Facebook 39 Day Challenge — Day 07 Favourite Confessionalist

39 Day Challenge: Day 07 – Favourite Confessionalist
10.5 votes
Aaron Frazee, Brian Whitehead, Brian Wildman, Rob Beasley, Phillip Scherer, Gaby Rivera, Brett Watts, Nathan Miller, Justin M. Lesniewski, Angie Dickhaut, Nelson Escobar (.5), – Rob ’117 Days of Confessional Hogging’ Mariano (43 episodes)

9 votes
Rafi Broer, Nick Misciagno, Sam Hudson, Abby Kaufmann, Michaelangelo McCuller, Lynda Phoa, Clay Halford, Sarah Casa, Bobby Harvey, -Rob ’An Immunity Win Away from Survivor Immortality’ Cesternino (17 episodes)

Ben Nehls, Karl Marquez, Carl Hagemann, Clayton Spivey, Jessi Bentley, Debra Marsh, Branden Billy, Paolo de Guia, Ryan Weiss, – Cirie ‘Wishes She Stayed on the Couch’ Fields (32 episodes)

6 votes
Matt Pike, James Wall, Zack Rovinsky, Jaco Van Rooyen, Tyler Polowy, Charlene Charles -Phillip ‘You’re Crazy If You Can’t Stand the Truth’ Sheppard (14 episodes)

Tim Lamaster, Ian O’ Brien, Andrew Hanson, Jimmy Jt, Tim Lamaster, Mark A. Gannon,  -Tyson ’Professional Serbian Rap Video Extra’ Apostol (15 episodes)

Rosey Sigglekow, Morgan Glasberg, Diogo Almeida, Jayven Bernardino, Jimmy O’ Hara, Angie MacNeil -Courtney ’Dragonz Songstress’ Yates (22 episodes)

4 votes
Bren Porter, Ori Kohav, David Healy, Joe Coombs -Benjamin ‘Third Time’s the Humiliating Climax’ Wade (20 episodes)

3.5 votes
Alex Jordan, Mervin Sanding, Alissa Schultink, Nelson Escobar (.5), -Sandra ’The Names to the Left Like My Confessionals…In a Sexual Way’ Diaz-Twine (28 episodes)

3 votes
Eamon J Jawatin, Jason Bleau, Daniel Knowles, -Na Onka ’Wants to Play After Quitting?!’ Mixon (11 episodes)

Sam Belden, Dom Harvey, Logan Saunders -Jon ‘Declined Membership to the Partridge Family Newsletter’ Dalton (15 episodes)

1 vote
Jack Mourouzis, -James ’The Non-Untieable Untieable Knot’ Miller (6 episodes)

Maxime Gauther-LaFond, -Alina ’Shouldn’t She Be in the Underrated Category’ Wilson (8 episodes)

Neil Singleton, – Stephen ’Avocado Destructor!’ Fishbach (13 episodes)

Anne Curtis, -Chris ’Enjoys Beating a bunch o Wildcats’ Daugherty (14 episodes)

Jordan Crockett, -Judson ‘Fabio’ Birza (14 episodes)

Aaron Conn, – Rudy ’Doesn’t Like Queers…That’s fer shur’ Boesch (15 episodes)

Julie Bentz, -Susan ’In Hospital From Beaver Poop Overdose’ Hawk (19 episodes)

George Nicolaids, -Kathy ’Yes, She Urinated on a Jellyfish Sting…Get Over it’ Vavrick O’ Brien (24 episodes)

Andrea Zabala, – Jenna ’…Too Little Too Late = Best Confessional Ever’ Lewis (24 episodes)

Brandon ‘Bear’ Alexander, -James ’This Ain’t No Love Connection’ Clement Jr. (28 episodes)

Francisco Grilo, -Jerri  ‘Hasn’t Lived in a Log Cabin for Seven Years’ Manthey (32 episodes)

Mel Acabras, -Russell ’Expedia Mascot’ Hantz (32 episodes)

HvV: 8 (41)
All Stars: 7 (24.5)
Tocantins: 3 (11)
Borneo: 3
RI: 3 (17.5)
Nicaragua: 3 (5)
Marquesas: 2 (11.5)
PI: 2 (6.5)
FvF: 2 (12)
Amazon: 1 (9)
EI: 1 (9)
China: 1 (6)
Australia: 1
Vanuatu: 1
Palau: 1
Samoa: 1
Seasons Not Represented: Africa, Thailand, Guatemala, CI, Fiji, Gabon

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