Facebook’s 39 Day Challenge – Day 1 – Favourite Survivor Player of All-Time

39 Day Survivor Challenge Tally


Favourite Survivor (day 1):

10 votes


Steve Mahne, George Nicolaids, Justin M. Lesniewski, Alissa Schultink, Tyler Polowy, Jaco Van Rooyen, Debra Marsh, Mark A. Gannon, Paolo De Guia, Daniel Falconer -Rob

‘Amazing Race Runner-Up’ Mariano (43 episodes)

9.5 votes


Tim Lamaster, Ricky Mentesh, Firdaus Perdana, Oliver Belleza, Ky Armsden, Jordan Crockett, Ori Kohav, Lynda Phoa, Bobby Harvey (.5), Shane Pratt -Parvati ‘Pee Water’ Shallow (41 episodes)

9 votes


Julie Bentz, Rob Beasley, Nick Misciagno, Jason Bleau, Wesley Longlais, Karl Marquez, Jimmy Jt, Daniel Marino, Blaine Melton -Russell ‘Russell Hantz’ Hantz (31 1/2 episodes)

Sam Hudson, Gaby Rivera, Samuell Aquino, Zack Rovinsky, Sam Baum, Juan Bergos, Aaron Conn, K non English Name Guy, Nelson Escobar, -Sandra ‘Two-time Champ’ Diaz-Twine (28 episodes)

8 votes


Brett Watts, Brian Whitehead, Jake Elliot, Zach Pomeroy, Joe Coombs, Joe Heidrich, Brandon Alexander, Fawli Ong,  -Rob ‘The One That Sucks’ Cesternino (17 episodes)

5 votes


Jan Burkhardt, Diogo Almeida, Carl Hagemann, Maxime Gauthier-LaFond, Frederico Arce, -Cirie ‘Back Across the Ocean’ Fields (32 episodes)

4 votes


Phillip Scherer, Adam Patterson, Nelius Van Rooyen, Sam Belden – Colby ‘Ain’t No Hershey Bar’ Donaldson (35 episodes)

Deb Shaffer, Jack Mourouzis, Brian Wildman, Alex Jordan -Rupert ‘Hide Your Kids Hide Your Wife’ Boneham  (38 episodes)

3 votes


Bren Porter, Clayton Spivey, Angie Dickhaut -Holly ‘Small Town Girl’ Hoffman (14 episodes)

Mervin Sanding, Josh Green, Andrea Zabala, -Stephenie ‘StepheME’ LaGrossa (27 episodes)

2 votes


Alex Buck, Jayven Bernardino- Sierra ‘She got two votes?!’ Reed (10 episodes)

Neil Singleton, Stephen Lehman, – Stephen ‘Outgrow’ Fishbach (13 episodes)

Dom Harvey, Shannon Jeffreys -Brian ‘Inappropriate Nickname Flagged’ Heidik (13 episodes)

Michaelangelo McCuller, Mario Lanza – Chris ’Wife Beater’ Daugherty (14 episodes)

Ryan Weiss, Aaron Borden -Richard ‘Bamboozled’ Hatch (18 episodes)

James Wall, Big Mike, -Lex ‘There’s a Rat’ Van Den Berghe (23 episodes)

Billy Barnett, Guillame Schmidt -Eliza ‘Just a F—ing Stick’ Orlins (23 episodes)

Ben Niehls, Andrew Hanson -Amanda ‘Braaaains’ Kimmel (38 episodes)

1.5 votes


David Healy, Bobby Harvey (.5), -Todd Herzog (13 episodes)

1 vote


Anne Curtis, -Leslie ‘Bra Snuggler’ Nease (3 episodes)

Rowan Evans, -Burton ‘Rowan’s BFF’ Roberts (11 episodes)

Rafi Broer, -Shane ‘Survivor Rehab’ Powers (12 episodes)

Sarah Casa, -Elisabeth ’She’s On The View Now????’ Filarski-Hasselback (13 episodes)

Aaron Frazee, -Vecepia ‘Drama-Free’ Towery (13 episodes)

Jessi Bentley, -Bob ‘Loves His Veggies’ Crowley (13 episodes)

Logan Supacoowacky Saunders, -Earl Cole (14 episodes)

Jack Stephens, -Chase ‘John Rich’ Rice (14 episodes)

Edwin Feliciano- Matt ‘Sash’ Lenahan (14 episodes)

Angie MacNeil, – Judson ‘Fabio’ Birza (14 episodes)

Matt Pike, -Rudy ’I Dunno’ Boesch (15 episodes)

Matt Hill, -Jenna ’Peanut Butter and Chocolate’ Morasca (16 episodes)

Kacie Marie, -Yau-Man ’Shat on a Turtle’ Chan (17 episodes)

Clay Halford, -Tom ‘Captain America’ Westman (19 episodes)

Matthew Bilmes, -Shii Ann ‘Gone Within .1 Seconds’ Huang (20 episodes)

Rosey Sigglekow, -Jonathan ‘Oh Please’ Penner (20 episodes)

Josh Littrell, -Kathy ‘HAW HAW HAW’ Vavrick O’Brien (24 episodes)

Ian O’ Brien, -Ozzy  ‘Wide-eyed Kid in the Candy-Store’ Lusth (24 episodes)

Branden Billy, – Jerri ‘American Airlines Advocate’ Manthey (32 episodes)

All Stars: 10 (33)

HvV: 10 (57.5)

Fans vs. Favs: 7 (20.5)

Nicaragua: 4 (6)

Pearl Islands: 3 (13)

Marquesas: 3 (12)

China: 3 (4.5)

Cook Islands: 3 (10.5)

Australia: 3 (6)

Amazon: 2 (9)

Exile Island: 2 (6)

Tocantins: 2 (4)

Thailand: 2 (3)

Borneo: 2 (3)

RI: 2 (19)

Vanuatu: 2 (4)

Fiji: 2

Palau: 2 (4)

Africa: 1 (2)

Samoa: 1 (9)

Guatemala: 1 (3)

Gabon: 1

* All Seasons Represented

What surprised me is that we have all three 50-100% All Star seasons at the top then we’ve got Nicaragua as the next most represented season. I didn’t expect that many Nicaraguans to make an impression that’d stick for six months.

Another observation I’d like to make is that Russell and Sandra received the same number of votes. It went back and forth as I collected the data. It shows how polarizing the two fan bases are.

And the original Guatemala cast didn’t receive a single vote. No wonder none of them have been invited back. The only person who received a vote from that season is Stephenie. Although two of her votes came extremely late so I forgot to change Guatemala’s vote total. Pardon me.

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