My Survivor Rankings: Redemption Island

‎22. Redemption Island (Season 22)
Rating: 1/10

This is the worst season imaginable, so this will be the peak of ranting on this countdown. These are the following issues I have with this season:

1. Redemption Island is a twist that violates the core of Survivor. Survivor is an elimination game where you play until one player is left. Letting someone come back into the game without having to be on the court is ridiculous. Especially after the merge when the person on Redemption Island gets to socialize with near-certain jury members. Not to mention these jury members don’t get to gather objective information at Tribal Council but instead have to rely on the earlier jury members to recall what was said from memory. Awful twist. It also erases reward challenges which means the individual stage which hinges on dividing up alliances on the reward trips have no need to worry (hence why this new ‘buddy system’ seems brilliant, but that’s because it could never exist in the first 21 seasons.

2. An inevitable final 3.

3. Jeff Probst makes another jump in terms of integrating himself into what’s going on in the game.

4. One of the most unbalanced division of tribes in history. One tribe isn’t individualistic at all and saturated with recruits leaving Rob or Russell guaranteed to take control of them. Meanwhile, the other tribe is individualistic and studied prior seasons leaving Rob or Russell screwed. Which tribe is most likely to stick together? Well, the non-individualistic tribe of course.

5. Rob playing a fourth time as well as playing for the 2nd time in three seasons. Russell playing for a third time in four seasons. Of course, disagreeing with this makes me not a “true survivor fan”. Sorry to disappoint you, Probst. 😦

6. One of the most unbalanced editing jobs in Survivor history. Matt cries at RI, Matt pulls an upset to stay on RI, a Zapatera goes home, Phil is crazy, Rob is in control, others comment on Rob being in control, Rob tells everyone what they’re going to do, and the TC’s outcome is known before they even step into TC so instead they just show Jeff giving Rob a BJ. Rinse and repeat leaves you with an entire season of Survivor.

7. There isn’t a single satisfying outcome for this season. Only those who would 10x suck being the winner compared to those who would 6x or 7x suck as being a winner. And no Phillip, your antics aren’t refreshing after you do it for the 20th time. Hearing a lick of strategy from Ashley would be better in the later stages of the game.

8. Zero perspective on the strategy of other players.

9. The only season where I’ve stopped taping episodes and only watching approximately 50% of all footage alone puts this season at the bottom.

10. The pre-merge phase feels irrelevant when you merge at 12 in an 18 person season. Not a major complaint, just another thing to whine about in regards to this season.

Okay, I’m done. Moving onto 21.
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