Facebook’s 39 Day Challenge — Day 5 Most Underrated Survivor

39 Day Survivor Challenge – Day 05 (Most Underrated Survivor)

5 votes
Phillip Scherer, Ian O’ Brien, Tyler Polowy, Aaron Conn, Angie MacNeil -Chris ’Why Men Make More’ Daugherty (14 episodes)

4 votes (definitely not underrated)
Zack Rovinsky, Justin M. Lesniewski, Oliver Belleza, Karl Marquez -Jake ’Does the Voice of the Rooster Lawyer on Futurama’ Billingsley (11 episodes)

Tim Lamaster, Rafi Broer, Rob Beasley, Rafi Broer -Stephen ’Dating Just a F’ing Stick’ Fish Bach (13 episodes)

Gaby Rivera, Juan Bergos, Angie Dickhaut, Paolo de Guia -Danni ’Taller Than StepheMe’ Boatwright (14 episodes)

3 votes
Sam Hudson, Firdaus Perdana, Fawli Ong -Tracy ’Mary’ Hughes-Wolf (7 episodes)

Abby Kaufmann, Nick Misciagno, Jack Mourouzis -Sandra ’Two-Time Win Via Bitter Jur’y’ Diaz-Twine (28 episodes)

2 votes (therefore not underrated)
Jimmy Jt, Jordan Crockett -Marty ’Unnecessary Somersault’ Pombo (9 episodes)

Bren Porter, Francisco Grilo, -Peih Gee ’She Finished THIRD in Fan Favourite??’ Law (12 episodes)

Anne Curtis, Nelson Escobar, -Taj ’The Forearm Slayer’ Johnson-George (13 episodes)

Matt Pike, Andrea Zabala, -Ian ’Biggest Meltdown Since San Gabriel Island’ Rosenberger (14 episodes)

Nathan Miller, Clay Halford -Bob ’Professional Video Game Antagonizer’ Crowley (13 episodes)

Alissa Schultink, Mervin Sanding, -Natalie ’Jugular Fiend’ Bolton (14 episodes)

Carl Hagemann, Abby Kaufmann -Earl ’Proof Survivor Needs to Use Final Twos’ Cole (14 episodes)

Brian Whitehead, Lynda Phoa -Natalie ’Oh Mah Werd Thanx Bitter Jur’y’ White (14 episodes)

Joe Coombs, Michaelangelo McCuller -Richard ’Only Juries Help Him in Trials’ Hatch (18 episodes)

Clayton Spivey, Aaron Frazee, -Amber ’Mariano’ Brkich (26 episodes)

1 vote
Earmon Jawatin, -Wendy-Jo…. (1 episode)

Daniel Knowles, – Francesca ’If Only She Was on Seasons Borneo to Nicaragua’ Hogi (3 episodes)

Mel Acabras, -Stacey ’The Alliance Creator’ Stillman (3 episodes)

Nelius Van Rooyen, -Hunter ’HE SHOULDN’T HAVE BEEN VOTED DAY NINE!’ Ellis (3 episodes)

James Wall, -Bobby ’The Original Mr. Pectacular’ Mason (5 episodes)

George Nicolaids, -Brian ’Kamikaze Who Busts Wedges’ Corridan (6 episodes)

Jason Bleau, -Ace ’Whilst’ Gordon (7 episodes)

Glenn Scott, -Andrew ’Redemption Island Lover’ Savage (8 episodes)

Logan Saunders, -Brandon ’Adult Diaper Advocate’ Bellinger (8 episodes)

Andrew Hanson, -Deena ’Actually She’s a Homemaker’ Bennett (9 episodes)

Sam Belden, -Lea ’I Don’t Remember Someone Named Lea’ Masters (9 episodes)

Jessi Bentley, -Michael ‘Frosti’ Zernow (9 episodes)

Julie Bentz, -Sierra ’Zebra’ Reed (10 episodes)

Jaco Van Rooyen, -Jason ’Loves a Happy Face’ Siska (11 episodes)

Jayven Bernardino, -Kelly ’OMGizzles’ Shinn (11 episodes)

David Healy, -Teresa ’Underrated Player’ Cooper (12 episodes)

Josh Green, – Sean ’Called Johnny Cochran to Play Survivor 23’ Rector (12 episodes)

Rosey Sigglekow, -Vecepia ’Stop Celebrating!’ Towery (13 episodes)

Alex Jordan, -Brian ’Did He Mention His Name is Mr. Freeze’ Heidik (13 episodes)

Diogo Almeida, -Julie ’….’ Berry (13 episodes)

Ori Kohav, -Susie ’I Was Only in Episodes 8 and 13’ Smith (13 episodes)

Brian Wildman, -Darrah ’All I Want for Christmas is Implants’ Johnson (14 episodes)

Maxime Gauthier-LaFond, -Scout ’Blog-Curing Insomnia’ Cloud Lee (14 episodes)

Debra Marsh, – Twila ’Didn’t She Play Fang in Dave the Barbarian?’ Tanner (14 episodes)

Dom Harvey, -Rafe ’I Released You But I Didn’t Say VOTE ME OUT!’ Judkins (14 episodes)

Ryan Weiss, – Yul ’Nickname Was Viewed as Being Distasteful By Select Lobbyist Groups, and Hence Removed. Thank You For Your Understanding,’ Kwon (14 episodes)

Brett Watts, -Brett ’180’ Clouser (14 episodes)

Mark A. Gannon, – Mick ‘Feckless Lover’ Trimming (14 episodes)

Daniel Marino, -Holly ’HoHo’ Hoffman (14 episodes)

Joe Heidrich, -Judson ‘Fabio’ Birza (14 episodes)

Bobby Harvey, – Ashley ’Who?’ Underwood (14 episodes)

Ben Nehls, -Tina ’Didn’t Start the Fire’ Wesson (15 episodes)

Anastasiya Omfrichuk, – Candice ’Only Likes Blue or Black Buffs’ Woodcock (23 episodes)

Neil Singleton, – Oscar ’The Arrogant’ Lusth (24 episodes)

Branden Billy, – Danielle ’Needs a New Surgeon ASAP’ DiLorenzo (26 episodes)

Ricky Mentesh, -Jerri ‘Self-Proclaimed Maneater’ Manthey (32 episodes)

Sarah Casa, – Amanda ’B.B.’s Companion’ Kimmel (38 episodes)

Vanuatu: 6 (10)
Fans vs. Favs: 5 (8)
Nicaragua: 5 (6)
Guatemala: 4 (7)

Tocantins: 3 (7)
Pearl Islands: 3 (5)
China: 3 (4)
Australia: 3 (4)
Marquesas: 3
All Stars: 3 (5)
Gabon: 3 (4)
Samoa: 3 (4)
Cook Islands: 3
HvV: 3
Thailand: 2 (5)
Borneo: 2 (3)
Exile Island: 2
RI – 2
Fiji: 2 (3)
Amazon: 1
Africa: 1
Palau: 1 (2)

* All seasons represented.

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