Facebook’s 39 Day Challenge — Day 3 Most Annoying Survivor

Most Annoying Survivor (Day 03)


11.5 votes


Sam Hudson, Jessi Bentley, Phillip Scherer, Samuell Aquino, Oliver Belleza, Daniel Marino, Maxime Gauthier-Lafond, Billy Barnett, Clay Halford, Angie Dickhaut, Neil Singleton, Bobby Harvey -Phillip ‘Craziest Man Alive’ Sheppard (14 episodes)

8.5 votes


James Wall, Jacob Bieman, Jack B. Stephens, Juan Bergos, Sarah Casa, Aaron Conn, Stephen Lehman, Nelson Escobar (.5), Daniel Knowles, -Russell ’Russell Hantz Russell Hantz’ Hantz (31 ½ episodes)

8 votes


Bren Porter, David Healy, Diogo Almeida, Matthew Bilmes, Alissa Schultink, Nelius Van Rooyen, Jaco Van Rooyen, Ryan Weiss, -Lillian ‘Better Than Sandra’ Morris (11 episodes)

6.5 votes


Ben Nehls, Karl Marquez, Firdaus Perdana, Lynda Phoa, Bobby Harvey, Nelson Escobar (.5), Fawli Ong, -Benjamin ‘Soon-To-Be Dolphin Slayer’ Wade (20 episodes)

6 votes


Shannon Jeffreys, Justin M. Lesniewski, Nick Misciagno, Jimmy Jt, Tyler Polowy, Alex Jordan -Na

’Onka ‘She’s a Teacher??????’ Mixon (11 episodes)

4.5 votes


Eamon Jawatin, Francisco Grilo, Guillame Schmitt, Carl Hagemann -Rob ’Literally Getting Four and a Half Votes’ Mariano (43 episodes)

3 votes


Brett Watts, Tax Tacmo, Wesley Longlais -Lisi ‘Heartwarming Laugh’ Linares (8 episodes)

Dom Harvey, Lisa Durham Phillips, Ian O’Brien -Jane ‘Still Paying Off Her Mortgage’ Bright (13 episodes)

Rafi Broer, Cindi Betts, Tim Lamaster -Jessica ’Candy Edwards’ Kiper (14 episodes)

Brian Wildman, Joe Coombs, Andrea Zabala,  -Shii Ann ‘The Only Thing That Happened in Thailand’ Huang (20 episodes)

2 votes


George Nicolaids, Joe Heidrich -Caryn ‘Lawyered’ Groedel (13 episodes)

Logan Saunders, Sam Belden -Jenna ‘Straight to Video!’ Lewis (24 episodes)

1 vote


Rowan Evans, – Billy ‘Australian Survivor Lovin’ Garcia (2 episodes)

Brandon Alexander, -Shannon ‘Each Year of Marriage Multiplies Your Age by a Factor of Two’ Elkins (2 episodes)

Gaby Rivera, -James ’Rudy’ Tarantino (4 episodes)

Zack Rovinsky, -Entire Samburu tribe sans Kim P. (4 episodes)

Rob Beasley, -Lindsey ‘No Piercings, Right?’ Richter (6 episodes)

Jordan Crockett, -James ’Rocky/Stallone/Boston’ Reid (7 episodes)

Aaron Frazee, -Osten ’PETA Rep’ Taylor (7 episodes)

Josh Green, – Sierra ’They Went Bananas, B-A-N-A-N-A-S  Reed (10 episodes)

Michaelangelo McCuller, -Courtney ’840’ Marit (11 episodes)

Branden Billy, – Corinne ’Wants Nasty Bob’ Kaplan (11 episodes)

Mervin Sanding, -Sean ’Race Card Up His Sleeve’ Rector (12 episodes)

Clayton Spivey, -Shane ‘No More of Those!‘ Powers (12 episodes)

Jayven Bernardino, -Denise ’Lunchlady Doris’ Martin (13 episodes)

Ricky Mentesh, -Shannon ’Ohhhh, You Meant Shambo’ Waters (13 episodes)

Aaron Adkisson, -Terry ‘Was Robbed!!!!!11111’ Deitz (14 episodes)

Jake Elliot, -Matt ‘The Thirteenth Disciple’ Elrod (14 episodes)

Anastasiya Omfrichuk, – Jonny ’Wait His Last Name is Dalton?’ Fairplay (15 episodes)

Brian White, -Susan ‘Canadian Beaver Poop Drinker’ Hawk (19 episodes)

Julie Bentz, -Tom ‘Firahhouse’ Westman (19 episodes)

Paolo de Guia, – Alicia ’Hopeful Index Finger Amputee’ Callaway (20 episodes)

Virson Encina, -Eliza ’More Wide-Eyed Than a Kid in a Candy Store’ Orlins (22 episodes)

Matt Pike, -Lex ’It’s All Strictly Business Until…’ Van Den Berghe (23 episodes)

Anne Curtis, -Candice ‘Hippa to Flip Flop You Don’t Stop’ Woodcock (23 episodes)

Angie MacNeil, – Danielle ’Yay or Neigh?’ DiLorenzo (26 episodes)

Debra Marsh, -Stephanie ’It’s All Their Fault!’ LaGrossa (27 episodes)

Rosey Sigglekow, -Tom ’Hyena Butt Lickin’ Buchanan (28 episodes)

Ori Kohav, -Sandra ’The Hypen is Said Aloud’ Diaz-Twine (28 episodes)

Andrew Hanson, -Rupert ’Just Admit You’ve Eaten a Child Already!’ Boneham (38 episodes)

Jason Bleau, -Parvati ’Poverty’ Shallow (41 episodes)

Jack Mourouzis, -Jeff  ‘Digging More Than Timone’ Probst (300+ episodes)

HvV: 10 (26.5)

All Stars: 7 (13)

Pearl Islands: 5 (12)

Africa: 4

Exile Island: 4

RI: 4 (25)

Nicaragua: 4 (11)

Cook Islands: 3

Marquesas: 2 (5)

Borneo: 2 (3)

Gabon: 2 (4)

Fiji: 2 (4)

Palau: 3 (4)

Samoa: 2 (9.5)

Fans vs. Favs: 3

Tocantins: 2 (6)

Thailand: 1 (3)

China: 1

Australia, – 1

Vanuatu: 1

Jeff Probst: 1

Guatemala: 1

Amazon – 0

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