mervin Sanding,  Anne Curtis, Karl Marquez, Andrea Zabala -James ’I Was Voted Out With Two Idols But Played Three Times Y’all’ Clement Jr. (28 episodes)

3 votes
Justin M. Lesniewski, Tim Lamaster, Debra Marsh – Amanda ’108 Days But Never The Survivor’ Kimmel (38 episodes)

2 votes
Brian Whitehead, Carl Hagemann, -Michael ’I Came, I Saw, I Burned…So What?’ Skupin (6 episodes)

Sam Belden, William J. Cisco, -Yul ‘I Had An Idol That Would Be Suicidal For People to Vote Me Before Day 39’ Kwon (14 episodes)

Brian Wildman, Rob Beasley -Sandra ’I Won Twice With Winning One Less Individual Challenge Than Stephenie’ Diaz-Twine (28 episodes)

Gaby Rivera, Francisco Grilo -Colby ’I Beat 90 Pound Implants, A Chef Who Can’t Cook, and The View Co-Host to Dominate’ Donaldson (35 episodes)

Ben Nehls, Newman Granger, -Parvati  ‘Personality Not Found’ Shallow (41 episodes)

1 vote
Daniel Knowles, – Jimmy ’More Airtime Than Benry, Tyrone, Jill, and Yve at a Reunion’ Johnson (3 episodes)

Jason Bleau, -Brenda ’Too Proud to Scramble’ Lowe (10 episodes)

Charlene Charles, – Ken ’An Idol Was Thrown Into the Ocean Then Taken Back’ Hoang (13 episodes)

Michaelangelo McCuller, -Todd ’He Gave a Physical Threat TWO Idols’ Herzog (13 episodes)

Zack Rovinsky, -Bob ’He Had Another Overrated Player Make it Her Goal to Make Him Win!’ Crowley (13 episodes)

Clay Halford, – Jane ’Fish Taunter’ Bright (13 episodes)

Ian O’ Brien, -Jessica ’She Received No Votes!’ Kiper (14 episodes)

Alissa Schultink, -Richard ’He Was First Then Voted Out First Out of His Tribe’ Hatch (18 episodes)

Ryan Weiss, – Benjamin ’Third Time Won’t Be the Charm’ Wade (20 episodes)

Nelson Escobar, – Ozzy ’The Winningest But Not Winningest Survivor Ever’ Lusth (24 episodes)

Joe Coombs -Cirie ’She Sets Up Herself to Be Voted Out Late’ Fields (32 episodes)

HvV: 12 (54)
FvF: 5 (11)
All Stars: 4 (25)
China: 3 (8)
CI: 3 (5)
Nicaragua: 3
Gabon: 3
PI: 2 (14.5)
Australia: 2 (4)
RI: 2 (21.5)
Marquesas: 1 (9.5)
Borneo: 1
Tocantins: 1
EI: 1
Guatemala: 1 (4)
Samoa: 1 (12)
Palau: 1 (4)
Seasons Not Represented: Africa, Thailand, Amazon, Vanuatu, Fiji

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